Install functional and affordable display chillers – Rely on TSSC commercial refrigeration system

Refrigerators are an essential part of the food and drinks business. It is impossible to run a restaurant, hotel, food or beverage business, or even a retail store without adequate refrigeration. 

Display freezers are used on commercial levels, and it is used to display items elegantly. These are equipped with superior cooling technology, enhanced features, and energy efficiency. Display chillers are designed to store and display frozen food and chilled beverages through transparent doors. They are used in supermarkets, petrol stations, liquor outlets, dairy outlets, food and beverage vendors. 

Customized display chillers – Sleek and functional 

TSSC designs and showcases a whole range of display chillers that are functional and affordable. With a team of experienced and skilled manufacturers, TSSC manufactures airtight chillers that are weather-resistant and control humidity and mold development. The customized factory-made chillers are extremely hygienic and offer maximum capacity without taking up much space. The glass doors in the display chillers ensure that customers view the products. The doors have a locking system to arrest the cold air inside. In case of a power failure, the chillers ensure that the products stay cold for the longest time, even when the cooler is not working.

Are display chillers energy efficient?  

TSSC chillers are well insulated that decreases energy consumption. TSSC chillers are lightweight, easy to maintain, and hygienic. It reduces energy consumption, and its low-maintenance qualities lighten the financial stress on the business. All TSSC cooling systems have a star energy rating for maximum efficiency. 

 Chillers facilitated with LED lights 

 You are already familiar that display chillers have lights installed. TSSC chillers are installed with LED lights that have a bright appearance and can consume less electricity. In addition, LED lights are cost-effective and can be customized for use as vertical or shelf lights. 

 Are you keeping a check on your cooling system? 

It is crucial to ensure that the door gaskets are in proper condition. A slight leakage in the door can cause the cool air to escape, and gradually the appliance fails. TSSC recommends replacing the gaskets after a few years. We have a team that offers yearly checks and maintenance, which includes the evaporator coils and condensers. You must know that the energy consumption soars very high if the coils are filled with dirt and grime.

Do you care about your investment? 

A low-cost solution means recurring expenditure on repairs. TSSC display chillers in Saudi Arabia are low maintenance solutions that require one-time investment. We have been in the trade for more than 50 years and have set an exemplary reputation and expertise. We offer roofing, cladding and all types of commercial and residential insulation solutions. 

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 TSSC is a leading commercial refrigerator manufacturer in Saudi Arabia. We supply premium products and have interactive 24/7 customer service. Our international team of dedicated specialists has years of experience in the refrigeration industry. Get our custom-made chillers today. Book a free consultation with our engineers and let us know your preferences. Request a quote now.

The essentiality of commercial refrigeration in Saudi Arabia – know about display chillers and refrigerated trucks

Commercial refrigeration is an essential aspect of the food, hotel and hospitality industry. Cold storage is very important for businesses that deal with perishable goods. There are various types of insulated cold storage available in different sizes and styles. Manufacturers and transporters are now embracing portable refrigerated solutions that have made transporting perishable items conveniently. Read this blog to learn about refrigerated trucks and display chillers in Saudi Arabia.

What is a display chiller?

 A display chiller is an industrial front-open multideck designed refrigerator that has been designed to store items on the shelf that is visible to the buyers. Experts say that these display chillers can boost sales to a good extent. These are mainly used in supermarkets, restaurants, beverage stores, cakes, sandwiches and coffee shops. Edible items and drinks are stored inside the chillers at optimal temperatures for freshness. 

TSSC display chillers – the features

Invest in advanced commercial display chillers within your budget. TSSC designs display chillers in Saudi Arabia that have varying temperature ranges. The regulation of temperature depends on the type of items or food displayed. The modern systems have slim-multideck, open-front units that are easy to maintain and stylish. TSSC chillers are suitable for spacious interiors. In addition, we have a range of under-counter display refrigerators and cabinets customized to meet your requirements. Glass door refrigerators are useful for the food and restaurant industry. For instance, bakeries showcase muffins, cakes, and other delicious items.

 Introducing to the brand Celsius 

 TSSC has introduced the brand Celsius to manufacture an advanced range of freezer truck bodies and truck-mounted chillers. We are the pioneer in manufacturing display chillers in Saudi Arabia and portable refrigeration solutions. The edges and corners of the vehicle/truck bodies are safeguarded using extruded aluminum. The insulated body is designed to maintain temperatures ranging from 15°C to -40°C. 

TSSC refrigerated systems are facilitated with digital display and have features like low-noise, adjustable shelves, castor wheels, secure locks and self-closing doors, etc. TSSC chillers in Saudi Arabia are manufactured adhering to international standards. The systems carry prestigious certifications, which include SASO, ROHS, KUCAS, and other certifications. Some of the standard refrigerators include chest storage, chest display, glass door and ice-cream freezers. 

The refrigerated bodies are designed in sizes up to 7 meters in length and 3 meters in width. TSSC is one of the few companies in Saudi Arabia that designs truck bodies using 6 panels. Invest in an affordable refrigerated truck box in Saudi Arabia.

Why invest in TSSC solutions

TSSC Group has more than 55 years of expertise in the area of insulated panels. The TSSC experts implement the latest construction techniques to design insulated refrigerated truck bodies to the finest standards. Our improved techniques ensure durability and thermal efficiency. TSSC boasts of offering long-term and cost-effective solutions. 

Final words

Are you looking for a refrigerated truck box in Saudi Arabia? The county has a tropical climate where refrigeration is the key. Talk to the experts for a consultation relating to your project. We also have a team to manage your project and complete it within a stipulated time frame—request a quote.

The importance of display chillers for a successful business

A display chiller is a commercial front-open multideck designed to store chilled items directly on the shelf and visible from the outside. These commercial refrigerators are mainly seen in supermarkets, restaurants, beverage stores, cake, sandwich and coffee shops. These fridges are a fantastic way to promote impulse sales. The hospitality industry is growing, so there is a demand for beverages in the country’s weather conditions. Saudi Arabia experiences a hot and humid climate, but the country attracts many tourists and business visitors around the year. Storing edible items at the optimal temperature inside display chillers in Saudi Arabia helps keep the food/drinks fresh for an extended period. 

Explore a range of  of glass door refrigerators

Glass display chillers in Saudi Arabia are important in marketing at various food and drinks outlets. But these units consume a lot of energy for delivering efficient cooling. The owners must ensure that the chillers are air-tight so that no cold air escapes and no warm air is allowed to get inside. This will only delay the cooling process, which results in more energy bills. Insulation is the biggest factor that plays a major role. This is why you need to invest in high-quality display chillers from a renowned manufacturer. There is an extensive array of glass door refrigerators available in the market. Various types of fridges come in different shapes, sizes and are equipped with the latest technology. 

Display chillers by TSSC

TSSC designs display chillers in Saudi Arabia with different temperature ranges, depending on the type of food displayed. TSSC supplies a range of commercial display chillers in Saudi Arabia. Our systems include open-front units, slim-multideck that are stylish and easy to maintain. We have chillers that are affordable and ideal for spacious interiors. We supply cabinet and under-counter display refrigerators to meet your requirements. Glass door refrigerators are ideal for the food business because they offer excellent views. For instance, the bakeries showcase cakes, muffins and other tasty baked products. Display chillers in Saudi Arabia are like an asset to commercial kitchens and for shop floors.

Celsius by TSSC Group

TSSC offers insulation and construction solutions in Saudi Arabia. Celsius is a renowned brand by TSSC in Saudi Arabia that manufactures modern refrigeration solutions. The systems are equipped with digital display and low noise operation. TSSC freezers and chillers are manufactured following the international standard guidelines. The systems carry various certifications, which include SASO, ROHS, KUCAS, and other certifications. Some of the standard refrigerators are chest storage, chest display, glass door and ice-cream freezers. In addition, TSSC display chillers are equipped with adjustable shelves, castor wheels, and self-closing doors with proper locks.

Final words – request for a quote

Are you looking for display chillers for your business? Invest in attractive chillers that help to keep the products organized. TSSC has offered top solutions for more than fifty years. We have a team of experts for a consultation relating to your project. We also have a team for managing your project and completing it within a stipulated time frame—request for a quote.