TSSC designing the most modern commercial refrigerators in the UAE

A commercial refrigerator is a remote-condensing system that is designed to function with a vapor-compression refrigeration system. The compartments are designed for storing food, flowers, beverages, and other items at a super-freezing temperature. The systems use a refrigerant to transfer the heat items that are stored inside the refrigeration unit. 


commercial refrigerator

In this blog, we shall discuss this cooling system being used in food processing and catering. It ensures the safe storage of edible ingredients, maximizes freshness of food items, and reduces waste. Dining services, mainly the larger ones, find it challenging to keep food fresh. They need to procure a lot of raw materials, and more substantial portions of food are prepared daily. 

TSSC designs refrigeration units of various sizes and shapes; these can also act as space savers inside the restaurants. You can place smaller units to larger walk-in refrigerator inside the kitchen area. This would act as extra cold storage for dining establishments. These systems also help in serving more heads faster all through the day. Our commercial refrigerators have top-quality insulation, and this is very beneficial not only for restaurants but also for catering young children and patients in hospitals. Storing vegetables and fruits at optimum temperatures would help the food break down faster, and the nutrients are present in higher portions. 

Going deeper into understanding the cooling system, we can say that a refrigeration system works on the Second Law of Thermodynamics. These commercial refrigeration systems abide by this principle stating that gases get cooler upon expansion and get heated on being compressed. It also says that when two objects of varying temperatures are kept close to one another, heat travels from the hot object to the cold one. The refrigerant goes through several pressure changes for more speed and efficiency; this helps in the removal of heat from the space to keep it fresher. Talking about the refrigerant, we no longer use Freon because of its adverse effects on the environment. We use others like tetrafluroethane for more efficiency and environment-friendly refrigeration. 

At TSSC, commercial refrigeration (portable, non-portable) is our specialty, and we are also experts as one of the most modern and innovative refrigerated truck body manufacturers. We supply refrigerated trucks to transport food and drinks, also highly used in pharmaceuticals and flower trade, to store all other perishable products. Our trucks offer consistent refrigeration, get in touch with us for a vehicle.  

TSSC has catered to plenty of clients and still doing every day. We have clients who reach us while opening new restaurants. This is for the requirement of oversized refrigeration units and freezers for storing food and liquor in larger amounts. We also got clients interested in renovating their unused garage and converting in a minibar; they needed professional wine and beverage coolers. If you are into food catering, you can reach our experts for high-end refrigeration. We have an array of units to suit your space and ventilation requirements. 

It has been more than four decades that we are manufacturing insulated solutions for our clients all over the UAE. Request for a quote.