The escalating demand of prefab buildings Qatar – TSSC Group solutions

Prefabricated buildings have components like roof, walls and floor that are manufactured and designed inside the factory. They can be partially or entirely assembled inside a factory and then transferred to the construction site. Prefab buildings in Qatar are affordable, reusable and have faster turnaround. Some of the applications of prefab buildings are office spaces, temporary construction, medical camps, schools, houses, apartments, etc. 

Prefabrication is cost-efficient because the process of manufacturing via a product line is controlled. Here, most of the structures have repeating sections of roofs, walls and floors. Prefabrication is not a new concept; it dates back to the nomadic times when people used to migrate for discovering new lands. Gradually, with further development and to cater to the demand, companies started developing prefab solutions. There has been no shortage of houses since then.

Prefab construction is flexible 

Prefab structures are developed using modules and they follow the same building codes like the permanent structures. The codes vary from one state to another. The codes are updated to meet the recent developments. Prior to the installation, the soil is inspected to ensure a sturdy foundation. Make sure you have the permits ready before the installation. Prefab buildings have many benefits for the manufacturers, contractors and users. The activities get divided on-site and offsite, this gives flexibility regarding the project schedule, costs, planning and management. There have been ample innovations so there has been reinvention of modularization and prefabrication. The demand for prefab buildings in Qatar is witnessing escalation.

The benefits of quality control

Quality control is one of the biggest advantages of prefab building. With traditional site construction, the process is delayed due to several factors. The weather and seasonal factors play a major role in offering hindrance in the traditional construction process. Prefab buildings are not affected by any weather conditions because all parts are manufactured in-house. The traditional construction and the workforces have unskilled laborers, they are sometimes part-time workers. There is a shortage of skilled laborers most of the time. Prefab construction is completed by skilled laborers and not many of them are needed. They are assigned project basis and have adequate expertise.

Why TSSC Group?

TSSC group is one of the companies that manufacture prefab buildings in Qatar. We are an ISO 9001 company having more than 50 years of experience in offering roofing, cladding and insulation solutions. We implement modern techniques to ensure you have a building within the budget and designed based on your requirements. Our prefab buildings in Qatar are eco-friendly and energy-efficient. This method is sustainable, less waste material is produced because it can be recycled. We have improved manufacturing units that implement newer techniques and have the biggest capacity for production. Our construction methods and products meet the international standards and are functional.

Final words

The popularity of prefabrication in the building and construction sector is escalating and the traditional building method has taken a backseat.  The deadlines of each project are reduced to almost 50%, and there is 20% cost cutting. Please book a consultation with the TSSC experts and experience customized solutions. Our experts manage your project and we deliver on-time. TSSC Group develops environment-friendly solutions. Please discuss the project with us for a solution—request a no-obligation quote.

How much importance have you given to insulation? Install sandwich panels

Thermal and sound insulation are two important factors that decide the comfort level inside your room. During the summer months, the coolers constantly keep running trying to keep the temperature inside low. Again, during the winters, the heater should constantly perform to keep the room heated. This results in increasing monthly energy bills that you can keep under control by insulating the interior. Walls and ceilings that have higher levels of insulation lead to lesser operational costs. Insulation is an age-old concept but there has been tremendous advancement in techniques. We recommend installing insulated panels on the walls and ceiling. So, sandwich panels are manufactured and installed to add thermal and sound insulation. There are many renowned sandwich panel manufacturers in Saudi Arabia. Do good research and shortlist a few while choosing. The quality of the panel plays a major role.

What are sandwich panels?

Sandwich panels can be used as floors, walls and roofs. These panels are made of two layers so the structure looks similar to a sandwich. There are two metal sheets on both the sides that cover the insulated core in the middle. The metal sheets are durable and the core material is responsible for offering the insulation to the interior. The lifespan of the panel is not affected by dampness and humidity. Sandwich panels are widely used in dry construction. The panels are used in internal partitions and in making the envelope of the building. Sandwich panels can be installed very quickly.

The various applications of sandwich panels

Sandwich panels are screwed to the internal structure, the screws can be visible or concealed. The total construction time taken is the shortest compared to any other system. These panels are available in different finishes and shapes, it could be modern, wood-like, rustic or like tiles. Sandwich panels have insulating properties so they are used on roofs and facades of commercial spaces. They are lightweight so used mainly for renovating enclosed spaces. Sandwich insulated panels are mainly used in warehouses, cold rooms, shopping centers, sports complexes, etc. The common length of the panels varies between 3 and 6 meters but sometimes the maximum length could be 16 meters. The thickness of the panels depends on the final application.

TSSC Group in Saudi Arabia

TSSC Group is among the leading sandwich panel manufacturers in Saudi Arabia. We are an ISO 9001 company manufacturing building and construction solutions. We have been offering roofing and cladding solutions, manufacturing insulation solutions for more than 50 years. We manufacture sandwich insulated panels in the EASY WALL brand name. We customize the core based on your requirements and that decides the expense of your project.

Final words

TSSC is one of the renowned insulated panel manufacturers in Saudi Arabia. Book a consultation for free to discuss with the TSSC team for a customized solution. You can visit our website to learn about the TSSC Group and our products. We give individual attention to your project by assigning a separate project manager. We do the planning, start working on the project, keep you informed about it and offer on-time delivery. We create an effective solution for your commercial project. We have clients from various industries in Saudi Arabia. Request a quote.

Adding cold store panels in West Africa to insulate your cold storage and warehouse facility

A cold store room in West Africa can help your business grow by meeting the demand and supply requirements. Africa is a hot and humid country. It is not possible to store perishable items in bulk without a proper cold store facility. The cold room should be well maintained and insulated for efficient cooling.

The cold store panels in West Africa are formed using the monolithic construction. This building style is formed by pushing in rigid polyurethane foam at a very high concentration between the cladding. TSSC’s refrigeration systems are robust and have open compressors that are simple to maintain and service. Our high-performing compressors offer great cooling and a higher level of COPs. So, they are used for larger loads where reliability is an important factor. The company installs Rack Power System for larger cold storages. We prefer ammonia as a suitable refrigerant.

TSSC’s cold store room panels in West Africa do not require daily or expensive maintenance. We offer a yearly maintenance service to our clients. You too can avail that at nominal charges. The core material plays a vital role in offering the desired level of insulation. You can choose from the PIR core, EPS, mineral fleece or polyisocyanurate core. We install cold rooms of any capacity that are customized based on the client’s requirements. TSSC Group manufactures and installs insulated walls, floor and ceiling. We design different types of cold storages that include warehouses, walk-in cold storages, refrigerated trucks, pre-insulated ducts and walk-in freezers. TSSC’s cooling systems are available in various shapes and sizes. They are lightweight so the transportation is less expensive. The installation process is simple. 

TSSC – designs insulated solutions


TSSC Group, which started in 1975, is the primary member of the Harwal Group. We are an ISO 9001 certified company that manufactures a whole range of services and products. We operate across the Middle East, East and West Africa. TSSC Group has emerged as one of the leaders in designing cold store panels in West Africa. We manufacture and design insulated solutions that include roofing, cladding, glass systems, prefab shelters, portacabins and more. We offer building and construction solutions in the country and have been doing business for more than 50 years or four decades. In our store you get complete industrial refrigeration solutions that include cold store panels, warehouse solutions and different types of cooling trucks. TSSC’s insulated sandwich panels can last as long as 25 years. They are resistant to heat, fire hazards and temperature differences. Our cold store insulated panels can endure abuses and impacts.

Final words – Visit the website for more information

Are you planning for a cold store room in West Africa.  TSSC Group can customize cold store solutions considering your business purpose and requirement. We have a dedicated team of experts who handle your project right from planning phase, implementation and on-time delivery. We design functional cold store solutions for different businesses. Consult with our team to get an effective solution. We can give you suggestions based on your business needs and the budget. TSSC Group also has excellent after-sales support. Refer to our website for more information on cold store solutions. Get in touch with our team via call or email. Request a no-obligation quote.

The industrial sector in Oman is experiencing growth – Insulation is important

The right kind of insulating material helps in improving the performance of the panels. TSSC Group customizes the panels based on your construction needs and the budget.

The benefits of sandwich panels 

TSSC sandwich panels have been engineered to resist internal and external conditions. The insulating material is sandwiched between two metal sheets. The performance depends on the coating and insulation of the material. We believe in customization because every construction has different requirements.

Sandwich panels have a 3 layer-structure

The sandwich panels have a 3-layer structure. There is a core material in the middle that is covered with durable metal sheets on both sides. The sandwich panels have a thicker structure yet have a lightweight nature. These panels are used for cladding and roofing solutions. Sandwich panels are installed in logistic buildings, sports facilities, freezers, warehouses, cold storages and shopping malls. Choose from the many insulated panel manufacturers in Oman. Find a renowned company that manufactures functional yet affordable sandwich panels in the country.


Why should you invest in TSSC’s sandwich panels?

Here are the advantages of the sandwich insulated panels:

  • The panels offer thermal and sound insulation
  • Aids in faster construction
  • Can resist corrosion and other environmental factors.
  • The panels are installed using the dry process.
  • Affordable sandwich panels from TSSC
  • They are available in different sizes, shapes and shades.


The different core materials

The core material of the sandwich panels plays a big role in the level of insulation it offers. Businesses choose the core material depending on the insulation requirement and the kind of project. Here is a short discussion about the common core materials.

The Polyurethane foam

Polyurethane sandwich panel or the PU Panel has a higher density foam that lies between the two durable metal sheets. This foam is made of different types of polyurethane materials like Isocyanate and Polyol. The core material offers heat insulation, it can endure the air pressure and resists humidity.

The mineral wool core

The mineral wool sandwich panels have 3 layers. The mineral wool core is dense and the outer layer is surrounded by tough aluminum sheets. Sandwich panels using this core are suitable for buildings that are prone to fire hazards. These panels are installed in buildings that require adequate soundproofing.

Polyisocyanurate core panel

These are also known as the PIR panels. The core is formed of macromolecular structure when the components of the foam undergo a chemical reaction. This core material is solid and is budget-friendly. This is a highly recommended core material by the sandwich panel manufacturers in Oman

Final words – request a quote

TSSC Group is among the top insulated panel manufacturers in Oman. We customize panels and make sure that it is not too heavy on your pocket. We manufacture building and construction supplies that include roofing solutions, cladding, insulated panels for cold storages, warehouses and cooling vehicles. We have been offering a vast range of services for more than 50 years. You can have a discussion with our team for an effective solution. We will assign you a project manager to handle it from the planning phase to on-time delivery. TSSC Group excels in after-sales support. Please email or call us to request a quote.

The importance of installing standing seam roof in Oman

The roof of a building is exposed to sun, rain, wind, snow and other climatic conditions. Why not safeguard the structure using seam roof panels? Do not keep the roof uncovered, instead insulate the structure using a standing seam roof in Oman.

The advantages of seam panels discussed

TSSC’s seam roof panels are made of a three-layer structure and a stiff metal system is fixed to the ribs. They are extremely long-lasting; they have a shelf-life of almost close to 60 years. The seam roof panels have more R-value which is an advantage. Some advantages of standing seam roof are:


  •   Flexible design and consumes low energy
  •   Concealed fixing offer weathertight roof
  •   Roof panels available in curved or tapered sheets
  •   It can be rolled on-site
  •   Offers heat and sound insulation
  •   Different roof designs
  •   There is an in-built thermal bridge for movement due to expansion
  •   You can install different accessories along with standing seam roofs.


Standing seam metal roof panels offer insulation

Do you wish to add effective insulation to your interiors? Loft or attic insulation effectively brings down heat loss. A lot depends on the size of the heating system, the energy usage and carbon emissions. A standing seam panel offers thermal insulation which results in low energy bills and less carbon footprint. A standing seam roof in Oman is also known as ‘cool metal roof’. TSSC’s paint has cooling pigments that increase the reflecting capability of the sun’s rays. We use bright colors that do not fade away. They are resistant to all climatic conditions and have an airtight nature.

TSSC Group – Manufacturing standing seam panels

TSSC Group is one of the premium companies in the UAE that offers building and construction solutions. We are an ISO 9001 organization that has been offering affordable solutions for more than 50 years. We are one of the pioneers in offering roofing and cladding solutions. TSSC manufactures and design standing seam roof in Oman under the brand Harwal BASECO. Our standing seam system is a structural roof that is field seamed in a mechanical way. This is to offer extreme weather durability and wind resistance.  The seam roof sheets are available in curved and tapered style to cater to various construction needs. Get a customized roofing solution within your budget. The insulated roof panels are available in various colors, sizes and they adhere to other specifications.

Final words

You can replace the old damaged roof by a new one and then insulate by installing a standing seam roof in Oman. If your roof is not much damaged, get a repair done and then install the insulated panels. The Autumn is a good season to get a roof job done so that your property is protected in the winters. You can handle the installation in an economical way by using exposed fasteners. It is important to have an experienced contractor do the job for a long-lasting solution. Our team handles every Create an effective solution for your next project. Call us for a consultation: (+ 971) 48850474 and request a quote.

Why resort to prefab mode of construction? – Choose TSSC prefab modular homes in Saudi Arabia

The old onsite brick and cement construction is gradually becoming obsolete. New techniques are being invented to promote faster and easier building methods. This is why prefab modular homes in Saudi Arabia are becoming popular. All building materials of the project are shaped and assembled at the prefab site. So, there is absolute control over the usage of materials. The offcuts are reused in the form of blocking. Improved scheduling is one of the biggest benefits of prefab construction. The roofs, walls, floors and stairs can be constructed before time. These structures are taken to the site after the foundation is complete.

Enjoy savings with prefabrication

Do you know that you can save a considerable amount of money by embracing prefabrication? It is a budget way of constructing a space. Prefabricated modular homes in Saudi Arabia helps in bringing down the construction costs. The builders do not involve the unproductive workers in the project. This saves cost and the task is handled inside the factory and by experts. When you choose prefabrication, you do not have to spend a fortune on labor and material costs. In the traditional mode of construction, the cost per year increases and this lessens the profit margin. TSSC Group manufactures energy efficient and eco friendly panels that contribute towards sustainability.

TSSC Group – prefab solution manufacturers

The TSSC Group is among the top prefab solution manufacturers in Saudi Arabia. We are an ISO 9001 organization having more than 50 years of experience in the field of building and construction. We are mainly into offering roofing, cladding and insulation solutions for commercial spaces. Our engineers design prefab modular homes in Saudi Arabia that suit your requirement and the budget. Our solutions are durable and functional. Inside our factory setup, we use up to date manufacturing units, modern techniques and a dedicated support system for the clients. We boast of the largest production capacity in Saudi Arabia. Our products are certified and qualify the international standards. Prefabricated structures do not produce a lot of waste as they are manufactured and designed inside the factory. They are environment friendly and can be recycled.

Prefabrication – a compact solution

There has been ample innovation and implementation of newer technology to take prefabrication to a whole new level. Prefabrication has resulted in a compact solution where there is lesser cost of material and no wastage of labor. There is less onsite job that reduces the demand for labor and delay of projects. The traditional construction method is now a thing of the past. Now you do not have to worry about project deadlines because it is reduced by 50% almost and there is almost 20% or more cost cutting. Prefabrication offers a tiny job and safety. Every step is so organized that there are fewer accidents.

Final words – Get in touch with us

Discuss your project by booking a free consultation with us. The TSSC team of certified engineers, project managers and the sales team ensure that your project is well planned and completed on time. We try to deliver an effective solution for your project. Request a no obligation quote.

No more temperature differences during transportation of goods from cold storage to distribution hubs

Transportation of perishable items has been made easier and more convenient with the advent of refrigerated truck boxes in East Africa. There was once a time when items were taken out of cold storage and they used to perish during long-distance transportation. These vehicles have brought improvement in business and logistics. TSSC Group is playing an active role in helping businesses grow and reach great heights. We design different types of insulated solutions in East Africa.

Solar powered trucks

We are using solar energy to manufacture innovative solar-powered vehicles. The S-series of the Celsius trucks have a solar controller regulating the battery charge so that the battery is not overcharged. The solar controller is resistant to water and can be mounted anywhere on the vehicle/truck. 

Refrigerated truck box 

A refrigerated truck box in East Africa is used for the perishable transport of goods from one location to another. The trucks have very low temperatures ranging from +15 to -40 degrees C. Our engineers use only 6 thermally-efficient panels. These trucks are airtight so that the cool air does not escape. These truck interiors can remain cool for 8 to 10 hours when the system is not functioning. These cooling vehicles have a low K value factor, low cost of repair, durable GRP flooring, light in weight, no joints and seams and you can choose flooring for the truck bed.

Ice cream boxes 

Does it sound tempting? TSSC’s Eutectic System helps to maintain a constant very low temperature inside the cargo box. The insulated panels are airtight and offer thermal insulation. 

Cooling pickup vans

The refrigerated pickup vans are fitted with cooling boxes inside the vans. The size of the box can be customized according to requirements. These vans are insulated, simple to maintain, and facilitated with a temperature-controlled interior. You can install flooring options like polyurea or aluminum coating. These are used in supermarkets and small restaurants. 

Mobile clinics are so convenient

TSSC builds medical clinic trailers for medical practitioners. These vehicles are safe and fuel-efficient. These mobile medical vehicles are suitable for vaccination drives, disaster response, lab testing, minor surgery and national emergencies.

TSSC Group – the pioneers in East Africa

TSSC Group has been renowned in East Africa for manufacturing insulated panels, building materials, roofing and cladding solutions for over 50 years. The company has clients from many industries and we are gradually emerging as one of the top companies in the country. We are a reliable truck body manufacturer in East Africa. Our insulated panels and cooling vehicle bodies are crafted to perfection. We design solutions for portable and non-portable refrigerated units. We employ the most updated techniques to manufacture insulated truck bodies. Our cooling solutions guarantee durability and thermal efficiency. We aim to offer affordable and efficient solutions for the long term. 

Final words

Please visit our website to explore the range of refrigerated trucks we offer. We design customized solutions for your project. Our solutions are green and environment-friendly. Talk to us regarding your project and get an expert opinion. We create customized solutions for your project —request a quote.

The reasons why you should install warehouse sandwich panels in East Africa

Warehouses and cold storages play a big role in business growth. Those dealing with a huge number of perishable items can store items for a longer period. You can reach out to more customers and other benefits with a proper warehouse. Having a warehouse is important but insulating it is even more. We suggest installing warehouse sandwich panels in East Africa.

Getting familiar with sandwich panels

They have named sandwich panels because they look exactly like a sandwich. The panels have rigid metal sheets on both sides that cover the core material lying sandwiched in the middle. Our sandwich panels are certified and FM-approved. These panels are insulated as they resist fire, heat and sound. Warehouse sandwich panels in East Africa are not toxic and not much waste material is formed during manufacturing. 

How important is the insulation?

Maintaining a constant temperature inside the warehouse is the basic requirement. These storage units are used to keep many items in low temperatures. Warehouses ensure smooth business functioning by keeping the supply more than the demand. Warehouses use a heavy cooling system that performs constantly. They consume a lot of energy resulting in high energy bills. You should insulate the warehouse interior to lower the energy consumption. If the interior gets chilled quickly, a good amount of energy will be saved. This can result in low energy monthly bills. Some savings are good because you can invest in other business areas. This is the benefit of installing warehouse sandwich panels in East Africa. The installation process is simple. The panels are fitted with slip-joint and implement the cam-lock technology. This makes the installation process easier. Maintaining these panels is pretty simple and they do not require daily upkeep. Book a yearly maintenance plan with the TSSC Group. 

TSSC Group – offering warehouse and cold storage solutions

TSSC Group is one of the reputed companies in West Africa that offers building and construction solutions. We are one of the pioneers in offering roofing and cladding solutions in West Africa. TSSC Group designs insulated panels for commercial interiors like cold storage, warehouses and refrigerated vehicles. TSSC Group develops eco-friendly solutions because we care for the environment. TSSC group installed warehouses are cold storage of any capacity tailored according to your requirements. TSSC offers solutions for food, medicine, logistics and distribution industries. We install insulated ceilings, walls and floor panels. We also install air duct systems and insulated doors for commercial and residential applications. 

Final words

Do you own a warehouse that requires insulation? You might have installed FRP panels a few years back that are now worn out and damaged. Choose a renowned company among the sandwich panel manufacturers in East Africa. TSSC Group offers expert and customized solutions for your project. We assign a dedicated project manager for the smooth execution of your project. We do the planning and implementation and ensure on-time delivery. Affordability is the key. We offer solutions keeping in mind the budget factor. Book a free discussion with our experts and we could offer an effective solution. You can call us or email us. Request a quote.

How refrigerated truck boxes in Saudi Arabia are helping in the advancement of business?

Do you need to transport cold perishable items or need to carry hot meals long distance? There are portable cooling and heating units and this has been possible due to the advancement of technology. Companies are implementing modern techniques to design innovative solutions. Now you can always find a unit with the correct temperature no matter what type of cargo you need to carry. There are even vehicles that can carry hot and cold items because science is now unimaginable. A refrigerated truck box in Saudi Arabia is the answer to all you worry about transporting items from cold storages to various distribution stations.

Defining a cold chain

Cold chain is maintaining the continuous supply of temperature-sensitive and perishable goods. This chain is also about the planning that lies behind the successful transporting of the products for long distances without damaging them. Reefer trucks are in higher demand because it gives businesses a scope to enter the market but only if they meet the FDA norms. The food-delivery and medicine industry are expanding at a rapid pace. Cold chain management will ensure the transportation of quality products safely to various locations from a

cold store room Saudi Arabia.

TSSC’s cold store panels in Saudi Arabia and cooling vehicles keeps the chilled air inside and ensures that no warm air leaks outside. This results in power saving and the energy bill is lighter on your pocket. TSSC reefer trucks are manufactured with only 6 six insulated cold store panels in Saudi Arabia. There are several compartments inside the vehicles and they can hold the chilled temperature intact for even 10 hours in case there is a power failure. The corners and edges of the vehicle body are protected using aluminum sheets in extruded form. The truck bodies are 7 meters long and 3 meters wide. We design cooling vehicles under the brand Celsius.

TSSC Group – designing commercial refrigeration

TSSC Group showcases modern building and construction products for more than 50 years. We design modern insulated solutions that are helping cold storages and warehouse function. TSSC’s cold store panels in Saudi Arabia are customized and designed based on your requirements. We look into the budget factor while designing solutions. We suggest the capacity of the cold room according to client requirements. Our engineers design insulated walls, ceiling and floor. TSSC Group designs customized cold store solutions. We cater to industries that include logistics, distribution centers and the food industry. TSSC Group designs durable, waterproof and climate-resistant refrigerated truck box in Saudi Arabia.

Expert project management

Refrigerated truck box in Saudi Arabia have made transporting perishable goods easier. The perishable goods can be transported without fearing spoilage. This is helping businesses grow by keeping up with the demand and supply. Due to the damaging negative effects on the environment, companies are selling eco-friendly insulated cooling trucks. This helps to reduce the greenhouse effects that are related to transporting chilled food. Book a consultation for free with our experts and discuss your project with us. We offer customized solutions based on the budget and requirement of your project. The TSSC team takes care of your project from planning phase to execution. We ensure timely delivery of your project.

Final words

Your business is important and the products are valuable. Replacing damaged items is expensive and consumes a lot of time. Find a reefer truck that suits your needs. Are you not sure where to start? Get in touch with us. Request a no-obligation quote.

The insulation offered by TSSC’s sandwich panels in Qatar

Sandwich panels are two metal sheets on both the sides of an insulated core material that remains in the middle. The panels are resistant to heat, moisture and sound. The sandwich panels have properties that do not allow bacteria to survive on the surface.

Insulation is important

Sandwich panels offer the right kind of thermal and sound insulation. Insulation is important to maintain the comfort of the interior and it helps to save energy costs. Sandwich panels are durable and robust. The panels have certain properties that make them suitable for commercial interiors. The panels vary in terms of quality depending on the core. We suggest a kind depending on your requirement. Styrofoam core is lightweight in nature and has a honeycomb pattern. Sandwich panel manufacturers in Qatar use it to design higher quality sandwich panels.

Simple and inexpensive installation process

Sandwich panels can be installed quickly without much hassle.  The panels are installed within 7 to 8 hours. We arrange the insulated panels depending on your needs. TSSC manufactures durable sandwich panels including accessories like fasteners, sub-frames and screws. We have a team of experienced contractors who handle the installation process. These lightweight panels allow easy transportation without hefty costs.

TSSC Group – emerging the leaders in the building industry in Qatar

TSSC Group is among the top insulated panel manufacturers in Qatar. This is an ISO 9001 organization that specializes in manufacturing sandwich panels for the commercial sector. We have been designing modern and functional panels for more than 50 years. There are different clients who rely on our solutions. TSSC’s sandwich panels are an affordable option but the total cost factor depends on the thickness of the insulated panels. You can choose the core material depending on the requirement of your project. The most commonly used core is the EPS but the PIR core offers unparalleled performance. TSSC Group manufactures insulated sandwich panels under the EASY WALL brand name.

Customized panels in Qatar

 TSSC Group produces sandwich panels in bulk and offers unique customization options. You can use the same panel system for most of our panel projects. Mass production of flexible sandwich panels results in cost saving. The panel can be configured in a variety of layouts based on customer needs. Customized panels fit seamlessly and there is no scope of additional task while assembling. The panels have Class A and Grade 1 fire proception but that depends a lot on the environment where it will be installed. Sandwich panels are made of a certain chemical composition and the panels are combustible in nature.

Final words – Discuss your project with us

TSSC Group is among the top companies in the Middle East region that manufactures premium insulated panels. We are among the renowned insulated panel manufacturers in Qatar. TSSC Group designs solutions by implementing innovation and by combining brilliance. We are offering roofing, cladding and construction solutions in Qatar. We have a dedicated team to handle your project from the scratch. You can choose to have a free discussion about your project and we offer you a customized solution. The TSSC team is also great at offering after-sales support. The company has a team of certified engineers who manufacture the right kind of insulation solutions. Please get in touch with us regarding your project and we have a perfect solution. Please request a no-obligation quote.