The usefulness of display chillers from TSSC Group in Saudi Arabia

Display chillers have made grocery shopping easy. The chilled items inside look attractive. So, a display chiller is a kind of marketing tool. Sales depend a lot on how products are displayed. Glass door display chillers in Saudi Arabia are being used to promote sales. 

TSSC’s display chillers in Saudi Arabia are known as Celsius chillers. These chillers are manufactured with strict quality measures. The Celsius chillers are well-known for their sustainability and they are perfect for the Middle East temperature. Some of the features include:

Adequate LED lighting

Robust design

Energy-saving technology

TSSC display chillers in Saudi Arabia are energy efficient and have digital thermometers, additional shelves, high-resolution digital stickers and door locks.

Purpose of display chillers

 The edibles are protected from getting soiled – The glass door display chillers look like a simple machine at first glance. But it is an advanced device that stores raw and processed food and beverages at a specific low temperature. This prevents the food items from getting soiled and the beverages from becoming hot. 

Hygienic – When items are stored in the chillers, they remain hygienic and fresh. The items are free from physical contact or touch from the consumers. 

Attention-grabbing: This machine has a sale-oriented feature and it relieves the store manager from physically showing the products. 

Is the flooring of your cold store room insulated?

A cold storeroom in Saudi Arabia should have insulated walls and ceilings. Polyurea is a special coating for basements, roofs, cold store floors, vehicle bed liners and other applications. This material protects against abrasion, slipping vibration, and corrosion and increases the shelf-life of commercial materials. Polyurea coatings are applied over different surfaces like concrete, aluminum, steel, fabrics and steel for abrasion resistance and corrosion protection. The polyurea membrane is durable and has weatherproofing capabilities. It can fill gaps, instantly dries up and leaves not a single pinhole. The material is suitable for flooring inside the cold storage and other cooling facilities.

Buying the ideal machine

You could require a perfect display chiller for your grocery store or cafeteria. This lets you add more value to your business. Research the market well before making the final call because it can promote sales. Search for the newest trends, design, color, specifications and technology. TSSC Group has clients from the retail and FMCG industry. The glass door should be adequately maintained and checked at regular intervals. 

TSSC Group – a leader in manufacturing insulated panels

TSSC group in Saudi Arabia is one of the leading manufacturers of insulated cold store panels in Saudi Arabia for businesses. It has been an ISO 9001-certified company manufacturing building solutions for four decades. TSSC produces comprehensive building materials, construction systems, cooling products and other value-added services. We customize cold store panels and display chillers in Saudi Arabia as per business requirements and individual specifications. We assign a separate project manager for your project to ensure timely delivery. We offer the right kind of spare components and after-sales support. The international brands approve of our cooling units and freezers. 

Final words

Are you looking for insulated cold store panels in Saudi Arabia? Discuss with the TSSC Group team. Create an effective solution for your next project. Book a consultation with the experts and request for a quote.