Everything you need to know about cold store panels in East Africa

A cold storeroom is a large spacious facility that stores many perishable items. Cold rooms come in different sizes and the one you choose would depend on the storage requirement. These units are customizable and can be modified as per requirements. Insulating the cold store units add efficiency, helping your business run without hindrances. The insulating materials have lower thermal conductivity. A layer of insulation prevents heat entry through the floor, ceiling and walls. Expert engineering is required to plan and set up cold storage. Sandwich panels for cold storage in East Africa are used to insulate the interiors. Cold storages store items like raw edibles, processed food items, medicines, perfumes, etc.

The types of cold storage units

The climate in East Africa is tropical and the weather remains very hot almost around the year. Businesses have leaped and have grown in the country. The real estate and hospitality sector is witnessing a steady escalation. These have led to the demand for cold storage. Cold store units are categorized into three types:

  • Temporary storages
  • Frozen storages
  • Long-term storages


TSSC cold store panels in East Africa are ideally suitable for commercial refrigeration. We manufacture premium sandwich panels that contain two metal sheets on both the sides and a core material in the middle. The panels look totally like a sandwich. They are available in various shapes, colors, sizes and materials. They are non-porous, water-resistant and have a Class A fire rating. 

Portable cooling units from TSSC

Apart from cold storage, moving cooling units are of no less importance. TSSC designs portable units that have superior cooling capacity. Explore our refrigerated truck boxes that make transportation of perishable goods easier. Our skid-mounted units are ideal for small spaces and can be transported easily. The skilled engineers at TSSC use aluminum or steel sheets for strength and ease of portability. Refrigerated trucks are large size vehicles that are used for distant transportation. The retailers, logistic firms and goods manufacturing units use these trucks to prevent spoilage of items during transportation. These trucks are facilitated with a mechanical cooling system that runs on diesel units. 

High-performing insulated panels 

TSSC Group is renowned for manufacturing insulated panels, building and construction supplies. We have been in this business for 50 years or more and now we are the leaders in the market. We are ISO 9001 and a renowned company in East Africa. We have a huge client base that relies on TSSC solutions. Trained experts can install TSSC sandwich panels for cold storage in East Africa. Installing sandwich panels involves a single step. The panels offer high performance and low-maintenance that help to save costs. 

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TSSC sandwich panels do not allow thermal drift and consume a lower energy level. As a result, operational costs are lowered by almost 50%. The industrial refrigeration market has experienced steady growth in the country. Get cold store panels in East Africa that are long-lasting and require once-a-year maintenance. Discuss your project with our team. Get dedicated after-sales support from the TSSC team—request for a quote.

The massive use of sandwich panels in Oman – get in touch with TSSC Group

Sandwich panels in Oman are made of several layers that consist of two sheets of metal and an insulating layer of insulated core in the middle. These panels are effectively used for roofing, walling and cladding. The core is polyurethane foam, fiberglass, expanded polystyrene or polyurethane foam. Sandwich panels in Oman are used for setting up warehouses, logistic buildings, sports facilities, office buildings, shopping malls, freezers, sports facilities, office buildings, manufacturing buildings, etc. Recently sandwich panels are tremendously used for building and construction purposes. 

Durable and robust sandwich panels

Sandwich panels in Oman are extremely durable and remain unaffected by dampness. The panels are made of waterproofing foam which is not affected by mildew, mold and other biological factors. Glass fiber sandwich panels are efficient, non-flammable, sound-absorbing and easy to transport. TSSC uses the lightweight Styrofoam that is available in a honeycomb form. Such panels can be mounted and dismounted within a short period. This is a recyclable material used in commercial construction.

Simple installation of sandwich panels

The core is insulated and soft, which remains pressed between the two layers. It is so light that it does not add to the weight of the panel. The sandwich panels in Oman are composite cladding and come in the shape of a façade, obtained by applying polyurethane injection in different thicknesses between aluminum plates and galvanized sheets. Installing insulated panels over your roof could take about 7-8 hours.

Knowing the materials that form the outer layer

The external covering determines the color of the insulated sandwich panels. Premium quality zinc coats the outer layer of the metal. The single layer of zinc applied on the surface directly increases the sandwich panels’ shelf life. The external layer can be coated with drywall, plastisol, polyester, Aluzinc, and Puranas. Polyester can withstand temperature fluctuations. Plastisol is durable and can endure mechanical actions; it is used indoors and outdoors. Aluzinc can reflect ultraviolet light. Drywall is very commonly used in construction projects. 

TSSC Group – the leaders in Oman

TSSC Group is the leader in manufacturing affordable sandwich panels in Oman. The total cost is determined by the thickness of the panel which includes the core. PIR core gives the finest performance but EPS core is reliable. TSSC Group has been the manufacturer of insulated panels for more than four decades. In these years we have created an excellent client base. We suggest ordering panels directly from the manufacturer for discounts and offers. Discuss a project or visit us for a consultation. TSSC sandwich panels are available with accessories. The TSSC Group store in the Middle East offers all building and construction supplies under one roof. We have our representatives who would visit your site if needed. TSSC in Oman is an ISO 9001 organization renowned for being the top sandwich panel manufacturers in Oman. The company is specialized in offering building and construction supplies. Reach us for a solution, request a quote.

The many advantages of sandwich panels in Saudi Arabia

Sandwich panels in Saudi Arabia have insulated capabilities and many other advantages. These panels are mainly used in the building and construction industry. Saudi Arabia is a country where there are extreme weather conditions. Summer is the most dominating season and days are very hot. UAE has a flourishing real estate and hospitality market. Sandwich panels speed up the construction and act as a barrier against extreme climatic conditions. Sandwich panels are structural materials that comprise stiff core and double face sheets. It has the structural ability, cost-effectiveness, and sheer durability. The combination of durability and accessibility helps in completing a building project. 

Improved strength to weight ratio

Sandwich panels have a high strength-to-weight ratio compared to any other laminate. It can support required loads during transportation. It directly cuts off the transportation cost and results in savings. Sandwich structures are reasonable as the core materials are not very expensive compared to other composite materials. These panels are long-lasting so the durability factor helps cut off the maintenance costs. Sandwich panels can withstand temperatures up to 1000 degrees centigrade. Most of the engineers and the building contractors prefer sandwich panels for ensuring the safety of the building, the workers and the people living in it. Sandwich panels in Saudi Arabia have great thermal insulation properties. The sandwich panel helps to lower the energy costs. It decreases mold formation due to excess humidity.

Introducing to the EASYWALL Panels 

The EASYWALL is a wall panel system mainly used as an inner and external wall partition. These wall panels are non-load bearing and are suitable for constructing energy-efficient buildings. This wall panel system can suit any building design used in fences, boundary walls and compound walls. The panels are tested and approved by international and local bodies. In addition, EASYWALL has competitive pricing that saves cost and time. 

TSSC Group – Request for a quote

You can contact TSSC Group when you require materials in bulk. TSSC Group in Saudi Arabia manufactures high-performance construction materials to suit modern construction requirements. Our team of engineers is working to improve and expand the material capabilities. We have been designing insulated panels and construction supplies for more than 48 years. We are one of the leaders in this industry. 

Insulated sandwich panels offer an aesthetic appearance to the construction with great thermal insulation and fire resistivity. TSSC’s high-performance roof and wall sandwich panels are available in various finishes, profiles, colors and thermal insulation. TSSC sandwich panels in Saudi Arabia are engineered to control the internal and external environment. The panels are categorized under – effective roofing and walling systems. TSSC panels are high-performing and possess strong insulation capabilities. We customize panels based on your requirements. Choosing the right insulating material is important for a positive performance. 

Final words

To know more about us, visit our website today or drop an email. Please discuss your project with us and we shall help create an effective solution—request for a quote.

The rising popularity of standing seam roof East Africa – Explore TSSC Group

Many years ago stan seam metal roofs in East Africa were mostly seen on agricultural and commercial buildings. However, they have become immensely popular on residential buildings in the last few years. People are worried about the environment and want to cut maintenance costs by making the roof durable. Standing seam panels run from the ridge of the roof vertically to the eaves and are interlocked with overlapping and raised seams that are present above the flat surface. The legs are interlocked in different configurations. The benefit of this system is the locking mechanism that is protected from humidity, harsh elements and other weather conditions. 

The metal used in standing seam roof panels 

Standing seam roofs are available in different colors, widths, materials, thicknesses, shapes and connections. The standing seam roof panels can be pre-formed inside the factory or shaped on-site. Steel is the most commonly used metal for a standing seam roof in East Africa. Steel is durable and cost-effective. In case it is a coastal area, then aluminum is preferred as it is less prone to corrode or rust. Metals like zinc and copper can last for many years but they are pretty expensive. Metal is recycled, whereas asphalt lands in landfills. Metal requires minimum maintenance and can last more than 50 years. You choose the metal according to your requirements or an expert could suggest. 

How would you protect your house from fire to some extent? 

Having a metal roof can help in creating the first line of defense. Standing seam roofs made from certified metal are fire-resistant. Standing seam roofs from TSSC Group have the Class A fire rating. This means the highest parameter of fire resistivity according to ASTM E-108. This indicates that the roof can endure the highest fire exposure even if the fire’s origin is outside the building. Of course, a fireproof property is a hoax but you can take certain precautions. Fire rating systems allow architects and builders to choose materials that reduce the chances of fire hazards.

Easy to install with no debris

They are installed over the existing roof that reduce the debris that goes into the landfills. These are coated with a tough zinc and aluminum alloy for corrosion resistance. Very reflective paints are applied to the surface to reflect the sunlight, reducing the heat transmission into the property. The advantage of metal roofing is the heat-reflective coating that effectively reduces the attic temperature. This keeps the air conditioning load low inside the living/ office space. Steel roofs weigh less compared to shingles, asphalt. The former does not warp, rot or crack under any conditions. Metal roofs are hassle-free to install and require once-a-year maintenance. 

Final words

TSSC is one of the leading insulated panel manufacturers in East Africa. TSSC Group is an ISO 9001 company that manufactures construction and building materials. Discuss your project with our experts for a solution. Request for a quote.

TSSC sandwich panel manufacturers in West Africa – Industry leaders since 1975

TSSC Group is now one of the largest ISO certified companies for manufacturing and producing a comprehensive range of building materials, cold chain products, and industrial services. With a spotless reputation, the sandwich panel manufacturers in West Africa offer sustainable products for the building and manufacturing industry. TSSC has been one of the leaders since 1975 to bring you high-quality materials at an affordable price. In contemporary construction, the need for insulated sandwich panels is essential for developing strong buildings and commercial complexes. Therefore, the contractors, architects, and developers rely on quality materials from TSSC insulated panel manufacturers in West Africa. Here are a few reasons why TSSC Group is the most renowned, recommended, and preferred amongst all.

Thermal insulation is a necessity in West Africa 

The hot climate of West Africa makes living conditions unbearable due to the excess heat. The temperatures soar high, and so does the electrical consumption. Air coolers and air-conditioners need to operate 24’ x 7’ to ensure cool and comfortable interiors. That’s why contractors look for reputed sandwich panel manufacturers in West Africa to get high-quality material for building well-insulated buildings that would trap in the cold air for longer to ensure the indoors remain cooler. Thermal insulation is one of the biggest advantages of sandwich panels. The panels have a three-layered structure, and the innermost layer is the insulated core. Mineral wool, PIR, PUR, and EPS are insulated materials that are well-protected by the two galvanized steel face sheets. The high-quality panels reflect lights and help regulate thermal energy to maintain the optimal temperature inside the chamber. The sandwich panels have a painted exterior and are resistant to moisture, heat, and UV radiation. The panels offer excellent insulation inside buildings, warehouses, cold rooms, freezers, and other refrigerated applications.

Energy efficiency reduces the utility bills 

Thermal insulation helps control the temperature indoors, but the panels do more than just insulation. The high-quality panels are energy efficient. The insulation helps keep the inner chambers cool, which lessens the burden on the air coolers. The automated coolers slow down, and thereby the energy consumption gets significantly reduced – which again lowers the utility bills in the long run. However, the added advantage is that the insulated panel manufacturers in West Africa ensure to provide you with top-quality products that are highly durable and fastest to install. The insulated panels can last 40 years or even longer with minimal upkeep and yearly professional cleaning. 

Fire-resistant sandwich panels 

The fire-resistant sandwich panels are structurally sturdy, leak-proof, and water-resistant with streamlined fittings. The panels comply with the FM and FDA guidelines offering exceptional fire resistance and can control an outbreak for at least one hour or more. The panels are extremely low maintenance, flexible, and add aesthetic appeal to the buildings. TSSC manufacturers customize the panels to suit the specific requirements of the project. The energy-efficient sandwich panels offer uniform insulation for at least 12 hours, making them ideal for several projects. 

Wrapping up

TSSC manufacturers are industry leaders to get customized solutions for the building and manufacturing industry. Our contemporary and innovative designs combined with modular engineering provide our customers with more than expected. Why not book a free consultation to know more about us? Request a no-obligation quote now.

The role of refrigerated trucks and display chillers in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has a hot climate, and the food, edibles, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals need an optimal temperature for storage. Usually, cold storerooms are the places where temperature-sensitive items get stored. However, companies need to transport the items from one place to another, and that’s when the requirement for a customized refrigerated truck box in Saudi Arabia comes into the picture. After the transport, many restaurants, clubs, malls, and takeaways desire to display their foods and beverages in chiller units. Unfortunately, not all chillers look great and function properly. Therefore, get TSSC’s custom-made display chillers in Saudi Arabia to attract potential customers yet keeping the edibles at an optimal temperature, ensuring they remain fresh and don’t stale. You need to consider a few things before investing in refrigerated units and display chillers. 

It keeps edibles fresh for the longest time

Whether you get a display chiller or a refrigerated truck box in Saudi Arabia, both perform the function of thermal insulation. A display chiller is static that’s ideally used for restaurants, pubs, malls, hotels, and kitchens to offer excellent thermal insulation. With contemporary features, the chillers ensure enhanced cooling with minimal energy consumption. The chillers have airtight panels that ensure moisture, bacteria, and mold resistance. In addition, the premium-quality chillers have a glass door and LED lights to advertise the products strategically yet maintain their freshness and efficiency.

On the other hand, the refrigerated trucks are mobile and can cater to temperatures ranging from -40 degrees Celsius to -15 degrees Celsius. Moreover, the trucks are lightweight yet strong enough to protect the temperature-sensitive items from harsh weather conditions. The trucks manufactured by TSSC experts have only six insulated panels and rigid, heavy-duty GRP flooring for optimal thermal insulation. However, you can customize the trucks as per specifications for the transportation of temperature-sensitive items. Usually, pharmaceutical industries rely on refrigerated trucks because they have an insulated body and some of the truck boxes use solar-powered energy making them energy-efficient as well.

Regulate the temperature 

Pharmaceutical medicines and chemicals need a specific ideal temperature for storage. However, food, edibles, and beverages do not require freezing temperatures to keep things fresh. That’s why getting display chillers in Saudi Arabia and refrigerated trucks that are customized and allow you to control and regulate the temperature are an excellent choice. The refrigerated trucks and display chillers are manufactured by experienced engineers for durable, robust and weatherproof cooling systems.

Why choose us?

TSSC Group is a cut above the rest. With innovative ideas and cutting-edge technology, experienced engineers and manufacturers develop customized chillers and industry-level refrigerated trucks that are stylish, high-functioning, and energy-efficient. TSSC is one of the pioneers in manufacturing cold store applications providing excellent insulating properties. With almost 50 years of experience in the building and manufacturing industry, the premium-quality chillers, truck boxes, and cooling systems are highly cost-effective.

If you have a restaurant business or entrepreneur of a transport facility and need chillers or insulated truck boxes, get in touch with TSSC Group. The professionals offer a free consultation to discuss your requirements and offer a customized solution. Request a quote now. The experts revert back within a day with a no-obligation quotation.

Modernization of construction industry and prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia

Prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia are popular in the building and construction industry. The construction market has changed and undergone modernization over the years. The traditional method has been popular but the advent of prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia has helped to save time and cost. The builders are impressed with the results and prefabrication is spreading like fire.

Prefab buildings are structures that are pre-built inside a controlled factory setting. These structures are easier to assemble as compared to other building processes. These units come in tiny sections that are joined together to set up a complete structure. The number of units needed depends on the size and style of the project. Prefabricated structures are designed away from the building site and then transported to your location.

Work made easy with prefabrication

In a prefab structure more than half the work is done inside the factory. This decreases the requirement for too many laborers and contractors. A single contractor can manage the assembling. Modern manufacturing processes including lean manufacturing techniques are implemented to set up the modules. The contractors pile up the modules for designing various configurations. This construction process is completed onsite faster by designing inter-module networks. A prefabricated structure is preferred when the construction site is in any remote location or in areas that have dense population. Prefab homes are suitable for sites having shorter building seasons due to climate and other conditions. 

No wastage in construction materials

Ample material is wasted during traditional building methods but this is not the case in prefab construction. Prefab modular homes in Saudi Arabia have tighter joints, improved air filtration and energy efficiency. Prefab construction is comparatively sustainable and affordable as it does not require additional materials. This construction method is environment-friendly, which reduces wastage of materials and manpower. 

Prefab structures with ample storage

TSSC Group offers prefabrication options in Saudi Arabia. The prefab modular structures are in huge demand and used across various commercial sectors. We design and customize units according to your budget using different quality raw materials. The prefabricated structures have enough storage capacity. These units could be in the form of tiny elements or entire site-assembled huge units. 

TSSC Group – The pioneers in prefab structures

Prefab structures meet most of the prerequisites so these structures are becoming extremely popular. Explore our inventory that is full of construction and building supplies. We are the pioneers in designing modern construction structures that have helped to overcome the challenges of traditional constriction. TSSC has been designing construction and building supplies for more than 40 years. TSSC has experience in building prefab modular homes in Saudi Arabia. We have an expert team that plans the project well, initiates and completes on time. We offer amazing after-sales service.

Final words

Get more information about prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia on the TSSC website. Discuss your project with our team over a consultation. Request for a quote.

Knowing about TSSC cold store panels in Qatar for thermal insulation

There are different types of cold rooms that you can select based on your storage requirements. However, cold rooms do not function well unless it is properly insulated. You can have an expert guide you in selecting the type and size of the cold room or you can do it yourself if you have prior experience. Insulated cold store panels In Qatar are designed by injecting polyurethane foam between the metal cladding at a high density. 

Sandwich panels for cold storage 

Cold storage panels are sandwich panels that have a monolithic pattern of construction. The panels can maintain a constant humidity level of humidity and temperature inside the structure. They are used to insulate by installing on rooftops, floors and walls. In addition, the panels are used inside cold rooms and used in portable refrigerated vehicles. 

Cold store panels in Qatar are insulated sandwich panels that offer protection and durability. The multi-layered panels are water-resistant. Two outer metal layers protect an insulating core. The core lying inside is delicate and lightweight. Polyurethane infusion helps to add thickness to the panels. The foam helps in offering good consolidation. 

Simple installation process

There are expert construction workers who help you with the installation. The panels are easy to install and are manufactured inside our factory unit. The entire installation process takes about 7-8 hours approx. A local expert contractor can help you with the installation. The total time taken for the installation depends on the size and type of insulated sandwich panels. TSSC panels are also suitable for cold rooms that take up a huge amount of space or any other size. Every TSSC kit contains complete descriptions of panel installation. You require the cold store panels, measuring tape, Allen key, screws, and screwdriver for the installation. 

Insulated cold store panels 

The gulf region has extreme climatic conditions where days are very hot and humid. If you run cold storage, you need to maintain a higher specific indoor environment that will not be affected by temperature fluctuations and climatic changes. Insulation is an essential factor that helps the cold air inside not to escape and the cold room reaches its highest chill point faster. Insulation contributes to higher energy efficiency. Insulated cold store panels offer stability and strength to the cold rooms. Cold rooms control grease, dust, and bacteria from affecting the stored goods. TSSC panels have a minimum R-value of up to 40, which is good. 

Install customized cold store panels 

Are you planning to install insulated panels inside a cold store room in Qatar? We design portable solutions if you are looking for an affordable refrigerated truck box in Qatar. TSSC Group in Qatar has manufactured insulated panels for almost more than four decades. The cold storage panels do not require high maintenance costs. TSSC Group contributes to a greener environment because little environmental waste is produced during the manufacturing process. The panels offer insulation from various climatic conditions and sounds. Customization options are available upon client request. TSSC insulated panels are safely transported to the construction site. 

Final words

Discuss with the TSSC professionals about your project. From the planning phase to timely delivery, the experts take care of requests for a quote.

Why businesses should rely on insulated standing seam roof panels

Standing seam panels are curved and tapered in shape. TSSC Group in Saudi Arabia customizes insulated panels based on client requirements. Roofing is a challenging aspect that requires skills of renowned experts and engineers. Standing seam roof in Saudi Arabia has a lightweight core, two face sheers on both sides which is made from a durable material. Seam roofs are aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound.

Insulated standing seam roofs

The weather in Saudi Arabia is extreme where heat becomes unbearable during the daytime. The air cooler has to endure excess pressure as they keep running for extended hours. This results in excess electricity bills. Insulation plays an important role for businesses in Saudi Arabia. The roof and the foundation of the building are the two most important things. There are different roofing solutions available in the market. Standing seam roof in Saudi Arabia is an effective roofing solution. Standing seams are insulated panels installed over the roof that helps in adding insulation properties to your property. 

Premium-quality seam roofs from TSSC

A Standing seam roof in Saudi Arabia offers thermal insulation arresting both heat and cold. The insulated panels have aesthetic design because we have a team of expert engineers who manufacture and offer consultation. These panels offer thermal insulation that lowers the air conditioning requirements. Insulation leads to lowering energy bills which is a big factor. The panels can alleviate issues of humidity and dampness. The roof panels offer fire protection as they can withstand high temperatures which are more than 1000 degrees. TSSC offers quality-assured composite panels that are competently safe for lives and property. Seam roofs are ideal for areas where high levels of noise come out of commercial setups or there is noise of traffic.  Installing TSSC insulated panels will help you to create a peaceful interior.  

 Durable roofing system in Saudi Arabia

A standing seam roof panel in Saudi Arabia is long-lasting compared to traditional non-insulated roofing systems. This roofing system is equipped with flexibility, versatility and weather seal. The higher strength-to-weight value of the seam panels add to the enhanced load-supporting capability. The standing seam roof in Saudi Arabia is a popular type having many advantages. Although the roofing system is durable, one size does not fit all. This is why customization is key. TSSC Group, the insulated panel manufacturers in Saudi Arabia, can help you with an insulated roof built adhering to building code instructions.

The widespread popularity of TSSC insulated panels

TSSC is among the most renowned insulated panel manufacturers in Saudi Arabia. We have been operating in Saudi Arabia for more than 40 years so we have a rich experience in catering to client requirements. We have clients from different industrial sectors. TSSC is renowned for offering construction solutions and insulated panels of premium quality. TSSC offers a one-year maintenance program for the upkeep of insulated roofing solutions. TSSC roof panels are a lifetime solution. Have a consultation with the TSSC experts, discuss your project with our team. We take care of your project from planning, initiation to completion. Request for a quote.

The rising popularity of prefab construction in East Africa

Prefabrication is modern construction practice that is gaining buzz due to its advantageous construction process. It involves manufacturing the building structures off-site inside a factory, and then transporting them to assemble on-site. Prefab buildings in East Africa implement construction methods inside a factory-controlled unit. This eliminates traditional on-site disruptions by extreme climatic conditions. Prefab buildings in East Africa have become a popular choice. The manufacturing of prefab buildings is easier compared to traditional construction. The different challenges associated with traditional construction can be ignored if you choose to install prefab buildings in East Africa

The advantages of prefab construction

Here are the advantages of Prefab buildings in East Africa. You get affordable and quicker construction, also no additional materials are required. The parts can be transported easily and the installation process is very simple. Prefabricated construction can be assembled and disassembled from one location to another location without much effort. TSSC modular buildings are a result of proper planning and designing are sustainable. The cost of construction depends on the scale and size of the project including the building materials, internal/external fitting and fixtures. Prefab buildings in East Africa are affordable compared to the traditional mode of construction. Some of the other benefits include:

  • Better quality control
  • No scarcity of labor
  • Environment-friendly
  • Affordable and time-saving
  • Enhanced security and safety


Our engineers implement lean technology

Prefab buildings in East Africa are manufactured in segments. They are built inside the factory which is located far away from the construction site and is transported to your location. According to statistics, approximately 60% to 90% of the building process is completed inside the factory and the assembling is done onsite. The engineers implement lean manufacturing techniques for offsite construction. All modules are stacked up for designing different configurations. The construction procedure is commenced onsite by using inter-module networks to arrange the units.

Invest in TSSC prefab structures 

TSSC modular structures are popular in East Africa. We have clients who are satisfied with our prefabricated structures. TSSC is an ISO 9001 organization that has manufactured construction and building solutions for more than four decades. Please discuss your project with our experts for an affordable and customizable solution. There has been a major shift towards prefabrication in modern construction. The builders have found a way to get rid of all onsite delays and complications. These structures have made the building process faster and smoother. The construction industry of East Africa has shifted towards eco-friendly construction methods. The expenses of real estate are rising in East Africa as the developers are implementing advanced technology.

Final words – Book a consultation

Some of the construction areas where prefabrication can be easily implemented include hotels, schools, colleges, hospitals, hostels, malls, and more. Quick completion of your project means cost-cutting and smarter construction. Our project managers take care of your project from the planning phase to implementation and we are renowned for excellent after-sales customer service. Request for a quote.