Explore a range of refrigerated chillers in Saudi Arabia from TSSC Group

A display chiller is used to store and preserve perishable goods at low temperature while retailing them to the customers to boost the sales. Standard display chillers are used to store fruits, drinks, milk, cakes, pastry and other edibles that look attractive. A lot of bakeries use this appliance to display tasty and attractive baked goods allowing convenient product selection. The temperature of these chillers is usually set between 3 and 8°C. The optimal temperature to store food products should be maintained constantly. Even during the display, the products have to be placed in temperature and humidity levels that can maintain the taste and freshness of the product. Display chillers in Saudi Arabia are a great appliance if you consider it as a sales-boosting gadget.

The importance of insulation and energy-efficiency

Insulating the display chiller, cold storage, warehouses or other commercial refrigeration facilities are important. Proper insulation leads to energy efficiency which reduces the pressure on the cooling systems and reduces the energy costs. Insulate your commercial refrigeration interior with cold store panels in Saudi Arabia. The chillers have heavy glass doors that allow clear visibility and insulation. These glass display chillers have internal lighting that are important for product showcasing. LED lights are used as they consume low electricity and different types of lights are available like shelf lights, vertical lights and more. The glass door is the heart of the chiller so they should be maintained adequately. The doors are easy to clean using a damp cloth. It is easy to remove stains from glass doors.

TSSC’s display chillers in Saudi Arabia

All the stored products are visible and easy to replenish the stock. You do not have to open the door all the time. This will prevent the warm air from constantly getting into the appliance. This gives extended life and freshness to the products. The appliance also functions efficiently and lasts longer. Apart from this, display chillers have several other advantages. Explore a wide range of chillers from the TSSC Group. Our systems include open-front units, slim-multideck that are stylish and easy to maintain. We have chillers that are affordable and ideal for spacious interiors. Our chillers come with a supply cabinet and under-counter display refrigerators to meet your requirements. Our chillers are available in different sizes, shapes and manufactured implementing the latest technology

Final words – Ask for a free sample

It is an eye-catching cooling system that increases sales. Businesses require a sound marketing tool to taste success. Display chillers have proved to be a perfect marketing tool for businesses that deal with food, beverages and other items. Invest in a TSSC Group display chillers in Saudi Arabia for your business. TSSC group designs customized display chillers under the brand name Celsius. We have a team of experts for a consultation relating to your project. We assign a separate project manager for your project so that you stay updated about the improvement and can complete it within a stipulated time frame—request for a quote.

Display chillers – an attractive way to display your edibles and retain their freshness

Are you trying to display the edibles in your cake shop or ice-cream parlor in an interesting manner? Transparent display chillers in Saudi Arabia could be a great option. These are usually seen in supermarkets, malls, dairy stores, ice-cream parlors and more. The chillers should be well insulated to be functional. The chillers have glass doors to offer an airtight environment. The chilled air should be locked inside and the items should be well-visible through the glass doors. TSSC display chillers in Saudi Arabia have LED lights that are energy efficient. Saving energy is an art that can be achieved by rightly insulating your chillers. Proper insulation will keep the items fresh even if there is no power for extended hours, at least for 8-10 hours. 

Do you think the way to insulate the chiller is? TSSC Group manufactures insulated panels that are functional, affordable and easy to install. From cold storage, freezers, and walk-in-coolers to warehousing, TSSC’s insulated metal panels offer unmatched flexibility and thermal control. 

Sandwich panels – easy installation process and yearly cleaning

We manufacture sandwich panels with two metal sheets on both sides and an insulated core in the middle. The panels are robust, durable and have many other advantages. TSSC’s insulated cold store panels in Saudi Arabia are easy to install. The process could take only 7-8 hours. The panels are lightweight so transportation is simple. We customize the arrangement of the panels according to how you like them. The panels require yearly maintenance and TSSC offers the service. 

TSSC Group – affordable insulated panels in Saudi Arabia

TSSC Group is one of the renowned and experienced building and construction supplies manufacturers in Saudi Arabia. It is an ISO 9001 company specializing in insulated construction and building solutions. We have been in the business for more than four decades or more than 50 years. TSSC has a wide client base from industries of all sizes in Saudi Arabia. Our sandwich panels are affordable and functional. The thickness of the panels including the core material decides how much you need to pay for the panels. We normally suggest the EPS core, but if you want greater performance, install the PIR core material. 

Final words – Book a free consultation

TSSC Group combines excellence and innovation to manufacture building and construction supplies. We are the leaders in designing insulated solutions for roofs and walls. The company offers affordable and customized solutions. The Harwal Group is the largest plastic converter in the Middle East, Gulf countries, and East Africa. Please book a free consultation to discuss your project with the TSSC team. 

Please refer to our website for more information and explore the online inventory. We have an expert team to manage your project from the planning phase to on-time project delivery. TSSC Group has a special customer support team for on-time after-sales support. Our certified engineers implement modern technology to manufacture insulated solutions. Reach us for a solution for your next project and request a quote.

The usefulness of display chillers from TSSC Group in Saudi Arabia

Display chillers have made grocery shopping easy. The chilled items inside look attractive. So, a display chiller is a kind of marketing tool. Sales depend a lot on how products are displayed. Glass door display chillers in Saudi Arabia are being used to promote sales. 

TSSC’s display chillers in Saudi Arabia are known as Celsius chillers. These chillers are manufactured with strict quality measures. The Celsius chillers are well-known for their sustainability and they are perfect for the Middle East temperature. Some of the features include:

Adequate LED lighting

Robust design

Energy-saving technology

TSSC display chillers in Saudi Arabia are energy efficient and have digital thermometers, additional shelves, high-resolution digital stickers and door locks.

Purpose of display chillers

 The edibles are protected from getting soiled – The glass door display chillers look like a simple machine at first glance. But it is an advanced device that stores raw and processed food and beverages at a specific low temperature. This prevents the food items from getting soiled and the beverages from becoming hot. 

Hygienic – When items are stored in the chillers, they remain hygienic and fresh. The items are free from physical contact or touch from the consumers. 

Attention-grabbing: This machine has a sale-oriented feature and it relieves the store manager from physically showing the products. 

Is the flooring of your cold store room insulated?

A cold storeroom in Saudi Arabia should have insulated walls and ceilings. Polyurea is a special coating for basements, roofs, cold store floors, vehicle bed liners and other applications. This material protects against abrasion, slipping vibration, and corrosion and increases the shelf-life of commercial materials. Polyurea coatings are applied over different surfaces like concrete, aluminum, steel, fabrics and steel for abrasion resistance and corrosion protection. The polyurea membrane is durable and has weatherproofing capabilities. It can fill gaps, instantly dries up and leaves not a single pinhole. The material is suitable for flooring inside the cold storage and other cooling facilities.

Buying the ideal machine

You could require a perfect display chiller for your grocery store or cafeteria. This lets you add more value to your business. Research the market well before making the final call because it can promote sales. Search for the newest trends, design, color, specifications and technology. TSSC Group has clients from the retail and FMCG industry. The glass door should be adequately maintained and checked at regular intervals. 

TSSC Group – a leader in manufacturing insulated panels

TSSC group in Saudi Arabia is one of the leading manufacturers of insulated cold store panels in Saudi Arabia for businesses. It has been an ISO 9001-certified company manufacturing building solutions for four decades. TSSC produces comprehensive building materials, construction systems, cooling products and other value-added services. We customize cold store panels and display chillers in Saudi Arabia as per business requirements and individual specifications. We assign a separate project manager for your project to ensure timely delivery. We offer the right kind of spare components and after-sales support. The international brands approve of our cooling units and freezers. 

Final words

Are you looking for insulated cold store panels in Saudi Arabia? Discuss with the TSSC Group team. Create an effective solution for your next project. Book a consultation with the experts and request for a quote. 

Display chillers in Saudi Arabia is a game-changing marketing tool for restaurants and takeaways

Do you own a restaurant or have a thriving food business? Attracting potential customers for takeaways isn’t an easy job. Likewise, marketing fresh and yummy edibles are difficult unless you decide to invest in premium-quality display chillers for the business. TSSC Group customizes and manufactures high-end display chillers in Saudi Arabia to help businesses attract random customers and boost sales. The chillers manufactured with cold store panels in Saudi Arabia are not only a promotional tool but come with added benefits to leverage your food business. Here are a few reasons why display chillers can be a game-changing strategy to lure new customers and retain the old ones.

Impulse purchase 

The display chillers in Saudi Arabia customized and manufactured by the engineers of TSSC Group help to promote impulse purchase by drawing attention to the edibles. The clear tempered glass with artificial LED lights adds aesthetic appeal and good visibility. The restaurants and takeaways use display chillers to attract on-the-go customers with strategically placed front open multideck refrigeration that helps store items on the shelf while grabbing attention and enhancing aesthetics. Show off your best stock by arranging the display organized to enable a seamless shopping experience for potential customers.

Easy to clean 

Businesses prefer display chillers over large-scale commercial refrigeration because they are easy to maintain. In addition, the multideck display fridge requires no deep cleaning. Regularly cleaning the doors and glass is enough to attract customers and ensure good hygiene.

Thermal insulation adds up to energy efficiency 

The chillers have glass doors and windows to offer an airtight environment. The glass doors make the commercial products visible and keep the cold air locked inside. TSSC manufacturers use cold store panels in Saudi Arabia to prevent condensation, molding, and ensure good thermal insulation. The doors have a secure locking system, and the insulation ensures low energy consumption. The chillers have additional LED lights that consume less energy and help to lower the utility bills for the long haul. The display chillers do not allow external weather conditions to affect the products and effectively controls humidity. Display chillers have good heat insulation and don’t need to operate 24×7. The insulation can keep the cold air inside for at least 10 hours.

Customize for good business growth 

Man is a visual being, and attracting your potential customers by displaying the products is a smart move. TSSC Group can customize your chiller as per industry requirements and individual specifications. Under-counter display chillers are more popular in restaurants, while takeaways prefer to invest in display freezers to boost their business growth. TSSC chillers can store heavy-duty components and offer exceptional durability. TSSC Group does provide spare components and after-sales support to businesses. Our freezers are used and approved by international brands like Galaxy, Baskin Robbins, Haagen Dazs, etc.

Final Notes 

TSSC Group customizes and specializes in manufacturing a wide range of commercial freezers to maximize merchandising opportunities for the food industry. An integral part of TSSC Group, the Celsius brand manufactures freezers for commercial refrigeration. Request a quote now. Book a no-cost consultation with our engineers.

Display chillers in Saudi Arabia – Playing a major role in commercial refrigeration

A display chiller is a part of industrial refrigeration. These chillers are used in the hospitality and the retail industry. Commercial refrigeration is a popular term in the Middle East. These display chillers in Saudi Arabia are used in supermarkets, grocery shops, restaurants, cake shops, bars, ice-cream parlors, etc. Edibles are displayed in a fashion that generates sales and promotes impulsive purchasing. Display chillers are equipped with durable glass doors to display the stored products’ clarity. These are used to store food, beverages and other perishable edible items. Usually, the display freezers are found in malls, grocery stores, supermarkets, restaurants, pubs, etc. 

The display chiller door is functional

The door is transparent and the most functional part of a chiller. The doors keep the chilled air inside for the longest time. The biggest benefit is that the items remain chilled even if there is a power failure for an extended duration. The insulated doors have a secure locking system for utmost safety. These chillers consume less electricity so you do not need to pay higher bills end of the month. We advise checking the star rating for energy efficiency. TSSC’s display chillers in Saudi Arabia function 24/7 for constant chilling. Door maintenance is necessary to wipe them clean for clarity, visibility, and transparency. Get yearly maintenance from the TSSC team. 

What is the size of your display chiller?

Choose the size of the display chiller based on your requirements. They are available in an array of sizes. Talk to our experts to suggest you the capacity according to your storage needs. The size of the chiller depends on the total floor space. We suggest referring to the specification sheet before placing the final order. You can share with us your measurements and we can customize accordingly. 

The Celsius brand from TSSC Group 

TSSC Group has introduced the Celsius brand, which manufactures commercial refrigeration and chillers. TSSC Group manufactures premium display chillers in Saudi Arabia. We are top manufacturers of insulated panels and construction solutions. We have over 50 years of experience in manufacturing top-notch insulated solutions in the Middle East. Our display chillers use cold store panels in Saudi Arabia. Get yearly maintenance where the TSSC experts check for leakages, condensers, coils, and other faults. 

Final words

TSSC display chillers in Saudi Arabia are highly functional. The items are displayed through transparent doors that have air-tight facilities. These modern units are facilitated to consume a low amount of energy. The display chillers in Saudi Arabia are equipped with advanced cooling facilities, energy-efficient cooling and improved features. The panels are resistant to weather conditions and keep the items fresh for an extended period. We customize chillers of any size, depending on the commercial space. Discuss your project with the TSSC experts and get solutions within your budget. We have an expert customer care team that connects to you on time. Our engineers plan well and take care of your project to ensure proper execution to timely delivery. Refer to the TSSC website for more information and research. Request a quote now.

Get to know how the display chillers can change the game of your restaurant business

Restaurants and commercial eateries need to have organized spaces for storing temperature-sensitive items and displaying them to grab customer attention. Display chillers in Saudi Arabia are a trend to stay for the long haul. The chillers are not only a great marketing tool but also keep the commodities under temperature-controlled conditions. As a result, display chillers boost sales and draw in customers to generate greater sales. TSSC Group is one of the well-reputed manufacturers in Saudi Arabia to get high-quality chillers customized to fit specific requirements. Here are the important reasons why you should get chillers for your business to entice customers and refrigerate the goodies.

TSSC chillers promote impulse purchase 

The engineers and manufacturers at TSSC Group customize the display chillers in Saudi Arabia to draw maximum attention and promote impulse purchase. The chillers have clear tempered glass with LED lights that enhance the aesthetic appeal and good visibility of the food items. As a result, restaurants can effectively use the chillers to attract on-the-go customers for edibles and cool refreshments. In addition, the display chillers are strategically positioned with front open multideck refrigeration for storing the items on a shelf that helps enhance the outlet’s aesthetics and grabs attention.

Customized display chillers are a cut above the rest 

TSSC Group gets you custom-made display chillers in Saudi Arabia that fit your requirements and adapt to your business. For example, you can get cabinet display freezers or under-counter display chillers, whichever might look more engaging and promote your business further. If you have any exclusive ideas, then discuss with our experts to make the chillers more unique to entice and attract greater sales.

Energy efficiency is a by-product of thermal insulation 

Display chillers are a successful marketing tool but also provide optimal thermal insulation. You do not need to have the refrigeration working round the clock to keep the edibles fresh. The chillers have insulated panels that keep the cold air inside and prevent the outside heat from affecting the items. The thermal efficiency works wonderfully to keep the interiors cool and also reduces the utility bills to a large extent. The insulation protects against external weather conditions yet reduces the energy consumption of the refrigeration unit. The reduced energy expenditure helps lower the electric charges and make major savings in the long run.

The USP of TSSC display chillers 

Did you know TSSC display chillers in Saudi Arabia is an exclusive brand that ensures good visibility and has a strong POS presence? The chillers have a digital LED temperature display that’s adjustable based on the type of edibles stored. In addition, TSSC offers strong after-sales support to ensure the smooth working of the chillers. However, the real factors that make these chillers different from all others are the self-closing doors with locks, heavy-duty wheels, adjustable shelves, and low noise operations.

Wrapping up 

Display chillers are an eco-friendly choice and highly affordable because of their durability, energy efficiency, heavy-duty shelves, and more. TSSC Group has over 48 years of experience to get you quality products within a budget. Book a free consultation for your project. Get a quote now.

Here are the reasons why you should invest in display chillers in Saudi Arabia

Do you have a restaurant business? Are you owning a pub and don’t know where to store the foods and beverages to attract potential customers? However, you also need to consider that the items stay fresh and edible for the longest time. Get the customized display chillers from Saudi Arabia. TSSC is one of the well-known manufacturers to provide you with chillers that attract random customers and ensure to keep the edibles at a specific temperature for as long as you want. The display chillers are a great promotional tool and have made their way to the pubs, restaurants, and clubs for visibility and ensuring storage of the edibles.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider purchasing the display chiller from TSSC.

Thermal insulation paves the way for energy efficiency 

The display chillers in Saudi Arabia have glass windows and locked doors that ensure an air-tight compartment. The glass windows ensure visibility of the products but also locks in the cold air inside. However, you can ask TSSC to customize the products and design the glass windows for aesthetics. The display chillers offer thermal insulation to the highest degree to ensure that the products don’t rot and resist external weather conditions. The chillers can control humidity and are resistant to molds and water. TSSC manufacturers build the chillers keeping in mind the amount of heat insulation. However, due to thermal insulation, the chillers offer optimal energy efficiency as well. The air coolers inside the refrigerated unit do not need to work 24×7 and can lead to lower energy consumption, thereby reducing the utility bills. In addition, TSSC display chillers are extremely hygienic and help to save your money in the long run.

TSSC chillers have internal lighting 

Did you know customized display chillers in Saudi Arabia manufactured by TSSC come with internal LED lights? The LED lights consume less energy compared to ordinary lighting. One can customize these lights as shelf-lighting or as vertical lights – depending upon the business requirements. The LED lights are necessary as they can be a great marketing tool and illuminate the refrigeration to attract the customers like a magnet. The edibles look all the more yummy and delicious in LED lighting. The TSSC display chillers are lightweight and strategically customized to grab attention. The maintenance of these chillers is easier because they are waterproof and don’t get dirty easily.

Book your free consultation 

Are you planning to get a custom-made display chiller exclusively for your business? Then, get in touch with TSSC Group. Our engineers provide you with customized chillers and after-sales support. Our chillers have heavy-duty castor wheels and self-closing doors. The energy-efficient chillers also have night blinds and adjustable shelves with a good height to ensure all the edibles are laid out in an organized manner attracting potential customers. In addition, our TSSC chillers do not make noise and maintain temperatures that are digitally controlled with LED lights.

Get talking with our engineers today. Book a free consultation session and request a no-obligation quote. With more than 48 years of experience, TSSC can provide you with high-quality chillers at reasonable prices. Promote your products using display chillers. Call us now!

Knowing the advantages of installing display chillers in Saudi Arabia

Display refrigeration is an umbrella term for a commercial freezer having a glass good. Commercial display chillers are available in under-counter and upright styles and the most common feature is the full-length attractive glass door. Display chillers are used as a marketing tool because these chillers are equipped with excellent glass doors for a clear display of products. Display chillers are used to store food, beverages and other edible items. These are found in malls, grocery stores, supermarkets, restaurants, pubs, etc. 

Some of the features of display chillers – a quick look

Chillers can help in impulsive shopping and this helps in boosting sales. The classic design combined with updated technology allows functional and timeless display solutions that allow premium-quality product presentation. These machines have features like:

  • Larger storage with display
  • Better display area
  • Energy efficiency
  • Simple maintenance
  • Temperature retaining 
  • Easy assembling
  • Attractive glass door
  • Temperature 2 degrees C to 8 degrees C

Insulated and secure display chillers

Display chillers have locked glass doors for clear visibility of the products. The locking system does not allow the cold air to escape the chillers and locks in the temperature. TSSC display chillers have insulated walls that are airtight and don’t allow heat to enter from outside. Thermal insulation is important for the proper functioning of chillers because the systems have attached air coolers that work constantly. The chillers ensure that the products stay cold for the longest time if there is a power failure. Adequate insulation can keep the chillers at a specific temperature for long hours. 

Low-energy consumption LED Lights

TSSC designs super-functional and display chillers in Saudi Arabia. These are weather-resistant with a humidity controlling and mold prevention functionality. The factory-made chillers are hygienic and offer maximum capacity without taking up unnecessary space. The systems have internal lights for clear and attractive product display. TSSC uses LED lights that have sheer brightness and even consume less electricity. LED lights are affordable and can be customized for installation on vertical or shelf lights. 

TSSC display chillers do not consume a lot of energy and you need not worry about high bills. The chillers are energy-efficient, reducing energy consumption due to their insulation properties.

Simple maintenance

These are usually lightweight and easy to maintain. As a result, they are a cost-effective investment. The low-maintenance qualities lighten the financial stress on the business owners. Book a yearly maintenance appointment from TSSC to keep the chiller in great condition. 

TSSC Display chillers – a long term solution

TSSC Group has been successfully satisfying the requirements of the valued customers. TSSC display chillers are a one-time investment as they are extremely durable and possess superior functionality. We are one of the leading manufacturers with a reputation and expertise in the building and construction industry. With almost 50 years of experience, our display chillers in Saudi Arabia are among the finest ones in the market. We are the leaders in offering building and insulation solutions. Get our custom-made chillers today. 

Final words

Book a free consultation with our engineers and let us know your preferences by discussing the project. Request a quote now.

Display chillers in Saudi Arabia are used as an impulsive marketing tool

Display chillers in Saudi Arabia being a part of commercial refrigeration are being heavily used in the retail and hospitality industry. These are generally kept in supermarkets, restaurants, cake shops, grocery shops, bars, ice-cream parlors, etc. When edibles are displayed fashionably, it tends to promote sales and is an impulsive buying tool.

The functional door is crucial 

The door is the most important and the most beautiful part of a chiller. As the name suggests, the items are displayed in the right manner through high-quality doors. The doors help in keeping the chilled air inside the chiller for maximum duration. If there is a power breakdown, a display chiller can keep items cold for a long time. Our insulated doors have an adequate locking system for the safety of the displayed items. You no longer require high pay bills during storage and refrigeration. Verify the star rating for better energy efficiency. TSSC cooling units function 24/7 that keep the products chilled inside. The more products are displayed, the more customers will get attracted to your store. Wipe and maintain the doors to keep the transparency intact for better visibility. 

Do you know the size of display chiller you are looking for? 

Display chillers in Saudi Arabia are available in a variety of sizes. You should purchase the capacity based on the storage needs. The size of the chiller is always limited to the floor space. Therefore, it is important to check the specification sheet before ordering one. Identify whether it is capable of meeting your requirements of intake and exhaust air. Size is one of the most important factors that you need to consider while investing in a chiller. The TSSC team helps you in every way to determine the size of the chiller you require for your business. You can give us your measurements; we also have a team to suggest and offer the right kind of solutions.

The Celsius brand

It is time to introduce you to the Celsius brand from TSSC. TSSC Group manufactures high-end display chillers in Saudi Arabia under this brand name. We are one of the leaders in manufacturing insulated panels and building solutions. We have more than 50 years of experience in manufacturing top-notch insulated panels in Saudi Arabia. Investing in our solutions is a one-time investment and you only require a yearly maintenance routine. This would ensure that the cooling system including the door is functioning properly. In addition, the experts would check for leakages, condensers, coils, and other faults. 

Final words

TSSC display chillers in Saudi Arabia are functional and modern units that consume the least electricity. They are equipped with advanced cooling technology, energy-efficient technology and improved features. The items are displayed through completely air-tight and transparent doors. They are weather-resistant, having the power to keep the items fresh for the longest duration. Our engineers customize chillers of any size, depending on the total space. Have a discussion of your project with the TSSC experts and get affordable solutions. We take care of your project right from the planning phase to completion. Refer to the TSSC website for more information and research. Request a quote now.

The utility of display chillers in Saudi Arabia

Display chillers are mainly seen in restaurants, supermarkets, cake shops, pubs and grocery stores. It is easier for stores to display food, beverages and other edibles in low temperatures. Display chillers have ample demand as they are used as a marketing tool. Do you know that chillers provoke shoppers in a way? Yes, it can lead to impulsive purchasing. If you are running a food and beverage counter or have a hotel of your own, investing in display chillers in Saudi Arabia is a great way to add spark to your business. 

Air-tight glass doors – insulation is a priority

Stock up the most interesting and attractive ones inside the chillers and put them on display. Premium chillers are facilitated with locked glass (crystal clear) doors for a clear display of products. There is a locking mechanism for tight security that prevents theft or any other unwanted incidents. The air-tight doors keep the chilled air inside, preventing any amount of heat from entering. These chillers have well-insulated walls that help to conserve energy. The facilities have air coolers attached, for which thermal insulation is very important. These coolers work 24/7 and in case there is a power failure, the chillers make sure that the products stay chill for maximum time. 

Lights and shelves for attraction

The display chillers in Saudi Arabia have internal lights that help in adding attraction and product promotion. TSSC chillers are equipped with low-energy consuming LED lights that can be customized as shelf lights or vertical lights. The use of tiered shelving highlights the visibility of the counters. The shelves help in focusing the products closer which is a mode of attraction. In addition, display counters with glass shelves allow light to reflect throughout the display and the item appears to be floating.       

Celsius – The cooling brand by TSSC

TSSC Group excels in offering insulation and cooling solutions. We have the Celsius brand, where we manufacture modern and functional display chillers. In addition, we have a team of experienced engineers that customize solutions based on your requirements. 

Our display chillers are capable of controlling the humidity and formation of mold, bacteria. The factory-made chillers are hygienic and offer maximum capacity without consuming much space. TSSC’s chillers are lightweight and remain hygienic. Due to hassle-free maintenance and low energy consumption, you do not feel financial stress. 

Choosing the appropriate size

Are you looking for small, medium or king-size display chillers in Saudi Arabia? The size is the most important factor that needs consideration. The appliance size is limited to the floor space. Apart from the budget, the size would depend on the amount and the kind of product you would be storing. Please discuss with our team to choose the ideal size of chiller suitable for your business. Check the specification sheet carefully before purchasing the appliance. You would be able to identify whether it caters to the requirements of intake and exhaust air.  

Customized display chillers in Saudi Arabia 

Are you looking for customized display chillers in Saudi Arabia within your budget and suitable for your purpose? TSSC display chillers in Saudi Arabia are low-maintenance and are a one-time investment. The chillers are functional and have solid durability. We have more than 50 years of experience in manufacturing top-notch insulated panels in Saudi Arabia. 

Final words

Discuss your project with the TSSC experts and get affordable solutions. 

Request a quote now.