Why Are Insulated Panels Installed in Cold Rooms?

There are different types of cold rooms depending on the required storage. When it comes to building a cold room or temperature-controlled room one of the key elements are insulated cold room panels. Cold room insulated form the structure of your walk-in chiller, freezer cold room. Without an effective cold room panel solution, your space will be poorly insulated and inefficient.

What is an Insulated Cold Room Panel?

Addition to choosing the right refrigeration door, the use of an insulating panel includes a rigid core protective layer between two layers of structural board. The body can be made up of XPS or EPS and, the structural board can be plywood or cement. Various building material elements are combined with SIP. These boards are also used on floors, exterior walls, and roofs. We can utilize these panels to crack many different problems. Insulated cold storage panels are normally operated in cold rooms and refrigerated vehicles like refrigerated truck bodies.

Basically, insulated Cold Store Panels are composite factory manufactured panels, consisting of two layers of metal facers in different finishes with high-quality fire rating PUR/PIR insulation core between the metal. These insulated panels are used in cold storage walls, ceilings, cold store partitions. Insulated cold storage panels are engineered for superior thermal performance for use in a wide range of cold storage applications, temperature-controlled environments, and refrigerated vehicles.

Cold Room Basics

A cold room can keep a variety of goods like frozen goods, good chemicals, and so on. The design and undertaking of cold storage depend on the working conditions required for each case, as well as the internal and external temperature differences. Based on this info, it is necessary to calculate the insulation of walls, ceilings, and in some cases even the floor of the cold room. The following components make up a modern cold room:

Access doors:

Often in the design of these spaces, people forget the importance of this element. The characteristics of this element are key to the performance not only of the refrigeration equipment but also to avoid temperature losses due to constant handling. An access door that keeps the chamber at the required temperature should not be an element to think about the most economical.

Climate control equipment:

It is the machinery that will allow us to maintain the constant temperature we need inside the refrigeration chamber.

Interconnected Cold Room Insulated Wall Panels

These insulated panels are thermal panels for cold storage walls. The tongue and groove jointing system is designed to eliminate any possible gaps. It offers an effective condensation barrier within your cold room.The ranging thicknesses and insulation levels for the cold room panels will be dependent upon the required temperature of your cold room. Chiller cold rooms maintain positive temperatures of between +1 and +8 degrees, whilst freezer cold rooms maintain negative temperatures of between -5 and -45 degrees. Ambient temperature-controlled rooms maintain positive temperatures of between +10 to +35 degrees.


The idea of flooring is to prevent heat transfer from the floor surface. Many cold store floors today are insulated with Insulated panel boards and filled with concrete surface.

Cold Store Roof

Insulated Cold Room panels are not only designed for your walls but we also offer cold room insulated panels for ceilings in various sizes. These Cold Storage Insulated Roof Panels are optimized for refrigeration and freezing chambers and are designed well to counteract the environment. Materials have effects for transferring heat from each other.

A thermal insulation design is created that can stop this heat transfer by maintaining heat away from the insulation.

Dimensions and Features of Insulated Panels

TSSC Cold Room Panels are available in different sizes, thicknesses as a suitable option for cold rooms which require positive temperatures (chillers) and negative temperatures (freezers). These panels are available in little pieces because they will be comfortable to move. The best way to utilize insulated cold storage panels in a cold room is when creating. This route you can keep extra money.

Insulated cold storage panels can also be used as independent temperature controlled warehouse or cold store structures. This is a structure with eradicates several building materials and saves on cost. Insulated panels can also be used as external cladding, as far as strength is involved, it delivers the force and stability of good structures, so that it also covers the building during natural damage.

Cold Storage Insulated panels are available with different finishes to cater to food, pharmaceutical industries such as stainless steel finish or food safe coating.

Insulation Materials Used in Cold Storage

The cold supply, whether located in retail stores or a test chamber for scientific applications, needs to keep the correct condition, beginning with the insulation materials utilized to build the unit. Several brands use it in freezer coolers as well as in science spaces due to its strong thermal performance of polyurethane foam.


Polyurethane is a sealed cellular insulating material that has lower thermal conductivity. This material grows and solidifies upon cooling, and is usually employed on-site. This bubble needs specialized equipment and proper technical exercise to confirm that it is sprayed properly. This material is commonly used in walk-in cold storage and walk-in refrigerators or specialized applications.

Polyisocyanurate also referred to as PIR

Polyisocyanurate also referred to as PIR is a popular material for cold room and upgrade product for cold store insulated panels. Compare to PU sandwich panel, PIR panel has significant advantage due to higher fire rating and excellent fire resistant performance. TSSC cold room insulated panels with PIR foam are strong due to its higher density and ribbed steel surface.

Installation of Insulated Panels in Cold Rooms

The cold storage panel installation relies more on the size and style of storage. Cold room panels are more required in cold rooms with large dimensions. Cold room kits are known that deliver a whole definition of the installation of insulated cold storage panels.

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In the end, insulated panels deliver the strength and stability of your cold spaces. It is technology uses about 60% less wood than traditional construction. It is suggested to utilize insulated cold storage panels in cold spaces as much as possible to complete balance in the interior and product grade.

As we all know, cold rooms, isolated from thermal insulation, must also be capable to prevent bacteria, grease, and dust. Therefore, they must be chosen wisely to create a structure immune to pests and dust. Insulated cold storage panels offered by Technical Supplies & Services Co. have high thermal efficiency. TSSC group is among the leading companies that offer the best and high-quality insulated cold storage panels.