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A refrigerated truck box in West Africa is useful for transporting easily perishable items that have been taken out of cold storage. It could be meat, poultry, medicine, ice-cream, seafood, ice cream and more. The products are transported at a certain temperature to prevent spoilage or melting. To do otherwise would be damaging, both for the client and the transporter. For instance, if you deliver to a fast-food chain some crispy chicken patties that require keeping at 42 degrees F and arrive at 456 degrees F, the manager has the right to reject the lot. This would lead to bad customer service, unnecessary warehouse trips and wastage. All of these add up to the high operational costs. 

Refrigerated trucks and trailers

Are you planning to invest in a refrigerated truck box in West Africa? Celsius offers innovative and advanced freezer and chiller truck boxes. The entire truck body is safeguarded with insulated covering and aluminum profiles. These vehicles can hold temperatures from +15°C to -40°C. The insulated truck bodies are designed to be up to 7 meters long and 3 meters wide. TSSC Group is one of many companies that assemble refrigerated truck bodies with only 6 panels. 

TSSC Group in West Africa is one of the leaders in designing cold chain logistics. We manufacture old store solutions on refrigerated trailers ideal for primary distribution. Our refrigerated trucks are designed based on international standards that function with the high-end brands of cooling units. TSSC engineers manufacture solar-powered trucks, insulated dry box bodies, refrigeration ice-cream boxes, refrigerated vans, and mobile clinics. 

TSSC insulated truck bodies

The advanced materials make the truck body panels durable and lighter. The total cost of vehicle running is lowered because of the light vehicle body. The panels are attached and joined with the help of grooves and tongues to which a non-hardening sealant is applied. This gives greater resistivity and strength. The floors are made from TSSC’s standard sandwich panels. The panels are attached with wood beams and plywood. The finishing is laid of stainless steel or sturdy fiberglass, giving strength and hygiene. The vehicle doors and fittings can endure industrial and commercial usage. This gives faster turnaround time on the manufacturing of vehicle bodies. 

TSSC Group – ISO-9001 company 

TSSC has been manufacturing cooling systems, insulated panels, building and construction supplies for more than 55 years. We have a reputation and experience in designing premium and high-end solutions. We are the leaders in West Africa for offering roofing, cladding and all construction solutions. We supply premium products and have to cooperate with 24/7 customer care service. Our team of enthusiastic engineers has many years of experience in the industrial cooling and refrigeration industry. We can customize truck bodies, cold storage panels and display chillers within your budget. We are a renowned truck body manufacturer in West Africa

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Buying a refrigerated truck box in west Africa should not be a once-a-year matter. You should collect information throughout the year. Science and engineering are fast-advancing so there could be changes in operations. You cannot ignore the insulation and airflow of the vehicles. You need to work on the specifications to accommodate those alterations. Please discuss your project with our experts to create an effective solution—request a quote.