Sandwich panels in UAE – bringing about a revolutionary change in the construction industry

Sandwich panels are changing the construction industry by implementing modern techniques. The traditional techniques did not give much importance to insulation and few other factors. The weather in the Middle East where insulation is of utmost importance. The construction and real estate business is booming in the country. The builders are switching to modern building methods where sandwich panels in the UAE play a major role. Sandwich panels have offered the confluence of availability and durability. These are the two factors important for completing a current project. Sandwich panels are structural materials. They comprise a stiff core and two metal face sheets. It has excellent structural ability, cost-effectiveness, and durability. 

The three-layered sandwich panel and advantages

Sandwich panels are three arranged layers – a core in the middle surrounded by two durable thin metal sheets. Sandwich panels have a solid structure and the core offers adequate insulation. They are lightweight, non-porous, have resistivity and are easy to maintain. These are heavily used to insulate warehouses and cold storage. Take a note of the advantages of sandwich panels –

  • Faster construction
  • Easy assembling
  • Thermal and sound insulation
  • The dry process is executed 
  • Affordable solution


TSSC sandwich panels can capture the internal and external weather conditions. Our high-performing TSSC panels have adequate insulation capabilities. TSSC Group does not believe in the one-size-fits-all concept. Our team of expert engineers customizes the panels based on your requirements. It is important to choose the right insulating material for better performance. 

Better strength–to–weight ratio

Sandwich panels have a higher strength-to-weight ratio to support loads during transportation. The lighter weight helps in cutting down transportation costs. Sandwich panels in UAE offer thermal insulation helping to lower energy costs. These panels also have outstanding fire resistivity. The panels can withstand higher temperatures as high as 1000 degrees centigrade. Most engineers and builders prefer sandwich panels for ensuring safety. 

Sandwich panel structures are affordable as the core materials are not very expensive compared to composite materials. The durability of the panels helps to cut down the maintenance costs.

Final words – request for a quote

The building industry has undergone a sea change in the last few years. TSSC Group has been one of the companies that brought about the change. Sandwich panels in the UAE make the building process faster and long-lasting. Get in touch with TSSC Group, we are one of the renowned sandwich panel manufacturers in the Middle East. Our sandwich panels are high-performance building materials that cater to the market’s requirements. Our dedicated team is constantly working on expanding and improving material capabilities. We have been dedicated to designing insulated panels, roofing, cladding systems and building solutions for more than 50 years. Please visit our website to know more about TSSC Group. Discuss your project for an effective solution. Request for a no-obligation quote.

Insulated panels designed to your specific needs – TSSC Group solutions

Sandwich panels in Saudi Arabia are three-layered panels that offer insulation properties. These panels are lightweight, they are made of two rigid galvanized metal sheets and an insulated core located in the middle. The core is made of various materials like tough polyurethane, polyisocyanurate, expanded polystyrene and mineral wool. The insulated cores are created out of composite materials. Insulated sandwich panels are ideal construction for modern commercial buildings. They are durable and easy to use. These panels offer thermoregulation, fire protection and soundproofing. Commercialization is growing and advancing in Saudi Arabia, industries like cold storage, logistics, car showrooms, warehouses are using sandwich panels.  

Premade sandwich panels

Premade insulated sandwich panels generally have male-female joints with in-built C channels for adequate support. Some of the panels have hidden fastening systems to join those together without hampering the aesthetic look of the building. The premade panels come in 50mm and 100mm thickness sizes. When you customize sandwich panels, you can choose the core materials of the panels, the joints, profile thickness and the finish that depends on your specific requirements. The panels are manufactured based on the dimension of your project. TSSC’s sandwich panels are mainly a fit for modern commercial construction. 

Simple installation process

The lightweight panels are fast and simple to install. The sandwich panels in Saudi Arabia are equipped with cam lock and slip joint technology. The panels can be easily assembled and multiple panels can be joined together. The sandwich panels are easy to install and highly flexible with a strong routing system and perfect construction. These panels do not need rigorous maintenance or frequent repairing. The insulated panels are non-toxic, lead-free and FDA-compliant. The advantages of sandwich panels:

  • Quicker construction time
  • Dry process used for quicker assembling
  • Low material costs and labor expenses
  • Good insulation properties
  • Eco-friendly and corrosion resistant


You can connect multiple colors of sandwich panels if you care for aesthetics. The look and feel of the business place interior play a major role. This is why project owners love adding exclusive character to the project. TSSC Group offers interesting solutions with a range of cladding shades, profiles and coating types. This can offer spectacular results whether you like the modern or classic style. 

Final Words – Trust TSSC solutions

Order sandwich panels in Saudi Arabia directly from the manufacturer or via the distribution chain. TSSC Group has a group of expert sales representatives to visit your site for professional advice and planning. We handle your project carefully ensuring proper execution and on-time delivery. Come to TSSC Group for customized sandwich panels. TSSC group has more than 50 years of experience in manufacturing insulated and building solutions in Saudi Arabia. TSSC Group is one of the top sandwich panel manufacturers in Saudi Arabia. We are the leaders in manufacturing insulated panels, roofing and cladding solutions. The prices vary due to the thickness and the quality of the core. Once-a-year maintenance is necessary to keep the panels in good condition. Discuss your project for an effective solution. Request a no-obligation quote.

Display chillers in Saudi Arabia – Playing a major role in commercial refrigeration

A display chiller is a part of industrial refrigeration. These chillers are used in the hospitality and the retail industry. Commercial refrigeration is a popular term in the Middle East. These display chillers in Saudi Arabia are used in supermarkets, grocery shops, restaurants, cake shops, bars, ice-cream parlors, etc. Edibles are displayed in a fashion that generates sales and promotes impulsive purchasing. Display chillers are equipped with durable glass doors to display the stored products’ clarity. These are used to store food, beverages and other perishable edible items. Usually, the display freezers are found in malls, grocery stores, supermarkets, restaurants, pubs, etc. 

The display chiller door is functional

The door is transparent and the most functional part of a chiller. The doors keep the chilled air inside for the longest time. The biggest benefit is that the items remain chilled even if there is a power failure for an extended duration. The insulated doors have a secure locking system for utmost safety. These chillers consume less electricity so you do not need to pay higher bills end of the month. We advise checking the star rating for energy efficiency. TSSC’s display chillers in Saudi Arabia function 24/7 for constant chilling. Door maintenance is necessary to wipe them clean for clarity, visibility, and transparency. Get yearly maintenance from the TSSC team. 

What is the size of your display chiller?

Choose the size of the display chiller based on your requirements. They are available in an array of sizes. Talk to our experts to suggest you the capacity according to your storage needs. The size of the chiller depends on the total floor space. We suggest referring to the specification sheet before placing the final order. You can share with us your measurements and we can customize accordingly. 

The Celsius brand from TSSC Group 

TSSC Group has introduced the Celsius brand, which manufactures commercial refrigeration and chillers. TSSC Group manufactures premium display chillers in Saudi Arabia. We are top manufacturers of insulated panels and construction solutions. We have over 50 years of experience in manufacturing top-notch insulated solutions in the Middle East. Our display chillers use cold store panels in Saudi Arabia. Get yearly maintenance where the TSSC experts check for leakages, condensers, coils, and other faults. 

Final words

TSSC display chillers in Saudi Arabia are highly functional. The items are displayed through transparent doors that have air-tight facilities. These modern units are facilitated to consume a low amount of energy. The display chillers in Saudi Arabia are equipped with advanced cooling facilities, energy-efficient cooling and improved features. The panels are resistant to weather conditions and keep the items fresh for an extended period. We customize chillers of any size, depending on the commercial space. Discuss your project with the TSSC experts and get solutions within your budget. We have an expert customer care team that connects to you on time. Our engineers plan well and take care of your project to ensure proper execution to timely delivery. Refer to the TSSC website for more information and research. Request a quote now.

The importance of insulation in the roofing industry – Investing in standing seam roof panels

The roof of a building has to endure a lot. It goes through various weather conditions. A simple, traditional roof does not have the required strength. It requires an insulated tough covering like seam panels. A standing seam roof in Saudi Arabia can protect your roof from heat, cold, rain, snow and storm. The Saudi climate is hot and extreme. Air coolers inside have to perform aggressively for long hours keeping the energy bills rising. You can bring down the energy bills by installing a standing seam roof panel. These roof panels have vertical ribs with a flat or curved surface in the center. The edges of the roof sides show greater strength, weather-proofing qualities, and adequate insulation.

Better contraction and expansion

The standing seams are prone to water penetration. They are rightly positioned 2″ above the height of the panels so that the roofs do not leak. TSSC uses long sheets so that the panels do not overlap. Our seam panels are flexible for more expansion and contraction due to the thermal movement. TSSC Group suggests that the metal sheets should be more than 40 feet long. 

The Harwal BASICO brand by TSSC

Insulation is important in roofing, walling, cladding and has become the need of modern construction. The Harwal BASICO is a leading brand under which TSSC Group manufactures insulated metal standing seam panels. We design modern, functional and affordable solutions. The climate of Saudi Arabia and the environmental factors play a major role in the construction process. TSSC standing seam roof panels are available in different lengths, widths, colors, thicknesses and shapes. 

The advantages of standing seam roof

Standing seam roofs have hidden fasteners whether the insulated panel is attached to the roof’s deck using a clip. It could be directly attached to the deck under the vertical leg with a flange. Some of the features include:

  • Low energy usage
  • Design flexibility
  • Weathertight facilities
  • Curved and tapered sheets
  • Available in a wide range of cover width
  • Inbuilt thermal bridge results in thermal expansion
  • Roof design for heat insulation
  • Greater acoustic performance
  • A wide range of accessories is available 


You can choose from different profiles that are available in different sizes. The need for the performance generally dictates the size, it all depends on how well the size functions with the profile and the buyer preferences.

Final words – request for a no-obligation quote

Install a standing seam roof panel in Saudi Arabia to protect the roof of your commercial or residential building. Book a free consultation with the TSSC engineers. TSSC manufactures related accessories like tapers, skylights, roof penetration, and other stuff used to design roofs. Please visit our website for information on insulated panels. Get in touch with us for a project discussion. TSSC Group continues to promote value engineering and offer to build envelope systems. We offer exceptional service implementing concepts through 3D designing, engineering, manufacturing, installation and project handover. 

Please discuss your project with our team and request a quote.

The rise of prefabrication in the Gulf countries – TSSC Group solutions

Various challenges of traditional construction include delays in construction due to several factors. Traditional construction methods involve a huge number of labor to complete the entire structure and the absence of which results in delay. The climate plays a big role because it can hold back the building process. For instance, there are incessant rains, storms, floods, or other natural calamities. Prefab buildings in Qatar are helping to do away with traditional construction methods. Modern construction methods are helping to cut costs and there are other advantages as well. Companies in the Gulf region are manufacturing prefabricated structures for easy construction. 

The various uses of prefabrication

Prefab buildings in Qatar are manufactured off site and then transported to the building location for assembling on-site. Prefabricated structures can be classified into two types: metal-based and concrete-based. The metal prefab components have excessive demand in the market, including frames (door and window frames), metallic roofs, formworks, partition walls and facades, etc. Prefabricated steel segments reduce the welding costs and on-site cutting, including its hazards. Prefab techniques are used to construct housing development, apartment blocks and housing units. Prefabrication is an important part of the industrialization of constriction. 

Which one would you prefer? Prefabrication or traditional? 

Are you looking for prefab buildings in Qatar? Prefabrication is not a new concept; it has walked a long way. There has been adequate research and modernization. This process is managed within the extremely advantageous factory setup. A prefab construction takes a few months while a traditional construction can take more than a year. Some of the common applications are:

  • Construction offices
  • Accommodation on construction sites
  • Premium office solutions
  • Lounges
  • Mess for the employees
  • Site facilities


TSSC Group – modern and affordable

Recently there has been a huge demand for prefab construction and it is here to stay in the coming years. These structures are available in various shapes, sizes and dimensions. There is more cost-cutting and it aids in cost-cutting. TSSC is an ISO 9001 company with experience of almost more than 50 years. We develop top-notch prefab buildings in Qatar and other roofing, cladding and insulation solutions. The building industry in Qatar is moving in the right direction. A large number of prefab structures will come up by the end of 2030. TSSC Group in Qatar is generating ample opportunities helping to create a sustainable solution. Our solutions are affordable and eco-friendly. The cost factor depends on the extent of the project and the use of building materials. 

Final words

Prefab structures are helpful for projects having a higher degree of redundancy. This means that the structure has rooms that are identical and some examples are hotels, student hostels, institutions and hospitals. Panelization is another form of prefabrication that requires slightly more on-site work. The TSSC experts support you from the planning phase to assembling, implementation and final delivery. Please discuss your project with us and request a quote.

The prefab construction market of Saudi Arabia adopting lean manufacturing techniques

Prefabrication is the assembling of components of building structures inside the factory. These structures are then transported to the construction site. Prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia help get rid of traditional construction challenges. Today, this market is one of the most prominent industries looking for lean techniques to improve the general functioning workflows. 

Saudi Arabia relies on prefab construction 

Prefabricated construction is a benefit to projects experiencing a higher degree of redundancy. The construction industry is struggling with a shortage of talent and workforce. Traditional construction relies on a huge labor force and structure. There are other challenges where the climate plays a greater role. Extreme weather conditions like the scorching sun or rains can delay the project and toll the labor force. Natural calamities can delay projects heavily. Switching to prefabrication means the project gets completed within a few months without taking years. A few laborers can complete a good amount of work required on-site and the rest is done inside the factory. The prefab sites are considered safer and more secure than the traditional sites.

Prefab structures with greater sustainability

Prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia are mainly divided into metal and concrete based. The prefabricated metal components have elevated market demand, including partition panels, frames, window frames, doors frames, formworks and metallic roofs, facades…etc. Prefab construction gives way to sustainability and accuracy. The manufacturing process inside a controlled environment makes way for on-time ready structures. Better air filtration and stubborn joints offer adequate insulation and energy efficiency. Prefabrication is being implemented everywhere including education, healthcare, startups and multi-family homes. The general contractors in Middle East countries use modular structures to create superstructures with electrical and plumbing facilities. 

TSSC Group – customized prefab homes

TSSC Group has constantly delivered solutions to its clients for more than 50 years. We are an ISO 9001 company headquartered in the UAE and operating in many other countries. TSSC Group designs prefab homes priced within your budget and customized precisely. We are the leaders in offering roofing, cladding and insulation solutions to the construction industry. Our prefab structures are eco-friendly, it lowers the level of pollution and helps to contribute towards a greener earth. Prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia are available in various shapes, sizes and dimensions. We implement newer techniques that lead to the growth of the hospitality and housing industry in Saudi Arabia. Our solutions are rightly designed and premium. A team supports the planning phase to assembling, implementation to final delivery. 

 Prefab homes – a growing trend

The market leaders in Saudi Arabia have predicted that there will be huge and rapid growth in the next few years. The single-family modular and prefab housing market will see brighter days and stabilize gradually. The growth is due to the design factor and the easy building facilities such as hospitals, temporary lodgings, emergency accommodations and more. The housing industry of the Middle East is undergoing massive modernization. Prefabrication can minimize project deadlines by almost 50% and lower the cost by approximately 20%. Please discuss your project with us for an effective solution—request a no-obligation quote.

The story of sandwich panels – Why you need to install insulated panels in Oman

‘Sandwich’ as the name suggests these insulated panels look exactly like a real sandwich. A thermo-insulating core in the middle is surrounded by a rigid metal sheet on both sides. These panels are ideally used for roofing, cladding and building walls. These insulated panels are designed to offer protection against thermal conditions and sound. Sandwich panels are made from tough materials but it is non-structural. Sandwich panels in Oman are curtains. 

The structural forces are supported by a steel framework to which the panels are attached. The cores can be made from insulating materials like polyurethane, polyisocyanurate, expanded polystyrene and mineral wool. Sandwich panels are designed by filling low-density and thick insulation material between a couple of high-density and thin metal surfaces. These panels are ready-to-assemble and have higher load-carrying capacity. 

Sandwich panels offer insulation and energy efficiency

Many companies manufacture building and construction materials. Do extensive research to locate one among Oman’s renowned sandwich panel manufacturers. The Gulf countries have extreme temperatures where traditional construction is gradually becoming obsolete. Sandwich panels in Oman make the construction process easier and long-lasting. The climate demands adequate insulation. Industries like warehouses, food manufacturing, hospitality, and cold storage require installing insulated panels. The amount of energy consumption is another significant factor. Insulated panels help in sustainability in the building and construction sector. The use of sandwich panels promotes thermal and sound insulation. These panels can also be recycled which reduces waste. 

Simple installation process – Easy maintenance

The installation process is hassle-free as it involves a single installation process. You can cut down operational costs by investing in insulated sandwich panels. They do not allow thermal drift and offer high levels of energy efficiency. TSSC has a team of expert and certified engineers for calculating the load-bearing capabilities to match the building requirements. We suggest a yearly cleaning and maintenance of the panels every year. If any damages are caused due to external conditions, they should be fixed instantly. 

The shelf-life of sandwich panels 

The longevity of the panels depends on the design factor and the technical specification TSSC is one of the most renowned sandwich panel manufacturers in Onam. The external sheet of the sandwich panels is resistant to temperature changes, ultraviolet rays and external factors. The inner insulated sheet is resistant to condensation chemical and physical effects.

Request for a quote

The demand for sandwich panels in Oman is escalating, the construction industry is flourishing. Please discuss your project with us for a solution and customization. TSSC has been renowned for being one of Oman’s top-rated sandwich panel manufacturers for about 50 years. We are an ISO 9001 company offering services on a global basis. Put in your valuable feedback about our services. Connect with us to create an effective solution for your project—request a quote.

A standing seam roof is capable of offering adequate insulation

The heating and cooling can utilize ample energy, resulting in more energy consumption. It is very important to insulate the roof adequately. A standing seam roof Oman can be customized to ensure a seamless fit for your strong buildings.

Harwal BASECO by TSSC Group

Harwal BASECO is our brand that designs a modern standing seam roof in Oman. These panels are mechanically fielded for greater weather durability and more wind resistance. These roofing sheets are available in curved and tapered forms to cater to different design needs. Some of the salient features are:

  • Flexibility in design
  • Low energy consumption
  • Available in curved sheets
  • There is a thermal bridge in-built
  • Available in a range of cover widths
  • Get length according to project requirements
  • Heat and sound insulation
  • Different roof designs
  • A whole number of accessories

Low maintenance seam roof panels 

The standing seam roof in Oman is durable as it can endure all weather conditions. These are also called lifetime roofs and they require minimal maintenance. The seam roof has a three-layered design with a hidden metal fixed system. The panels are functional and offer excellent weather resistance by safeguarding from harsh winds, the scorching sun, and other climatic conditions. TSSC standing seam panels are lightweight but do not break, crack or fall apart. The seam roofs are a low-maintenance solution. You do not need to clean them regularly but get a once-a-year professional cleaning. The panels do not need repairs or replacement for a long time.

Metal roof panels customized for you

Metal roofs are screwed down with fasteners that are concealed. This eliminates the chances of leakage. These roofs can be installed over the existing roofs. TSSC engineers design customized roof panels in different shapes, sizes, thicknesses, lengths, and breadth. A standing seam roof in Oman is the exterior of a building that requires adequate architectural support. Most seam roofs have a monolithic design that keeps the exteriors cohesive and well-designed. The neat lines give the structure more character by improving the aesthetic appearance. Some of the quick advantages of seam roof panels include:

  • Have hidden fasteners
  • Durable
  • Energy-efficient
  • Recyclable and eco-friendly
  • Fire-resistant and prone to rust

Standing seam roofs are worth the money

Are standing seam roofs worth the money? We have an answer for it. These roof systems are generally more expensive than traditional shingle roofs but the former can last 20-30 years longer. This eventually means that you can save money. The panels have a greater R-value and help to maximize energy efficiency. They have insulation that keeps the indoors cool for the longest time. This results in energy conservation and saving on utility bills.

TSSC Group – emerging as the leaders

TSSC Group has almost more than 50 years of experience in manufacturing construction and building solutions. We are an ISO 9001 company in the Gulf region. We have a team of skilled engineers that customize modern roofing solutions. TSSC Group can offer unparalleled after-sales support. Book your free consultation today. Please get in touch with us to create an effective solution for your next project. Request a quote now for tailored solutions.

Sandwich insulated panels in Qatar have versatile usage – These panels are used across different sectors

Qatar’s building and construction and building industries are growing leaps and bounds. Traditional construction methods are gradually becoming obsolete. Builders are shifting towards modern construction methods. This includes the use of insulated sandwich panels in various sectors. Customized sandwich panels are now widely used in the Gulf countries. The use of modern techniques means less construction time and a budget-friendly solution. These panels look akin to a sandwich as there is a core in the middle surrounded by two metal sheets on two sides. The panels offer durability and stability to a new or an existing building. A lot of companies design sandwich panels in the Gulf region. Shortlist among the top sandwich panel manufacturers in Qatar

Sandwich panels have improved strength-to-weight ratio

The insulated sandwich panels have hidden fixed joints that can be laid vertically or horizontally. These panels have exposed fasteners installed on commercial, agricultural and residential buildings. The life of sandwich panels depends on different product components used to design the panels. TSSC sandwich panels have a better strength-to-weight ratio. They can support loads that come with lower structural material. 

Sandwich panels consume lower energy

TSSC’s sandwich panels are installed in areas requiring ample mechanical strength. These lightweight panels offer heat and sound insulation. Sandwich panels have versatile functionality and are used across different projects. These panels are waterproof and do not allow humidity and mold formation inside a construction. Sandwich panels for construction can reduce the monthly energy consumption. A smaller number of lights are required to light up the total space. Sandwich panels can lower the noise level that can penetrate through a building. These panels can separate the noise source resulting in a quieter interior. Sandwich panels can offer soundproofing if your building is located in a noisy zone. These panels also resist fire hazards but it all depends on the intensity of the fire. 

TSSC Group – an ISO 9001 certified company

TSSC Group is among the top insulated panel manufacturers in Qatar. TSSC Group is an ISO 9001 certified company that manufactures a range of building and construction facilities. We have been operating globally for more than 50 years and have a strong client base. TSSC Group is the leader in designing roofing and cladding solutions. Our corporate office is located in Dubai. Refer to our website for information on sandwich panels. We are successfully operating in and around the Gulf countries. Our sandwich panels are simple to install and require low maintenance on a yearly basis. 

Final words

TSSC Group promotes value engineering and offers a building envelope system backed by concept provision via 3D designing, manufacturing, engineering, and project handover. TSSC Group specializes in mineral wool production, FM-approved PIR, sandwich panels, corrugated metal sheets, purlins, metal decking, GRP, standing seam roofs, and steel structures. 

We are rated among the top sandwich panel manufacturers in Qatar. Please discuss your project with our team for an effective solution. Request a no-obligation quote.

The shifting of the building sector from traditionalism to modernization

The weather in Saudi Arabia is extreme, the summers are harsh and hot. The temperature soars extremely high during the day and there is very little winter season. The construction sector in the country is flourishing as the hotel and hospitality industry is seeing good days. The building and construction market is shifting towards modernization. Old methods are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Those processes are laborious and time-consuming. Smart work has become the need of the hour almost in all sectors. Prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia make the building process faster, easier and cost-effective. These prefab buildings are designed inside the factory. All the components are transported to the construction site for further assembling. 

Aesthetic prefabricated buildings 

TSSC’s prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia are used for various applications like executive office stations, accommodations, dining, cooking units, labor accommodation facilities, etc. The prefabricated structures are made of strong steel frames. They have faster erection times compared to traditional construction. Prefab buildings are ideal for all weather conditions. These have an aesthetic look and feel great appearance and they are resistant to termites. 

Faster construction with prefab structures

Comparing the number of labor required in traditional construction to prefab construction, the latter requires pretty less. A huge number of labor is involved in all steps of traditional construction. The absence of labor and unwanted climatic conditions can delay the whole construction process. It can take more than a year to complete a structure when following the old construction methods. Modular or prefabricated takes the least time and the entire process gets completed within a few months.  

Easy transportation of prefab structures

Prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia can be easily transported from one place to another. These are cost-effective, weather-resistant, energy-efficient and insulated. The materials used are eco-friendly, no additional materials are used and not much waste is produced. These prefabricated buildings can be used for residential purposes and are called mobile abodes. TSSC structures have a longer shelf-life and require little maintenance. These are durable individual structures drilled beforehand and attached to the screws. The units can hold on better when conditions are taxing. 

TSSC Group in Saudi Arabia

TSSC Group has more than 50 years of hands-on experience in building and construction. We are an ISO 9001 company offering prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia according to your requirements and within your budget. We are the leaders in designing construction and insulation solutions for commercial and residential projects in the Middle East. We offer a free consultation to the builders and contractors. Prefab building structures from TSSC Group require little upkeep so yearly maintenance is sufficient. TSSC Group offers dedicated on-site and after-sales support to ensure your project is completed on time. TSSC offers value-added services from the facilities in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. 

Final words

Please visit our website for all information related to prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia. We customize and create an effective solution for your project. Get in touch with us. Request a no-obligation quote for your project.