The growth of the construction sector shifting towards prefabrication

The modern construction industry is flexible in accepting new methods with open arms. As a result, contractors and builders have found ways to cut down the time and increase productivity. Statistics say that 60% to 90% of the prefab buildings in East Africa are entirely built within the factory premises. 

Affordability and all other advantages

Firstly, affordability is the essential factor. Everything is completed inside an enclosed space, so this is an affordable method compared to the traditional construction process. Also, you are relieved from the stress of hiring plumbers, electricians, plumbers and more. Compared to the traditional building method, the prefab building technique is affordable. TSSC Group is also operating in Qatar and is trying to nudge the growth of prefab buildings in East Africa and retain its growth. Glass, concrete, wood or metal are used in prefabricated construction techniques. The precast building uses slabs, beams, walls, columns, stairs, and standalone footings. Due to affordability and other advantages, prefab buildings are popular in commercial facilities, hospitals, education, construction, and more.  The prefabricated building technique is enjoying its popularity due to several advantages:

  • The workforce does not have to work for plenty of hours fighting various climatic conditions.
  • The construction market is seeing sunny days in East Africa.
  • There is an increased demand for modern housing for living and hotels for tourism.
  • The traditional construction methods are gradually becoming obsolete.


Why should you choose TSSC Group?

Are you planning to initiate a prefab project and looking for a renowned company in East Africa? TSSC is an ISO 9001 company offering building and construction solutions for more than 50 years or over 4 decades. We believe that one solution does not suit all; hence customization is required. We design prefab buildings in East Africa that stand out from the rest keeping in mind all your requirements. Our team initiates the project keeping in mind the climate, site, budget, and factors. Also, considering the extreme climate in Africa, more and more construction companies are shifting towards prefabrication. As a result, the laborers are relieved from spending hours in the hot sun and other weather conditions. 

TSSC is one of the leaders in manufacturing insulated solutions. We implement the most innovative and modern technology to complete building projects on time. Now there are a lot of projects that have been completed and upcoming ones too. TSSC believes in sustainability and efficiency. Therefore, our engineers implement the most innovative technology, including lean technology and inter-module structures for assembling.  

The prefab construction method is thriving

TSSC has worked with various big, mid-size and small clients, and we have so many satisfied customers. Now that the prefab method has crept in, the construction market is booming tremendously, and we are glad that we play a role in it. In the coming years, there would not be a scarcity of homes and the hospitality sector is also experiencing growth. The construction market is hugely competitive, and you cannot sustain without advancement. Also, 

Prefabrication is an eco-friendly construction method. 

Final words

Please discuss your project with our team, and request a quote.

The reasons for the wide acceptance of prefab modular buildings in East Africa

Modular construction allows the workforce to complete building projects in just a few months. Prefabricated construction and 3D printing are among the two most popular building techniques for affordable construction. So, some of the advantages are noted in the presence of Africa’s construction domain skills gap. Real estate costs are also rising in Africa. Developers will implement innovation in the way they design and construct real estate. Despite traditional building methods, the acceptance of prefab buildings in East Africa is increasing. The biggest benefit is that modular structures are built inside the factory and transported to your site for easy assembling. 

The African construction scenario 

Africa has a fully-developed real estate industry, but it’s short of skilled workers. Also, this same problem is seen in East Africa in other countries as well. The result is expensive development, time consumption, and miscalculations. Prefab modular homes in East Africa are manufactured in segments. They are also built kilometers away from the building site and transported to your location. According to the statistics, almost 60% to 90% of the building is completed inside the factory.

The benefits of modular structures

TSSC engineers implement lean manufacturing techniques used for offsite construction. The modules are stacked up for designing different configurations. This construction process is accomplished onsite by using inter-module networks to arrange the units.

Some of the benefits include affordable construction, and there is no requirement for any extra material. Modular buildings are sustainable and energy-efficient. TSSC construction methods are eco-friendly. This lowers the costs and reduces wastage. Prefabricated construction can be disassembled for one location and assembled in another location effortlessly. The parts can be transported effortlessly, and the installation process is simple. Explore planning and designing possibilities with the TSSC engineers.

TSSC ensures quality assurance

Prefab homes are constructed to standards that are equal or even higher than the traditionally built properties. The TSSC engineers ensure strict quality control methods. Modular construction is carried out with different building materials like steel, concrete, wood, and provisions like doors and windows, water, sewage systems, air conditioning, telecommunications, and power supplies…etc. The extra features are installed inside the factory to save cost and time. We also encourage erecting permanent modular structures that are built in a single location. The number of stories you wish to build is dependent on the building regulations in Africa. 

Knowing the cost

The cost factor depends on the project scale and the building material. Some other factors include internal/external fitting and fixtures. External environmental factors, including the weather, do not interrupt project schedules.

Consult with our experts

TSSC modular structures are extremely popular in Africa. We have many big clients who are content with high-quality prefab-measured structures. TSSC has been manufacturing construction structures for over forty years. Are you planning your project and looking for companies that design prefab buildings in East Africa? Please discuss with our experts by booking a consultation. 

Final words

Many governments like Nigeria launched competent training initiatives. The developers should find the modular building as an avenue to get rid of onsite complications and faltering. Prefabricated structures take little time and a workforce to assemble. 

The urbanization of the continent accords with a worldwide redirection in the building industry. This is why Africa’s construction industry has shifted to a greener development. Request for a quote.