The scenario of the construction industry in the Saudi Arabia – The prefab industry is growing leaps and bounds

Prefabricated buildings are becoming popular compared to traditional construction methods. Modular structures are designed in parts. The manufacturing unit is generally quite far from the construction site. The structures are built inside the factory and then it is transported to the site for easy assembling. The ease is that 60%-90% of the task is completed inside the unit. The biggest advantage of modular construction is that it saves cost and time. 

The construction industry in Saudi Arabia is facing a shortage of reasonable housing. The population is growing, which is why there is a lot of demand for prefab homes. This building method is time-saving and cost-efficient. Prefabricated structures are more eco-friendly than traditional structures. Unlike conventional construction, no onsite waste is produced. Hopefully, prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia can encourage the market demand in recent years

Benefits of prefab homes

Some of the other advantages are design flexibility, energy efficiency and faster competition. All of these can promote market growth. In Saudi Arabia, there is a growing housing shortage at a high pace and is expected to be maximum by 2021. The government is running various schemes to address the shortfall. The rise in modular construction is expected to reduce the shortage. The government’s vision is to have 70% homeowners by 2030. 

The popularity of precast concrete

Various materials are used in prefab construction, including glass, metal, concrete, and timber. Concrete has a major share in the prefab building industry in Saudi Arabia. Precast concrete construction uses RCC precast structures like slabs, beams, walls, columns, stairs, and standalone footings. The prefab building has experienced a boost with more investments and implementation of prefabrication techniques. Precast concrete components are experiencing a huge demand from the construction sector. They are used in industrial facilities, the education sector, hospitals, and bridges. 

Prefab construction is cost-effective

Companies use modern manufacturing techniques, which include a lean manufacturing process for setting up modules. The contractors pile up the modules for designing different configurations. This construction process is completed onsite by utilizing inter-module networks. 

The cost of construction depends on the scale of the project and the type of material used. Statistics say that the total cost of prefab construction is lesser than traditional structures. Builders are relying more on prefabricated construction procedures. 

TSSC offers reliable solutions in Saudi Arabia

TSSC is designing durable and energy-efficient prefab modular homes in Saudi Arabia. Our prefab structures cater to different prerequisites. TSSC has operated for more than 48 years in Saudia. We are the leaders in manufacturing construction supplies in Saudi Arabia. Are you planning a project soon? Talk to us if you have a project to complete. Modular construction offers energy efficiency and sustainability. Refer to the TSSC website for more information and offers.

The construction industry is growing

Saudi Arabia is now focusing on Vision 2030, which is mainly related to creating more opportunities. The building industry will be focusing on more sustainability, low-cost building systems and environment-friendly solutions. An increase in urbanization and tourism would drive growth in this sector.

Most industries dealing with perishable goods rely on commercial refrigeration

The food processing industry relies a lot on commercial refrigeration. Storing a huge amount of food, medicine, flowers, raw vegetables and meat requires a cold temperature. Industrial refrigeration offers a cooling force of process coolers. Refrigeration is an essential factor for storing perishable items for an extended period. Optimum refrigeration offers maximum freshness to the items. The process of refrigeration gradually slows down the procedure of bacterial formation. The total time taken for the food to get spoilt gets delayed. 

Insulation for cold storages

A cold room is a big-size facility for storing items in large amounts. There are various types of cold rooms depending on the size. Most of it depends on the storage requirements. We have experts who can suggest what kind of cold rooms are best suited for you. You can customize and modify the cold storage according to your requirements. You can modify your cold storage by adding cold storage panels in Saudi Arabia for ultimate insulation. Insulating materials have very low thermal conductivity. It is very important to insulate the cold storages to prevent heat entry through the ceilings, floor and walls. This happens when the ambient air temperature is higher than the temperature of the cold storage. 

Thermal insulation and industrial refrigeration

Thermal insulation is an efficient way to maintain a freezing temperature. It contains decreasing the transmission of the heat energy in-between the adjacent spaces. Most warehouses in Saudi Arabia install cold store panels for thermal insulation. It is very important to insulate the cold rooms to maintain the optimal temperature and lowering energy bills. 

What is the industrial refrigeration process? Some machines utilize the cooling process to let out heat from items. Commercial refrigeration is used in sectors including food processing, brewing, and construction. This market has experienced steady growth worldwide. 

We use eco-friendly gases

TSSC sticks to green technology. We use non-toxic gases to keep the environment safe and the air pure. Some of the popular refrigerants are ammonia, R134, R134a, which do not contain halogen. Ammonia absorbs heat very well, so it is very popular. Some other refrigerants are used, which could include hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide, and fluorocarbons. 

Portable industrial refrigeration from TSSC

Cold storages have a lot of demand in Saudi Arabia. Companies in the Middle East are trying their best to supply the cooling capacity efficiently. TSSC is renowned for designing efficient panels. We are the leaders in offering solid commercial refrigeration systems. Our engineers are aware of the most updated technology. We have a team of engineers, agents, consultants, sales representatives and many others. TSSC offers modern and advanced industrial refrigeration systems that have great cooling capacity. Are you looking for a portable industrial refrigeration system? TSSC designs efficient refrigerated truck boxes. We can customize a refrigerated truck box in Saudi Arabia according to your requirements. 

Consult with the TSSC experts

Are you planning to set up a cold storeroom in Saudi Arabia? TSSC Group is an expert in designing solutions. We are experienced in our domain for over 40 years. We have a huge number of clients in Saudi Arabia and wherever we operate. Please book a consultation with the TSSC team to discuss your project.

TSSC Group is dedicated to manufacturing sustainable insulated panels for the construction industry

The global market of insulated panels is led by massive demand from the building sector. Structural insulated panels are used in walls, floors, and roofs of residential and commercial construction. Modern insulated panels have extremely high performance. 

The market of insulated panels is expected to witness heavy growth in the future. The insulated panels market experienced little loss during the Covid-19 pandemic. The panels are popular for being sustainable and durable solutions. 

Insulated panels work best in the harsh African climate

Insulated panels are exterior wall and roof panels having metal skin and the core is made of insulating foam. Insulated sandwich panels have high thermal properties, faster installation time and flexibility in design. These panels are widely used in external cladding for single and multi-story construction. These panels offer excellent weather resistivity, which includes restricting wind loading, self-weight and access loads. 

Africa is a hot country with harsh climatic conditions. Insulation is very important to maintain the desired temperature inside for residential as well as commercial requirements. There are ample cold storage and warehouses in East Africa. Installing sandwich panels inside is an insulation technique. 

Energy-efficient and airtight construction

Insulated panels are preferred for reducing power consumption. Insulated panels allow energy-efficient and airtight construction compared to traditional building methods. 

This market is segregated based on the application and type of product. It is divided into building walls, cold storage, and building roof on an application basis. Now the product type segregation includes expanded polystyrene panel (EPS), polyisocyanurate panel (PIR), polyurethane (PUR), glass wool panel and others. 

The thermo-insulating core 

A sandwich panel has a core (insulating) material sandwiched between two layers of metal brought together under pressure. These panels are non-porous, lightweight and possess excellent durability. The core is made of a thermo-insulating material that soaks heat, cold, and moisture. The outer layers shield the core and offer a decorative covering. The external layers cover the core from climatic conditions, impact and forces. 

Panels have strong thermal properties

TSSC Group is one of the most renowned insulated panel manufacturers in East Africa. The panels have sandwich-like-layers with a core in the middle. Our sandwich panels are easy to assemble implementing the dry process. They have excellent sound and thermal properties. The panels are resistant to corrosion and allow quicker construction time. 

Rely on TSSC efficient sandwich panels

TSSC sandwich panels have higher redundancy and are easy to mount. Faster mounting happened with pre-manufactured and self-supported large sandwich panels. This is an affordable solution when covering homogenous and large surfaces. Insulated sandwich panels are the most extensive wall and roof cladding solution of commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings. 

TSSC Group is one of the most renowned sandwich panel manufacturers in East Africa. Our panels make the construction process faster and efficient. TSSC panels are transported safely to the construction site. All our products are quality-checked and then delivered to your doorstep. TSSC insulated sandwich panels mean speedy construction. This again means better ROI. 

Do you have a project to discuss?

Book a free consultation with our team. TSSC is the leader in designing insulation solutions for more than 48 years. Talk to our experts about your requirement and we would suggest you the kind of panel. Request for a quote and our representative would get in touch with you.

The cold storage industry is based on high-quality insulation – TSSC designs insulated panels in Qatar

The demand for insulated panels is rising due to the harsh weather conditions of the Gulf region. The days are very hot while the nights are cooler. It is very difficult to store perishable items in huge quantities which hinders trade. So, cold storages are gaining such popularity. 

Cold storages and walk-in freezers

Cold storage should be well insulated to maintain a uniform chilled temperature inside. Warehouse cold storages are built with reinforced insulated flooring. In Qatar, insulated cold store panels have a monolithic sandwich structure formed as a result of injecting tough polyurethane foam at a very high density. Metal claddings on both sides cover the foam. 

Walk-in freezers look similar to cold rooms, but the former can operate at a very low temperature. These freezers can offer temperature control and can store items for many months. TSSC Group in Qatar has experience in installing many cold rooms for hypermarkets, restaurants, catering, and pharmaceutical businesses across the region.

Refrigerated trucks from TSSC

Keeping goods cold continuously has always been a challenge. How would you transport perishable items once you take them out of the freezer or cold store? Ice melts fast and Styrofoam can keep items cold for a certain time. Are you aware of portable refrigeration systems? Yes, we are talking about refrigerated trucks that operate like any other cold storage. 

A refrigerated truck box is a container that is completely insulated and has a refrigerator attached. A refrigerated truck box in Qatar can maintain temperatures between 55 degrees Fahrenheit to -20 degrees Fahrenheit. These trucks can carry a variety of cargo that requires cold temperature. These containers are used to haul medicines, perfumes, food products, honey, flowers, penguins, electronics, and more. These refrigerated vehicles have rear doors that are airtight, allow easy opening and closing. 

Ask for customized solutions

The advent of cooling trucks has brought advancement in logistics. Refrigerated trucks are the game-changer in the commercial transportation industry. It has made transportation of perishable items easier preventing spoilage. It all started years back with the concept of loading trucks with ice to transport perishable goods, and now it is a much-sophisticated concept. TSSC is now one of the top transportation companies in Qatar. TSSC Group has a team of experts and the necessary equipment to implement modern technology. TSSC believes in customization because every business requirement is different. We suggest not ordering a pre-fab but ask for a customized solution. We can suggest the right measurements according to your requirements. Oversized length, height, and width can be problematic. 

TSSC has years of experience

TSSC Group has rich experience in offering construction supplies and insulation solutions. We are into implementing technology for the past 48 years. We have many clients from various industrial sectors who are satisfied with us. We deliver quality, faster construction methods and design flexibility for your residential and commercial projects. 

Quality-assured insulated panels

TSSC products maintain international quality standards, and we cater to customer requirements. Our team ensures exceptional service and timely delivery. We are the largest manufacturer of insulated panels for roofing and cladding in Qatar. 

Are you planning to set up a cold storeroom in Qatar? Plan your project with the TSSC team. 

Get to know why the standing seam roof in West Africa is an ideal solution for your buildings

The hot weather in West Africa demands insulated homes and buildings. The scorching heat of the sun can become unbearable and excess pressure on the air cooler is unwarranted. Insulation starts from the roofing systems and that’s the reason why standing seam roof in West Africa is becoming extremely popular. There are plenty of roofing solutions available both offline and online. However, the best thing is to contact insulated panel manufacturers in West Africa for a customized solution. TSSC Group is one of the leading manufacturers to provide tailor-made solutions for your buildings.

Design flexibility

The standing seam roof panels in West Africa are available in tapered and curved sheets. However, if the contractor demands any other design, shape or size, then that too can be fixed and customized vas per the specifications by the engineers at TSSC Group. The roofing design is a challenging aspect and needs the assistance of the best engineers and manufacturers to take care of the requirements. TSSC is an ISO certified organization with the best people in the industry offering complete customized solutions.

You can also avail of the roofing system with a concealed fix system. Without the piercing fasteners, the roofs have no chances of getting damaged due to the loosening of the fasteners. However, every contractor has their choice and being one of the leading insulated panel manufacturers in West Africa TSSC engineers can fix any issue and offer sound advice related to buildings and constructions.


The standing seam roof is low-maintenance and long-lasting, compared to other traditional and conventional roofing systems. This particular roofing system comes with weather tightness, design flexibility and versatility making it a great choice for architectural buildings for industrial, commercial and infrastructural applications.

Sleek modern appeal

One of the biggest advantages of standing seam roof is that they are highly suitable for architectural applications. You can go in for multiple profile shapes for the roofing system and include custom colors to match the structure of the building. The high design flexibility offered at TSSC makes the roofing system architecturally superior and aesthetically pleasing.

Excellent thermal insulation

Last and the most important part that cannot be missed is the thermal insulation offered by TSSC Group. The standing seam roof in West Africa is responsible to keep the interiors cool. The roofing prevents heat absorption from the atmosphere and reflects the heat waves back. The indoor air cooler has to work less for the insulated roofing system. This makes the TSSC roofing system the best choice as it is energy-efficient and reduces utility bills to a great extent.

TSSC Group offers contemporary customized solutions

It’s necessary to change with the trend and embrace new customized roofing solutions. The insulated panel manufacturers in West Africa offers contemporary ideas and custom colors that would make the roofing systems functional and visually pleasing too. With over 4 decades of experience, TSSC Group is the best choice for standing seam roof in West Africa.

Need a free consultation before making a decision? Request a quote from TSSC now!

The advantages of installing sandwich panels in the construction sector

A sandwich panel is used as a wall and roof cladding of buildings. Every panel has a core that is made of a thermal insulating material. The core is covered by a thin sheet of metal on both sides. The structural forces are ensured by a steel framework or a different carrier frame to which the panels are attached. The types of sandwich panels are segregated based on the thermal insulating material. The common core materials are EPS (expanded polyurethane), PIR, and mineral fleece. These materials differ in their thermal insulating performance, reaction to fire, sound insulation, and weight.

Some of the advantages of sandwich panels are:

Construction time

A construction based on the traditional building process could take almost 6-7 months to complete. But the same construction can take just a month if done using stud partitions. The total construction time is directly influential to the ROI. Stud partition buildings are assembled and not built. The structural components and cladding parts arrive on your site.

  • Direct expenses 

Initiating a construction requires a certain amount of capital which is almost similar in both the construction type. So, the comparison includes the total costs of building materials, shipping, and labor. In all, you can always save more.

  • The construction process

In most industries, the construction requirements are an important part of a building project. A dry process is always better because there is no need for water for the construction. Stud partition follows this dry process. This procedure requires only assembling the structure and fixing the cladding using screws. But traditional building processes use the wet process, which requires a lot of water. It is good to omit the wet construction process if humidity control is the requirement.

The uses of TSSC panels 

Sandwich panels in West Africa are mainly used to offer insulation inside cold storage. 

TSSC panels are mainly used in setting up logistic buildings, warehouses, shopping arcades, offices, cold storage, sports complexes, etc. The panels are non-porous and impermeable. The sandwich panels do not require heavy maintenance and the panels are simple to clean. You can order directly from the TSSC store in West Africa. We have a team of sales representatives who can visit your site and then offer a consultation. 

The construction industry is progressing

The building industry in West Africa is growing leaps and bounds. More and more builders are trying to implement new procedures to make the building process more efficient. Yes, the industry has suffered a little setback due to Covid-19, but it is again recovering well. The climatic condition in West Africa is such that you cannot ignore the insulation factor. 

TSSC Group – We are the experts

TSSC sandwich panels can make the construction process easier, faster and affordable. TSSC is one of the most experienced sandwich panel manufacturers in West Africa. TSSC has been manufacturing construction and building supplies for more than 4 decades with experience. Please discuss your project with us, and our representatives would get in touch with you.

TSSC manufactures advanced insulated panels for the construction industry in Qatar

Insulation is primary in a country like Qatar, where the climatic condition is so harsh. Maintaining an optimal temperature is key if you store perishable goods. There are plenty of warehouses in Qatar where insulation is necessary. The building industry in this country is also growing. Modern builders are trying to apply advanced techniques. Using sandwich panels is one such insulation technique that is used in modern construction. 

These panels are made of sandwich-like layers that have a core inside. The core lies in the middle, and both sides are covered with thin insulated metal sheets. The core is made of a thermo-insulating material that soaks heat, cold, and moisture. The outer layers shield the core and offer a decorative covering. The core is lightweight and durable. The outer layers cover the core from climatic conditions, impact and forces. 

The benefits of TSSC panels 

TSSC is one of the most renowned sandwich panel manufacturers in Qatar. Our panels have a lot of advantages which includes:

  • Easy to assemble using dry process
  • Quicker construction time
  • Resistant to corrosion and biological effects
  • Good thermal and sound insulation properties
  • Affordable for materials, shipping and labor

Affordable building supplies

TSSC offers affordable construction supplies in Qatar but the cost of sandwich panels depends on the core. The panel’s core offers insulation and has the heat protecting material to ward off dampness, fire, heat, cold and withstand climatic fluctuations. If you are a budget buyer, the EPS core is most suitable, the PIR core is ideal for those looking for reliability. Mineral fleece offers fire resistance and soundproofing. 

Low maintenance panels made using advanced technology 

Sandwich panels are popularly used for cladding and roofing. Our panels are mainly used in setting up logistic buildings, warehouses, shopping arcades, offices, cold storage, sports complexes, etc. TSSC sandwich panels are strong and attached to a strong steel framework. The sandwich panels are non-porous and impermeable. The panels require low maintenance as daily cleaning is not needed. 

Sandwich panels are used in cold storages to let out the heat and maintain the chill inside. We are one of the most reputed insulated panel manufacturers in Qatar. We implement advanced technology to design the panels. 

A dedicated quality control team

TSSC sandwich panels make the building process faster. We have a dedicated quality control team. The panels are easily transportable to ensure that it reaches your doorstep safely. Our insulated sandwich panels contribute to a faster building process, which means better ROI.  

The TSSC team of experts is always there for consultation. We have been offering building and construction solutions for more than 40 years. We are the leaders in offering insulation solutions in Qatar.

Get in touch with the TSSC experts

Get in touch with the TSSC experts to analyze the kind and type of core that would be suitable for your sandwich panels. Request for a quote or shoot an email. Our tech experts will soon get in touch with you.

TSSC insulated panels are perfect for your cold storage and other industrial refrigeration requirements

There are various types of cold rooms and you choose according to your storage requirements. You can decide it for yourself, or some experts can help you out. Cold rooms do not function well unless it is adequately insulated. These insulated cold store panels in Oman are manufactured by injecting polyurethane foam between the metal cladding at a high density. The panels are designed using monolithic construction. They can maintain constant humidity and temperature inside the structure. The panels can be used to insulate by installing or floors, rooftops, and walls. These panels are used inside cold rooms and also in portable refrigerated vehicles. 

Insulation is the most important factor

Insulation is the most important factor so that the cold air does not escape and the cold room reaches its highest chill point faster. Insulation contributes to energy efficiency. Oman has an extreme climatic condition where days are very hot and humid. If you run a cold room or a chill inventory, you need to maintain a specific indoor environment that will not be affected by climatic changes. 

Sandwich panels have a lightweight core 

Cold store panels in Oman are insulated sandwich panels that offer durability and protection. The panels are water-resistant and are made of multiple layers. Two outer metal layers protect an insulating core. The inside core is very delicate and lightweight. Polyurethane infusion is given to add thickness to the panels. This foam is also used to offer consolidation. 

Simple and quick installation process

However, you can also have the construction workers help you with the installation. For installation, you would need:

  • Cold store panels
  • Measuring tape
  • Screws and screwdriver
  • Allen key

These panels are simple to install and are manufactured inside the factory. The installation process takes about 7-8 hours. Hire a local contractor for a simple installation procedure. The total time for the installation depends on the size and type of cold store panels. Our panels are suitable for cold rooms that take up a huge amount of space. The manufacturers ensure kits having complete descriptions about installing the panels. You would only need a few things for the installation, including the cold store panels, measuring tape, Allen key, screws, and screwdriver. 

Eco-friendly insulated panels 

TSSC contributes to a greener environment, so not much environmental waste is produced. The panels offer insulation from various climatic conditions and sound. Customization options are available upon client request. TSSC insulated panels are safely transported to your site. 

The panels have thermal insulation

Insulated cold store panels can provide stability and strength to cold rooms. This technology is popular in the UAE because of its eco-friendly and economic nature. Apart from thermal insulation, cold rooms should be able to control grease, dust, and bacteria. So, choose wisely and go for panels with a minimum R-value of up to 40. 

Install insulated panels in Oman

Are you planning to install insulated panels inside a cold storeroom in Oman? We also design portable solutions in case you are looking for a refrigerated truck box in Oman.

TSSC Group in Oman has manufactured insulated panels for almost more than four decades. 

Discuss with the TSSC professionals for a consultation. Request for a quote. 

Outgrow your merchandising opportunity in Saudi Arabia with TSSC chillers and freezers

The beverage industry all over the world depends on Chillers and freezers. This industry is thriving in Saudi Arabia mainly for the harsh weather conditions. The days are very hot and dry, so chill drinks are popular. Insulation is the most important factor while talking about chillers and freezers. A lot of energy goes into the chilling process, so the cold air should not escape. 

The types of TSSC chillers

TSSC chillers and freezers are energy-efficient and are facilitated with digital thermometers, digital stickers having high-resolution digital stickers, extra shelves, and door locks. Our systems feature:

Energy-saving features 

Robust design 

LED lighting

Take a look at the types of chillers:

Single door upright display chiller 

Double and triple swing door chiller

Open showcase chiller 

Countertop chiller

The chillers have a cabin size that is of optimal height and floor space. We bring you exclusive design for a sturdy POS presence. The chillers have robust adjustable shelves with a branding facility. Also, the systems are equipped with castor wheels and self-closing doors with locks. All our modules are energy-efficient under the eco-friendly range. 

Heavy duty TSSC freezers

Expand merchandising opportunities by choosing from a wide range of commercial freezers like chest storage freezers, chest display freezers, ice-cream freezers, chest storage freezers, and glass door freezers. You can choose from different commercial freezers having heavy-duty components for maximum performance.

 The popularity of cold rooms

Cold rooms are very common for companies that deal with beverages, medicines, milk, food distribution, and other perishable items. Insulation helps to keep food and other items fresh. Polyurethane is the most efficient insulating material that is used in designing insulated panels for cold rooms. TSSC uses this material in manufacturing 90% of the insulated panels. It is a rigid cellular foam composed of two liquids: polyol and isocyanate. This material is lightweight and allows easy transportation. This foam has the lowest thermal conductivity and is resistant to decomposition. TSSC is one of the most experienced insulated panel manufacturers in Saudi Arabia. We construct walk-in coolers and freezers using insulated panels. The design features include proper doors, insulated floors, ceiling panels, and outdoor roof systems. 

Celsius by TSSC

 Celsius is a reputed brand by TSSC in Saudi Arabia. We design advanced refrigeration equipment. Our systems are strong and built to last for many years. TSSC freezers and chillers are manufactured following the international standard guidelines. All our systems have low noise operation, digital display and interactive after-sales support. The systems carry various certifications, which include SASO, ROHS, KUCAS, and other certifications. 

TSSC catering to popular brands

TSSC is proud to declare that we are approved vendors for the top international brands, including Baskin Robbins, London Dairy, PEPSI, Carlsberg, Heineken. TSSC has a team of expert engineers that design to perfection. The products are passed through a stringent quality control measure. The systems have sustainable quality and very much suitable for the Saudia climate. 

TSSC has the experience and expertise to surpass the popularity of insulated panels and help in the installation. Our systems have always had positive feedback since our inception. Do you have a project to initiate? Discuss with the TSSC experts. Request for a quote. 

TSSC builds energy-efficient prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia and reduces costs

Prefabricated modular buildings in Saudi Arabia are now a very popular mode of construction. The construction scenario has changed over the years. The traditional method is well accepted, but prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia save time and cost. These are tiny structures that are now extremely preferred in the building industry. These structures are easier to assemble as compared to other building processes.    

Gaining the idea of prefab modular buildings

First of all, it is important to have a clear idea about prefab modular buildings. These units come in sections that are joined together to construct a complete structure. These units are manufactured inside a controlled factory environment. The number of units needed varies according to the size and style of the project. Prefabricated structures are designed in parts away from the building site and then set to your location. The best part is more than half the work is done, and a contractor can manage the assembling. Modern manufacturing processes are used, which includes lean manufacturing techniques to set up the modules. The contractors stack up the modules for designing different configurations. This construction process is completed onsite by utilizing inter-module networks. 

Prefab modular homes are preferred when the construction is based on a complicated design for onsite construction. A prefabricated structure is ideal when the construction site is remote or located in a densely populated urban area. You can also opt for prefab if the site has a shorter build season due to various circumstances that include climate conditions. 

No wastage of materials and energy

A lot of material goes wasted in traditional construction methods. This is not the case in prefab buildings. Prefab modular homes in Saudi Arabia ensure energy efficiency. The joints are tighter; there is better air filtration, which mulls over solid wall insulation and energy efficiency. Prefab construction is cost-effective as it does not require additional materials. Modular construction offers ample sustainability. This construction method is eco-friendly, which reduces wastage of materials and manpower. 

TSSC prefab modular homes and offices 

TSSC Group is a renowned manufacturer of building and construction supplies in Saudi Arabia. Our prefab modular structures are used across various commercial sectors. There is a huge demand for these modular structures. If you are looking for prefabricated options in Saudi Arabia, rely on TSSC. We design units of varying budgets using different quality raw materials. The prefabricated structures have enough storage capacity, which is a boon for the building site. There is sufficient room for customization. These units could be tiny elements or entire site-assembled huge units. 

TSSC Group in Saudi Arabia

Prefab structures meet various prerequisites. This is just one reason why TSSC structures are becoming extremely popular. Our inventory is full of various construction and building supplies or constructing superior prefab structures. We have expanded in Saudi Arabia and other countries too. We are the pioneers in assembling construction structures. We also manufacture structures like portacabins, safe houses, level pack units, and other prefab structures. 

Request a quote

TSSC has been catering to client requirements for more than 40 years. TSSC boasts of an experience which is over four decades in building prefab modular homes in Saudi Arabia. Get more information on the TSSC website. 

Are you ready to hire the TSSC experts for your project or discuss it with our experts? Request for a quote.