Installing insulated sandwich panels inside your construction – Talk to the TSSC architects

Sandwich panels are used for cladding and roofing solutions. The panels are used for building warehouses, logistic buildings, cold storage, offices, sports, shopping arcades, and more. Sandwich panels are made of two layers that offer solid insulation. TSSC is one of the most renowned insulated panel manufacturers in Saudi Arabia

The two layers in the sandwich panels offer protection to the core, which remains between the layers. The panels are functional, and the core is made of thermo-insulating material which absorbs the excess heat, moisture, cold, and other extreme weather conditions. The exterior part is like a decorative covering. The core is lightweight and is very sturdy. 

TSSC panels can be customized

The material of the core plays a very crucial role; the core is usually made of expanded polystyrene (EPS), polyisocyanurate, PIR (Polyurethane), and mineral wool. Choose the core material because each material has a separate performance in terms of insulation (heat and sound).

TSSC has a group of experienced architects that use modern technology and expertise to design the panels. We have an interactive team that renders expert opinion and consultation. Also, we customize your project according to your construction structure requirements and budget. 

Affordable insulated panels 

Our sandwich panels are extremely budget-friendly; the price differs based on the insulated core’s material and thickness. If you have a specific budget, invest in a core made from EPS core. The PIR is a reliable choice and if resistivity is your choice, choose mineral wool for better soundproofing and fire-resistance. 

We have experts to manage your project

TSSC sandwich panels to make the construction process simpler, faster, and budget-friendly. Our sandwich panels are non-porous and can be cleaned within a few minutes. Our company has a quality-control expert who takes care of the entire process right from initiation to the final delivery process. The transportation is taken care of; the installation process is super simple and hassle-free. Speedy construction ensures low construction costs, which means better ROI. 

Discuss your requirements with us, and we would help you by handling and executing your project. 

Choose TSSC in Saudi Arabia

If you are operating a business in Saudi Arabia, prefer installing our insulated sandwich panels. TSSC sandwich insulated panels are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. Our sandwich panels are fixed to a firm steel framework. The climatic conditions in the Middle East are harsh and extreme, and this is where insulation plays a major role. 

Are you planning to install insulated sandwich roof panels? 

Order sandwich panels directly from the manufacturer, or you can also purchase via the distributor chain. TSSC has a team of expert representatives who visit your site for measurements and to offer consultation. 

You can talk to our experts about an affordable insulated roof panel in Saudi Arabia. We try to offer affordable solutions within your budget and requirements. We have been operating in Saudi Arabia for the past forty years. The company is renowned for offering insulation, construction, and building solutions.