TSSC offering efficient cold store solutions – Dependable since more than forty years

Due to the Middle East’s varying and harsh tropical climate, it isn’t easy to pursue any trade that requires a controlled environment. Perishable items tend to lose their freshness and all you need is a well-insulated interior. Too much heat can affect businesses related to food, wine, flower, medicine, and beverages etc. If you are running a business, you need to stock up in huge amounts and storage should be done aptly. Consider a cold store room manufactured from TSSC panels for the best results. 

We manufacture cold storage panels that are adequately insulated and have a lot of advantages. For many years, we have been offering the right kind of cold storage solutions to our clients. We design the most updated and highest quality panels so that you invest only once and get results for a lifetime. Setting up a cold store is a considerable investment; a reinvestment is nearly impossible. Our cold store panels are well-known for its long-lasting qualities and heavy insulation. Our manufacturers combine the right kind of material to offer adequate insulation. 

Please read this blog to know more about our cold store panels if you plan to install one. TSSC cares for your business; client satisfaction is our priority. Take a look at the advantages:

The right kind of insulation is a must:

What are cold store panels without proper insulation? Our panels have concrete insulation advantages. Upon trying to control the temperature of the cold store, thermal conductivity plays a huge role. Our cold store panels depend a lot on the board insulation or cell structure, and this, in a way, offers adequate insulation. Clients who have installed our panels are very satisfied, they have posted reviews, and we also ask feedback from our customers regarding any room for improvement. 

Safe and flexible panels from TSSC:

TSSC’s cold storage panels are highly functional and versatile. These panels are available in an array of colors, shapes, sizes, and materials. TSSC insulated panels are apt for the walls (interior and exterior) and the roofs. Our insulated panels are incredibly durable, offer a high-class performance, and the panels have utmost safety. Are you worried about hygiene? Yes, cold storages that store food items, medicines are supposed to maintain absolute hygiene. So, bets rest assured that our panels are hygienic and have a fire-rating. TSSC panels are seamless and unmatched when it comes to flexibility and design. 

Low maintenance and energy-efficient panels: 

TSSC panels can make your cooling systems more efficient while enjoying low maintenance. The panels are efficient and faster to construct; we follow a single-step installation process. Zero-maintenance cost aids in keeping the operational costs down. Also, our panels do not possess any thermal drift, ensuring the panels are energy efficient. 

Trust TSSC insulated panels: 

TSSC has recently launched the HVAC pre-insulated ductwork; we have also introduced mobile refrigerating systems, portable skid-mounted systems set up in moving units. Now that you are already planning to have a cold store solution, talk to our experts, and supply customized panels. Discuss your projects with us; request a quote.