TSSC is one of the leading and successful insulated truck body manufacturers in UAE

Insulated trucks are vehicles whose bodies are fully equipped with a layer of insulating materials responsible for limiting heat transfer taking that would have taken place between the inner and outer surfaces. These trucks are functional in keeping products at a specific temperature that the recipient can accept. 


TSSC in the UAE is one very reliable and expert truck body manufacturer and here is a look at the offerings in refrigerated transportation:

Celsius – the brand for refrigerated vehicles 

Being one of the top insulated truck body manufacturers in UAE, TSSC Group is dedicated to offering a pioneer range of freezer trucks and truck-mounted chillers. Celsius is our very own brand. Using advanced manufacturing processes, we make sure that the edges and the corners of the truck bodies are protected, and for that, we use extruded aluminum profiles. We design the insulated body so that the temperature within +15°C to -40°C is maintained. The truck bodies are up to 7 meters in length and 3 meters in width. We are exclusive because we can manufacture truck bodies by using six panels in total. 


Some of the salient features are:

  • Lightweight
  • Low repair expenses</strong
  • No joints and seamless</strong
  • Options of truck bed flooring</strong
  • Durable GRP flooring</strong
  • “K” value factor is very low</strong

Solar power trucks
TSSC being one of the most experienced Solar Powered Truck body manufacturers that use smarter technology to utilize the power of the sun to aid the transport refrigeration business. We use solar panels to supply power to the refrigeration units. This is very useful for trailers and refrigerated trucks manufactured to offer refrigerated conditions inside the transports. TSCC has a technical team that installs Film Flexible Solar Panels that are seamlessly connected on the roofs of truck bodies and trailers. This helps to reduce the downtime expenses, save a lot of fuel, gives longer battery life, and is greener for the environment. 
Insulated Dry Box Body
TSSC successfully manufactures isothermal bodyworks in the GCC area and constructs Dry Freight Insulated Box Truck Bodies, including floors, walls, and ceiling. Our team has been doing this to offer superior protection from heat transfer. 
Refrigerated Semi-Trailer
TSSC in UAE is the market leader who offers cold chain logistics solutions to clients that provide fully integrated capabilities. We are dedicated to building efficient cold storages on reefer trailers. These trailers are constructed based on international standards. Some of the features are maximum insulation; you get a lot of accessories, fuel efficiency, you can choose your panel finishes and truck bed flooring finishes.

Apart from these, we also supply Eutectic refrigeration Ice Cream Boxes, refrigerated pickup vans, and customized mobile health units. TSSC has more than 55 years of experience in the field of manufacturing insulated wall and roofing panels. We have an expert team that continually researches and implements the latest construction techniques to set up insulated truck bodies. Our vehicles meet the highest standards and ensure durability and thermal efficiency. For years we have been offering long-term and affordable solutions as a leading truck body manufacturer in UAE. 


TSSC manufacturing functional and high-quality insulated sandwich panels for cold storage

Sandwich panels for cold storage are an optimized product to make sure outstanding thermal insulation. These refrigerated panels have a core made of polyurethane, which offers isolation, and it can increase as you add more thickness to the sandwich sheet. Rising demand for insulated panels has been noticed in the middle east mainly due to the harsh climatic conditions. 


cold storage UAE

The sandwich panels have a monolithic construction where sturdy polyurethane foam is used at high-density, which lies in the center, and the two outer layers have galvanized steel claddings. TSSC cold store insulated sandwich panels are considered the ideal choice in thermal insulation processes of cold storages and refrigerated rooms. These panels are highly used in industries including pharmaceutical, food, chemistry, health, and more. These panels are efficient in taking in control the cooling and heating processes; this renders energy-efficiency. These structures are air-tight, which prevents heat loss, and the sandwich panels also give smart solutions for your cold storage by turning out to be a financially viable investment. The features like faster installation and seamless assembling processes are praiseworthy. The best thermal insulation is offered by using PIR and PUR insulation cores that are of international standards. In-all cold store sandwich panels offer hygiene, safer environment, and energy-efficiency. These panels have flat and lined type surfaces, also PVC film laminated and stainless steel surface, and thicknesses ranging from 80mm to 200 mm.

If you are running a cold store in the UAE and have decided to install sandwich panels, place your order and deliver it directly to your destination. We offer solutions for food distribution, logistics, pharmaceutical, and many more. Some of the types of cold store options we provide are walk-in cold room, refrigeration systems, skid-mounted cold room, supermarkets, and food processing units, polyurea flooring, and pre-insulated ductwork. 

Are you interested in installing a walk-in freezer that looks very similar to a walk-in cold room? It maintains its efficient functioning at a lower temperature, which is between -18C to -22C. These units are designed to maintain even temperature, thus beneficial in storing products for many months in hygienic conditions. The skid-mounted one is portable, set upon mobile units; thus, you can call mobile refrigerating systems. It’s possible to lift the structure with a crane or a flatbed truck, easy to use for offshore applications. The unit has a base made of steel for secure mobility and durability. The latest one from TSSC is the HVAC pre-insulated ductwork, and the technology we implement is innovative. We use PIR and PUR during the manufacturing process, and the two outer layers are made from aluminum sheets. 

TSSC is the largest manufacturer of insulated sandwich panels that are mostly supplied to the  cold storage in UAE. We supply premium panels that are capable of offering maximum insulation based on every client’s cold storage conditions. We provide solutions that suit your requirement; we do not believe in one solution for all. This is why we have built a delighted customer base in these years. We have experience of more than four decades of manufacturing and supplying construction and commercial supplies in UAE. Call us; send us your queries regarding cold store sandwich panels.


Sandwich panels offering aesthetic look to the building with superior thermal insulation

A sandwich panel is a combination of three distinct structures and is widely used in the building and construction industry. It usually includes a firm commodity that is wrapped around the composite component’s interior, and this delivers a super-functional structure. 



A sandwich panel is made of layers, a center having a lesser thickness, a thin skinny layer attached to both sides. The metal panel in the outer surface of sandwich panels is mainly used for decorative purposes and to safeguard the inner core. Every panel has a core made up of thermo-insulating material that prevents heat, moisture, and fire; it has immense strength and is light-weight. The external components safeguard the core from unfavorable weather conditions and resist the forces applied due to tension and compression. 


Normal ISO Wall Panel


Sandwich panels in UAE are used for cladding roofs and walls of buildings. These panels are used in constructing warehouses, logistic buildings, sports facilities, office buildings, shopping malls, freezers, and cold stores, manufacturing buildings, and more. These are curtain materials and not structural materials, but the structural forces are endured by a steel framework to which the panels are attached. TSSC manufactures sandwich panels in UAE, having cores of EPS (expanded polystyrene), PIR (polyurethane or polyisocyanurate), and mineral wool. These materials are different from each other in terms of thermal insulation, the performance of sound insulation, its weight, and reaction to fire.  


You could be planning to install a sandwich panel for the roof in UAE or the walls; it would take an approx of 8 hours for an expert. These panels are easy and quick to install. The construction materials are transported to the site, which includes panels, sub-frames, and fasteners. The number of screws to be used depends on spacing and layout. There is a supervisor or a project engineer to take care of the whole process. 


Sandwich panels are gaining immense popularity in the building industry and industrial purpose. There are different types of sandwich panels available in the market; these come in various colors, sizes, and shapes. TSSC is one of the most well-regarded sandwich panel manufacturers in the UAE, and we are offering building solutions for more than four decades. These are manufactured to help the architects with options so that they can select judging the design of the building.


The cost is based on the total thickness of the product and the thermo-insulated core. Using ESP core is a budget-friendly choice, but for long-lasting performance, PIR core panels work the best; these are cost-effective and have a solid thermal conductivity. It’s best if you order sandwich panels directly from the manufacturers or use their distributor chain. Our regional sales representative could visit your site upon request for consultation and advice related to the materials to use and feasible processes. 

Create a practical solution for your next project. 


Why are precast concrete panels being successfully used in the construction sector?

Precast walls are popularly used in mid-rise buildings such as motels, hotels, offices, hospitals, nursing homes, and apartments. These insulated wall panels offer a soundproof interior for single units and fire resistance for the building. These concrete panels are being used since the 20th century, but they have been widely used since 1960. Now it has undergone extensive modernization and is commonly used in the construction industry. Some precast panels are used as column covers, and some spread over many floors; it has height and is added in window openings. 



The architect chooses the cladding material based on looks, offers details of performance and weatherproofing. The structural engineers then initiate the design process of the structure to support the cladding, assign connection points, and measure the consequences of structural movement on the cladding. TSSC, as a precast panel manufacturer, designs cladding for erection loads, connection details, mentioned loads, and offers for the performance, weatherproofing, and robustness of the cladding. Precast walls provide different colors, shapes, finishes, and textures. 

precast panels UAE

There are four types of precast panels that are used for building envelopes:

  • Curtain walls – These are standard cladding used for building envelopes. These panels do not shift the vertical loads and only encloses the space. These are designed to resist seismic forces, wind, and forces necessary to shift the weight of the concrete walls to the support. You can take off these units one by one if needed. 


  • Load-bearing walls –  These units offer resistance and transport load from different elements. It cannot be taken off without hindering the stability and strength of the building. 


  • Shear wall panels – These are functional in providing load resisting laterally when united with the diaphragm action of the floor structure. The efficiency of these panels hugely depends on the connections between them. 


  • Formwork for cast-in-place concrete –  Sometimes, the precast panels in UAE are used as formwork for cast-in-place concrete. Here, the panels act as the foam offering a lot of aesthetics to the system. The cast-in-place provides the structural constituent of the system.

Now, take a look at the benefits of precast walls:

Thermal insulation – All the elements of this panel function together to offer a higher level of insulation. A building made of precast concrete can lower energy consumption by almost 30%.

Faster installation: When precast panels are transported to the site, they are ready to install, and the process can happen quickly. For instance, an experienced team like ours can install 20-30 panels that measure 12 feet in a single day. 

Fire and sound resistance – These panels act as a barrier of fire and sound. The panels are capable of offering 2-4 hours fire rating; these are also not affected by chemical fires. 


Offers wind resistance and can bear loads – The panels are capable of resisting the forces of the wind. The structural panels are made of steel strand that is pre-stressed and durable concrete so it can easily bear a load of a building.  


AT TSSC, we construct precast panels in UAE with care and run a quality check before supplying to the market. These panels require maintenance, the sealant in the joints needs to be taken care of and also protection systems. In case a concrete coating or sealant is used to improve the look and feel or to lower the level of moisture penetration inside the panels, you need to reapply the coat of sealer after a few years.  



Curtain wall systems offering the right kind of insulation to high rise buildings – The advantages discussed

A Curtain wall system encompasses one of the essentials of facade technology in high-rise construction. Facades include curtain walls, window wall, and cladding elements which creates the external envelope of the building. Since it’s exposed hugely to the exterior environment, it has to be correctly designed, assembled, installed, and also maintained, bearing in mind the sustainability and functionality. 



A curtain wall in UAE is an exterior covering of construction where the outer walls do not have any specific structure; it’s attached to the building to protect the interior from outside weather conditions. These walls are incredibly lightweight, usually made of walls with aluminum frames and having infills of metal panels, glass, or thin stone. Glass is used as a curtain wall and has certain benefits like letting in natural daylight. A curtain wall is manufactured in a way to hinder water and air infiltration, and it also resists the influence of the wind and seismic forces. 

Curtain Walls 1


These wall panel systems are divided into two categories according to their process of installation and fabrication. These are modular systems and stick systems. Now, in a modular system, the wall is formed of bigger-size units installed and glazed inside the factory, shipped to the site, and then used on buildings. Whereas in stick systems, the wall frames and glazed panels are connected and installed jointly, piece by piece. The outer surface of curtain wall panel systems in UAE is waterproof; thus, all other parts that fall behind remain completely dry. The modular system offers benefits of high quality and quicker construction because it’s manufactured in the factory. But the transportation costs are a little higher because a lot of care and protection needs to be taken during the process. 


Here are the functions of a curtain wall in brief:


Eradicating water penetration – The primary function of a façade is water penetration. Thus, two layers of prevention are positioned; the first level is conducting a total defense of water. If the primary fails, the second level is draining out percolated water. 


Impermeability of air – This function is about reducing the release of carbon dioxide due to the loss and gain of heat within the internal and external environment. 


Resistance to wind – Cladding systems used in buildings is more prominent in size, and those panels are one-way spanning. So, every floor level supports a single level of wind load on a construction. 


Solar levels – The solar levels can be reduced by a solar control coating on one side of the glass surface. 


High rise buildings use glazed curtain walls for energy efficiency purposes, and this has led to the advancement in the domain of architectural glazings. The primary aim of a window glass design is to enhance its thermal and optical properties. You can use heat-reflective and very-transparent glazings to reduce heat loss from the windows and to save energy. Few window glazings are used for light enhancement and decorative purposes. 


Choose TSSC in the Middle East if you have plans to install wall panel systems. We are the experts in offering roofing and cladding services, mainly into supplying insulated panels to the construction sector in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah. We have a reputation for providing world-class products that meet international standards for more than four decades. We manufacture and supply only certified products with fire ratings. Ours is an ISO 9001 certified company that excels in manufacturing building supplies and industrial products.

Things You Need to Know before Investing in an Insulated Panel – Opt for EASYWALL from TSSC

Insulated panels are also known as ‘sandwich panels,’ these have layers that consist of two thin sheets that act as cover, and there is a core in the middle. These panels have extreme durability because the layers are well connected, and this is why you can also call them composite panels. These panels are manufactured in different designs, and generally, the outer shell has stainless steel, a galvanized sheet of steel, or glass-fiber reinforced plastic. The core consists of insulating material like polyurethane, rock wool, PIR, and PUR. The layers are strong enough to protect the spongy core from outer influences. There are different types of insulated panels, the wall panels, the roof panels, cold room panels, and ECO room panels. 

Insulated panels are used across various industries like automotive, construction, aerospace, etc. These panels are ideal as it saves time, reduces cost and weight as well. The panels can be installed on walls, ceiling, and roof. The panels come directly from the manufacturing unit and are ready to use. The panels can be fixed to a sustainable structure and can be useful for stable roofs or walls with high insulation. The panels are also heavily used for hall construction and roofs in buildings. For example, an easy panel wall system is very beneficial for the building industry. Sandwich panels that have a fire-proof core are used as fire-protection wall panels

Different layers protect the panels from various environmental factors like corrosion and UV radiation. It’s essential to study the environmental factors before buying these panels. Only then can you select the right kind of material and coating. The thicker panels are very durable and sturdy; you can walk on those without causing any damage, but the thinner materials are light-weight and not very stable. These panels are galvanized to prevent corrosion. The insulated panels are coated with standard polyester, in both interior and exterior. The core is protected by steel or aluminum sheets, and the core can have a variety of thicknesses. 

If you order insulated panels, these come well-packed to prevent any damage during transportation. Sometimes you might have to store these panels due to logistics. You must make sure that these panels do not lie on the floor directly. There should be polystyrene spacers or timber on which the panels can rest, and those have to be wider than the panels. Keep the panels in dust-free and dry, well-ventilated rooms and do not store for more than six months. 

Are you looking for a manufacturer offering an easy panel wall system in the Middle East? You can invest in the EASYWALL, a TSSC product which is a sandwich panel made of cement board in the exterior and is the best replacement for block walls. It is a very efficient construction wall product heavily used in the construction sector. 

Choose products manufactured by TSSC. The company is dedicated to building quality products that adhere to international standards. We offer excellent customer service and timely delivery. All our products are certified and have a fire rating. 

TSSC is an ISO 9001 certified organization manufacturing a wide range of industrial products and offering building materials for the construction industry. The company serves businesses in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi. We boast of being the biggest manufacturer of insulated panels for cladding and roofing in the Middle East. We have a vast client base and experience for more than four decades.