Installing lightweight concrete panels from TSSC is the solution for prefab development

The prefabricated building process is becoming extremely popular where there is less time. The world is moving faster and the time-consuming procedures are gaining prominence. 

Significance of roof panel system:

Prefab development takes less time and includes the least problem when contrasted with the traditional development technique. A couple of materials are required to make the development cycle quicker and longer-enduring. Thus, lightweight concrete panels are one of the fixings utilized in prefab development. Most developers like this material because of its lightweight nature and low-thickness. 

Do you know when lightweight boards were first utilized? It dates back to 1917 where the American Emergency Fleet Corporation assembled a few boats using these lightweight squares. At that point, the ships were mainstream for strength and toughness. Presently with years cruising by, the boards are getting increasingly more famous in the development area. Since then, the research did not stop, and with years passing by, these panels underwent massive development. Now that the construction sector is growing in the Middle East, there is a lot of demand for such panels and other building supplies. 

Solid insulated panels are favored in the development sector. If you intend to put resources into prefab development, ensure you search for a renowned organization that makes panels and building supplies in the Middle East. TSSC is one of the most reputed providers of lightweight boards in the Middle East. TSSC produces these boards under the brand name Easywall. 

We assemble and supply different protected divider boards, ideal for introducing in your arrangement in the UAE. These lightweight boards can’t bear any heap, yet it’s an ideal option compared to AAC, block works, drywall, and empty squares. TSSC has thought of an imaginative protected divider framework that offers monstrous incentives to the structure area. 

The whole construction industry, including the manufacturers and advisors, have acknowledged this as an ideal solution. These panels make the structure cycle less complicated, appropriate for modern-day development. The boards are suitable for introducing homes, lofts, schools, lodgings, centers, business offices, and retail offices…etc. Lightweight concrete panels are creative and effective wall frameworks that offer durable support to a structure. 

Are you aware of the benefits of lightweight solid boards? Taking a look at the advantages:

  • Uncompromising and warm protection
  • Easy and simple assembly process (only a few tools are used)
  • Adaptable surface and eco-friendly option
  • Cost-reduction when laying the foundation
  • Our panels are durable and lightweight
  • Our boards have excellent quality
  • Quicker reassembling is possible
  • Lightweight cement is impervious to fire, sound, and other climate conditions. 


Mineral wool is known for its magnificent insulation, confining the warmth inside the structural envelopes. This decreases the interest in warming and cooling energy. This mineral wool in the solid panels’ middle improves the floors, dividers, and rooftops’ acoustic protection. This material is non-flammable, so it offers in-fabricated fire protection. Mineral wool was here for quite a long time, yet now it’s making a rebound in improved forms. 


TSSC lightweight panels are produced by strengthening the steel matrix, making the boards more robust and secure. The boards are suitable for introducing on floors, dividers, roof, homes, workplaces, stockrooms, clinical offices, and then some. 

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