Outgrow your merchandising opportunity in Saudi Arabia with TSSC chillers and freezers

The beverage industry all over the world depends on Chillers and freezers. This industry is thriving in Saudi Arabia mainly for the harsh weather conditions. The days are very hot and dry, so chill drinks are popular. Insulation is the most important factor while talking about chillers and freezers. A lot of energy goes into the chilling process, so the cold air should not escape. 

The types of TSSC chillers

TSSC chillers and freezers are energy-efficient and are facilitated with digital thermometers, digital stickers having high-resolution digital stickers, extra shelves, and door locks. Our systems feature:

Energy-saving features 

Robust design 

LED lighting

Take a look at the types of chillers:

Single door upright display chiller 

Double and triple swing door chiller

Open showcase chiller 

Countertop chiller

The chillers have a cabin size that is of optimal height and floor space. We bring you exclusive design for a sturdy POS presence. The chillers have robust adjustable shelves with a branding facility. Also, the systems are equipped with castor wheels and self-closing doors with locks. All our modules are energy-efficient under the eco-friendly range. 

Heavy duty TSSC freezers

Expand merchandising opportunities by choosing from a wide range of commercial freezers like chest storage freezers, chest display freezers, ice-cream freezers, chest storage freezers, and glass door freezers. You can choose from different commercial freezers having heavy-duty components for maximum performance.

 The popularity of cold rooms

Cold rooms are very common for companies that deal with beverages, medicines, milk, food distribution, and other perishable items. Insulation helps to keep food and other items fresh. Polyurethane is the most efficient insulating material that is used in designing insulated panels for cold rooms. TSSC uses this material in manufacturing 90% of the insulated panels. It is a rigid cellular foam composed of two liquids: polyol and isocyanate. This material is lightweight and allows easy transportation. This foam has the lowest thermal conductivity and is resistant to decomposition. TSSC is one of the most experienced insulated panel manufacturers in Saudi Arabia. We construct walk-in coolers and freezers using insulated panels. The design features include proper doors, insulated floors, ceiling panels, and outdoor roof systems. 

Celsius by TSSC

 Celsius is a reputed brand by TSSC in Saudi Arabia. We design advanced refrigeration equipment. Our systems are strong and built to last for many years. TSSC freezers and chillers are manufactured following the international standard guidelines. All our systems have low noise operation, digital display and interactive after-sales support. The systems carry various certifications, which include SASO, ROHS, KUCAS, and other certifications. 

TSSC catering to popular brands

TSSC is proud to declare that we are approved vendors for the top international brands, including Baskin Robbins, London Dairy, PEPSI, Carlsberg, Heineken. TSSC has a team of expert engineers that design to perfection. The products are passed through a stringent quality control measure. The systems have sustainable quality and very much suitable for the Saudia climate. 

TSSC has the experience and expertise to surpass the popularity of insulated panels and help in the installation. Our systems have always had positive feedback since our inception. Do you have a project to initiate? Discuss with the TSSC experts. Request for a quote.