TSSC sandwich panel manufacturers in West Africa – Industry leaders since 1975

TSSC Group is now one of the largest ISO certified companies for manufacturing and producing a comprehensive range of building materials, cold chain products, and industrial services. With a spotless reputation, the sandwich panel manufacturers in West Africa offer sustainable products for the building and manufacturing industry. TSSC has been one of the leaders since 1975 to bring you high-quality materials at an affordable price. In contemporary construction, the need for insulated sandwich panels is essential for developing strong buildings and commercial complexes. Therefore, the contractors, architects, and developers rely on quality materials from TSSC insulated panel manufacturers in West Africa. Here are a few reasons why TSSC Group is the most renowned, recommended, and preferred amongst all.

Thermal insulation is a necessity in West Africa 

The hot climate of West Africa makes living conditions unbearable due to the excess heat. The temperatures soar high, and so does the electrical consumption. Air coolers and air-conditioners need to operate 24’ x 7’ to ensure cool and comfortable interiors. That’s why contractors look for reputed sandwich panel manufacturers in West Africa to get high-quality material for building well-insulated buildings that would trap in the cold air for longer to ensure the indoors remain cooler. Thermal insulation is one of the biggest advantages of sandwich panels. The panels have a three-layered structure, and the innermost layer is the insulated core. Mineral wool, PIR, PUR, and EPS are insulated materials that are well-protected by the two galvanized steel face sheets. The high-quality panels reflect lights and help regulate thermal energy to maintain the optimal temperature inside the chamber. The sandwich panels have a painted exterior and are resistant to moisture, heat, and UV radiation. The panels offer excellent insulation inside buildings, warehouses, cold rooms, freezers, and other refrigerated applications.

Energy efficiency reduces the utility bills 

Thermal insulation helps control the temperature indoors, but the panels do more than just insulation. The high-quality panels are energy efficient. The insulation helps keep the inner chambers cool, which lessens the burden on the air coolers. The automated coolers slow down, and thereby the energy consumption gets significantly reduced – which again lowers the utility bills in the long run. However, the added advantage is that the insulated panel manufacturers in West Africa ensure to provide you with top-quality products that are highly durable and fastest to install. The insulated panels can last 40 years or even longer with minimal upkeep and yearly professional cleaning. 

Fire-resistant sandwich panels 

The fire-resistant sandwich panels are structurally sturdy, leak-proof, and water-resistant with streamlined fittings. The panels comply with the FM and FDA guidelines offering exceptional fire resistance and can control an outbreak for at least one hour or more. The panels are extremely low maintenance, flexible, and add aesthetic appeal to the buildings. TSSC manufacturers customize the panels to suit the specific requirements of the project. The energy-efficient sandwich panels offer uniform insulation for at least 12 hours, making them ideal for several projects. 

Wrapping up

TSSC manufacturers are industry leaders to get customized solutions for the building and manufacturing industry. Our contemporary and innovative designs combined with modular engineering provide our customers with more than expected. Why not book a free consultation to know more about us? Request a no-obligation quote now.