Embracing the prefab construction – relying on TSSC’s prefab modular homes in Saudi Arabia

Prefab construction is not a new thing. Prefab home manufacturers claim their construction is more sustainable, cheaper and quicker to build than traditional homes. Prefab homes are built from components built inside the factory and then assembled onsite. Prefabrication is becoming more and more popular in Saudi Arabia because it has helped eliminate the challenges of traditional building methods. Modular homes are an ideal investment as they have a property value just like traditional homes. Prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia are compact and low-maintenance structures. These are suitable for permanent residence or holiday homes. Modular homes require the same permit and planning as any other conventional homes. 

The Middle East has embraced Prefabrication

Prefab construction is beneficial for projects that have a higher redundancy. The traditional construction industry faces many challenges that include a shortage of workforce that can hinder your project. Due to unbearable heat and other extreme weather conditions, the workers also slow down work. This won’t be the case for prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia. The construction companies in Saudi Arabia are shifting towards Prefabrication. Prefab construction has lower risks and reduced liabilities so it is becoming a preferred choice. Factory-built homes have tighter seams compared to stick homes. This makes cooling and heating more efficient because there is better insulation. In a time of rapid climatic changes, resilient prefab construction scores higher. 

TSSC Group – offering customized solutions

TSSC Group is an ISO 9001 company that has experience of about 50 years or even more. We offer premium prefab modular homes in Saudi Arabia. We are the leaders in offering roofing and cladding solutions. TSSC is one of the leading companies in Saudi Arabia that manufactures insulated structures. The TSSC experts support you in every phase of the project. We have a team of experts who look into your project and offer customized solutions. The experts manage your project from the advice phase, planning, assembling, and implementation to delivery. TSSC’s prefabricated construction is priced within your budget. There are different ways to customize your prefab home as the builders offer packages or upgrades and some offer a choice of layout configurations. You might need to pay some extra from your pocket but it is worth it. The final pricing depends on the size of your project and the use of various building materials.

Final price

The market leaders predict that the property market will experience exponential growth and gradually stabilize by 2030. TSSC Group has immensely contributed to the building and construction sector. Our prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia are environment-friendly and reduce pollution as not much waste material is produced. All our modular homes are equipped with facilities to live off the grid, which means you can live in a self-sufficient manner. The prefab modular homes in Saudi Arabia are available in various shapes, sizes and dimensions. Please discuss your project with us for an effective solution. Most of the companies offer financing options. Visit our website for more information and request a quote.

Everything you need to know about prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia

Prefabrication has proved to be more efficient compared to traditional construction methods. Prefabrication has offered more flexibility and productivity in recent years. There has been advancement in the building sector, and newer methods have been implemented. Prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia are manufactured inside a climate-controlled factory and assembled on site. More than half of the work is done inside the manufacturing unit, saving time and excess labor. 

Prefab structures are cost-efficient, reusable and offer faster turnaround time. Prefab structures are used in medical camps, temporary buildings, office spaces, apartment blocks, schools, evacuation centers and single-detached houses. The development of the construction sector in Saudi Arabia is paving the way for customization and prefabrication.

The advantages of prefabrication

Prefabrication has several advantages: energy efficiency, speedy work, minimum waste produced, better quality, sustainability, and occasional inspections. The engineers use self-supporting ready-made components, which bring down the scaffolding, formwork, and shuttering requirements. TSSC Group also focuses on converted containers that are easy to transport and can be stacked to build multi-story solutions. Clients are free to choose from a variety of finishes and insulation materials. This helps to create a safe environment that can withstand harsh climatic conditions. 

Faster construction time with prefabrication

Prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia are suitable for construction projects with higher redundancy. Traditional construction methods are dependent on the huge labor force and the weather. Projects can be delayed due to a shortage of labor and climatic extremities. Prefabrication can prevent delay and the project could get completed within a few months instead of taking one long year. In prefabrication, a few skilled laborers can complete the construction work that needs to be done on-site. 

Metal prefab components have higher market demand

Prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia are segregated into metal and concrete based. The prefab metal components have higher market demand. These include partition panels, window frames, door frames, metallic roofs, formworks, facades, etc. The in-house manufacturing process inside a controlled factory environment allows single-time ready building structures. Improved air filtration and tight joints offer insulation and energy efficiency. 

TSSC Group – customized prefab buildings

TSSC Group is one of the market leaders in Saudi Arabia. We are an ISO 9001 company headquartered in the UAE and operating in many other countries. TSSC group is the largest manufacturer of insulated panels for roofing and cladding solutions. The prefab construction industry is slowly progressing towards stabilization. Prefabrication helps to minimize project deadlines by around 50% and lowers the construction cost by about 20%. We have been operating in the Middle East for more than four decades, over 50 years. The company has state-of-the-art manufacturing units and has the largest production capacity in the country. The products meet international standards and can be customized as per customer specifications. 

Final words 

Please discuss your building project with us for an effective solution. We have project managers who can manage your project from the planning phase until execution. We combine excellence and innovation to offer environment-friendly solutions. Please request a no-obligation quote.

The rising trend of prefabrication in Saudi Arabia

Prefabrication is the new trend that is replacing traditional construction methods. Old building methods have plenty of challenges that prefabrication helps to overcome. The components required are assembled inside the factory unit and transported to the site. The process of prefabrication is gaining popularity across the world. The construction market in Saudi Arabia is experiencing the advantages of prefabrication. The real estate market in Saudi Arabia is huge and expanding. The concept of prefab homes is not a new one, it has expanded in the past decades in every part of the country. People might have different design inclinations, so there are customization options. 

Prefab homes – cheaper and sustainable

Investing in a prefab building in Saudi Arabia can be cheaper than a site-built home. The prefab home manufacturers set up facilities in areas where labor and material are cheaper. This helps to lower the cost for the buyers. The building time is shorter which also helps in lowering costs. There has been increasing interest in sustainable building so prefab buildings are preferable.

Quicker construction time

Prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia eliminate the issue of labor shortage. The extremities of the weather and natural calamities play a big role in delaying projects. Prefab construction is completed within the factory premises so there is no need to panic about the weather condition. Traditional construction can take more than a year to complete. On the other hand, a prefab building can be set up within a few months. 

The prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia are equipped with electrical and plumbing facilities. These structures offer improved air infiltration, energy efficiency and sufficient insulation.  

Modern prefab homes – a blessing

Prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia are eco-friendly and the components can be recycled. This prevents the formation of waste material during the building process. Prefabrication can minimize project deadlines by almost 50% and lower expenses by approximately 20%. TSSC Group combines technology and excellence to deliver guaranteed results. We offer customized solutions according to your requirements. You will be assigned a project expert who guides you from planning to execution. Please discuss your project with our experts for an effective solution—request a no-obligation quote.

Final words

TSSC Group is an ISO 9001 company in Saudi Arabia. and is one of the leading companies in the Middle East. We have been offering products and services to clients of all sizes for more than 50 years. We are the pioneer in offering cladding and roofing solutions for the construction industry. Our experts and engineers offer customized prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia within your budget. The TSSC engineers believe that prefabrication is here to stay. This trend is spreading fast due to various advantages. The company designs innovative solutions that make a long-lasting impact in the market. TSSC Group houses a team of experts who guide you right from the planning phase to project delivery. 

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The shifting of the building sector from traditionalism to modernization

The weather in Saudi Arabia is extreme, the summers are harsh and hot. The temperature soars extremely high during the day and there is very little winter season. The construction sector in the country is flourishing as the hotel and hospitality industry is seeing good days. The building and construction market is shifting towards modernization. Old methods are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Those processes are laborious and time-consuming. Smart work has become the need of the hour almost in all sectors. Prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia make the building process faster, easier and cost-effective. These prefab buildings are designed inside the factory. All the components are transported to the construction site for further assembling. 

Aesthetic prefabricated buildings 

TSSC’s prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia are used for various applications like executive office stations, accommodations, dining, cooking units, labor accommodation facilities, etc. The prefabricated structures are made of strong steel frames. They have faster erection times compared to traditional construction. Prefab buildings are ideal for all weather conditions. These have an aesthetic look and feel great appearance and they are resistant to termites. 

Faster construction with prefab structures

Comparing the number of labor required in traditional construction to prefab construction, the latter requires pretty less. A huge number of labor is involved in all steps of traditional construction. The absence of labor and unwanted climatic conditions can delay the whole construction process. It can take more than a year to complete a structure when following the old construction methods. Modular or prefabricated takes the least time and the entire process gets completed within a few months.  

Easy transportation of prefab structures

Prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia can be easily transported from one place to another. These are cost-effective, weather-resistant, energy-efficient and insulated. The materials used are eco-friendly, no additional materials are used and not much waste is produced. These prefabricated buildings can be used for residential purposes and are called mobile abodes. TSSC structures have a longer shelf-life and require little maintenance. These are durable individual structures drilled beforehand and attached to the screws. The units can hold on better when conditions are taxing. 

TSSC Group in Saudi Arabia

TSSC Group has more than 50 years of hands-on experience in building and construction. We are an ISO 9001 company offering prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia according to your requirements and within your budget. We are the leaders in designing construction and insulation solutions for commercial and residential projects in the Middle East. We offer a free consultation to the builders and contractors. Prefab building structures from TSSC Group require little upkeep so yearly maintenance is sufficient. TSSC Group offers dedicated on-site and after-sales support to ensure your project is completed on time. TSSC offers value-added services from the facilities in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. 

Final words

Please visit our website for all information related to prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia. We customize and create an effective solution for your project. Get in touch with us. Request a no-obligation quote for your project.

Modernization of construction industry and prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia

Prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia are popular in the building and construction industry. The construction market has changed and undergone modernization over the years. The traditional method has been popular but the advent of prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia has helped to save time and cost. The builders are impressed with the results and prefabrication is spreading like fire.

Prefab buildings are structures that are pre-built inside a controlled factory setting. These structures are easier to assemble as compared to other building processes. These units come in tiny sections that are joined together to set up a complete structure. The number of units needed depends on the size and style of the project. Prefabricated structures are designed away from the building site and then transported to your location.

Work made easy with prefabrication

In a prefab structure more than half the work is done inside the factory. This decreases the requirement for too many laborers and contractors. A single contractor can manage the assembling. Modern manufacturing processes including lean manufacturing techniques are implemented to set up the modules. The contractors pile up the modules for designing various configurations. This construction process is completed onsite faster by designing inter-module networks. A prefabricated structure is preferred when the construction site is in any remote location or in areas that have dense population. Prefab homes are suitable for sites having shorter building seasons due to climate and other conditions. 

No wastage in construction materials

Ample material is wasted during traditional building methods but this is not the case in prefab construction. Prefab modular homes in Saudi Arabia have tighter joints, improved air filtration and energy efficiency. Prefab construction is comparatively sustainable and affordable as it does not require additional materials. This construction method is environment-friendly, which reduces wastage of materials and manpower. 

Prefab structures with ample storage

TSSC Group offers prefabrication options in Saudi Arabia. The prefab modular structures are in huge demand and used across various commercial sectors. We design and customize units according to your budget using different quality raw materials. The prefabricated structures have enough storage capacity. These units could be in the form of tiny elements or entire site-assembled huge units. 

TSSC Group – The pioneers in prefab structures

Prefab structures meet most of the prerequisites so these structures are becoming extremely popular. Explore our inventory that is full of construction and building supplies. We are the pioneers in designing modern construction structures that have helped to overcome the challenges of traditional constriction. TSSC has been designing construction and building supplies for more than 40 years. TSSC has experience in building prefab modular homes in Saudi Arabia. We have an expert team that plans the project well, initiates and completes on time. We offer amazing after-sales service.

Final words

Get more information about prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia on the TSSC website. Discuss your project with our team over a consultation. Request for a quote.

The gradual shift of the construction industry towards prefabrication

Prefab construction is gradually replacing traditional building methods. There are certain advantages that prefab structures offer when compared to traditional building methods. Prefab construction has helped the builders to overcome the challenges of traditional construction. Modular buildings are built in a factory setting before being transported to your site for assembling. Prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia are built in segments in a setup that is located away from the building sites. The parts are transported to the site where it is ready for assembling. Almost 60%-90% of the work is already done inside the factory environment. 

Effortless building and dismantling 

Prefabricated construction can be dismantled from one location to another effortlessly. The parts can be easily transported, and the installation process is very simple. TSSC prefab construction offers the possibility of plan and design. Prefab construction is cost-effective as it does not require additional materials. Modular construction offers energy efficiency and sustainability. This construction method is eco-friendly as it can bring down costs and reduce wastage. Prefab modular buildings in Saudi Arabia are energy-efficient; the joints are tighter, allowing improved air infiltration and thermal and sound insulation.

Faster construction inside the factory and onsite assembling 

Traditional building procedure involves a lot of wastage and the process is extremely laborious. A large group of workers must complete the building process that can take a very long time to complete. The workers are dependent on one another; they work tirelessly under the sun for extended hours. The climate also plays a major role because the project can be halted due to certain extremities. Prefab construction will cause no hindrances because a small group of workers completes the project inside the factory and the onsite assembling takes a little time. Lean manufacturing techniques are used for offsite construction to construct prefab modules. The modules can be stacked up to design various configurations. This building process is accomplished onsite by using inter-module networks to organize the units.

 Low-cost solution

The expenses of prefab construction depend on the size of the project and the material you use. Some other factors that are involved are internal/external fixtures and the fittings. Comparing the cost of prefab building to that of traditional construction, the former is lesser. In addition, there are certain external environmental factors, including the weather, that do not delay project schedules. The majority of builders and construction companies in Saudi Arabia rely on prefab construction.

TSSC Group have emerged as the leader in prefabrication

Prefab buildings are gaining immense popularity as they cater to prerequisites of the construction industry. TSSC Group offers its clients an assortment of construction materials that includes insulation roofing and cladding solutions. We have been successfully operating for more than 50 years, catering to various global clients. We are one of the top manufacturers in Saudi Arabia. TSSC specializes in building permanent modular construction built-in in one location, and you can include the stories as permitted by building regulations. TSSC Group ensures a high level of quality control while offering prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia

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TSSC Group supplies premium quality prefab modular homes in Saudi Arabia. We have experts to take care of your project, from initiation to completion. Refer to the TSSC website for deals, offers, and discounts. Request for a free quote. Talk to us if you have a project to complete.

Knowing the reasons why prefabrication is buzzworthy – The advantages discussed

Prefabrication is a term that is closely associated with modular and off-site construction. It has been the last few years that prefab construction has been a buzzworthy trend. In this blog, we shall explore the advantages of this form of construction. We have walked far from traditional construction, which does have drawbacks compared to prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia. Have you been thinking about whether it would be ideal for your company to join this bandwagon? The answer would be a positive one – a Yes. 

A way to faster and affordable housing 

We are confident because we have been receiving great responses from several clients. The prefab construction methods and market are booming in Saudi Arabia. There is a never-ceasing demand for affordable housing. This is shoving the construction market to shift towards prefabrication. Prefabrication is not a new idea, but now it is expanding like fire and is a gateway to affordable house ownership. 

The benefits of prefab construction discussed

The construction is completed within the factory, and the parts are transported to the site for assembling. Hence, no waste material is produced on-site. The workers do not have to spend unlimited time under the scorching sun and ensure other calamities that delay the project. Quick completion of a project means cost-cutting and smarter construction. We implement lean technology for assembling the modules and inter-module structures. Some of the advantages of prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia include:

  • Mitigating scarcity of labor
  • Cost-effective and time-saving
  • Better quality control
  • Enhanced safety and security 
  • Low environmental impact


Uses of prefab buildings – eco-friendly structures 

 TSSC’s prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia are safe and friendly to the environment. The construction procedure is streamlined and performed inside a controlled environment. A small team of workers is sufficient to complete the construction work inside the factory. Some of the construction areas where prefabrication is preferred include hotels, schools, colleges, hospitals, hostels, malls, and more. One big drawback of traditional construction is that it is dependent on climatic conditions. Therefore, the construction is halted in case the weather is bad. This can cause little to ample delay, which directly affects the cost and reputation of the builder. 

TSSC Group – renowned for prefabricated solutions

Post the pandemic, the construction market is experiencing bright days. Prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia are a smart choice for affordable construction. TSSC Group in Saudi Arabia designs insulated prefab structures and customizes them as per your requirements. We have over 50 years of experience in manufacturing roofing, cladding, insulated panels, construction and building supplies. We have clients from various industries who have embraced prefabrication. In addition, we have experts to guide you through the process. 

Get in discussion with our experts

You can book a free consultation with the TSSC team to discuss your project with us. There are various types of structures that we provide according to your requirements. TSSC suggests keeping a few factors in mind, including climate, location, budget, and other factors.

Final words

TSSC is an ISO 9001 company directly involved in taking the construction sector to a new level by 2030. Our project managers take care of your project right from the planning phase and we are renowned for excellent after-sales customer service—request a quote.

The rise of prefabricated buildings in Saudi Arabia

Prefabricated construction is on the rise to combat the challenges of traditional construction. Cost-saving is one of the biggest challenges because affordable housing is scarce in Saudi Arabia. Modern prefab structures are capable of cutting costs which is a big advantage. 

Many companies are manufacturing affordable prefabricated structures to ease the construction process. These buildings are manufactured offsite and transported to the construction location for on-site assembling. Prefabricated buildings in Saudi Arabia can be classified into two types – concrete-based and metal-based. Certain metal prefabricated components have huge market demand, including partition panels, frames, window frames, doors frames, formworks and metallic roofs, facades, etc. 

The uses of prefab construction

Prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia are not only popular in the commercial sector but also in residential spaces. During ancient times, prefab buildings were the most rapid way to restore homes damaged during wars. Now the concept has come a long way, and there has been ample research and tremendous modernization. Prefabrication is mostly managed within the factory, which saves time and there is no production of waste material on-site. While traditional construction takes a lot of time, prefab construction speeds up your project which saves cost. It takes a few months to complete the project when prefab building parts are used. 

The areas of application are:

  • Modern and high-quality office solutions
  • Accommodation on construction sites
  • Mess rooms and lounges for the employees
  • Schools and nurseries
  • Construction offices
  • Site facilities and a lot more.

 TSSC’s prefabricated construction is affordable, but the cost depends on the magnitude of the project and the use of construction materials. 


The Saudi Arabian weather is extremely harsh and tropical

 Therefore, the workers spend a lot of time under the sun and enduring various weather conditions when they are engaged in traditional constriction. Moreover, the traditional building method includes various processes which hinder rapid completion. Now, a big part of the building sector has made its move towards prefabrication. 

Are you looking for prefab modular homes in Saudi Arabia? Presently, there is a huge demand for prefabricated products available in different dimensions, shapes, and sizes. Furthermore, due to the cost and time benefit, there is an increase in the usage of prefab components. 

TSSC prefab modular homes – fulfilling the scarcity of housing

So, the construction industry in Saudi Arabia is moving in the right direction. A lot more prefab houses are going to come up by 2030. TSSC in Saudi Arabia is helping to generate more opportunities and create a more sustainable solution. Saudi Arabia is now concentrating on delivering affordable and environment-friendly solutions. New modular construction techniques by TSSC can reduce the scarcity of housing and hospitality. 

Request for a quote

TSSC is an ISO 9001 company with experience of almost more than 50 years. We develop top-quality prefab modular homes in Saudi Arabia and create insulation solutions. The TSSC experts support you from advice, planning, assembling, implementation to delivery. Please discuss your project with us and request a quote.

The growth of prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia can reduce the scarcity of housing

Despite the widespread use of traditional construction methods, the popularity of prefab construction is on the rise. Affordable housing is scarce in Saudi Arabia. Prefab homes are capable of saving costs and catering to the growing population. Compared to traditional building methods, the prefab construction process speeds up the entire process. More than half of the task is managed within the factory. The ready structures are shipped to the building site. 

Prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia are supporting the recent construction market. Hopefully, it is to grow bigger in recent years. The biggest advantage is that it takes a few months to complete the project when prefab building parts are used. These are eco-friendly structures as no waste material is produced. 

The weather in Saudi Arabia is extreme and harsh. Some workers spend hours under the sun to complete construction. The traditional building method includes various processes which do not allow rapid completion. A chunk of the market has already shifted towards accepting prefab construction. 

Prefabricated structures are made inside the factory

The real estate market looks expensive worldwide, and Saudi Arabia is no exception. The developers are innovating ways to design and construct prefab structures. Prefabricated construction is reasonable. The cost factor depends on the scale of the project and the use of building materials. Prefab structures are made inside the factory, so external weather conditions do not hamper the manufacturing process. The assembling is done under the open sky which takes the least time. Overall, the project schedule is not delayed by any factor. 

The construction industry is now undergoing rapid development due to urbanization. The government is launching various training opportunities related to prefabricated construction. Recently, the modular construction procedure us helping the developers do away with onsite hitches.

TSSC modular construction is sustainable

Are you taking an interest in prefab modular homes in Saudi Arabia? TSSC is a leader and takes the building industry ahead by designing prominent solutions. Our prefabricated solutions are customizable and cater to your prerequisites. We utilize resources to deliver greener and recyclable solutions. TSSC is a pioneer in offering insulated panels for roofing and cladding. We are catering to a wide number of industries in Saudi Arabia that require insulation. Modular construction is sustainable and energy-efficient. TSSC uses up-to-date manufacturing techniques, including the lean process for assembling the modules. This building process is completed onsite by implementing inter-module networks. TSSC is offering solutions for the past 48 years, and we have happy clients. 

The fate of the Saudi Arabia’s real estate

Saudi Arabia’s construction industry is moving in the right direction. The country is now concentrating on the 2030 Vision. So, this is all about generating more opportunities and creating sustainable building solutions. The country is focusing on affordable building and eco-friendly solutions. The modular construction techniques and their popularity can reduce the shortage of housing. 

Please discuss your project with us and request a quote. 

The scenario of the construction industry in the Saudi Arabia – The prefab industry is growing leaps and bounds

Prefabricated buildings are becoming popular compared to traditional construction methods. Modular structures are designed in parts. The manufacturing unit is generally quite far from the construction site. The structures are built inside the factory and then it is transported to the site for easy assembling. The ease is that 60%-90% of the task is completed inside the unit. The biggest advantage of modular construction is that it saves cost and time. 

The construction industry in Saudi Arabia is facing a shortage of reasonable housing. The population is growing, which is why there is a lot of demand for prefab homes. This building method is time-saving and cost-efficient. Prefabricated structures are more eco-friendly than traditional structures. Unlike conventional construction, no onsite waste is produced. Hopefully, prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia can encourage the market demand in recent years

Benefits of prefab homes

Some of the other advantages are design flexibility, energy efficiency and faster competition. All of these can promote market growth. In Saudi Arabia, there is a growing housing shortage at a high pace and is expected to be maximum by 2021. The government is running various schemes to address the shortfall. The rise in modular construction is expected to reduce the shortage. The government’s vision is to have 70% homeowners by 2030. 

The popularity of precast concrete

Various materials are used in prefab construction, including glass, metal, concrete, and timber. Concrete has a major share in the prefab building industry in Saudi Arabia. Precast concrete construction uses RCC precast structures like slabs, beams, walls, columns, stairs, and standalone footings. The prefab building has experienced a boost with more investments and implementation of prefabrication techniques. Precast concrete components are experiencing a huge demand from the construction sector. They are used in industrial facilities, the education sector, hospitals, and bridges. 

Prefab construction is cost-effective

Companies use modern manufacturing techniques, which include a lean manufacturing process for setting up modules. The contractors pile up the modules for designing different configurations. This construction process is completed onsite by utilizing inter-module networks. 

The cost of construction depends on the scale of the project and the type of material used. Statistics say that the total cost of prefab construction is lesser than traditional structures. Builders are relying more on prefabricated construction procedures. 

TSSC offers reliable solutions in Saudi Arabia

TSSC is designing durable and energy-efficient prefab modular homes in Saudi Arabia. Our prefab structures cater to different prerequisites. TSSC has operated for more than 48 years in Saudia. We are the leaders in manufacturing construction supplies in Saudi Arabia. Are you planning a project soon? Talk to us if you have a project to complete. Modular construction offers energy efficiency and sustainability. Refer to the TSSC website for more information and offers.

The construction industry is growing

Saudi Arabia is now focusing on Vision 2030, which is mainly related to creating more opportunities. The building industry will be focusing on more sustainability, low-cost building systems and environment-friendly solutions. An increase in urbanization and tourism would drive growth in this sector.