TSSC is one of the leading and successful insulated truck body manufacturers in UAE

Insulated trucks are vehicles whose bodies are fully equipped with a layer of insulating materials responsible for limiting heat transfer taking that would have taken place between the inner and outer surfaces. These trucks are functional in keeping products at a specific temperature that the recipient can accept. 


TSSC in the UAE is one very reliable and expert truck body manufacturer and here is a look at the offerings in refrigerated transportation:

Celsius – the brand for refrigerated vehicles 

Being one of the top insulated truck body manufacturers in UAE, TSSC Group is dedicated to offering a pioneer range of freezer trucks and truck-mounted chillers. Celsius is our very own brand. Using advanced manufacturing processes, we make sure that the edges and the corners of the truck bodies are protected, and for that, we use extruded aluminum profiles. We design the insulated body so that the temperature within +15°C to -40°C is maintained. The truck bodies are up to 7 meters in length and 3 meters in width. We are exclusive because we can manufacture truck bodies by using six panels in total. 

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Some of the salient features are:

  • Lightweight
  • Low repair expenses
  • No joints and seamless
  • Options of truck bed flooring
  • Durable GRP flooring
  • “K” value factor is very low


Solar power trucks

TSSC being one of the most experienced Solar Powered Truck body manufacturers that use smarter technology to utilize the power of the sun to aid the transport refrigeration business. We use solar panels to supply power to the refrigeration units. This is very useful for trailers and refrigerated trucks manufactured to offer refrigerated conditions inside the transports. TSCC has a technical team that installs Film Flexible Solar Panels that are seamlessly connected on the roofs of truck bodies and trailers. This helps to reduce the downtime expenses, save a lot of fuel, gives longer battery life, and is greener for the environment. 

Insulated Dry Box Body

TSSC successfully manufactures isothermal bodyworks in the GCC area and constructs Dry Freight Insulated Box Truck Bodies, including floors, walls, and ceiling. Our team has been doing this to offer superior protection from heat transfer. 

Refrigerated Semi-Trailer

TSSC in UAE is the market leader who offers cold chain logistics solutions to clients that provide fully integrated capabilities. We are dedicated to building efficient cold storages on reefer trailers. These trailers are constructed based on international standards. Some of the features are maximum insulation; you get a lot of accessories, fuel efficiency, you can choose your panel finishes and truck bed flooring finishes.

Apart from these, we also supply Eutectic refrigeration Ice Cream Boxes, refrigerated pickup vans, and customized mobile health units. TSSC has more than 55 years of experience in the field of manufacturing insulated wall and roofing panels. We have an expert team that continually researches and implements the latest construction techniques to set up insulated truck bodies. Our vehicles meet the highest standards and ensure durability and thermal efficiency. For years we have been offering long-term and affordable solutions as a leading truck body manufacturer in UAE.