Cold storage and refrigerated trucks – are the two essential services that take the business ahead in Oman

Commercial refrigeration is important for the growth of every business. You cannot store perishable items in huge amounts unless you have a functional cold storage facility. Refrigeration protects the spoilage of food and all other perishable items. Efficiency is very important because you generally pay a huge energy bill. Insulation plays a leading role in ensuring your cold storage is energy-efficient. If you still do not protect your cold store interior, it is time that you install cold store panels in Oman. The cold air remains locked inside as the warm air does not interfere. TSSC Group offers turnkey customized solutions for cold storage to sustain certain temperatures. 

TSSC’s refrigerated truck bodies in Oman

Only storing perishable goods is insufficient because most of them tend to get spoiled during transportation. TSSC designs customized and insulated refrigerated trucks in Oman. TSSC cooling trucks are installed with cold store panels in Oman that help keep the items fresh for an extended duration. The TSSC engineers use only six cold store insulated panels. The cooler trucks can hold temperatures that range from +15 degrees to -40 degrees centigrade. The compartments inside the vehicles can hold temperature for at least 10 hours post switching off the cooler. We design innovative truck-mounted chillers and freezer trucks under Celsius. All edges and corners of the truck body are covered using extruded aluminum. The truck bodies are available in sizes of 7 meters in length and 3 meters in width. 

TSSC Group – playing a leading role in commercial refrigeration

TSSC Group has over 50 years of experience in building and construction solutions. We implement modern technologies and science to develop unique insulated solutions. The company plays a leading role in taking ahead commercial refrigeration. Our cold store panels in Oman are designed and customized based on your requirements. We install cold rooms of any mentioned capacity customized to suit the client’s specific requirements. We manufacture and install insulated ceiling, wall and floor panels. TSSC Group designs customized cold store solutions for logistics, food, and distribution industries requiring specific humidity levels and optimal conditions. We design waterproof, durable, and weather-resistant refrigerated truck box in Saudi Arabia. Our customized cooling vehicles are functional, robust and lightweight. This makes transporting goods easier from the warehouse to various distribution hubs. We have an expert team that is experienced in the goods transportation industry. TSSC Group offers superior refrigerated trucks in Oman. We have the knowledge and resources to offer clients various commercial cooling choices. 

Final words

There is a great demand for refrigerated trucks in Oman because businesses are growing. The weather in Oman is hot so it is difficult to store and transport perishable goods without energy-efficient cold storage and refrigerated trucks. 

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