Why should you choose to install building envelopes to check air infiltration?

Do you know what a building envelope is? This is used to shield the house’s outer limit and is now very popularly used in construction. A building envelope incorporates the rooftop, outside entryways, subfloor, exterior walls, windows, and so on. A building envelope is the most rewarding investment that you can add to your property. 

Significance of roof panel system:

Forming a barrier with building envelopes:

The Middle East has unusual climate conditions: the days are scorching and evenings are relatively cooler and relaxed. If you are running a business that includes perishable items, insulation is the most critical factor. Building envelopes form the boundary, a barrier in the middle of the outside and inside of a development. A building envelope is a major component playing a significant role in planning, designing, and maintaining a construction. 

Building envelopes can arrest air infiltration:

Infiltration of air is when the air leaks, and it tends to pass out of construction. Do you know why air-infiltration happens? It is due to gaps present in the windows and doors; there is also a certain amount of energy loss that can go to a considerable extent. Basically, air infiltration happens due to inadequate insulation around the doors, windows, and vents. A building envelope can help in solving this issue. 


Furthermore, many homeowners tend to worry about leakage of air and find it challenging to deal with excess moisture. Here, having a way out is very important. Building envelopes offer ample insulation and protection that helps in dealing with air infiltration. 


Try installing insulated structures from TSSC:

TSSC in the Middle East, mainly in the UAE and Dubai, are the leaders in manufacturing building envelopes with weather-proofing characteristics. These envelopes act like barriers and require the right kind of positioning. TSSC envelopes are very popular in the construction sector. An accurately designed building envelope from TSSC can lift the insulating performance of commercial and industrial construction. The building process plays a significant role in regulating the light, flow of heat, and ventilation. TSSC offers the best-insulated panels in the Middle East. 

What is the importance of cold-rolled steel buildings? 

Cold rolling occurs with the metal beneath the recrystallization temperature. TSSC steel boards are ideal for appropriate protection. These panels are pre-assembled and have adequate protection properties. Cold rolled steel buildings are suitable for essential and optional development. 


Controlling the weather or environment inside: 

Building envelopes can control the internal environment. The warming and cooling of a structure decide its ability for weather control. The inside should be free from excess dampness, high-pitch sound, and too much light. Additionally, our building envelopes effectively cover the rooftops, establishments, windows, entryways, and walls. 

TSSC has emerged as the market leaders:

TSSC, an ISO 9001 organization, is the market leader in assembling insulated panels and other construction supplies. All our items are designed flawlessly. We have a group of qualified designers that deal with smooth and flawless assembling processes. TSSC is renowned for manufacturing building and construction materials for more than 40 years. 

You can visit the TSSC website for more information, email us for an interaction session. You can also call us for a consultation, request a quote.  


Insulated building envelopes used in the construction sector

If you are into building and construction, you would know that there are issues related to air infiltration and excessive moisture. This problem can be dealt with carefully by building envelopes. It’s a boundary that lies in-between the interior and exterior of a building. When you are constructing a high-rise or any other building, it’s crucial to consider installing building envelopes. So, look at the building design carefully because it’s an essential component. It offers protection and needs little maintenance. 

A building envelope possesses weather-proofing properties; these are similar to physical guards well-positioned in-between the structures. These are more important due to insulation requirements. The Middle East has an extreme temperature where the days are extremely hot and nights cold. So, insulation is essential, which is why the UAE’s construction sector is eager to install building envelopes. 

There are various manufacturers, but when you compare in terms of quality and affordability, TSSC ranks the highest. We are one of the most reputed suppliers of insulated panels in the Middle East. If you are looking for a solution to control the interior environment, rely on TSSC building envelopes. The heating and cooling requirements of a building structure play a big role, and these panels have the power to control the weather inside. It is very crucial to keep the internal environment free from moisture, excess sound, and light. Building envelopes are seriously useful in covering the foundation, doors, roofs, windows, and walls. This protective layer is complex and a very crucial part of constructing a building structure. TSSC is reputed in the UAE for supplying technologically advanced and functional construction materials. 

Steel is an ideal solution for construction; it is used in interior and exterior applications. Builders trust TSSC; they spend investing in cold rolled steel buildings. These steel structures are used to manufacture insulated building envelopes. Steel is most suitable for construction; it’s a sustainable and recyclable material. Cold rolled steel is ideal for primary and secondary construction. Cold rolling is a process that happens when metal is recrystallized at a low temperature. Take a look at the advantages of cold-rolled steel buildings:

  • Solid construction material
  • Elastic modular designs 
  • Easy to assemble
  • Environment-friendly option
  • Laying the foundation is important 
  • There is a cost reduction


TSSC steel panels are suitable for solid insulation; they are prefab structures with intense insulation properties. The panels spread up to 24 meters. TSSC is the most popular supplier of affordable insulated panels in the Middle East. We are the industry leaders, one of the biggest manufacturers of construction and building materials. Building contractors in the UAE depend on our products. We have been manufacturing supplies for over 40 years now; we have a huge number of clients belonging from various sectors. Our products are flawless due to superb engineering and intelligent architecture. Our expert engineers consider adding all-important features during the manufacturing process. 

We are an ISO 9001 certified company. Please discuss your project with us; talk to us about your next project—request for a quote. 

Everything you need to know about cold store panels designed by TSSC

TSSC insulated panels offer solutions to many insulation issues that occur in lightweight prefabrication. Building a cold storeroom and setting up refrigerated transport bodies is one of the widespread uses of insulated panels. TSSC insulated panels offer maximum thermal insulation. It’s been more than 48 years since TSSC started leading the industry by designing high-quality panels and a huge customer base.  


Insulation is essential in the UAE:

Because the Middle East has an extreme temperature, insulation is so demanding. Our insulated cold store panels have a monolithic construction. It is formed by injecting a polyurethane foam at a very high-density in-between metal cladding. You can also choose from various cladding materials based on the application. 


Warehouse cold storages and walk-in cold rooms:

Cold rooms can be classified as warehouse cold storages and walk-in cold rooms; it depends on the cold room’s use and size. Our cold rooms maintain a temperature of 15°C to –40°C. Warehouse cold rooms are bigger, but walk-in rooms are comparatively smaller in size. Walk-in rooms are used in the retail segment to store items having a faster shelf life. The rooms’ size is smaller, so we build the insulated floors built in a powerful way. Some of the uses are in hotels, super-market, and restaurants…etc. Warehouse cold storages are more extensive and are used to store goods for a more extended time. Our experts build strong insulated flooring that allows using power gears for loading and unloading goods. Large-size cold storages are fitted with more than one cooling unit. 


The Rack power system by TSSC:

TSSC in the UAE utilizes the Rack power system; it is an advanced system used by TSSC. In this system, the cooling units are interconnected together in a racking arrangement. The TSSC system offers high energy when compared to the use of usual split units. TSSC is the only company in the Gulf region that installs such a modern system. TSSC, operating in the Middle East, is the pioneer in manufacturing, designing, supplying, and installing the modules responsible for the rapid freezing of chicken and fish (both medium-sized). 


Efficient cold stores cold rooms by TSSC:

TSSC installs efficient cold stores cold rooms; it can be any capacity customized to suit your requirements based on cold store conditions. TSSC has its production that spreads across Dubai and Sharjah. Our experts manufacture, design, and install insulated ceiling, wall, and floor panels. We also install insulated doors and pre-insulated air duct systems for residential and commercial applications. TSSC also designs hygienic flooring like polyurea coating, and there are so many other solutions we offer. We also design customized cold stores for industries like food, distribution industries, logistics, pharmaceuticals, etc. These industries require maintaining specific temperature and humidity levels. 


Final words:

We have extensive experience in handling major projects in the Gulf region. We offer a full line of commercial and industrial refrigeration products for cold storage warehouses and food processors. 

Please discuss your project with us; request a quote.

Building envelopes – An essential protective covering used for major construction

Building envelopes can deal with issues like infiltration of air and excess moisture. It’s a very efficient weatherproofing solution. Building envelopes act as a physical barrier; these are placed between the interior and exterior structures. UAE has harsh weather conditions, and the heat is immense; therefore, building envelopes are now popular in the building sector. 


Why are building envelopes so essential?

Building envelopes have the power to control the interior environment of construction. The heating and cooling of a building structure are known as climate control. Conclusion this is all about temperature regulation; it is important to keep the interior atmosphere free from excess moisture, too much light, and loud sound. Building envelopes are an effective covering for the roofs, foundation, walls, doors, windows, and walls. This protective covering is the most complex and the most important part of a construction. You should not ignore the moisture and air infiltration issues. TSSC manufactures the most advanced building envelopes. Once installed, it offers high-functionality; builders in the Middle East prefer our products. 


The importance of steel in construction:

Steel is a durable and very common construction material; this material is popularly used in exterior and interior construction. A lot of people have trusted TSSC and are choosing to invest in cold-rolled steel buildings. Cold-rolled steel and superior-quality cladding is used to design efficient and insulated building envelopes. The steel used has more strength and high durability. Yes, there are indeed some changes in the mechanical properties due to the rolling procedures. The bends are given more priority during the manufacturing process. 


The advantages of cold-rolled steel buildings at a glance:

Cold-rolled steel buildings have a lot of advantages; this is why builders trust us. A look at the benefits of these panels:

  • Easy to assemble. 
  • A durable construction material.
  • Eco-friendly option.
  • Experience in cost-reduction while laying the foundation.
  • The modular design offers flexibility.


Our panels offer the right kind of insulation:

TSSC has designed for superior insulation; these building envelopes can protect the property from varying and harsh climatic conditions, which is very common in the UAE. We offer construction materials made of various other components that provide soundproofing, better insulation, soundproofing properties, and water-resistance. We have a team that delivers innovative designs that depend on several factors. The elementary system offers entire functionality, better aesthetics, climate control, structural support, and looks. The design factor includes solid engineering, flawless architecture, and technical applications. We have expert engineers who consider all the important factors while manufacturing the building envelopes


Final words: 

Suppose you are ultimately looking for the apt insulation, trust TSSC steel panels. Our panels can be installed in prefabricated structures; these panels are rightly insulated. The structures can be well-fitted in prefab structures that spread up to 24 meters. If you are wondering about using cold-rolled steel, these can be used for secondary and primary construction. 


Are you looking for insulated panels in the UAE? 

TSSC is the most reputable manufacturer of high-quality panels; we supply construction and building materials. So many building contractors trust TSSC. We are a certified ISO 9001 company with over 40 years of experience manufacturing insulated panels and building supplies in the UAE. If you want to discuss your project with us, talk to us about your next project.

TSSC offering efficient cold store solutions – Dependable since more than forty years

Due to the Middle East’s varying and harsh tropical climate, it isn’t easy to pursue any trade that requires a controlled environment. Perishable items tend to lose their freshness and all you need is a well-insulated interior. Too much heat can affect businesses related to food, wine, flower, medicine, and beverages etc. If you are running a business, you need to stock up in huge amounts and storage should be done aptly. Consider a cold store room manufactured from TSSC panels for the best results. 

We manufacture cold storage panels that are adequately insulated and have a lot of advantages. For many years, we have been offering the right kind of cold storage solutions to our clients. We design the most updated and highest quality panels so that you invest only once and get results for a lifetime. Setting up a cold store is a considerable investment; a reinvestment is nearly impossible. Our cold store panels are well-known for its long-lasting qualities and heavy insulation. Our manufacturers combine the right kind of material to offer adequate insulation. 

Please read this blog to know more about our cold store panels if you plan to install one. TSSC cares for your business; client satisfaction is our priority. Take a look at the advantages:

The right kind of insulation is a must:

What are cold store panels without proper insulation? Our panels have concrete insulation advantages. Upon trying to control the temperature of the cold store, thermal conductivity plays a huge role. Our cold store panels depend a lot on the board insulation or cell structure, and this, in a way, offers adequate insulation. Clients who have installed our panels are very satisfied, they have posted reviews, and we also ask feedback from our customers regarding any room for improvement. 

Safe and flexible panels from TSSC:

TSSC’s cold storage panels are highly functional and versatile. These panels are available in an array of colors, shapes, sizes, and materials. TSSC insulated panels are apt for the walls (interior and exterior) and the roofs. Our insulated panels are incredibly durable, offer a high-class performance, and the panels have utmost safety. Are you worried about hygiene? Yes, cold storages that store food items, medicines are supposed to maintain absolute hygiene. So, bets rest assured that our panels are hygienic and have a fire-rating. TSSC panels are seamless and unmatched when it comes to flexibility and design. 

Low maintenance and energy-efficient panels: 

TSSC panels can make your cooling systems more efficient while enjoying low maintenance. The panels are efficient and faster to construct; we follow a single-step installation process. Zero-maintenance cost aids in keeping the operational costs down. Also, our panels do not possess any thermal drift, ensuring the panels are energy efficient. 

Trust TSSC insulated panels: 

TSSC has recently launched the HVAC pre-insulated ductwork; we have also introduced mobile refrigerating systems, portable skid-mounted systems set up in moving units. Now that you are already planning to have a cold store solution, talk to our experts, and supply customized panels. Discuss your projects with us; request a quote. 


The use of cold-rolled steel buildings in construction – know the advantages

Air and moisture infiltration are a big issue to deal with, and after everything is checked and examined, the final suggestion is to choose weatherproofing solutions. This is where building envelopes play a significant role. Are you familiar with this term? These are barriers in physical form that are placed in between the exterior and interior structure.

The importance of building envelopes

These are effective in controlling the inside environment of a building. Climate control is the heating and cooling of a construction structure, which is essential in keeping the atmosphere inside devoid of too much moisture, sound, and light. Now building envelopes cover the foundation, roof, doors, walls, and the windows.

This shield is the most essential and the most complex part of a construction structure. Do not neglect air and moisture infiltration issues. TSSC in the Middle East designs so perfectly, ensuring its well-constructed and maintained regularly. Yes, upkeep is very necessary so that the same problem does not start cropping up through the envelopes, and there is no condensation of moisture in the system.

Steel is a very common and durable construction material

Steel is a popular construction material for both interior and exterior construction. This way, more and more customers are choosing cold rolled steel buildings. High-quality cladding and cold-rolled steel are used to manufacture building envelopes. During the rolling process, some mechanical properties are altered. The steel used has better strength and is extremely durable. Some bends are mainly given a lot of importance in the manufacturing process.

The benefits of cold-rolled steel buildings 

Take a look at the advantages of cold-rolled steel buildings:

  • It is very easy to assemble.
  • Laying the foundation reduces the cost.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • More durable construction.
  • Flexibility due to modular design.


Designed for quality and insulation

If you intend to keep the climate out, you need better designs and high-quality insulation. Construction materials are made of different components, making it long-lasting and giving improved insulation, soundproofing, water-repelling properties, soundproofing, etc. The material also depends on available resources and weather conditions. Apart from the materials, the design also depends on a number of factors. The elementary system offers total functionality, structural support, aesthetics, and climate control. When you think of design, it includes architecture, engineering, and technical applications. Our engineers keep in mind all the factors while designing these envelopes.

TSSC offering the right kind of insulation 

Do you need the right type of insulation? TSSC designs steel panels most ideal fort installing in prefab structures. TSSC offers steel panels that come with adequate insulation. These panels are most suitable for prefabricated structures spreading up to 24 meters. Cold rolled steel can be used for primary and secondary construction parts.

Talk to the TSSC experts 

TSSC is reputed for manufacturing insulated panels and building and construction materials. We have been continually supplying solutions to contractors and building experts. TSSC is a certified ISO 9001 company with more than 40 years of experience manufacturing insulated panels and building supplies in the UAE. Talk to us about your next project.

Building envelopes offer the right kind of insulation – Cold rolled steel buildings efficient in weather-proofing

Weatherproofing is the ultimate requirement that is implemented after a close examination of all the exterior components of a building to keep away air infiltration and moisture. 

What are building envelopes?

Building envelopes are the physical barrier that stands between the interior and exterior of the construction. This envelope maintains the climatic control inside the building. Now, it is essential to understand the term climate control. It is the cooling and heating of a building, which is necessary to keep the interior free from excess moisture, light, and sound. Building envelope structures include the roof, foundation, walls, doors, and windows. 

Better insulation, improved design aims to keep climate out

Building materials are formed from various components for longer-lasting, better insulation, sound blocking, water-repelling, light filtration, and more. The material highly depends on the resources available, climate, and culture. Similar to the materials, the design of the building envelope is also dependent on the same factors. The basic design must offer structural support, functionality, weather control, and aesthetics. When we say “design”, it combines all: engineering, architectural and technical applications. While designing the envelopes, the climate is the primary factor to be considered. 

A building envelope is the most integral and complicated part of a building; thus, it should never go neglected. It should be designed to perfection, rightly constructed, and regularly maintained to prevent seepage of water and infiltration of air through the envelope. This would prevent any moisture condensation inside the system. 

Steel commonly used in the construction sector

Steel is a very widely used construction material, so we shall talk about using cold-rolled steel buildings. Building envelopes are made of cold-rolled steel and a distinctive cladding. Steel is used for commercial and residential construction. Also, when it is cold-rolled, it means there have been changes in its mechanical properties. This kind of steel is more durable and bears more strength because the bends are specially taken care of during manufacturing.  

How cold rolling is done and its advantages

While discussing cold rolled steel, it is also essential to know how the cold rolling is performed. This process is performed at room temperature, so no artificial cooling is required. Once the steel is cold rolled, it becomes even more sturdy and durable. There is ample versatility among cold rolled steel and is used in the building process. 

Some of the common benefits of cold-rolled steel buildings include:

  • Cost reduction while laying the foundation
  • Ease of assembling
  • Adds durability to the construction
  • Modular design makes it more flexible
  • Environment-friendly


If you desire proper insulation, invest in high-quality TSSC panels. We offer ready steel panels that come with insulation combined. The steel panels are ideally suitable for prefab buildings spreading up to 24 meters. Cold rolled steel is ideal for primary and secondary building parts.

Talk to the TSSC experts 

TSSC, a certified ISO 9001 company, has more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing insulated panels and building supplies in the UAE. Talk to us about your next project.

Cold rolled steel buildings from TSSC – Everything you must know

A building’s function reflects the outer appearance, and this is what modernism demands. Steel is being used in various forms in the building sector. So, in this blog, we shall discuss cold rolled steel buildings.



Cold rolled steel is widely used in the construction of buildings, be it industrial or residential. There is an alteration in the mechanical properties of steel that is press-braked or cold-rolled. A steel section that is cold-rolled from a flat strip, the yield, and the ultimate strength is more due to the cold working mainly in the bends. 

Cold-rolled steel can be used for whole buildings, for the roof, floor, and wall systems. These can also be used as single framing members like studs, truss members, and joists. It is ideal for primary and secondary structures. There are two types of structural steel products – structural shapes and panels. There are different types of structural shapes in the market used in building components. 

Steel panels that are cold rolled are used for insulating the building to keep the weather out. TSSC offers ready cold-formed steel panels with insulation combined in the construction of the panel. Few configurations use sandwich panels while you can use other types of insulation as well. In metal buildings, the wall panel looks the same as the ribbed roof with narrow or wider ribs; it could be aluminum coated or painted for extended life. 

Do you know how cold rolling is done? The procedure is carried out at room temperature; thus, no cooling is required. The tolerance of steel does not alter, and it is not easily breakable. Cold rolled steel is versatile, and it has been quite many years since it is used in the construction sector. 

Cold rolled steel is mainly suited for prefabricated buildings that spread up to 24 meters. The foundations of cold-rolled buildings are shallow. Therefore it is cost-effective. The frames are pre-galvanized, making sure a longer life of the new building this way ensures your investment is protected. 

Advantages of cold-rolled steel buildings:

  • Easy to assemble 
  • Reduction in foundation costs 
  • These buildings are incredibly durable
  • Environment-friendly 
  • The modular design adds to the flexibility

Cold rolled steel is common in building envelopes. The building envelope is a very familiar term in the construction industry. This concept relates to the design and construction process of the exterior of the property. TSSC manufactures high-quality building envelopes that use exterior wall designs and materials suitable for the climate, structurally stable and look very aesthetically pleasing. The building envelope includes exterior walls, exterior doors, roof, and sub-floor. 

The building envelope is usually constructed of cold-rolled steel and a type of cladding. This envelope also meets the thermal insulation requirements and fire performance. The importance of building envelopes:

  • Offers structural support
  • Controls moisture and humidity 
  • Air management

TSSC has more than 40 years of experience in supplying construction and building essentials. We have an expert team to manage client requirements. We are a certified ISO 9001 company, the leaders of insulated systems in the UAE. We have a long list of satisfied clients. TSSC can erect a cold-rolled building, discuss your next project with us.