The Gulf countries are experiencing tremendous industrial growth – The need for sustainability increases with it

The food processing and hospitality industry is growing rapidly in the Gulf countries. This is increasing the demand for cold storage and warehouses. There are different types of cold rooms according to the storage requirements. Insulation is the most important factor when you are setting up a cold storage facility. The Gulf region experiences very hot days and cooler nights. Cold storages here require advanced insulated panels for thermal regulation. 

TSSC insulated cold store panels in Oman are manufactured and designed inside our unit by injecting polyurethane foam in between metal sheets at a very high density. TSSC cold storage insulated panels are designed to implement monolithic construction. Our panels are ideal for installing on walls, floors and rooftops. Our panels are capable of maintaining a constant low temperature inside and control the humidity levels. 

Insulation is the most important factor

Insulation is the primary factor to arrest the escape of cold air from inside the cold rooms. When cold air escapes, it is very difficult to detect the issue. This results in the delay of the cold room reaching its highest chill point. This in turn consumes more energy which could lead to higher energy bills. Running a cold room or cold inventory requires maintaining a particular indoor environment and the indoor air should not mix with the outdoor environment. Adequate insulation using TSSC panels is the primary necessity of any cold room in Oman. 

Invest in portable refrigeration

TSSC cold store panels in Oman are environmentally friendly. Our panels offer insulation against sound and climatic conditions. We have various customization options for the clients. What if you require a cold storage solution on wheels? Transportation of food, medicine, flowers and other perishable items in bulk requires cold temperatures even during transportation. The solution is to invest in a refrigerated truck box in Oman. These are trucks equipped with cold storage solutions that have insulated panels. 

Flexible and stable solutions

TSSC insulated panels for cold storage are flexible yet offer much stability to the panels. This insulation technology is cost-efficient and long-lasting. Insulated cold rooms are efficient in controlling dust, grease, and bacterial infestation. Install TSSC panels with a minimum R-value of up to 40. 

Simple and inexpensive installation 

TSSC Group in Oman has manufactured insulated panels for more than 50 years. We are among the market leaders in Oman and the gulf area. TSSC cold store room panels take only 7-8 hours to install. The installation process is simple, where you only need to hire a local contractor. We have experts to take accurate measurements and offer panels. There is no extra investment. You need a few things, including cold store panels, measuring tape, Allen key, screws, and screwdriver. 

TSSC equals to sustainability

TSSC has earned a reputation in sustainable technology, reducing the carbon footprint. The vapor compression procedure in refrigeration generates thermal energy, which has its environmental fall-out towards global warming. 

Choose TSSC in Oman

If you are planning to set up a cold storeroom in Oman, invest in our solutions. TSSC insulated panels are safely transported to your site. Discuss with the TSSC experts and book a consultation. Request for a quote

The flourishing of business and the requirement of cold storages in Oman – Insulate with our cold storage panels

The food processing industry and other trade are flourishing in the Gulf countries. Businesses that deal in storing and transporting perishable goods require cold storage and warehouses. Countries in the gulf area experience harsh weather conditions where days are hot and humid, nights are cooler. Here, the construction industry is also booming with a lot of residential and commercial projects. Insulation is one of the most crucial factors; insulated panels are used in roofing and cladding.

When it comes to insulation solutions, the importance of sandwich panels is immense. Why are these panels called sandwich panels? There are two metal sheets on the two sides which protect the core (thermally insulated) in the middle of both sheets. These panels are used in cold storage for utmost efficiency. The industrial refrigeration market in Oman is booming due to businesses that deal with perishable goods like medicine, food processing, vegetable wholesalers, and brewing…etc. These machines use the cooling process, which involves heat transfer to maintain a chilled temperature inside the facilities.

Energy efficient cold store panels 

A cold storage facility consumes a lot of energy that is required to produce a chilled environment inside. With proper insulation, you have to ensure that no cold air passes out or hot air flows. Without adequate insulation, you might have to pay a huge energy bill for inefficient cooling. So, one of the primary tasks is to install cold store panels in Oman, which is a one-time investment for efficiency.

Invest in a refrigerated truck box

How about transporting perishable items and medicines from the cold store to various selling units or distribution centers? Some trucks are facilitated with refrigeration facilities known as refrigerated truck boxes. This is a portable refrigeration solution that works almost similar to traditional refrigeration. Order a refrigerated truck box Oman from the TSSC Group for a portable cold store solution. Our trucks are well-insulated for air-tight and moisture-tight refrigeration on wheels.

TSSC caters to client requirements

TSSC in Oman is one of the most renowned manufacturers of insulating materials and construction supplies. We cater to the top industries in Oman. We have approximately 50 years of experience in dealing with client requirements. We try to design solutions that are easy to install and would help in generating more ROI. TSSC uses project management software for the flawless and quick delivery of our solutions.

Our panels have thermal efficiency

Are you interested in adding insulation inside your cold storeroom in Oman? There are different types of cold rooms for every storage requirement. You can also discuss with our experts the kind of cold room you intend to set up. We can modify and customize as per your storage requirements. Our insulated panels aid in maintaining a constant low temperature inside to keep items fresh.

TSSC insulated cold store panels in Oman are eco-friendly and have high redundancy. Our panels have stability and strength that offer thermal insulation, control grease, bacteria, and dust. We recommend panels having a minimum R-value of up to 40 for sufficient thermal efficiency.

Final words

Please book a consultation with the TSSC team to discuss your project. Request for a quote.