Sandwich panel roofing solutions from TSSC – Durable and insulated panels

Are you wondering why sandwich panels are so popular in the Middle East? Most commercial interiors rely immensely on insulation and this is where sandwich panels come into play. Sandwich roof panels are very durable and tough; their sturdiness does not depend on humidity. They are made of foam that possesses waterproofing qualities. Therefore, these panels are unaffected by mold, mildew, and other biological factors. 

Sandwich panels for roofing, cladding and walling:

A sandwich roof panel system has various layers. There are two sheets of metal in these panels and the core is formed of an insulating layer that sits in the middle. TSSC panels are used for walling, roofing, and cladding. Materials like fiberglass, polyurethane foam, expanded polystyrene, or polyurethane foam offer thermal insulation. 

Are you familiar with mineral wool? This is a unique material that is mainly used in a simple construction. Mineral wool can endure higher temperatures, corrosion, and thermal insulation. TSSC sandwich panels are used in construction like office buildings, shopping malls, warehouses, logistic buildings, office buildings, sports facilities, freezers, and manufacturing buildings…etc. 

Flawless installation by experts:

The core is extremely soft, lightweight, and tender; it is seated between the layers. The sandwich panels are basically façade shaped and composite cladding, polyurethane injection is applied in various thicknesses between the galvanized sheets and aluminum plates. The installation process is very simple and installation only takes about 7-8 hours. Hire experts contractors for a flawless installation. Transportation is hassle-free; we take care of it. All other materials, including fasteners, subframes, screws, are all transported to the site. 

TSSC glass fiber sandwich panels are non-flammable, eco-friendly, sound-absorbing, efficient, and easily transportable. Lightweight styrofoam is used and it’s also available in honeycomb form. 

TSSC – the leaders in supplying insulated panels:

Are you looking for sandwich roof panels in the Middle East? TSSC in the UAE is an ISO 9001 organization specialized in offering building and construction supplies. TSSC are the leaders in supplying sandwich panel roofing solutions. We are the experts in providing high-quality insulated panels; our solutions are extremely affordable. In case you are thinking of the cost factor, the total thickness is to be considered, which includes the core. If you are looking for the best performance, choose the PIR core, but you can also opt for the EPS core.

Get in touch with TSSC in the UAE:

If you are not sure of what to choose, you can have a consultation with our experts. It’s been more than four decades that TSSC is ruling the Middle East market being one of the top panel suppliers. We have a very rich client base; our clients have trusted us for more than four decades. We recommend ordering panels directly from the manufacturer; we also offer specific discounts as well. You can reach us for a discussion if you have a project now to be done. Also, we provide the necessary accessories, available in our store in the Middle East. Our representatives can also reach your site if needed. 

Invest in sandwich panels from TSSC – A well-reputed sandwich panel manufacturers in the UAE

Do you know why sandwich roof panels are named the way they are? These panels are made by mixing three structures, including two layers protecting the inside core from both sides. These panels have become extremely popular because it makes the construction work faster and more efficient. A lot of building and construction agencies in the Middle East swear by this solution.


Know why the panels are durable: 

Do you know what this type of panel is made up of? It is like a sandwich having a soft core and is protected by tough layers. This is called layers and the core is not too thick; the covering layers are thin but very protective. There is metal attached to the sandwich panels’ outer surface, which is mainly used for decorative purpose and protection.  


The functions of the sandwich panels:

It is very important to know why these panels are used. The main purpose is insulation, and this is why the core is made from thermo-insulating material. This acts as a shield for arresting heat, cold, moisture, fire, and harsh weather conditions. The core has immense strength, but it’s incredibly light-weight in nature. The outer layers are there to add protection to the core. 


Uses of TSSC sandwich panels:

Our sandwich roof panels are used for roofing, cladding, and walling projects. These insulated panels are used primarily for building warehouses, sports complexes, buildings, logistics, freezers, and shopping malls. Our experts use a few non-structural materials, but a steel structure ensures the panels’ forces. Our panels are available in various cores, including the EPS (expanded polystyrene), PIR (polyurethane or polyisocyanurate), PUR, and mineral wool. 


We focus on customer satisfaction:

TSSC designs new and innovative sandwich roof panels. We suggest ordering panels directly from the manufacturers or use the distributor chain. TSSC gives priority to customers. You can also request our sales representatives to come and visit your site. We have a team of experts always ready to offer consultation. 


The cost depends on thermal conductivity: 

The panels’ cost depends on the thickness of the panels; the cost also depends on the amount of thermal-insulation. If you are looking for an affordable option, choose to install the EPS core, PIR panels offer high performance due to better thermal conductivity. 

TSSC insulated panels are available in an array of colors, shapes, and sizes. The installation process is straightforward and it takes a total of 8 hours to complete the process. Transportation of sandwich panels is no big deal; we ensure it reaches the site safely on time. The materials include panels, subframes, screws, and fasteners. 


Final words – offering the best building solutions:

TSSC caters to so many clients every day and we have been successfully operating for more than four decades. We are a reputed company offering the best buildings and construction solutions. Our panels are insulated, affordable, and long-lasting. Our solutions are designed for cost-cutting and superior protection. We are one of the top sandwich panel manufacturers in the UAE.


Have a project in mind? Discuss with our experts; we have a sandwich roof paneling solution for you—request for a quote.

The importance of sandwich roof panels discussed – TSSC is one of the biggest manufacturers in the UAE

A sandwich roof panel system has several layers, mainly consisting of two sheets of metal and an insulated layer of core in the middle. These panels are mainly used for roofing, walling and cladding. Thermal insulation is mainly made of fiberglass, polyurethane foam, expanded polystyrene or polyurethane foam. These panels are used for setting up warehouses, logistic buildings, sports facilities, office buildings, shopping malls, freezers, sports facilities, office buildings, manufacturing buildings etc.  


Durable and long-lasting panels:

Sandwich roof panels are extremely durable and its toughness does not depend on the ambient humidity. The panels are made of waterproofing foam and it does not affect mildew, mold and other biological factors. Mineral wool can be used in a simple construction and is resistant to a higher temperature, corrosion and there is thermal insulation.

Glass fiber sandwich panels are non-flammable, sound absorbing, eco-friendly, easy to transport and very efficient. We also use Styrofoam which is very light-weight; it’s available in a honeycomb form, it can also be mounted and dismounted for a shorter period of time. This is an environmentally clean material mainly used for commercial construction.


Easy installation of modern sandwich panels:

The core is generally very soft and it’s pressed between the two layers, the core is so light that it does not add to the weight. These panels are composite cladding and façade shaped by applying polyurethane injection in varying thicknesses between the aluminium plates and galvanized sheets.  

Installing sandwich roof panels on your roof could take about 7-8 hours for the contractor to complete the task. TSSC manufactures the modern sandwich panels, all materials including panels, sub-frames, fasteners, screws are transported to the site.


The various materials forming the outer layer:

High quality zinc is applied in the outer layer of the metal, when a single layer of zinc is applied on the surface, it affects the total life of the sandwich panels directly. The outer layer can be coated with plastisol, polyester, Aluzinc, drywall, Polidiftorionad and Puranas. Polyester can stand the alterations in temperature and mechanical damage very easily. Plastisol is very tough and can easily bear mechanical actions, it’s used both indoors and outdoors and Aluzinc can replicate ultraviolet light. Drywall is very much used in residential projects. The outer covering determines the color of the sandwich panels.

TSSC – the global leaders:

TSSC are the leaders in manufacturing affordable sandwich roof panels and other insulated panels. The cost is determined by the total thickness of the panel including the core. PIR core gives the best performance but EPS core is also very good. TSSC are the manufacturers since more than four decades, we have an excellent client base. Order panels directly from the manufacturer for more offers and discounts. If you have a project to discuss, visit us for a consultation. Our sandwich panels are available with various accessories as well, you will get everything at our store in the Middle East. We also have our representatives who would visit your site if required.

TSSC in the UAE is an ISO 9001 organization specialized in offering building and construction supplies. Reach us for a solution, request for a quote.

Need panels for your warehouse or cold storage? TSSC is the leaders in thermal insulation in the Middle East

UAE is a tropical country; there is a huge demand for cold storage solutions. These cold storages need solid insulation; therefore, you need to use panels. The panels have two layers and a core in the middle, which is made of polyurethane. This gives more insulation to the interior. The name cold-storage suggests a storage space with a shallow temperature mainly used for storing perishable goods in large quantities. Insulated panels are used to keep the interior cold so that the outside environment cannot affect the inner temperature. 


Portable solutions at your doorstep:

Already planning to install warehouse sandwich panels around your cold-storage or warehouse? TSSC brings you a smart, sleek, and portable solution, the walk-in-freezer. The freezers are functional at a shallow temperature, between -18C to -22C. The units are capable of maintaining a uniform and consistent temperature, thus storing items is easy. The interior

remains in healthy and hygienic conditions. 


Cold storage panels from TSSC – insulation is a priority:

Are you looking for insulated panels in the Middle East? TSSC has a solution for you; we are the experts in manufacturing insulated panels and construction materials. We specialize in designing sandwich panels for cold storage; those are very suitable for installing in warehouses. We have a team of customer service experts ready to offer customized solutions according to client requirements. We understand the importance of storage and care for your business. Every warehouse is different, so we do not provide on-solution-fits all solutions; we have experts for customization.


TSSC’s skid-mounted freezers – a unique solution:

Did you hear of skid-mounted freezers? Those are portable solutions and installed in moving units. Some warehouses also purchase mobile refrigerating systems. These structures are easily portable and can be lifted with the help of a crane or a truck that has a flatbed. The base of this unit is made of steel; this gives added mobility and durability. Our engineers use the PIR and PUR materials for insulation; the external layers are made of durable aluminum sheets. TSSC brings you a variety of warehouse solutions implementing the most innovative and modern technology.  


Our sandwich panels are constructed, maintaining a consistent style; a sturdy foam is used, which is treated at a very high density; this happens to be located in the middle. The two outer layers have a solid cladding of galvanized steel. The air-tightness prevents any heat from entering and cold from escaping. In all, TSSC warehouse and cold storage panels are a worthy investment. 


Invest in insulated panels:

Our clients are a priority; we have a strong customer base that we built for so many years. TSSC has records of satisfying ideal solutions and the range of products we offer within your budget. We have been operating for more than four decades; we are still the leaders in manufacturing building supplies and insulated panels in the UAE. Do you own a warehouse or cold storage where you plan to install insulated panels? We would offer a solution for you; our experts also visit your site if necessary. Also, our delivery process is exceptionally flawless. Have a consultation on your project, send us your requirements, and we would have a solution for you.

TSSC sandwich panel roofing can make building and construction process efficient roof panel system

A sandwich panel is formed by combining three structures; two layers sandwich a core in between that on both sides. Recently sandwich panels are heavily used in the building and construction sector. 


What is a sandwich panel made of? 

The core is soft inside, which is wrapped by a firm commodity to protect the interior. So, the sandwich panels are layered; it has a core in the middle which is not very thick and two very thin layers on the two sides. The metal attached in the outer surface of the panels is usually used for decorative purposes and to protect the interior. 


Why are the panels used?

Insulation is the primary purpose; the core is made of thermo-insulating material that arrests moisture, heat, fire, excess cold, and other weather conditions. The core has excellent strength, but it has a lighter weight. The components that make up the external layers protect the core from all conditions. TSSC sandwich roof panels are used for building walls, roofing, and cladding. 


The various core of sandwich panels:

Our sandwich panels are used for constructing warehouses, office buildings, sports complexes, logistics, freezers, cold stores, shopping malls, and buildings. Sometimes non-structural materials are used, but the forces are made sure by a steel framework that holds the panels. Our panels are available in various cores, including the EPS (expanded polystyrene), PIR (polyurethane or polyisocyanurate), PUR, and mineral wool. 


Easy transportation and installation:

When you compare different core materials, there is a difference in thermal insulation, sound insulation, and fire resistivity and weight. Sandwich panels are now very popular in the UAE. Our sandwich panel roofing panels come in a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes. Installation is very easy; it would take just 8 hours for an expert contractor to perform the task. Also, the installation process is not very complicated. Transporting sandwich panels is hassle-free; we ensure it reaches the site. The materials include panels, subframes, screws, and fasteners. All materials are available at our store; the number of screws depends on your project’s layout and spacing. 


The cost depends on the core:

If you are thinking about the cost, it’s based on the entire panel’s entire thickness and the core that is thermo-insulated. Are you looking for an inexpensive option? It is ideal to use the ESP core, but if you care about the performance, PIR panels are the most effective due to the high thermal conductivity. 


Our experts can help you:

Are you looking to install a new roof panel system? TSSC recommends ordering and purchasing sandwich panels directly from the manufacturers; you can also use our distributor chain. We also have our regional sales representatives who can visit your site upon request. Our experts can offer consultation if required.  


TSSC – a trusted brand in the UAE:

For our clients in the Middle East, you have only one choice, TSSC. We are a prestigious company offering building and construction supplies. Our solutions are very reliable, and we are in this business for over four decades. Many contractors and architects swear by the TSSC solution; it is specially designed to bring down costs and create an effective insulating barrier.

TSSC sandwich insulated roof panels becoming popular and used mainly in construction

Sandwich roof panels are used for walls and roofs, primarily for constructing logistic buildings, warehouses, office buildings, sports facilities, freezers, shopping malls, manufacturing buildings, office buildings, etc. These panels are composed of three materials – a low-density core and a thin layer of metal attached to both sides. The cores are usually made of EPS, PIR, and PUR, also mineral wool. These materials have different thermal and sound insulation levels, reaction to fire, and weight. 

Sandwich panels – its lightweight core and easy installation 

Sandwich panels are façade and composite cladding produced by applying polyurethane injection in different thicknesses in-between galvanized sheets and aluminium plates. The core is usually very soft, and it remains sandwiched between both layers. The stiffness of bending is enhanced by adding the core, and it also does not add to the weight. 

Are you planning to install a sandwich panel on your roof or the walls? To install sandwich panel roofing, it could take almost 7-8 hours for a contractor to install and the process is quick and easy. TSSC panels, including materials like sub-frames, panels, screws, and fasteners, are transported to the construction site.

TSSC sandwich panels are popular and aesthetic  

TSSC sandwich panel roofing is now gaining popularity and is being heavily used for commercial use. Our industrial panels come in various shapes, sizes, and coolers. We are one of the most reputed sandwich panel manufacturers in the Middle East. Our panels are designed to help architects with more options. They can select the panels based on the design of the building.  

Our panels improve the aesthetics, used in constructing manufacturing units, warehouses, car showrooms, shopping malls, etc. Our panels are attractive, modern, and technologically advanced. The panels are non-porous, and this is why it’s very easy to clean. The coating is water-resistant, so cleaning the panels with water won’t be very difficult. 

Choose the core, the one that is high on flexibility

The most common type of thermal insulation material is polyurethane, and the panel gets improved insulation upon attaching the core. This reduces the heating costs; these panels also act as space savers in the construction. The material of the core has a low density that adds flexibility to the installation process. Sandwich panels that have a core made of mineral wool offer fire-resistance and sound-proofing. Panels that have EPS core are very affordable; this is considered to be an age-old material. 

Choose TSSC panels – sticking to one-manufacturer 

TSSC roof panel system is very affordable; the costs are based on the entire thickness of the product and the core material. For very long-lasting performance, the EPS core is good, but the best performance comes from PIR core. While investing in sandwich panels, it is ideal to order sandwich panels directly from the manufacturer. TSSC sandwich panels come with all accessories that include various fitting, fasteners, flashing, etc. You can visit our office for a consultation, and we have our sales representatives who can even visit your site for offering advice. 

On a final note

We are an ISO 9001 company offering roofing and cladding solutions for more than four decades. TSSC is one of the largest manufacturers of insulation materials in the UAE. 

Create a practical solution for your next project.      

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TSSC manufacturing sandwich panels for cold storages and warehouses

Cold storages require solid thermal insulation, and this is why sandwich panels are used. These panels have a core that is made from polyurethane for better insulation. You can think of increasing it as you keep on adding thickness to the sandwich panels. The Middle East has extreme weather conditions, the days are very hot, and the nights are cooler. This is why there is a massive demand for these insulated panels. 

Sandwich panels for cold storage possess a consistent style of construction. Sturdy polyurethane foam is used at a very high density, and it remains in the center. Also, there are two exterior layers having cladding of galvanized steel. TSSC in the UAE manufactures high-quality sandwich panels that offer the ultimate thermal insulation, apt for refrigerated rooms and cold storages. Our sandwich panels are used across industries, including food, pharmaceuticals, health, chemists, beverages, flowers, and more. Our panels efficiently control the cooling and the heating, which proves to be very energy efficient. Its air-tight prevents heat; also, the sandwich panels are the perfect solution for cold storages. You can consider it a sound investment.   

Do you have your cold storage or warehouse in the UAE and decided to install sandwich panels? Do not worry because TSSC delivers it directly to your doorstep. Our solutions include catering to industries that include logistics, food processing, and distribution, beverages, pharma, etc.  


Are you looking for a sleek and portable solution?

You could invest in a walk-in-freezer which looks almost like a Walk-in cold room? These freezers can function efficiently at very low temperatures, between -18C to -22C. The units can maintain an even temperature that proves to be beneficial in storing products for months in hygienic and healthy conditions. 

We also have skid-mounted ones that are portable and are installed upon mobile units; you can name it as mobile refrigerating systems. You can easily lift the structure using a crane or a flatbed truck, which is very simple to use for offshore applications. The unit’s base is made of steel, and this offers ample durability and mobility. We have the latest invention, its TSSC’s pre-insulated HVAC ductwork. Our expert engineers have used the most innovative technology while creating this solution. We use PIR and PUR; the outer layers are made of aluminum sheets. 

If you are looking for insulated panels and get in touch with TSSC, we are the most prominent manufacturers of insulated panels used mainly for various applications. We offer high-quality warehouse sandwich panels that are ideal for installing in your warehouse. We offer customized solutions based on client requirements. We believe that there is no one solution for all; every requirement is different. 

TSSC has a vast customer base, and we have so many satisfied customers for more than the past four decades. We are the leaders in manufacturing building and construction supplies in the UAE. If you have a cold storage or warehouse and wish to install insulating panels, discuss your requirements. Do send us your needs and we have a solution for you. 


Top-quality sandwich roof panels used in the construction sector for thermal insulation

Sandwich panels are highly functional structures having layers in them, there is a center, and the two sides are wrapped with thin materials. The core is a thermo-insulating material that arrests moisture, excess heat, and fire. The outer parts of the panels are used mainly for decoration. The core is extremely tough but is exceptionally light-weight. The external covering protects the core from harsh weather conditions and certain forces. 

Sandwich roof panels are becoming very popular in the construction sector. If you are looking for sandwich panels in the UAE, TSSC is the biggest manufacturer of insulated panels. Our experts manufacture various types of sandwich panels; these are available in different shapes, colors, and sizes. These panels are designed for the finest architects so that they have options to choose based upon the design of the building structure. 

Sandwich panels are used for roofing and cladding; the panels are heavily used in building logistic buildings, warehouses, offices, shopping arcades, sports complexes, cold storages, and more. We manufacture sandwich panels for roofing, and these are attached to a steel framework. The core is generally made of EPS (expanded polystyrene), Polyisocyanurate, PIR (Polyurethane), and mineral wool. All the materials are different from one another when you compare the insulation of heat and sound, its response to fire, and also in terms of its weight.   

Are you thinking how much these panels would cost you? The expenses are entirely based upon the thickness and the insulated core, the material that is used. If you have a tight budget, then panels having ESP core could be ideal for you. If you are looking for only reliable performance, PIR is suitable for the purpose. The panels have extreme thermal conductivity and are very affordable. Mineral wool core offers excellent fire-resistance and sound-proofing. Sandwich panels having EPS core are the most traditional. 

You can save more if you order panels directly from the manufacturers or do it via the distributor chain. TSSC gives you such options; if you request, then we have a team of sales representatives who could even visit your site, then sit for a consultation and offer feasible solutions. If you have a project in hand, planning to install sandwich panels for roofing, hire only experts for a successful and quicker installation. 

With sandwich panels, the construction procedure gets easier, faster, and more affordable. Our manufacturing team works hard to add a perfect finish to the products so that the installation process is hassle-free. If you take less time in construction, it brings down the cost, it’s all so directly related to the ROI. Cleaning the panels is easy; the outer surface is non-porous and water-proof. Keep cleaning to keep the panels as good as new for years. 

If you need sandwich panels in the UAE, trust TSSC for the best quality and affordable panels. We are among the largest sandwich panel manufacturers in the Middle East. Our experts are dedicated to offering construction solutions for over four decades. Our panels are available with all necessary accessories to find all in one store; this is the one-manufacturer policy, it’s for hassle-free construction.  

Create a practical solution for your next project.   


Use Insulated Roof Panels For Better Insulation and Energy Efficiency

A sandwich panel is used for wall and roof cladding in the construction sector. Every panel has Thermo-insulating material that forms the core; there are two thin metal sheets skinned on both sides. These are curtain materials, so do not mistake these as structural materials. The structural forces are conduced by a steel framework or any other carrier frame to which the panels are attached. The cores are generally formed of EPS (expanded polystyrene, PIR, PUR, and mineral wool. The materials vary in their insulating performance, sound insulation, weight, and reaction to fire. 


Why choose sandwich panels? In recent times, sandwich panels epitomize the accomplishments of the construction industry. These are extremely lightweight durable, like other traditional building materials. It is easy to carry out construction work all round the year using insulated roof panels. The panels manufactured by TSSC in the UAE have an attractive appearance, available in a variety of colors and different shapes. You can also avoid extra costs because, in majority cases, it does not need any additional refinement both inside and outside. Sandwich roof panels have several benefits; the cost factor is something you cannot ignore. 

Using insulated panels construction can take place faster, and this a very critical thing to be considered in this business. The chances of earning faster ROI gets higher if a warehouse or a production building is ready for use sooner. Stud partition buildings are assembled mostly and usually not built. The cladding components and structural parts are transported onsite, and then the assembling is done. The process is faster because you do not have to wait for the building to lose excess moisture. Sandwich panels allow mobility; you can disassemble the construction and set it up somewhere else. The panels are lightweight; thus, the transportation cost is cheaper. 

In most buildings in the UAE, insulated metal roofs are installed for cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency. The building remains cooler during the summers and warm during winters. Also, insulation can lower the chances of condensation; this helps in preventing damp and mold. 

If you are still thinking about why insulated roofing panels, you must know that almost 25% of heat can escape through inefficient insulated roofs, this could cost your energy bills, insulated metal panels are incredibly durable, and can be installed faster, thus reducing the operational costs. 

These roofing panels are available in different thicknesses; these are also easy to install and require less labor than what is needed while building traditional roofs. The ‘one layer’ facet of these roofing sheets ensure a wider area can be covered within a shorter period. 

Do you know that TSSC insulated roof panels are extremely energy efficient? While conventional roofs have a lifespan of about 10 years, on the other hand, a sandwich panel roofing can last for a lifetime without maintenance.

We are the leaders in manufacturing and supplying insulated wall and roofing panels—request for a quote.


The use of Insulated panels – TSSC Group is the largest insulation panel manufacturer in UAE

Modern insulation technique has set apart present-day construction. The right kind of insulation allows contractors to regulate the interior temperature of a room with accuracy, resulting in energy efficiency if you have plans to add insulation to your construction or industry, its time to look for insulated panel manufacturers.





What are insulated panels?

Insulated panels are also called structural insulated panels or SIPs that are composite material mainly used for construction. Every panel has multiple layers that are bonded with each other to create a sturdier material efficiently resisting heat transfer. These layers have an insulating material like polystyrene foam placed in-between the two pieces of structural equipment like plywood. Based on the application, these panels may consist of various materials. 

Insulated panel materials:

Some of the common insulating materials used by insulation manufacturers include:

  • Composite honeycomb
  • Polystyrene foam expanded 
  • Extruded Polystyrene foam
  • Polyurethane foam
  • Polyisocyanurate foam


 Some of the structural materials that are used are:     

  • Cement
  • Oriented Strand Board (OSB)
  • Wool, plywood and also engineered woods
  • Magnesium Oxide board (MgO)
  • Metals having strong sheets 

These panels are either used independently or as an alternative to old school building materials, also sometimes used with conventional materials for insulating smaller spaces. 

For instance, contractors working with residential spaces might use insulated panels on the top of the framing. But in commercial and industrial settings, Insulated panels are layered over the drywall to build cold storages inside existing construction.

Applications of insulated panels:

Insulated panels can be used across any sector, so here is taking a look at the industries where insulated panels are mostly used:

Commercial buildings – These include various manufacturing facilities that have changing climatic requirements. For instance, inside a facility, the continuous use of machines and equipment can raise the temperature to higher levels. The insulation used in these facilities allows for efficient control of indoor temperature. 

Pharmaceuticals – When it’s about storing medicines and other medical items, the pharmacies must follow a rigid guideline to prevent medicines from spoiling. This should be taken care of most when the medications are in transit or stored. Insulated panels can offer the necessary temperature for storage. These panels used in refrigerated trucks are used for transporting medicines and other temperature-sensitive medical items. 

Refrigeration – Insulated panels are used on a large scale for cooling. Refrigerators and walk-in freezers are coated with insulated panels to maintain the needful temperature. These units are used in restaurants, schools, camps, hospitals, and other locations. 

Warehouses – A lot of warehouses need to maintain cold inside temperature. Insulation is a must for these larger spaces; otherwise, it would be difficult for a lot of cooling units to maintain a steady temperature. Insulated panels are essential in cold storage holding food items, products like electronics, and other temperature-sensitive stuff. 

If you feel insulated panels could improve your building, get in touch with TSSC Group in the UAE. We are one of the most experienced and top sandwich panel manufacturers having an excellent client base. Call us to discuss your project details.