The benefits of curtain walls – -TSSC manufacturing class-part wall panel systems

Curtain walls are structural essentials of construction; it acts as a divider between the interior and exterior setting of the building. It renders structural stability; thus, it plays an active role in load transmission. It transmits a load that is induced by the wind to the fundamental structure. 


Types of curtain walls:

There are two types of curtain walls

Stick wall systems:

In this system, the fundamentals are installed piece by piece on the building structure. This wall system is popularly used for low-rise buildings. This system has a lot of flexibility and allows much space for onsite alterations. 

Unitized wall systems:

In this kind of system, the parts are pre-assembled inside the manufacturing unit. The size of the walls is directly proportional to the floor size and height. These systems are used in high rises and do not require external supports. During transportation, these wall systems need better and more extensive protection; thus, the shipping charges are higher. 

Advantages of curtain walls:

Curtain walls are common wall panel structures that are very commonly used in modern buildings. These can be made of glass, stone, or metal and have a whole lot of advantages. Take a look:

Keeping water and air out:

 These wall panel systems are efficient in preventing air and water infiltration, acting as insulators, and a buffer. The construction that uses curtain walls would be easier to maintain and will have more longevity due to the extra protective shield. 

Thermal efficiency:

Curtain walls enhance the thermal efficiency of construction when it is rightly glazed and treated. These panels can stabilize the inside temperature cutting down the operational costs of the construction. The extra glazing can reduce the UV rays, and this prevents the buildings from degrading. 

Fire resistivity:

Curtain walls are fire-resistant, these panels can slow down the spread of fire. It acts as a barrier and helps them to control the fire so that the fire is not spread across the building surface. 

A curtain wall looks sophisticated, clean, and has a unique appearance. These panels reflect contemporary design and are now used very popularly. 

Reduces the sway of a building: 

A curtain wall is not installed to render structural ability, but its effective in reducing the building’s sway. This gives more stability to the structure; the curtain wall can even pressure the architecture by emitting the kinetic force. This technology is beneficial for taller buildings. 

Final words:

The expense of a curtain wall installation depends on the kind of curtain wall you choose. We design the most useful, modern, and very affordable curtain wall systems. At TSSC, we are the experts in offering high-quality insulated wall systems in UAE. Our products are known for faster and easier installation. Contact us to learn more, discuss your next project with us. Request us for a free estimate. 


Taking a close look at the benefits of precast panels – Choose panels manufactured by TSSC

Almost all buildings, like office buildings, schools, high rises, hospitals, shopping malls, and parking garages, are taking shape in cities. All of these structures look nicely clad in precast panels. These offer an array of styles, shapes, and colors. 


Discussing the structural design aspects, the precast walls are like façade or blind dividers, which does not bear any load. These walls should oppose the parallel loads deliberated on it due to its weight, quakes, and winds. The joints in between the precast panels should be wider to match hot extension and variance developments because of the season changes. The divider and the hole space is guarded with a water-resistant film, this assures against water permeation into the construction. 

There are three types of a precast concrete wall, take a look as we discuss briefly. 

Curtain walls or cladding:

Curtain walls are popularly used for building envelopes. These do not carry any load and is technically designed to guard the wind and cover-up space. This kind of precast wall includes divider boards, section covers, spandrels, window divider units, and mullions. 

Load-bearing wall:

Load bearing units exchange and oppose loads from various components, and it cannot be dismantled or removed without affecting the quality or reliability of the building. 

Shear walls:

Shear walls are used to offer a parallel load contrasting framework when linked with the stomach activity of a floor development. 

The benefits of precast walling:

Aesthetically pleasing: 

These panels are elegant and available in various finishes which include:

  • Textured from liner
  • Smooth as cast
  • Sandblast
  • Exposed aggregate
  • Acid etch


Superior durability:

The strength keeps on increasing slowly with time. The exterior panels used for cladding can manage the structural construction loads, which reduced the requirement for structural components. These panels do not deflect over time, do not lose strength or deteriorate. 

The durability of the precast walls is just like any other concrete, but the strength depends on the connections done with structural members. If there are any irregularities in the member, it can be corrected by uncovering, sandblasting, corrosive washing, and other methods. 


Consistent quality:

These concrete products are manufactures inside a plant where the environment is controlled. This is mainly why the panels exhibit uniformity and superior quality. 

Thermal resistance and energy savings:

These panels offer excellent thermal insulation, and due to this, you can also experience more energy savings. Precast panels have brilliant-value insulation properties. IT can also be increased with the help of embedded sandwich panels. 

Protection from moisture:

This benefit of these panels is of higher importance because the structural components like beams and columns are not connected structurally with the precast walls. The joint seal or sealer is used in the joints to bock moisture from getting into the building. Generally, pigmented sealants are used to maintain the uniformity of these walls and the sealants. 

Fire safety and maintenance:

These panels come with excellent fire-resistance, and concrete does not need any maintenance. The sealants, connection, accessories, and anchorages used in the precast walls require regular maintenance. 

When looking for precast panels and other building materials in the UAE, get in touch with TSSC. We have more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing insulation panels for construction and industrial use. Call us, choose to have a discussion related to your next project.  



Use Insulated Roof Panels For Better Insulation and Energy Efficiency

A sandwich panel is used for wall and roof cladding in the construction sector. Every panel has Thermo-insulating material that forms the core; there are two thin metal sheets skinned on both sides. These are curtain materials, so do not mistake these as structural materials. The structural forces are conduced by a steel framework or any other carrier frame to which the panels are attached. The cores are generally formed of EPS (expanded polystyrene, PIR, PUR, and mineral wool. The materials vary in their insulating performance, sound insulation, weight, and reaction to fire. 


Why choose sandwich panels? In recent times, sandwich panels epitomize the accomplishments of the construction industry. These are extremely lightweight durable, like other traditional building materials. It is easy to carry out construction work all round the year using insulated roof panels. The panels manufactured by TSSC in the UAE have an attractive appearance, available in a variety of colors and different shapes. You can also avoid extra costs because, in majority cases, it does not need any additional refinement both inside and outside. Sandwich roof panels have several benefits; the cost factor is something you cannot ignore. 

Using insulated panels construction can take place faster, and this a very critical thing to be considered in this business. The chances of earning faster ROI gets higher if a warehouse or a production building is ready for use sooner. Stud partition buildings are assembled mostly and usually not built. The cladding components and structural parts are transported onsite, and then the assembling is done. The process is faster because you do not have to wait for the building to lose excess moisture. Sandwich panels allow mobility; you can disassemble the construction and set it up somewhere else. The panels are lightweight; thus, the transportation cost is cheaper. 

In most buildings in the UAE, insulated metal roofs are installed for cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency. The building remains cooler during the summers and warm during winters. Also, insulation can lower the chances of condensation; this helps in preventing damp and mold. 

If you are still thinking about why insulated roofing panels, you must know that almost 25% of heat can escape through inefficient insulated roofs, this could cost your energy bills, insulated metal panels are incredibly durable, and can be installed faster, thus reducing the operational costs. 

These roofing panels are available in different thicknesses; these are also easy to install and require less labor than what is needed while building traditional roofs. The ‘one layer’ facet of these roofing sheets ensure a wider area can be covered within a shorter period. 

Do you know that TSSC insulated roof panels are extremely energy efficient? While conventional roofs have a lifespan of about 10 years, on the other hand, a sandwich panel roofing can last for a lifetime without maintenance.

We are the leaders in manufacturing and supplying insulated wall and roofing panels—request for a quote.


TSSC is one of the most reliable aluminum composite panel manufacturers – Durability and insulation guaranteed

Aluminum composite panels (ACP) are flat panels having two aluminum sheets that are thin coil-coated and are attached to a non-aluminum core. These panels are generally used for external cladding, facades in construction and insulation. These panels could be the perfect building solutions because of two main characteristics: they are lightweight and easily used. Architects in the UAE started using these panels, and the city skyline changed completely. 


Apart from cladding, these panels can also be used for interior design. In the market, indoor and outdoor panels are separately available. The indoor composite panel surface is coated with resin, which cannot endure any harsh weather conditions. For outdoor panels, the surface is coated with polyfluorinated elastomer, which resists aging and the UV rays. These panels are mainly used for building exterior walls, renovating old buildings, curtain wall panels, ceiling decoration, interior wall decoration, in display stands, advertising signs, purification, and dust prevention. Some of the advantages are:

  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Higher-strength to weight ratio
  • Lighter weight
  • Solid insulation
  • Durability
  • Fireproof

One of the most significant advantages of TSCC aluminum panels are that these are very affordable. You can cut and give it your desired shape and size; also, the panels are available in various colors. Aluminum is lighter compared to any other material and has extreme durability. When exposed to air, aluminum panels form a special kind of aluminum oxide layer; this safeguards the panels from rooting, corrosion, and rusting. There is a process called anodization that takes place in the panels, and this gives more thickness. The products are not affected at all by sun and moisture. It’s also very easy to install and simple to maintain the panels. Apart from durability, safety, and affordability, these sheets come with easy maintenance and an attractive appearance. Since it’s washable and can be cleaned, you can avoid unnecessary expenses like renovation the whole thing all over again. 

Aluminum composite panels have evolved in their composition and applications, and now it’s one of the most popular construction materials in the construction industry. With sheets having a proper length, the panels offer a better scope for more extensive surfaces and very few visible joints. The thermal performance of the panels are more than glass or sometimes even more than wall insulation. At TSSC, we offer a full manufacturing service for building contractors, architects, façade, and door manufacturers, etc. TSSC is one of the largest aluminum composite panel manufacturers in UAE. 

TSSC is an expert in installing ALUPEX ACP for commercial buildings and hi-rise construction. We are the largest manufacturers of insulated panels and cladding systems in the Middle East. You can trust us; we have more than 4 decades of experience in this industry, which means we have offered plenty of services and are aware of the client requirements and challenges. We are an ISO 9001 certified company known for engineering excellence. Call us to create an effective solution for your next project. In the coming years, the ACP industry is going to see better growth. Get in touch with us.


TSSC designing the most modern commercial refrigerators in the UAE

A commercial refrigerator is a remote-condensing system that is designed to function with a vapor-compression refrigeration system. The compartments are designed for storing food, flowers, beverages, and other items at a super-freezing temperature. The systems use a refrigerant to transfer the heat items that are stored inside the refrigeration unit. 


In this blog, we shall discuss this cooling system being used in food processing and catering. It ensures the safe storage of edible ingredients, maximizes freshness of food items, and reduces waste. Dining services, mainly the larger ones, find it challenging to keep food fresh. They need to procure a lot of raw materials, and more substantial portions of food are prepared daily. 

TSSC designs refrigeration units of various sizes and shapes; these can also act as space savers inside the restaurants. You can place smaller units to larger walk-in refrigerator inside the kitchen area. This would act as extra cold storage for dining establishments. These systems also help in serving more heads faster all through the day. Our commercial refrigerators have top-quality insulation, and this is very beneficial not only for restaurants but also for catering young children and patients in hospitals. Storing vegetables and fruits at optimum temperatures would help the food break down faster, and the nutrients are present in higher portions. 

Going deeper into understanding the cooling system, we can say that a refrigeration system works on the Second Law of Thermodynamics. These commercial refrigeration systems abide by this principle stating that gases get cooler upon expansion and get heated on being compressed. It also says that when two objects of varying temperatures are kept close to one another, heat travels from the hot object to the cold one. The refrigerant goes through several pressure changes for more speed and efficiency; this helps in the removal of heat from the space to keep it fresher. Talking about the refrigerant, we no longer use Freon because of its adverse effects on the environment. We use others like tetrafluroethane for more efficiency and environment-friendly refrigeration. 

At TSSC, commercial refrigeration (portable, non-portable) is our specialty, and we are also experts as one of the most modern and innovative refrigerated truck body manufacturers. We supply refrigerated trucks to transport food and drinks, also highly used in pharmaceuticals and flower trade, to store all other perishable products. Our trucks offer consistent refrigeration, get in touch with us for a vehicle.  

TSSC has catered to plenty of clients and still doing every day. We have clients who reach us while opening new restaurants. This is for the requirement of oversized refrigeration units and freezers for storing food and liquor in larger amounts. We also got clients interested in renovating their unused garage and converting in a minibar; they needed professional wine and beverage coolers. If you are into food catering, you can reach our experts for high-end refrigeration. We have an array of units to suit your space and ventilation requirements. 

It has been more than four decades that we are manufacturing insulated solutions for our clients all over the UAE. Request for a quote.


The use of Insulated panels – TSSC Group is the largest insulation panel manufacturer in UAE

Modern insulation technique has set apart present-day construction. The right kind of insulation allows contractors to regulate the interior temperature of a room with accuracy, resulting in energy efficiency if you have plans to add insulation to your construction or industry, its time to look for insulated panel manufacturers.





What are insulated panels?

Insulated panels are also called structural insulated panels or SIPs that are composite material mainly used for construction. Every panel has multiple layers that are bonded with each other to create a sturdier material efficiently resisting heat transfer. These layers have an insulating material like polystyrene foam placed in-between the two pieces of structural equipment like plywood. Based on the application, these panels may consist of various materials. 

Insulated panel materials:

Some of the common insulating materials used by insulation manufacturers include:

  • Composite honeycomb
  • Polystyrene foam expanded 
  • Extruded Polystyrene foam
  • Polyurethane foam
  • Polyisocyanurate foam


 Some of the structural materials that are used are:     

  • Cement
  • Oriented Strand Board (OSB)
  • Wool, plywood and also engineered woods
  • Magnesium Oxide board (MgO)
  • Metals having strong sheets 

These panels are either used independently or as an alternative to old school building materials, also sometimes used with conventional materials for insulating smaller spaces. 

For instance, contractors working with residential spaces might use insulated panels on the top of the framing. But in commercial and industrial settings, Insulated panels are layered over the drywall to build cold storages inside existing construction.

Applications of insulated panels:

Insulated panels can be used across any sector, so here is taking a look at the industries where insulated panels are mostly used:

Commercial buildings – These include various manufacturing facilities that have changing climatic requirements. For instance, inside a facility, the continuous use of machines and equipment can raise the temperature to higher levels. The insulation used in these facilities allows for efficient control of indoor temperature. 

Pharmaceuticals – When it’s about storing medicines and other medical items, the pharmacies must follow a rigid guideline to prevent medicines from spoiling. This should be taken care of most when the medications are in transit or stored. Insulated panels can offer the necessary temperature for storage. These panels used in refrigerated trucks are used for transporting medicines and other temperature-sensitive medical items. 

Refrigeration – Insulated panels are used on a large scale for cooling. Refrigerators and walk-in freezers are coated with insulated panels to maintain the needful temperature. These units are used in restaurants, schools, camps, hospitals, and other locations. 

Warehouses – A lot of warehouses need to maintain cold inside temperature. Insulation is a must for these larger spaces; otherwise, it would be difficult for a lot of cooling units to maintain a steady temperature. Insulated panels are essential in cold storage holding food items, products like electronics, and other temperature-sensitive stuff. 

If you feel insulated panels could improve your building, get in touch with TSSC Group in the UAE. We are one of the most experienced and top sandwich panel manufacturers having an excellent client base. Call us to discuss your project details.


Why should you invest in a sandwich roof panel system?

A sandwich panel is made of three layers – a core with low density and a thin layer of skin bonded to both sides. These panels are used where a blend of higher structural firmness and low weight is needed. Sandwich panel roofing is a composite and façade cladding material produced by offering polyurethane injection in varying thicknesses in between the aluminum plate or galvanized sheet. It improves the aesthetic appearance of a construction. These panels have a soft core that is sandwiched between the two outer layers. When the core is added, the bending stiffness is increased without putting any heavyweight. 


So, here are the reasons why you must choose installing a sandwich panel:

 Sandwich panels make construction faster: 

When you use sandwich panels, the construction process gets less complicated, cheaper, and happens quickly. These panels are finished to perfection and are suitable for seamless and hassle-free installation. Considering the present construction market, working time plays a significant role in the process of cost optimization. The faster the structure is completed, the lower the construction service cost. Faster completion of structure also improves the ROI for commercial projects. 


Choose the core – flexibility:

Sandwich panels are available in three variants, and each of them uses a panel core. So, the cores are usually made of polyurethane, mineral wool, and EPS. Polyurethane is the most common type of thermal insulation material available in the market. When this core is used, the sandwich panels have better insulation, reducing the heating costs for the projects. These panels also save space inside the construction. The material has a low density, which simplifies the installation process. 

Panels having a mineral wool core offer efficient soundproofing and fire-resistance, thus providing a lot of safety. Panels with EPS core are the oldest and considered a low-budget solution and are used in construction where there is no strict requirement of thermal insulation and fire resistance. 


Colorful panels add to the aesthetics:

Aesthetics play a significant role in constructing business places like a warehouse, car showroom, store, manufacturing unit, and more. Therefore, TSSC design sandwich panels of different colors that look attractive and have a touch of modernism. 

The surface of the panel is non-porous; this makes it easier to clean. The coating materials are completely water-resistant so you can regularly clean to keep them shining for years. 


One manufacturer policy is ideal:

TSSC sandwich panels are available with a whole range of accessories; these include flashing, all types of fasteners for fitting to any substrate. You can also choose from a wide range of gaskets and seals to ensure the right sealing of partitions. When investing in sandwich panels, you can also look for proper light access; sometimes small polyester windows are available with flashings. These structures can be freely arranged so the building can be designed with gates and windows wherever needed. When you come to TSSC for roofing and cladding solutions, we offer you entirely. 

Sandwich panel structures can be freely arranged. The material is easy to process, so buildings can be designed with windows and gates wherever required.

Sandwich panels are popular for its versatile application, and TSSC in UAE is one of the biggest manufacturers of insulated wall and roof panel systems. Our panels are affordable and low on maintenance. Visit our website for more information, request a quote. 


TSSC manufactures different types of high-performance and durable standing seam metal roof panels

Metal roofs have been popular since ancient times; these have high resistance, longevity, and impermeability. Standing seams are metal panels that are raised, these run vertically, the edges between the panels are folded and crimped. These roofs do not require much maintenance and offer maximum resistance to high winds and have a higher fire rating. Standing seam metal roof panels are hidden fastener metal panels with vertical legs and a flat and broad surface between the legs.


There are different types of standing seam roofs, and there are so many kinds of seaming methods used during the manufacturing process. 


Non-structural panel – These panel systems use two different sections – the flat panel and the seam. The seam area breaks over the clips to conceal and protect the fasteners. The spacer clips are installed with the battern system and locked in the place. These types of seam metal roofs cannot be installed as a raised system; instead, a solid substrate must be used. Within this type, curved panels are also available. 


Continuous seam with positive locking- This type of roof design uses an integral seam. Each panel snaps over the previous panel and fastened with the clips. No seam caps are needed, which decreases the potential for sneaking off the seam. These systems can be directly fixed to any solid substrate. 


Mechanically seamed in the field – A seamed metal roofing system can be seamed mechanically during the installation. The system offers different seam heights, so the higher seams add to the system’s structural stability. Sliding clips are installed that have immense tolerance during changes in temperature. This is due to the sliding mechanism it uses during expansion and contraction. Mechanical seams use the radius formation to allow curves. 

Standing seam metal roofs are available in different materials and colors. The lighter shades are comparatively cooler due to resistance from solar heat gain. All types of materials used offer durability, resistance, corrosion, and longevity. Different materials are used, which include aluminum, zinc-coated alloy coated copper, and steel. You can choose according to the weather, budget, and preference. 


A standing seam roof is installed over insulated materials for more energy efficiency. The insulation lowers noise issues found in a few metal systems. These systems are generally used for roof slopes and do not use fasteners that are exposed. There is a tightly interlocking system within the raised seams that arrests water penetration. A standing seam allows you to mount items like swamp coolers, solar panels, snow retention systems, and other rooftop accessories. The best part is that you do not need to make any hole on the roof surface. Some of the features of our seam roofs are durability, wind action sustainability, the right amount of expansion and contraction, watertight, and fire resistance. 


TSSC manufactures standing seam metal roofs that have deficient maintenance. A seamed metal roof costs a little more compared to all other types of metal roofing. The durability is very high, for instance, a steel roof coated with aluminum-zinc alloy can last for almost 100 years. We are reputed for designing insulated panels in the UAE, and we have over four decades of experience in this field; therefore, our products are reliable. Request for a quote.


The rising demand for prefab modular buildings – TSSC offering a wide range of prefab spaces in UAE

Sometimes stories sound too good to be true like a hospital that has installed plenty of bathrooms in just a couple of days, and only five to six laborers have worked for that. Or you might have heard about a housing project that slashes its delivery time by at least a third. The real estate industry has already chosen prefabricated construction, and off-site construction is gaining prominence every day. 


Modular buildings are cost-effective, faster to build, and safer to use, and it’s an alternative to usual construction. A prefab modular building could be the ideal option for your next custom building project or office space. These prefab buildings are constructed inside a controlled factory premise, and every module is set up individually. An assembly line procedure is used, which begins with constructing the frame, and it ends with the interior and exterior. Once the process is completed, the modules are transported to the site and are put together to set up a building. Onsite modular construction has an advantage, which is the overlapping of onsite and off-site building processes. 


The foundation plays a vital role in a permanent prefab modular construction. There are two types of foundation, the grade and raised foundation. The on-grade foundation is widespread, and it’s done by laying a foundation wall around the perimeter of the building. It’s ideal for creating a basement for buildings. To use an on-grade foundation, you need to set every module with a crane during the final assembling process. 


The raised foundation is suitable for a temporary or permanent modular construction. A raised foundation helps in placing the modules on concrete blocks. It is very much useful for temporary modular buildings because the structure can be taken off effortlessly without any chaos. You do not need a crane to keep the completed modules in place when using this kind of foundation. 

After completing all the onsite preparations, our experts perform the building installation. We follow a specific kind of order to deliver and stage the modules so that the assembling process is efficient and smooth. A crane is used to place the modules on the foundation, and the building components are attached. We also work on utility connects during this time; the exterior additions and interior finishes are all completed. 


By choosing modular buildings, you can save 50% of your occupancy and time. TSSC is the pioneer in manufacturing insulated panels; we specialize in designing and supplying prefab buildings for accommodation camps and site offices in the UAE. Till now, we have built many prefab homes, and we have a list of so many happy customers. If you are looking for labor accommodation units, kitchen and dining areas, office units, or storage spaces, you can order our Portacabins. We also have converted containers that are easy to transport and ideal to construct multi-story buildings. 

Our prefab buildings are energy-efficient, extraordinarily light-weight, and have durable steel frames for construction. It looks elegant, has faster erection time, weather-resistant, and also termite resistant. We also build prefab buildings with light gauge steel and offer onsite installation. Apart from this, we have specialized shelters for electrical equipment and telecommunications, converted containers for site storage, and FlatPack Modular units for easy transportation. 

Are you planning to opt for a prefab office building? Customers have the privilege to choose from a whole range of attractive finishes and materials for insulation. Our solutions are safe and render a comfortable interior, can endure harsh climatic conditions. When performed correctly, prefab construction can be beneficial to a project’s schedule, labor requirements, and budget.