The importance of insulated cold rooms in Oman – TSSC manufactures cold store panels in Oman

Cold storages add flexibility to your business by balancing the demand and supply. For a business to expand, the supply should be more than the demand. How would you store perishable goods in high quantities? A cold room in Oman plays a vital role in driving business ahead by increasing the stock and reducing the wastage. The weather in Oman and the entire Gulf region is hot and harsh. Due to the climate, there is a demand for cold storages and insulated cold store panels in Oman. These insulated panels are sandwich panels that have monolithic construction. They are formed by inoculating tough polyurethane foam at a very high density within the metal layers.

Flexible and durable cold store panels

Designing a cold store and functioning it involves huge expense. Insulation offers energy efficiency to the cold store interior. It is impressive that more and more businesses are trying to add premium insulation and make the units energy efficient. Panels used in a cold store room in Oman are flexible and lightweight. TSSC uses ASTM-certified metal to manufacture these panels. The insulated cold store panels are long-lasting as they remain in good condition for at least 25 years or more. The panels can resist abuses, impacts, fire and high temperature. These panels do not require regular maintenance. TSSC Group has a team of maintenance experts who offer once a year maintenance solutions. The insulation that cold store panels in Oman offer ensure that the chilled air remains trapped inside and hot air cannot travel inside. The temperature of these cold rooms can be adjusted and the air flow level can be monitored. Maintenance includes keeping a check on the insulation. This ensures proper functioning of the units.

TSSC Group – emerging as a leader

TSSC Group in East Africa ranks on the top among the many companies that manufacture cold store panels in Oman. The company is an ISO 9001-certified company that has been designing industrial solutions for more than 50 years. We manufacture insulated panels for roofing, cladding and other commercial purposes. We offer effective cold storage solutions that include: walk-in freezers, display chillers, warehouse cold storages, movable cold rooms, offshore cooling containers, refrigerated truck bodies and trailers. Your project is important so there is a project manager for every project. TSSC Group ensures proper interaction and on-time delivery of your project. You also get the after-sales support.

Final words – get customized solution

TSSC Group cold storages and cold rooms of specific capacity that are tailored to suit cold storage conditions. We offer solutions that include installation of doors that have insulation facilities, air-duct systems that are pre-insulated and flooring. We design cold storages for food, logistics, pharmaceuticals, and raw materials in the distribution industries.

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Why do you need a cold room in Oman for storing products?

A cold room in Oman is an insulated refrigerated chamber designed to maintain an artificially generated range of temperatures. These cold rooms are designed for storing perishable and temperature sensitive items like edibles, pharmaceuticals, flowers, perfumes and more. These units vary in size from small walk in rooms to large warehouses. Cold rooms have played an important role in the maritime industry and are also used for engineering products to store chemical products to delay chemical reactions. These rooms offer specific temperature control for industrial facilities where powerful and consistent freezing is needed. Proper refrigeration ensures proper storage of the items preventing spoilage. 

The importance of insulation

A cold store room in Oman is a large freezing space that has become a part of the export and import trade, hotel and hospitality, pharmaceuticals, supermarkets, blood banks, farms and more. Insulation is the most important factor in ensuring that the cold room is functioning adequately. The cold air inside should by no means escape. This would pressure the cooling systems and lead to an excess energy bill. We suggest wrapping the inner walls and ceiling of the unit with cold store panels in Oman. Correct refrigeration slows down the biological and chemical process in perishable items, preventing loss in quality.

Lightweight and functional insulated panels 

Cold store panels in Oman are made of premium quality sandwich panels. These panels come in two layers, there are two durable metal sheets on both sides of the core material that lies in the middle. The core is made of insulating material and you can flexibly choose the material of your choice. Sandwich panels installed inside cold rooms ensure higher energy efficiency and adequate insulation. The panels offer thermal insulation and sound proofing. TSSC’s insulated panels are lightweight so transporting them is easier. The installation process is simple and quick. The insulated sandwich panels have monolithic construction formed by injecting tough polyurethane foam at a high density between metal claddings. A well designed cold room depends on the selection of the right kind of equipment.

About TSSC Group in Oman

TSSC Group has been offering building, construction, business and engineering solutions in the Middle East and Gulf nations for the past 50 years. We top in designing insulated panels for roofing and cladding commercial interiors. We use premium sandwich panels to design energy efficient solutions. The panels use customized core materials including the EPS core, PIR core material, polyisocyanurate and mineral fleece. TSSC Group uses ASTM certified metal during the manufacturing process. These insulated  panels have a longevity of about 25 years after the installation process. The insulated panels are lightweight, impact or abuse-resistant and do not require strict maintenance. 

Final words

Preserving perishable products is not an option but a requirement for better business and profitability. A cold store room in Oman is designed and customized to meet the client’s requirements. We have an efficient team that takes care of minute detail about the project and keeps you informed about the development. Our services are high-quality and affordable, which is why we have clients from businesses of all sizes. Create a solution for your next project. Please connect with the team. You can call us or send an email. Please request a no obligation quote.

Cold storage and refrigerated trucks – are the two essential services that take the business ahead in Oman

Commercial refrigeration is important for the growth of every business. You cannot store perishable items in huge amounts unless you have a functional cold storage facility. Refrigeration protects the spoilage of food and all other perishable items. Efficiency is very important because you generally pay a huge energy bill. Insulation plays a leading role in ensuring your cold storage is energy-efficient. If you still do not protect your cold store interior, it is time that you install cold store panels in Oman. The cold air remains locked inside as the warm air does not interfere. TSSC Group offers turnkey customized solutions for cold storage to sustain certain temperatures. 

TSSC’s refrigerated truck bodies in Oman

Only storing perishable goods is insufficient because most of them tend to get spoiled during transportation. TSSC designs customized and insulated refrigerated trucks in Oman. TSSC cooling trucks are installed with cold store panels in Oman that help keep the items fresh for an extended duration. The TSSC engineers use only six cold store insulated panels. The cooler trucks can hold temperatures that range from +15 degrees to -40 degrees centigrade. The compartments inside the vehicles can hold temperature for at least 10 hours post switching off the cooler. We design innovative truck-mounted chillers and freezer trucks under Celsius. All edges and corners of the truck body are covered using extruded aluminum. The truck bodies are available in sizes of 7 meters in length and 3 meters in width. 

TSSC Group – playing a leading role in commercial refrigeration

TSSC Group has over 50 years of experience in building and construction solutions. We implement modern technologies and science to develop unique insulated solutions. The company plays a leading role in taking ahead commercial refrigeration. Our cold store panels in Oman are designed and customized based on your requirements. We install cold rooms of any mentioned capacity customized to suit the client’s specific requirements. We manufacture and install insulated ceiling, wall and floor panels. TSSC Group designs customized cold store solutions for logistics, food, and distribution industries requiring specific humidity levels and optimal conditions. We design waterproof, durable, and weather-resistant refrigerated truck box in Saudi Arabia. Our customized cooling vehicles are functional, robust and lightweight. This makes transporting goods easier from the warehouse to various distribution hubs. We have an expert team that is experienced in the goods transportation industry. TSSC Group offers superior refrigerated trucks in Oman. We have the knowledge and resources to offer clients various commercial cooling choices. 

Final words

There is a great demand for refrigerated trucks in Oman because businesses are growing. The weather in Oman is hot so it is difficult to store and transport perishable goods without energy-efficient cold storage and refrigerated trucks. 

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The importance of insulating your cold store facility with cold store panels

A cold room in Oman is a large size freezer that is used to store a huge quantity of perishable objects. Cold rooms have become an important part of the export and import business, pharmaceuticals, hotel, hospitality, blood banks, farms and supermarkets. The insulation of the cold storage facility is an essential factor. The advancement of cold storages has brought a huge development in the commercial sector. A cold storage should be waterproof and free from humidity and dampness. The panels should be mold and bacterial growth. Cold rooms play an important role as they help in increasing the shelf life of the goods. They reduce the amount of waste and lengthen the time or marketing those.

Knowing about sandwich panels

Sandwich panels are used to manufacture insulated panels for the commercial refrigeration industry. Sandwich cold store panels in Oman are made of two metal sheets on the two sides covering the insulating core in the middle. Sandwich panels inside cold rooms ensure higher energy efficiency and insulation. These panels offer maximum thermal insulation to ensure the items inside remain chilled and no hot air leaks into the cold rooms. TSSC’s sandwich panels are lightweight, easy to transport and seamless to installation. The insulated panels have a monolithic construction that is formed due to injecting rigid polyurethane foam at a very high density between the metal claddings. 

Customized cold store panels from TSSC Group

TSSC Group has been operating in Qatar and designing building and construction solutions for more than 50 years. We top in designing insulated solutions for commercial setups. We are the leaders in manufacturing premium cold store panels in Oman. We design building and construction supplies for various businesses. We have a team of expert engineers who design modern cooling solutions, including cold store panels and cooling vehicles. TSSC Group specializes in designing insulated solutions in the UAE. We use premium sandwich panels to design energy-efficient solutions. The insulated panels use customized core materials like EPS, PIR, polyisocyanurate and mineral fleece. You can choose the materials depending on the requirement of your project. TSSC’s cold store room panels in Oman are functional and lightweight. We use ASTM-certified metal during the manufacturing process. The panels have a shelf life of about 25 years post-installation. They are resistant to impacts, temperature variations and fire. The panels do not require regular stringent maintenance. Get the TSSC’s yearly maintenance service to keep your cold room in good condition. 

 Final words – request for a quote

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At TSSC, every cold store room in Oman is designed to meet the client requirements. Our team takes care of every little detail that is included in the project. We can offer you a functional and customized cold room facility. You can expect high-quality, seamless management and top-class service with TSSC Group.  Get in touch with the team, call us or email us. Request a no-obligation quote.

The Gulf countries are experiencing tremendous industrial growth – The need for sustainability increases with it

The food processing and hospitality industry is growing rapidly in the Gulf countries. This is increasing the demand for cold storage and warehouses. There are different types of cold rooms according to the storage requirements. Insulation is the most important factor when you are setting up a cold storage facility. The Gulf region experiences very hot days and cooler nights. Cold storages here require advanced insulated panels for thermal regulation. 

TSSC insulated cold store panels in Oman are manufactured and designed inside our unit by injecting polyurethane foam in between metal sheets at a very high density. TSSC cold storage insulated panels are designed to implement monolithic construction. Our panels are ideal for installing on walls, floors and rooftops. Our panels are capable of maintaining a constant low temperature inside and control the humidity levels. 

Insulation is the most important factor

Insulation is the primary factor to arrest the escape of cold air from inside the cold rooms. When cold air escapes, it is very difficult to detect the issue. This results in the delay of the cold room reaching its highest chill point. This in turn consumes more energy which could lead to higher energy bills. Running a cold room or cold inventory requires maintaining a particular indoor environment and the indoor air should not mix with the outdoor environment. Adequate insulation using TSSC panels is the primary necessity of any cold room in Oman. 

Invest in portable refrigeration

TSSC cold store panels in Oman are environmentally friendly. Our panels offer insulation against sound and climatic conditions. We have various customization options for the clients. What if you require a cold storage solution on wheels? Transportation of food, medicine, flowers and other perishable items in bulk requires cold temperatures even during transportation. The solution is to invest in a refrigerated truck box in Oman. These are trucks equipped with cold storage solutions that have insulated panels. 

Flexible and stable solutions

TSSC insulated panels for cold storage are flexible yet offer much stability to the panels. This insulation technology is cost-efficient and long-lasting. Insulated cold rooms are efficient in controlling dust, grease, and bacterial infestation. Install TSSC panels with a minimum R-value of up to 40. 

Simple and inexpensive installation 

TSSC Group in Oman has manufactured insulated panels for more than 50 years. We are among the market leaders in Oman and the gulf area. TSSC cold store room panels take only 7-8 hours to install. The installation process is simple, where you only need to hire a local contractor. We have experts to take accurate measurements and offer panels. There is no extra investment. You need a few things, including cold store panels, measuring tape, Allen key, screws, and screwdriver. 

TSSC equals to sustainability

TSSC has earned a reputation in sustainable technology, reducing the carbon footprint. The vapor compression procedure in refrigeration generates thermal energy, which has its environmental fall-out towards global warming. 

Choose TSSC in Oman

If you are planning to set up a cold storeroom in Oman, invest in our solutions. TSSC insulated panels are safely transported to your site. Discuss with the TSSC experts and book a consultation. Request for a quote

The flourishing of business and the requirement of cold storages in Oman – Insulate with our cold storage panels

The food processing industry and other trade are flourishing in the Gulf countries. Businesses that deal in storing and transporting perishable goods require cold storage and warehouses. Countries in the gulf area experience harsh weather conditions where days are hot and humid, nights are cooler. Here, the construction industry is also booming with a lot of residential and commercial projects. Insulation is one of the most crucial factors; insulated panels are used in roofing and cladding.

When it comes to insulation solutions, the importance of sandwich panels is immense. Why are these panels called sandwich panels? There are two metal sheets on the two sides which protect the core (thermally insulated) in the middle of both sheets. These panels are used in cold storage for utmost efficiency. The industrial refrigeration market in Oman is booming due to businesses that deal with perishable goods like medicine, food processing, vegetable wholesalers, and brewing…etc. These machines use the cooling process, which involves heat transfer to maintain a chilled temperature inside the facilities.

Energy efficient cold store panels 

A cold storage facility consumes a lot of energy that is required to produce a chilled environment inside. With proper insulation, you have to ensure that no cold air passes out or hot air flows. Without adequate insulation, you might have to pay a huge energy bill for inefficient cooling. So, one of the primary tasks is to install cold store panels in Oman, which is a one-time investment for efficiency.

Invest in a refrigerated truck box

How about transporting perishable items and medicines from the cold store to various selling units or distribution centers? Some trucks are facilitated with refrigeration facilities known as refrigerated truck boxes. This is a portable refrigeration solution that works almost similar to traditional refrigeration. Order a refrigerated truck box Oman from the TSSC Group for a portable cold store solution. Our trucks are well-insulated for air-tight and moisture-tight refrigeration on wheels.

TSSC caters to client requirements

TSSC in Oman is one of the most renowned manufacturers of insulating materials and construction supplies. We cater to the top industries in Oman. We have approximately 50 years of experience in dealing with client requirements. We try to design solutions that are easy to install and would help in generating more ROI. TSSC uses project management software for the flawless and quick delivery of our solutions.

Our panels have thermal efficiency

Are you interested in adding insulation inside your cold storeroom in Oman? There are different types of cold rooms for every storage requirement. You can also discuss with our experts the kind of cold room you intend to set up. We can modify and customize as per your storage requirements. Our insulated panels aid in maintaining a constant low temperature inside to keep items fresh.

TSSC insulated cold store panels in Oman are eco-friendly and have high redundancy. Our panels have stability and strength that offer thermal insulation, control grease, bacteria, and dust. We recommend panels having a minimum R-value of up to 40 for sufficient thermal efficiency.

Final words

Please book a consultation with the TSSC team to discuss your project. Request for a quote.