Why You Should Use Sandwich PUF Panels?

Why use Sandwich PUF Panels?

Sandwich PUF Panels are being used more frequently in the realm of modern building and cold storage solutions. These polyurethane foam panels, also known as PUF panels or Polyurethane Foam Panels, provide a flexible and effective solution for a variety of applications, notably in cold storage facilities. TSSC is a well-known brand in the market that offers premium Sandwich PUF Panels.

Benefits of Sandwich PUF panel for cold storage for construction and cold storage needs 
Outstanding Thermal Insulation

When it comes to the PUF panel for cold storage warehouses, keeping the temperature steady and low is crucial to ensuring the quality and security of the kept items. Due to its remarkable thermal insulation qualities, sandwich PUF panels thrive in this area. These panels have a polyurethane foam core, which is well known for its excellent thermal performance.

Sandwich PUF panels provide superior thermal insulation and low thermal conductivity which helps to maintain the temperature within the cold storage facility. This not only maintains the quality of the products but also uses less energy over time, saving money.

Power Savings

The possibility for large energy savings is one of the most important benefits of adopting sandwich PUF panels for cold storage. The PUF panels from TSSC have remarkable thermal resistance and are designed to minimize thermal bridging. The PUF panels have continuous insulation throughout the wall surface, reducing heat loss or gain through these bridges and improving energy efficiency. For companies that run cold storage facilities, this energy-efficient insulation can significantly reduce energy consumption and result in long-term cost reductions that are considerable.

Long Lasting and Resilient

Construction of cold storage facilities must consider durability because of the fluctuations in temperature and the continual movement of items. Sandwich PUF Panels from TSSC are renowned for their durable design and endurance. They are made to endure the demands of cold storage conditions, guaranteeing that your facility will last for many years.

Installation simplicity

Sandwich PUF Panels’ simplicity of installation is another benefit. The panels are manufactured in a controlled environment setting and then brought to the job site. This drastically cuts down on-site labor and construction time, lowers costs and expedites project completion. PUF panels from TSSC are an efficient option for building projects including cold storage since they are designed for simple installation. The slip joint & camlock jointing system facilitates assembly and dismantling quickly, therefore, fewer workers or non-HVAC trained personnel are required. The jointing system also gives an aesthetic sense by hiding the joints. Steps to be followed in the installation of PUF panels is to determine the size of the cold room, calculate the surface area of the cold room, determine the thickness of the PUF panels required for the installation, and place the order PUF panels from TSSC.

Choices for Customization

Every cold storage facility is different, with particular needs and spatial limitations. Sandwich panels from TSSC may be customized in a variety of ways to match the precise needs of your project. Customization enables you to adapt the panels to the unique requirements of your cold storage facility, regardless of whether you need panels with particular dimensions, distinct thicknesses, or alternative finishes.

Resistance to Moisture and Corrosion

To stop mold and germs from growing, PUF panels for cold storage facilities must maintain a dry, clean atmosphere. Sandwich PUF Panels from TSSC are created to be moisture-resistant, guaranteeing that they maintain outstanding condition even in areas with high relative humidity levels. These panels are also corrosion-resistant, which makes them perfect for cold storage facilities with variable humidity and temperature.

Fire Protection

Any building project must prioritize safety. Sandwich PUF Panels from TSSC are created with fire safety in mind. They have good fire-retardant qualities that, in emergencies, can aid in containing and reducing the spread of fire. In cold storage facilities where the storage of delicate commodities is practiced, this additional degree of security is crucial.

Environmentally responsible

Construction and building materials are increasingly focusing on sustainability. Sandwich PUF panel for cold storage are eco-friendly since they have less influence on the environment. They utilize less energy, which lowers the greenhouse gas emissions brought on by heating and cooling. These panels may be recycled, which helps the building sector become more environmentally friendly.

Cost-Saving Approach

Sandwich PUF Panels’ long-term cost-effectiveness becomes clear. Over the course of your cold storage facility’s life, lower operating expenses will result from energy savings, longevity, and minimal maintenance requirements. The dedication to quality guarantees that your investment in PUF panels for cold storage will pay off in terms of effectiveness and cost savings.

Applications for Cold Storage with Flexibility

Sandwich PUF Panels provide flexibility in applications for cold storage. They may be used for a variety of things, such as blast freezers, walk-in coolers, refrigerated warehouses, and refrigerated trucks. These panels may be tailored to the precise temperature needs of your application, whether you are storing perishable commodities, frozen goods, or medications.

This adaptability includes both new PUF cold storage facility development and refurbishment and extension of existing ones. PUF panels are flexible, making them a good option for a variety of cold storage solutions.


It makes sense to utilize Sandwich PUF Panels from the TSSC when building PUF panels for cold storage facilities. In addition to effective thermal insulation, these panels also save energy and are simple to install. They offer moisture and corrosion resistance and can be tailored to your project’s exact needs. Sandwich PUF panels are also cost-effective in the long run and ecologically benign. Sandwich PUF panels are a great choice for cold storage facilities needing dependable and effective insulation, and they are supported by the TSSC’s reputation for providing high-quality building materials.

Get introduced to the ISOWall and EASYWall sandwich panels by TSSC

Building and construction companies in the UAE have shifted to modern techniques. This has helped to save time and add durability to the construction. Sandwich panel is a part of new construction techniques that have a lot of benefits. The panels protect the building from harsh weather conditions and offer insulation benefits. The name sandwich has been given for its real sandwich-like structure. There are two metal sheets on the two sides and core material in the middle. The core can be made of different materials but all of them have insulation properties. Sandwich panels in UAE are used ideally for walling, roofing and cladding. 

The temperature is harsh and extreme in the UAE, where insulation is an important factor. TSSC’s panels offer solid heat, fire and sound insulation. TSSC’s ribbed and flat roof panels take a shorter duration to complete the construction. These panels come in three layers which include an inner and outer sheet and an insulated core. You can choose the core material among PUR, PIR, EPS and mineral wool. The insulated sandwich panels have hidden fix joints for seamless horizontal and vertical installation. TSSC sandwich panels have an assembling and dismantling procedure. The lightweight panels allow faster transportation and low maintenance. Book a yearly maintenance schedule with our experts. 

Get introduced to the ISOwall sandwich panels 

Are you looking for an insulated roof panel in UAE? TSSC designs economical ribbed and flat roof panels. These engage shorter construction duration for construction having solid insulation requirements. TSSC has invented a unique and reasonable solution for developers and contractors. 

TSSC’s Isowall sandwich panels in UAE are used for commercial construction. The panels have a hidden fixing joint system that is used where hygiene and insulation are important. These ISO panels are available with Rockwool or PIR insulation which offers sound insulation and fire resistance. All TSSC panels are quality-tested because we have clients of all sizes and interested customers of all types.

The panels go through a quality check before the panels are shipped to the site. 

EASYWall by TSSC Group – a renowned brand

TSSC Group in the UAE is an ISO 9001 company offering premium quality insulated panels and construction supplies. We have been in this business for more than 50 years. 

TSSC is one of the leaders in manufacturing lightweight insulated panels. We also have the EASY WALL panels made of lightweight concrete with an expandable polystyrene core. This system is durable and is engineered for all types of insulation. Our systems are tested and approved by international and local bodies. 

Discuss your project with the experts

Our panels are used in cold storage and warehouses. The company is the largest manufacturer in the UAE. We have a huge team looking into your requirements. TSSC believes that one solution does not fit all, and this is why we customize accordingly. TSSC panels are available to customers in ready-to-assemble packs. Please discuss your project with us for a bespoke solution. We have a team to manage your project right from planning to implementation. 

Final words

Are you interested in an insulated roof panel in the UAE? Book a free consultation! Get all your queries answered.

TSSC insulated panels – The use of insulated mineral wool as a core in sandwich panels

Mineral wool is an inorganic and non-metallic product that is manufactured from a mixture of raw materials. This mix comprises silica or stone, heated to a very high temperature until they are molten. The stone or glass in molten form is spun and is formed into a fibrous flexible mat for processing into final finishing products. The heat, fire, and sound properties of mineral wool originate from the mat of fibers that hinder air movement. 

Mineral wool is a versatile material and can be made of various densities. Also, the panels have different properties and are available in varying shapes. 

Thermal insulation

The thermal performance of mineral wool is due to convection inhibition by setting up the air on the material’s open-cell and woolly matrix. The conduction lowers because there is not much solid material to offer pathways and the static air that is trapped has low thermal conductivity. The heat transfer reduces because the material acts as a barrier to radiative procedures. 

Acoustic material

Porous materials like mineral wool function to control and decrease the noise by allowing air movement into the material. The instabilities of the air molecules that form the sound waves move into the mineral wool. Here, friction between air particles and the material’s narrow airways causes sound energy to be dissolute as heat. 

Invest in TSSC mineral wool

The mineral wool panel is known for insulation that restricts heat transfer with the help of building envelopes. There is not much requirement for cooling and heating energy. A mineral wool panel sandwiched between the concrete panels improves the walls, floors, and insulation roof. It is non-combustible, so it offers fire protection and safety. Now mineral wool is available at the TSSC store in improved versions. 

The use of mineral wool to make up the core in sandwich panels 

Sandwich panels are used to construct roofs and walls of buildings and build enclosures of commercial equipment, and air conditioning devices…etc. The sandwich panels are made in a continuous procedure of joining the core with lining, mostly metal plates. The Sandwich panel, as the name suggests, is made of several layers. The metal lining shields against various weather conditions and also renders decorative functions. They start showing their insulating properties when exposed to snow, steam, moisture, chemicals, and other extreme conditions. 

Sandwich panels have an insulating core that is made of mineral wool. The core can also be made of PUR, IPR, EPS boards to guarantee the required degree of insulation. When the sandwich panels are joined with the lining, it protects against extreme environmental and climatic conditions. 

Testing the insulated panels 

Reap a lot of benefits using TSSC sandwich panels in the building walls. The sandwich panel’s huge load-bearing capacity is due to the firm bonded connection between the mineral wool core and the cover faces. The adhesive bond must be tested for its reliability. Peel testing is done at a continuous angle of 90 degrees. 

TSSC solutions in the MIddle East

TSSC has over 40 years of experience in manufacturing and customizing building solutions in the UAE and all-over Middle East. Have a project ready that you need to discuss with us? Call us or email us for a consultation.

TSSC sandwich panels in Dubai offer fantastic insulation – The core plays an important role

A sandwich panel is used to clad the roofs and walls of buildings. Each panel comprises of a core made of thermo-insulating material. The two sides are shielded with metal which protects the core. The panels are attached to a metal frame. The structural forces are endured by the carrier frame or steel framework. 

The importance of the core in sandwich panels 

The core material differentiates the types of panels. Some of the readily available core materials are EPS, PIR, PUR, and mineral wool. The materials have different thermal insulating and sound insulating performance, which also varies in weight and fire resistivity. 

There has been a lot of advancement in construction technologies. This is why more building companies in the Middle East rely on sandwich panels for better insulation. All manufacturing teams in the Middle East do not possess similar skills. TSSC Group has operated for more than forty years to have an excellent reputation for offering advanced and timely solutions.  Sandwich panels in Dubai are extremely popular as they have several benefits.

Total construction time

A construction that is being set up following the traditional building process could take longer to complete. But the same construction that uses stud partitions could take a month or a little more than that to complete. Stud partition construction is assembled and not built. The workload gets lighter. The pre-built structural parts and cladding components are brought to the site. The assembling process is smooth and completed by experts. The biggest advantage is that there is no waiting for the building shell to shed off excessive humidity. 

The time is very important when the cost factor is considered; the ROI is affected. The sooner a commercial construction is completed, the sooner you can think of achieving ROI. 

The process involved in the construction

In most sectors, the building requirements play a critical role in the whole project. Stud partitioning is a dry process. It requires no water for the building materials. So, it involves only assembling and fixing the cladding with the screws. The cladding is the sandwich panels. In comparison, traditional methods use wet processes. Water is necessary for concrete mixing, bricklaying, and plastering. The modern method is extremely beneficial for industries that require controlled moisture levels like wood processing, pharmaceuticals, commercial kitchens, grow rooms, etc. 

The cost factor discussed

The cost of sandwich panels in Dubai depends on the entire product thickness and the insulating core. The EPS core is an ideal budget option. But sandwich panels having the PIR core gives a long-term performance with improved thermal conductivity. TSSC is a large manufacturer; we have many clients as we can offer affordable solutions. 

The uses of TSSC sandwich panels 

TSSC sandwich panels are used in warehouses, logistic hubs, cold storage, sports facilities, shopping malls, office and manufacturing buildings. We are talking about sandwich panels for cold storage in this blog because of their popularity in the UAE. Cold storages follow a complex construction process. TSSC sandwich panels offer the highest degree of thermal insulation, which is higher than façade panels.

TSSC can also customize an insulated lightweight partition wall panel for you. Do you wish to discuss your project requirement with our experts? Reach the TSSC team online, and we shall offer consultation.

How important is it to insulate the roof with sandwich panel roofing?

Roof insulation is essential for any construction, be it commercial or residential. However, the quality of insulation depends on the developer’s choice of materials. Insulation is crucial, and for that roof panel system in the UAE is installed. If you are wondering why you need to opt for room insulation in the Middle East, it’s because adequate insulation protects the building from extreme temperature. If you run a storeroom or inventory, you need to maintain a specific indoor environment that will not be affected by climatic changes, and the room panelling system helps to achieve that. 

Significance of roof panel system:

If you install sandwich roof panels in the UAE, it offers a kind of sturdiness and durability that can withstand moisture and storm. The primary reason is the room panels are made by the materials that are waterproof. You will get such panels at TSSC which is a trusted manufacturer of sandwich panels. If you are looking for complete protection, that is the place you need to go for. Let’s dig into their material-


The sandwich panel roofing in the UAE has multiple layers- there is a core part, and the core is protected by two metal sheets. The core part is intense; the design is similar to a sandwich. The core requires protection because it is delicate and light in weight. The panels are like façade, and it is used for cladding. To give it a thickness to a certain extent polyurethane infusion is given. Besides that, polyurethane foam, or fibreglass is also used to provide a consolidation. 


Significant usage of such panels 

In the Middle East, you will find many of the constructions are using sandwich panels. Name any development, and you will find these panels as the prime protector of the roof. It is used in cold storage, sports centres, shopping malls, production units, etc. the best part of this sandwich roof panel is, it is easy to install. The panels are designed and manufactured in a factory, and it is installed in the site which takes 7 to 8 hours. A local contractor can install the panels; it is that much easier. 


As the panels are produced at a particular place, so it does not produce much environmental waste. Insulation means it does not only protect a building from frivolous climate but also prevent sound. The panels are lightweight so they are easily movable and the advanced technology offers an impressive rigidity. 


The fabricator like TSSC Group offers safe transportation of the panels to the site. They have quite a rich customer base as they are the manufacturer of the panels they offer necessary customization of the panels. In order to manufacture the panels under one roof, they use advanced technology. The room panel is energy efficient as they can stop 35% of heat from penetration. So, you can save your utility bill and invest in the composite panel is considered a one-time investment. Once you invest in it, the durability will give you the return on investment. 

TSSC sandwich panels offer ideal insulation for your commercial interiors

Sandwich panels are utilized as roofing and cladding solutions; these boards are chiefly used to fabricate logistic structures, stockrooms, workplaces, cold stockpiles, shopping arcades, sports edifices, and then some. TSSC in the Middle East is one of the greatest sandwich panel manufacturers in the Middle East. We offer different structure and building solutions; TSSC dominates in planning sandwich panels. Our panels are also attached to a robust steel framework. 

TSSC sandwich panels are made of two insulating layers and offer adequate protection and insulation. The panels are amazingly useful. There is a core and the different sides are covered with dainty protecting and insulating layers. The core inside has the right amount of thermal insulation that can ingest overabundance dampness, warmth, and fire and not let cold influence the climate. The outside bit covers and secures the core that sits in the center; it likewise goes about as an enriching covering. 

The core is very solid and it’s amazingly lightweight. The external layers shield the core from different climate conditions, various powers, and effects. 

For the most part, the core is made of expanded polystyrene (EPS), PIR (Polyurethane), polyisocyanurate, and mineral fleece. You can pick any of the core materials —those distinctions regarding protection, as far as both sound and warmth. 

Numerous organizations presently lean toward our sandwich boards in the UAE. The climate in the Middle East is extraordinary and cruel, so protection is of most extreme significance. TSSC sandwich panels are accessible in an assortment of sizes, shapes, and tones. TSSC has many expert engineers that design the best panels and offer you the best solution. 

TSSC sandwich panels are amazingly reasonable, yet the valuing differs depending on which protected co material and thickness you prefer. If you are a spendthrift purchaser, put resources into the EPS center, and decide to introduce PIR if searching for a solid arrangement. Mineral fleece has incredible imperviousness to fire and soundproofing. 

TSSC panels from TSSC have unrivaled protection, are water-safe, and are low maintenance. The external surface of the panels is non-permeable and simple to clean. With occasional cleaning, you can keep the panels. Ordering our panels is very simple; you can order directly from the manufacturing unit. You additionally have a group of agents who visit your site for a consultation. 

TSSC sandwich panels can make the structure cycle simpler, quicker, and savvy. Our organization has a group of value control specialists who handle the last delivery cycle to guarantee the ideal items arrive at your site. The transportation is simple; installation is excessively hassle-free and can happen quickly. Faster development implies low development expenses, and this means more ROI. 

Do you have a building project so wanting to introduce insulated panels in the UAE? Talk with the TSSC specialists to search for reasonable protected boards within your financial plan and prerequisites. TSSC works in the Middle East, and we offer strong development, protection, and building solutions for over forty years. 

We encourage customers to shop from one store; you can also get your desirable accessories. We follow the ”sticking to one-maker” strategy. TSSC is one of the top insulated panel manufacturers in the UAE.

The Growing Popularity of Sandwich Roof Panels in the UAE

Insulation is very important where there is extreme temperature, so the Middle East is no exception. If you have a commercial space and store perishable items, then you cannot do without insulation. For obtaining the desired environment inside the unit, you need to choose the right kind of panels. Did you hear of sandwich roof panels? These panels are durable, tough, and very long-lasting. 

The panels are so rigid that even humidity cannot affect them. Sandwich roof panels are manufactured from foam that has waterproof qualities. TSSC in the Middle East designs sandwich panels that are not affected by climatic or environmental conditions. Our panels are well-known for offering complete insulation. 

TSSC sandwich panel roofing has multiple layers; the core surrounds two metal sheets in the middle. The core is very tough and made of an insulating layer located right in the center. The panels are popularly used for walling, roofing, and cladding solutions. There are various materials polyurethane, fiberglass, expanded polystyrene, or polyurethane foam, which also offers thermal insulation.

The core is very soft and lightweight; it remains safe between the two layers. The panels bear the shape of the façade; composite cladding and polyurethane injection are given at different thicknesses between galvanized sheets and aluminum plates. 

TSSC panels are extremely demanding; they are used across various sectors in the Middle East. Our panels are used in the construction sector, commonly used in shopping malls, office buildings, warehouses, logistic buildings, sports centers, office buildings, cold storage, manufacturing units, etc. 

Also, TSSC sandwich panels are easier to install, and the total time taken for the installation is almost 7-8 hours. A local contractor in the UAE can carry our successful installation. Our panels are transported to your site safely; everything is taken care of by our team. We transport everything together; the fasteners, the subframes, screws, etc., are all part of the package. Our solutions are suitable for those looking for lightweight panels. It is eco-friendly, sound-absorbing, non-flammable, and easily transportable. 

TSSC in the UAE is the leader in manufacturing roof panel systems. We also manufacture other building and construction products under one roof. We have a rich client base; we have so many existing and new clients who believe in our solutions’ quality. You can order panels directly from TSSC; refer to our website for deals and discounts. 

If you wish to gather more knowledge about sandwich roof panels, call the TSSC experts for a consultation. We are the leaders in the Middle East. We are reputed for offering solutions for more than four decades, and we continue to the pioneer. Our clients are a priority; we respond faster and have a responsive customer care team for solving queries. 

For discussion and assistance related to your project, reach us via phone or email. If you feel that it would be better to discuss with a representative who would visit your site, we will send one. Do you have your project to complete? Request for a quote.

Sandwich panel roofing is a rising trend in the Middle East – TSSC manufacturing insulated roof panel system

Sandwich panels are prevalent in the Middle East, mainly because the insulation is a necessity for most businesses. Sandwich panels play a significant role in insulation, offering the desired temperature inside a commercial setup. Sandwich roof panels are extremely tough, durable, and long-lasting. The rigidness of the panels does not depend on the humidity. These panels are made from foam, having waterproof qualities. TSSC manufactures sandwich panels that are not affected by mildew, mold, dampness, moisture, and other environmental conditions. 

TSSC’s sandwich roof panel system comprises multiple layers; basically, two metal sheets surround a core in the middle. The core is made of an insulating layer that is located right in the middle. Our panels are widely used for roofing, walling, and cladding solutions. Materials like fiberglass, polyurethane foam, expanded polystyrene, or polyurethane foam offer superb thermal insulation. 


Easy to install sandwich panel systems: 

To be precise, the core is very soft, tender, and lightweight. The core sits safely between the layers; the panels are in the shape of the façade, polyurethane injection and composite cladding is applied at different thicknesses between the aluminum plates and galvanized sheets. 

TSSC sandwich roof panels are easy to install; the time taken to complete the entire process is 7-8 hours. You can hire a local contractor for a perfect installation. The panels are safely transported to the site; the process is stress-free. All materials, including subframes, fasteners, screws, are transported to the site. 


Glass fiber panels and mineral wool:

Did you hear of glass fiber panels from TSSC? It’s for those who are looking for a lightweight solution. The panels are eco-friendly, non-flammable, sound-absorbing, and easily transportable. Lightweight styrofoam is used; it is also available in honeycomb form. Now we would discuss a bit about mineral wool, which is used to make the construction process simpler. Mineral wool can bear very high temperatures, is anti-corrosive, and offers thermal insulation. 


TSSC – the market leader in UAE:

TSSC sandwich panels are widely used across the Middle East. The panels are commonly used in the building sector, including shopping malls, office buildings, warehouses, logistic buildings, sports centers, office buildings, cold storages, manufacturing units, and more. 

Do you wish to know more about sandwich panel roofing and unsure what to choose for your industry? TSSC has a team of experts to offer the best consultation. TSSC is the market leader in the Middle East, offering solutions for more than four decades. We are now one of the most established wall panels suppliers. 


Clients are priority: 

TSSC boasts of a rich client base; we have so many existing and new clients who believe in our solutions. You can order panels directly from TSSC, where you can enjoy lucrative deals and discounts. At our store, you can also shop for all types of accessories. 

For assistance and discussion related to your project, reach us via phone or email. If you feel that it would be better to discuss it with us if a representative visits your site, we will send one.  

Do you have your project ready? Request for a quote.

Sandwich panel roofing solutions from TSSC – Durable and insulated panels

Are you wondering why sandwich panels are so popular in the Middle East? Most commercial interiors rely immensely on insulation and this is where sandwich panels come into play. Sandwich roof panels are very durable and tough; their sturdiness does not depend on humidity. They are made of foam that possesses waterproofing qualities. Therefore, these panels are unaffected by mold, mildew, and other biological factors. 

Sandwich panels for roofing, cladding and walling:

A sandwich roof panel system has various layers. There are two sheets of metal in these panels and the core is formed of an insulating layer that sits in the middle. TSSC panels are used for walling, roofing, and cladding. Materials like fiberglass, polyurethane foam, expanded polystyrene, or polyurethane foam offer thermal insulation. 

Are you familiar with mineral wool? This is a unique material that is mainly used in a simple construction. Mineral wool can endure higher temperatures, corrosion, and thermal insulation. TSSC sandwich panels are used in construction like office buildings, shopping malls, warehouses, logistic buildings, office buildings, sports facilities, freezers, and manufacturing buildings…etc. 

Flawless installation by experts:

The core is extremely soft, lightweight, and tender; it is seated between the layers. The sandwich panels are basically façade shaped and composite cladding, polyurethane injection is applied in various thicknesses between the galvanized sheets and aluminum plates. The installation process is very simple and installation only takes about 7-8 hours. Hire experts contractors for a flawless installation. Transportation is hassle-free; we take care of it. All other materials, including fasteners, subframes, screws, are all transported to the site. 

TSSC glass fiber sandwich panels are non-flammable, eco-friendly, sound-absorbing, efficient, and easily transportable. Lightweight styrofoam is used and it’s also available in honeycomb form. 

TSSC – the leaders in supplying insulated panels:

Are you looking for sandwich roof panels in the Middle East? TSSC in the UAE is an ISO 9001 organization specialized in offering building and construction supplies. TSSC are the leaders in supplying sandwich panel roofing solutions. We are the experts in providing high-quality insulated panels; our solutions are extremely affordable. In case you are thinking of the cost factor, the total thickness is to be considered, which includes the core. If you are looking for the best performance, choose the PIR core, but you can also opt for the EPS core.

Get in touch with TSSC in the UAE:

If you are not sure of what to choose, you can have a consultation with our experts. It’s been more than four decades that TSSC is ruling the Middle East market being one of the top panel suppliers. We have a very rich client base; our clients have trusted us for more than four decades. We recommend ordering panels directly from the manufacturer; we also offer specific discounts as well. You can reach us for a discussion if you have a project now to be done. Also, we provide the necessary accessories, available in our store in the Middle East. Our representatives can also reach your site if needed. 

Invest in sandwich panels from TSSC – A well-reputed sandwich panel manufacturers in the UAE

Do you know why sandwich roof panels are named the way they are? These panels are made by mixing three structures, including two layers protecting the inside core from both sides. These panels have become extremely popular because it makes the construction work faster and more efficient. A lot of building and construction agencies in the Middle East swear by this solution.


Know why the panels are durable: 

Do you know what this type of panel is made up of? It is like a sandwich having a soft core and is protected by tough layers. This is called layers and the core is not too thick; the covering layers are thin but very protective. There is metal attached to the sandwich panels’ outer surface, which is mainly used for decorative purpose and protection.  


The functions of the sandwich panels:

It is very important to know why these panels are used. The main purpose is insulation, and this is why the core is made from thermo-insulating material. This acts as a shield for arresting heat, cold, moisture, fire, and harsh weather conditions. The core has immense strength, but it’s incredibly light-weight in nature. The outer layers are there to add protection to the core. 


Uses of TSSC sandwich panels:

Our sandwich roof panels are used for roofing, cladding, and walling projects. These insulated panels are used primarily for building warehouses, sports complexes, buildings, logistics, freezers, and shopping malls. Our experts use a few non-structural materials, but a steel structure ensures the panels’ forces. Our panels are available in various cores, including the EPS (expanded polystyrene), PIR (polyurethane or polyisocyanurate), PUR, and mineral wool. 


We focus on customer satisfaction:

TSSC designs new and innovative sandwich roof panels. We suggest ordering panels directly from the manufacturers or use the distributor chain. TSSC gives priority to customers. You can also request our sales representatives to come and visit your site. We have a team of experts always ready to offer consultation. 


The cost depends on thermal conductivity: 

The panels’ cost depends on the thickness of the panels; the cost also depends on the amount of thermal-insulation. If you are looking for an affordable option, choose to install the EPS core, PIR panels offer high performance due to better thermal conductivity. 

TSSC insulated panels are available in an array of colors, shapes, and sizes. The installation process is straightforward and it takes a total of 8 hours to complete the process. Transportation of sandwich panels is no big deal; we ensure it reaches the site safely on time. The materials include panels, subframes, screws, and fasteners. 


Final words – offering the best building solutions:

TSSC caters to so many clients every day and we have been successfully operating for more than four decades. We are a reputed company offering the best buildings and construction solutions. Our panels are insulated, affordable, and long-lasting. Our solutions are designed for cost-cutting and superior protection. We are one of the top sandwich panel manufacturers in the UAE.


Have a project in mind? Discuss with our experts; we have a sandwich roof paneling solution for you—request for a quote.