The perks of installing insulated sandwich panels in Oman

The construction sector in Oman is highly developing where traditional methods have taken a back seat. Modern construction methods include the use of insulated panels. There are many insulated panel manufacturers in Oman. It is your task to shortlist and choose the preferable one. These panels are heavily used for building and construction in the Gulf countries. Embracing modern techniques means faster and budget-friendly construction. Sandwich panels are composite structures that look similar to a sandwich. They offer stability and durability to the new or existing building structure.

Sandwich insulated panels – versatile usage

Sandwich panels have become a remarkable addition to the construction sector. Sandwich panels are used in residential projects as well as commercial sectors like cold storage, warehouses, agriculture, power plants, military, prefab structures and more. Sandwich panels are three-layered structures having two metal structures covering an insulating core in the middle. The low-density core is robust and durable compared to the outer skins. Sandwich panels are installed in areas that require additional mechanical strength. These lightweight panels offer adequate levels of heat and sound insulation. Sandwich panels are versatile being used across various projects. Insulated panels manufactured in a quality-controlled environment for efficiency and precision. 

Sandwich panels – Low energy consumption

Using sandwich panels for building reduces the total energy consumption. The panels are waterproof, which helps eradicate the formation of molds and humidity inside the building. If your construction is near a noisy area, use a sandwich panel for soundproofing. When sandwich panels are installed inside a building, the noise sources are separated. This makes the environment silent and quiet. Sandwich panels are capable of resisting fire outbreaks but it also depends on the intensity of the fire. You must look into the size and height of the building while installing sandwich panels. 

Sandwich panels – better strength-to-weight ratio

TSSC architectural insulated sandwich panels have hidden fixed joints that can be laid horizontally and vertically. The panels have exposed fasteners installed on agricultural, industrial and residential buildings. The shelf-life of the insulated panels depends on the various product components that make up these panels. TSSC sandwich panels have an enhanced strength-to-weight ratio. These panels can support loads that come with less structural material. 

Final words

TSSC Group is an ISO 9001 certified company that manufactures a whole range of construction. We have been operating globally for more than 50 years. We are among the reputed insulated panel manufacturers in Oman. We are leaders in manufacturing roofing and cladding solutions. We have our corporate office located in Dubai. Please read the website for complete information about sandwich panels in Oman. TSSC is one of the leading manufacturers of insulated panels in the Gulf countries. These panels are easy to install and require low maintenance once a year. We are among the top sandwich panel manufacturers in Oman. Please discuss your project with our team for an effective solution and request a quote.

TSSC Group – A leading refrigerated truck body manufacturer in West Africa

A refrigerated truck box in West Africa is useful for transporting easily perishable items that have been taken out of cold storage. It could be meat, poultry, medicine, ice-cream, seafood, ice cream and more. The products are transported at a certain temperature to prevent spoilage or melting. To do otherwise would be damaging, both for the client and the transporter. For instance, if you deliver to a fast-food chain some crispy chicken patties that require keeping at 42 degrees F and arrive at 456 degrees F, the manager has the right to reject the lot. This would lead to bad customer service, unnecessary warehouse trips and wastage. All of these add up to the high operational costs. 

Refrigerated trucks and trailers

Are you planning to invest in a refrigerated truck box in West Africa? Celsius offers innovative and advanced freezer and chiller truck boxes. The entire truck body is safeguarded with insulated covering and aluminum profiles. These vehicles can hold temperatures from +15°C to -40°C. The insulated truck bodies are designed to be up to 7 meters long and 3 meters wide. TSSC Group is one of many companies that assemble refrigerated truck bodies with only 6 panels. 

TSSC Group in West Africa is one of the leaders in designing cold chain logistics. We manufacture old store solutions on refrigerated trailers ideal for primary distribution. Our refrigerated trucks are designed based on international standards that function with the high-end brands of cooling units. TSSC engineers manufacture solar-powered trucks, insulated dry box bodies, refrigeration ice-cream boxes, refrigerated vans, and mobile clinics. 

TSSC insulated truck bodies

The advanced materials make the truck body panels durable and lighter. The total cost of vehicle running is lowered because of the light vehicle body. The panels are attached and joined with the help of grooves and tongues to which a non-hardening sealant is applied. This gives greater resistivity and strength. The floors are made from TSSC’s standard sandwich panels. The panels are attached with wood beams and plywood. The finishing is laid of stainless steel or sturdy fiberglass, giving strength and hygiene. The vehicle doors and fittings can endure industrial and commercial usage. This gives faster turnaround time on the manufacturing of vehicle bodies. 

TSSC Group – ISO-9001 company 

TSSC has been manufacturing cooling systems, insulated panels, building and construction supplies for more than 55 years. We have a reputation and experience in designing premium and high-end solutions. We are the leaders in West Africa for offering roofing, cladding and all construction solutions. We supply premium products and have to cooperate with 24/7 customer care service. Our team of enthusiastic engineers has many years of experience in the industrial cooling and refrigeration industry. We can customize truck bodies, cold storage panels and display chillers within your budget. We are a renowned truck body manufacturer in West Africa

Request a quote

Buying a refrigerated truck box in west Africa should not be a once-a-year matter. You should collect information throughout the year. Science and engineering are fast-advancing so there could be changes in operations. You cannot ignore the insulation and airflow of the vehicles. You need to work on the specifications to accommodate those alterations. Please discuss your project with our experts to create an effective solution—request a quote.

The benefits of the EASYWALL panel system from TSSC Group

Structural insulated panels are used to build ceilings, construct walls and floors. Insulated panels are also called sandwich panels with metal skins on two sides and an insulated core. The panels are known for thermal properties, flexibility in design and rapid installation time. The panels are designed in different sizes with thicknesses ranging from 4 to 8 inches. These are also available in larger sizes and customized according to project requirements. Insulated panels are not a new concept, but recently, there have been ample advancements. These panels are an ideal replacement for wood framing. TSSC’s easy panel wall system in Qatar has too many advantages. 

The EASYWALL from TSSC Group

The EASYWALL is a non-load-bearing wall panel system designed for internal partition walls and external walls. The EASYWALL panel is useful in constructing energy-efficient homes and buildings. The panels can suit any construction design. It could be anything from ordinary homes to high-end apartments. EASYWALL is suitable for building boundaries, fences, walls and compound walls. TSSC’s EASYWALL is tested and approved by international and local bodies. The price is competitive because the least manpower and waste removal are involved.

Airtight and sound-proof insulated panels 

Buildings are not supposed to be cold always. One of the common issues is coping with temperature regulation inside the walls when it comes to construction. Structural insulated panels offer the right solution. TSSC’s easy panel wall system in Qatar is airtight. This gives way to the absence of cold drafts. This makes structural panels an excellent choice. Your home or commercial space will not be that cold anymore. 

Structural insulated wall panels are soundproof structures. The panels absorb sound, making the building quieter. Installing TSSC’s insulated panels, you will never complain of loud noises and sound-related disturbances. 

More choices for you

Insulated panels will never assert a limit during the construction process. There are building materials that limit what you can or cannot construct. Insulated panels are flexible and versatile, so there is more freedom.

Knowing TSSC Group better

TSSC is the top leader in manufacturing easy panel wall system in Qatar. TSSC Group is an ISO 9001 company specialized in offering insulated panels, building and construction supplies. The panel’s thickness determines the expenses. Choosing the EPS core is great but the PIR core offers greater performance. TSSC has been the construction supplies and insulation solutions manufacturer for more than 50 years. TSSC has a huge client base from various industries of all sizes in Qatar. We also have expert representatives who would visit your construction site if required. TSSC insulated panels have certain advantages:

  • The construction time is shortened by 2-3 times
  • No special tools required
  • Least supervision required
  • Our panels are affordable

Final words

Please discuss your project with our TSSC group engineers for a customized solution. Please visit the TSSC website for more information. We have an excellent customer support team for after-sales service. Get in touch with our team—request a quote.

Knowing about refrigerated trucks and trailers from TSSC Group

The temperature of West Africa soars high during the daytime almost round the year. Businesses that deal with solid/liquid perishable goods rely on cold storage. Cold storage can function efficiently only if there is adequate insulation. Cold storeroom walls and ceilings should never be uncovered. Tiles, painting, drywall, plywood, or FRP panels are not suitable solutions. Install sandwich panels for cold storage. 

Celsius refrigerated trucks

TSSC Group is an experienced truck body manufacturer in West Africa. We manufacture innovative truck-mounted chillers and portable freezers under Celsius’s brand name. The edges and corners of the truck body are safeguarded using extruded aluminum profiles. The insulated vehicle body is designed to arrest temperatures ranging from +15°C to -40°C. The truck bodies are manufactured up to almost 7 meters in length and 3 meters in width. TSSC Group is proud to offer insulated truck bodies built using 6 panels. Some of the features include:

  • Lightweight panels
  • Low repair cost
  • No joints and seamless
  • GRP flooring
  • Heavy-duty flooring
  • Low ‘K’ value factor
  • No Joints and seamless
  • You can choose truck bed flooring finish
  • Accessories


Refrigerated trucks are designed for transporting perishable goods like vegetables, fruits, meat, seafood and pharmaceutical products. These products are frozen or chilled for preservation during the shipment. 

Refrigerated transport is a way of transporting shipments with temperature-controlled trucks. These vehicles have a built-in refrigeration system that cools the shipments at a regulated temperature. 

Solar-powered trucks

TSSC Group manufactures innovative solar panels to add power to refrigerated units. This application is ideal for refrigerated trucks and trailers designed to maintain the units’ cooling conditions. They operate in both refrigerated and freezer conditions. TSSC solar panels are easily installed on the roofs of truck bodies and trailers. The units do not consume much fuel and reduce the downtime lost to dead batteries. Some of the features are:

  • Less energy consumption
  • Low maintenance 
  • Long battery life
  • Less noise pollution
  • Green technology
  • Cost-saving on fuel

Refrigerated semi-trailer

TSSC Group is the market leader in offering cold chain logistics to clients. TSSC builds cold storage systems on reefer trailers used for primary distribution. The reefer trailers are built according to international standards that operate with the top brands of refrigerated units. 

TSSC Group – the leaders

TSSC has been manufacturing cooling systems, insulated panels and construction supplies for more than 50 years. We have a reputation and expertise in designing long-lasting solutions. We are the leaders in East Africa for offering roofing, cladding and all construction solutions. We supply premium products and have interactive 24/7 customer service. Our team of dedicated engineers has many years of experience in the refrigeration industry. We can customize display chillers within your budget. 

TSSC Group designs various commercial refrigeration systems that include cold rooms, cold storage, and cooling trucks. We are a renowned truck body manufacturer in West Africa. 

Final words

Book a free consultation with our trained engineers and let us know your choices. Then, choose to have a detailed discussion related to your project with the TSSC leaders. Request a quote now.

Why you should install insulated warehouse sandwich panels in East Africa

Sandwich panels in East Africa are used to clad the roof and walls of buildings. Every panel consists of a core that is made of thermo-insulating material. The panels are covered with metal sheets on both sides. The core layer offers adequate support to the outer layers. Sandwich panels are non-structural materials but they are certain materials. These panels have insulation properties mainly due to their insulation qualities. They are installed to keep the room temperature under control. The excess heat is radiated off that comes from outside. This helps to save costs on monthly energy bills. These panels are cost-effective. Sandwich panels are composite materials that form the essential part of a prefabricated building. 

Warehouse insulation is of utmost importance 

Warehouse sandwich panels in East Africa have solid insulation properties. Thermal conductivity is different from thermal insulation. This depends on the type and thickness of the material used. Sandwich panels are used on building and construction due to the strong insulation properties. These panels keep the room temperature under control. Sandwich panels reduce the risk of bacteria and mold formation from condensation and thermal movement. The thickness of the panels depends on the thermal and load-bearing needs, the climatic conditions and the type of building. TSSC sandwich panels in East Africa have a better weight to strength ratio compared to conventional laminates. The panels are lightweight but they can bear heavy loads. This is a benefit as it requires a lesser quantity of materials for the specific capacity. 

Fire resistance and sound insulation

Sandwich panels that have used mineral wool core prevent fire from spreading. This is useful when you desire a fire-proof building. Using fire-resistant panels, the designers and contractors ensure safety for the workers and make the warehouse secure. Some of the factors like the height and area of the building should be determined in advance for the feasibility of the installation. Sandwich panels offer sound insulation so they are used in areas with a high level of sound and noise. 

Sandwich panels are affordable 

TSSC’s warehouse sandwich panels in East Africa are economical because the core material is not very expensive. Sandwich panels are durable and reusable. They are long-lasting and make good value for money. 

TSSC Group – The leaders in insulated panels

TSSC Group is a renowned ISO 9001 certified company in East Africa. We are one of the leaders in manufacturing warehouse sandwich panels in East Africa. TSSC engineers design customized panels implementing modern technology. TSSC Group caters to customized cold store solutions for logistics, food, pharmaceuticals, distribution, etc. Cold storages and warehouses use sandwich panels to offer a perfect solution for massive storage. The panels are lightweight and durable. We have over four decades of experience designing insulated panels and construction materials. 

Final words

Please discuss your project with our expert customer assistance team. Call us on (971) 4 887 8463 to discuss the next project. We offer the right kind of advice based on your requirements and budget. Request for a quote.

The growing popularity of sandwich panels in the UAE among the construction industry

Sandwich panels in the UAE can be segregated into several layers. These panels are made of two sheets of tough metal and there is an insulated core in the middle. The panels are used for walling, roofing and cladding. The core material that offers thermal insulation is polyurethane foam, expanded polystyrene, fiberglass and polyurethane foam. Sandwich panels are used for building and construction purposes. We cater to industries including warehouses, logistic buildings, sports facilities, office buildings, shopping malls, freezers, sports facilities, office buildings, manufacturing buildings, etc. Sandwich roof panels are durable and the toughness does not depend on the humidity factor.

The structure of sandwich panels 

The sandwich panels in the UAE are made of water-resistant foam and it does not get affected by mold, mildew and bacteria. Mineral wool can be used in construction and is resistant to a higher temperature, corrosion and offers thermal insulation. Glass fiber sandwich panels are fire-resistant, sound-absorbing, environment-friendly and easy to transport. TSSC Group uses the lightweight Styrofoam that is available in a honeycomb form. It can be mounted and dismounted for a shorter period. This is an environmentally clean material used for commercial buildings. The core is soft and it is pressed between the two layers. The core is extremely light so it does not add to the weight. The panels are composite cladding and façade shaped, obtained by polyurethane injection in varying thicknesses between the galvanized sheets and aluminum plates.  

Simple installation process

Installing an insulated roof panel in the UAE could take almost 7-8 hours for an experienced contractor to complete the task. TSSC manufactures advanced sandwich panels and accessories including sub-frames, fasteners, screws. All the materials are transported to the construction sites. Sandwich panels can be arranged in a free manner. This material is simple to process. The building can be designed with gates, windows wherever needed. 

TSSC Group – the leaders in the UAE

TSSC is the top leader in manufacturing premium insulated roof panel in the UAE. TSSC in the UAE is an ISO 9001 organization specialized in offering building and construction supplies. The expenses are determined by the panel’s entire thickness, including the core. The EPS core is impressive but the PIR core gives superior performance. TSSC has been the manufacturer of construction supplies and insulation solutions for more than four decades. TSSC has an excellent client base from various industries of all sizes in the UAE. We also have our representatives who would visit your site if needed. 

Final words

Please discuss your project with our engineers for a customized solution. Get offers and discounts from the TSSC store. Our team suggests getting all materials from a specific store. We manage your project from initiation to completion. We offer excellent after-sales support. Our engineers have constantly been working to improve the quality of the panels. Reach us for a solution, request a quote.

The importance of covering your cold storage unit with sandwich panels for cold storage East Africa

Traditional construction methods are slowly becoming a thing of the past. This industry has now embraced modern methods that are faster and more efficient. The climate in East Africa is extreme. The days are very hot and humid. The hospitality and tourism industry has expanded in the country. As a result, there has been an increased demand for cold storage and refrigerated trucks. Cold store panels in East Africa are sandwich panels made from two metal sheets on the two sides and a core material made from an insulating material. 

The various types of core materials used

TSSC sandwich panels for cold storage in East Africa use different types of core materials like mineral fleece, expanded polystyrene (EPS), PIR (Polyurethane), and polyisocyanurate. You can choose the core according to your requirements. TSSC Group recommends installing the PIR core for building and construction purposes. This type of core is suitable where heat and fire are important factors. 

Quality control during the manufacturing process

The polyurethane foam used in sandwich panels is non-toxic. The panels do not absorb moisture or odor and show any signs of deterioration. The panels are resistant to bacteria, mold and mildew. A quality control process ensures that premium quality panels are delivered to your site. The insulated panels are made from profiled or non-profiled light metals that are resistant to impact, bending and vibration. They have sufficient tensile strength yet have aesthetics. The products are transported to your building site without hassle.

Simple installation process

The installation process is smooth and hassle-free so it takes only a few hours to complete the process. The cold store panels do not require costly maintenance and upkeep. A cold storage function at low temperature and is used to store bulk perishable. TSSC cold store panels in East Africa offer high thermal insulation that helps save your energy bills. These panels are available in three types: smooth, micro-striated, or striated. 

TSSC Group – one of the most renowned companies in East Africa

TSSC Group is an ISO-9001 company that designs and manufactures high-quality construction and building materials in East Africa. We are the leaders in offering cladding and roofing solutions in the country. TSSC Group sandwich panels for cold storage in East Africa can suit client requirements and budgets. We have certified engineers who manufacture insulated panels for floors, walls and ceilings. Our engineers manufacture and install high-quality insulated wall, floor and ceiling panels. TSSC Group solutions include:

  • Pre-insulated air duct systems
  • Doors
  • Hygienic flooring for residential and commercial construction

We cater to food, flowers, medicine, agriculture, beverages, and logistics industries.

Final words 

TSSC has been manufacturing sandwich panels for cold storage in East Africa for more than four decades. We have a rich client base from various industries. Please visit the TSSC Group website for more information. The TSSC team of experts plans your project, including planning and customization to on-time project delivery. Get a personal free consultation on your project at our website—request for a quote.

Knowing everything about TSSC Group’s standing seam roofs in West Africa

A standing seam roof in West Africa is a concealed fastener metal panel system with vertical legs and a wide flat area in between the legs. It has raised seams that rise above the flat area of the panel. Standing seam systems are used for metal roofing which is commonly seen in metal walls. There are hidden fasteners and the panel is attached to the deck with a clip or directly attached to the decking. An insulated panel is used to design modern buildings. All the components of a sandwich insulated panel work together to offer thermal insulation, durability and weather resistance. If you plan to erect a property with thermal insulation features with aesthetic design, try locating insulated panel manufacturers in West Africa.

Roofing – an important part 

Roofing plays a very important role in adding strength to your construction structure. There are various types of roofing systems available. Standing seam roofs in West Africa are becoming extremely popular among all of them. These structures offer adequate insulation for protecting the construction structure from harsh weather conditions. The thickness of the customizable panels ranges from 60-200mm and offers different degrees of insulation. These are insulated sandwich panels of two metal sheets protecting a core in the middle. 

Advanced TSSC seam roof panels

Sandwich insulated panels in West Africa have brilliant features, including operating across varying temperatures. The core is made of dense polyurethane that guarantees longer life and higher performance. TSSC seam panels have an advanced mechanism that uses tongue and groove and there is a gasket that minimizes heat loss. The panels have a higher strength-to-weight value that offers the enhanced load-supporting capability and more durability. The core materials for seam insulated panels are affordable compared to other materials of different structural designs. The panels are easy to install that use a single-shot resin infusion process. The maintenance costs are low owing to their toughness.

The varying panel width and height

The sandwich panels offer fire-resisting capacities. It can resist temperatures more than 1000 degrees centigrade. The sandwich insulated panel manufacturers in West Africa build high-quality composite panels. This ensures the safety of lives and property. The width of the panel may vary from one company to another. Generally, most metal roof panels are between 12” and 18” in width, the 16’’ width is most common. The height of the panels referred to as rib height is of no less importance. Most standing seam systems can have approx—1” to a 3” seam. However, 1½” and 2” are common choices. 

Final words

If you are looking for an easy-to-install insulated refrigerated panel with good strength and great performance, trust TSSC solutions. TSSC Group is one of the pioneers in manufacturing construction and building solutions. We have been designing solutions for more than 50 years. TSSC since 1975, has emerged as the leader in the Middle East. We are an ISO 9001 certified company that produces a comprehensive and wide range of building materials. We have clients from various industries of all sizes. Create a solution for your next project. TSSC Group is the right place for the deal. Request for a quote.

The importance of refrigerated truck boxes in industrial refrigeration

Saudi Arabia experiences a very hot climate and summer is the dominant season. The biggest challenge is the transportation of temperature-sensitive commodities. The refrigerated truck box in Saudi Arabia is a great choice for transporting frozen goods, edibles, and pharmaceuticals.

The rising demand for industrial refrigeration

The demand for commercial refrigeration is on the rise. The aim to promote local foods to new communities and places worldwide has increased this demand. TSSC refrigerated trucks have the exact temperature monitoring and the temperature can be controlled via remote control. The drivers are aware of the condition of the shipment easily and can manage issues faster. The trailers are equipped with electronic door seals that make your vehicle smarter and keep the cold air in. If you are interested in adding to your fleet, TSSC Group has various premium cold store solutions that use cold store panels in Saudi Arabia

TSSC ‘s refrigerated truck boxes

The refrigerated truck box in Saudi Arabia is a cooling system on the move used to transport perishable items from cold storage to distribution centers. Industries including medicine, food, and flowers require these cooler trucks for seamless transportation. TSSC cooling trucks are equipped with cold store panels in Saudi Arabia that help to keep the items fresh for the longest time. TSSC engineers use only 6 cold store panels to manufacture the truck box. Cold panels in Saudi Arabia are mold-resistant and repel bacteria. This makes the refrigerated truck box hygienic. These cooler trucks can hold temperatures ranging from +15 degrees to -40 degrees centigrade. Premium refrigerated trucks have well-insulated panels that are airtight. These compartments hold the temperature for at least 10 hours after switching off the cooler.

Save more on your energy bills with adequate insulation

A refrigerated truck box in Saudi Arabia is insulated and consumes the least energy. The cooler doesn’t need to work 24×7 to manage the temperature inside the truck. The right kind of insulation makes sure that a constant low temperature is maintained inside without any hassles. Due to adequate insulation the air coolers do not function continuously which  reduces energy consumption. You can make considerable savings on your energy bills which is a long-term saving. Are you planning to set up a cold storeroom in Saudi Arabia or invest in cooling trucks? The higher level of insulation gives way to greater efficiency and lower energy bills. 

Final words

In the modern world, adequate improvements have made technology reliable and precise. The refrigeration and insulation materials are more effective. The refrigerated truck box in Saudi Arabia is durable, waterproof and weather-resistant. These trucks are extremely lightweight, functional and robust. You can customize trucks based on your requirements, making transportation easier from one location to another. TSSC Group has over 50 years of experience in offering insulated solutions. We are the leaders in offering building and construction solutions. We offer customized plans for your project. Book a free consultation. Get connected with the TSSC experts today. Request a quote.

The advantages of prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia as compared to traditional construction

The climate in Saudi Arabia is a tropical type where summers are very hot and harsh. Winters are short, the sun emits scorching heat and the temperature soars very high during the daytime. The construction industry is seeing sunny days because the business is flourishing. Traditional construction methods have certain challenges. They are gradually becoming obsolete while the industry is embracing modern methods. Prefabricated buildings are well-accepted in the Middle East. This method has too many advantages compared to old processes. Prefabrication is easier, faster and cost-effective. Prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia are manufactured inside a factory-controlled environment. The components are transported to the building site for assembling. 

Faster construction time with prefab structures 

Traditional construction requires a huge amount of labor and the absence of man-force can delay the entire project. Usually, the traditional building process takes more than a year to get a structure ready. There are developers, architects, contractors and laborers involved in the project. The project can be disrupted or delayed due to climate changes, accidents, weather and human error. This is not the case with prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia. The structures are manufactured inside the TSSC factory under the supervision of experts. This ensures the smooth running of the project and quick completion. A project can take up to more than a year with traditional construction. On the other hand, prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia take only 3-4 months. 

Hassle-free transportation 

Prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia can be transported from one location to another. Prefabricated buildings are cost-effective, weather-resistant, insulated and energy-efficient. In addition, they are eco-friendly so the excess raw material is not used and no waste is produced. Prefab structures, when used for residential purposes, are called mobile homes. TSSC modular structures are long-lasting and require minimal maintenance. These structures are manufactured as strong individual structures pre-drilled and attached securely to the screws. This enables the units to hold onto better under stressful conditions. 

Prefab buildings – various applications

TSSC prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia are used for different applications like executive accommodations, office stations, dining, cooking units, labor accommodation facilities and more. Our prefab structures have durable steel-frame construction. They have quicker erection times as compared to traditional buildings. Prefab construction is suitable for any climatic conditions; they possess an aesthetic look, rich appearance, and are termite-resistant.  

Why trust TSSC Group?

TSSC Group has more than 50 years of experience in the building and construction industry. It is an ISO 9001 company offering customized prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia within your budget. We are leaders in designing insulation solutions for commercial and residential projects in the Middle East. We provide a free consultation session to builders, contractors and property owners. Prefab structures from TSSC Group require yearly maintenance. TSSC offers consistent on-site and after-sales support to ensure your project gets completed on time without hindrance. 

Final words

Please visit our website for complete information and create an effective solution for your project. Then, get in touch with us. Request a no-obligation quote for your project.