The growth of prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia can reduce the scarcity of housing

Despite the widespread use of traditional construction methods, the popularity of prefab construction is on the rise. Affordable housing is scarce in Saudi Arabia. Prefab homes are capable of saving costs and catering to the growing population. Compared to traditional building methods, the prefab construction process speeds up the entire process. More than half of the task is managed within the factory. The ready structures are shipped to the building site. 

Prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia are supporting the recent construction market. Hopefully, it is to grow bigger in recent years. The biggest advantage is that it takes a few months to complete the project when prefab building parts are used. These are eco-friendly structures as no waste material is produced. 

The weather in Saudi Arabia is extreme and harsh. Some workers spend hours under the sun to complete construction. The traditional building method includes various processes which do not allow rapid completion. A chunk of the market has already shifted towards accepting prefab construction. 

Prefabricated structures are made inside the factory

The real estate market looks expensive worldwide, and Saudi Arabia is no exception. The developers are innovating ways to design and construct prefab structures. Prefabricated construction is reasonable. The cost factor depends on the scale of the project and the use of building materials. Prefab structures are made inside the factory, so external weather conditions do not hamper the manufacturing process. The assembling is done under the open sky which takes the least time. Overall, the project schedule is not delayed by any factor. 

The construction industry is now undergoing rapid development due to urbanization. The government is launching various training opportunities related to prefabricated construction. Recently, the modular construction procedure us helping the developers do away with onsite hitches.

TSSC modular construction is sustainable

Are you taking an interest in prefab modular homes in Saudi Arabia? TSSC is a leader and takes the building industry ahead by designing prominent solutions. Our prefabricated solutions are customizable and cater to your prerequisites. We utilize resources to deliver greener and recyclable solutions. TSSC is a pioneer in offering insulated panels for roofing and cladding. We are catering to a wide number of industries in Saudi Arabia that require insulation. Modular construction is sustainable and energy-efficient. TSSC uses up-to-date manufacturing techniques, including the lean process for assembling the modules. This building process is completed onsite by implementing inter-module networks. TSSC is offering solutions for the past 48 years, and we have happy clients. 

The fate of the Saudi Arabia’s real estate

Saudi Arabia’s construction industry is moving in the right direction. The country is now concentrating on the 2030 Vision. So, this is all about generating more opportunities and creating sustainable building solutions. The country is focusing on affordable building and eco-friendly solutions. The modular construction techniques and their popularity can reduce the shortage of housing. 

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The scenario of the construction industry in the Saudi Arabia – The prefab industry is growing leaps and bounds

Prefabricated buildings are becoming popular compared to traditional construction methods. Modular structures are designed in parts. The manufacturing unit is generally quite far from the construction site. The structures are built inside the factory and then it is transported to the site for easy assembling. The ease is that 60%-90% of the task is completed inside the unit. The biggest advantage of modular construction is that it saves cost and time. 

The construction industry in Saudi Arabia is facing a shortage of reasonable housing. The population is growing, which is why there is a lot of demand for prefab homes. This building method is time-saving and cost-efficient. Prefabricated structures are more eco-friendly than traditional structures. Unlike conventional construction, no onsite waste is produced. Hopefully, prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia can encourage the market demand in recent years

Benefits of prefab homes

Some of the other advantages are design flexibility, energy efficiency and faster competition. All of these can promote market growth. In Saudi Arabia, there is a growing housing shortage at a high pace and is expected to be maximum by 2021. The government is running various schemes to address the shortfall. The rise in modular construction is expected to reduce the shortage. The government’s vision is to have 70% homeowners by 2030. 

The popularity of precast concrete

Various materials are used in prefab construction, including glass, metal, concrete, and timber. Concrete has a major share in the prefab building industry in Saudi Arabia. Precast concrete construction uses RCC precast structures like slabs, beams, walls, columns, stairs, and standalone footings. The prefab building has experienced a boost with more investments and implementation of prefabrication techniques. Precast concrete components are experiencing a huge demand from the construction sector. They are used in industrial facilities, the education sector, hospitals, and bridges. 

Prefab construction is cost-effective

Companies use modern manufacturing techniques, which include a lean manufacturing process for setting up modules. The contractors pile up the modules for designing different configurations. This construction process is completed onsite by utilizing inter-module networks. 

The cost of construction depends on the scale of the project and the type of material used. Statistics say that the total cost of prefab construction is lesser than traditional structures. Builders are relying more on prefabricated construction procedures. 

TSSC offers reliable solutions in Saudi Arabia

TSSC is designing durable and energy-efficient prefab modular homes in Saudi Arabia. Our prefab structures cater to different prerequisites. TSSC has operated for more than 48 years in Saudia. We are the leaders in manufacturing construction supplies in Saudi Arabia. Are you planning a project soon? Talk to us if you have a project to complete. Modular construction offers energy efficiency and sustainability. Refer to the TSSC website for more information and offers.

The construction industry is growing

Saudi Arabia is now focusing on Vision 2030, which is mainly related to creating more opportunities. The building industry will be focusing on more sustainability, low-cost building systems and environment-friendly solutions. An increase in urbanization and tourism would drive growth in this sector.