Install sandwich panel roofing from TSSC and protect the roofs from corrosion and UV rays

Sandwich roof panels are insulated with two layers of thin sheets covering the two sides of a core that sits in the middle. These panels are very long-lasting, and the layers are connected. They are also called composite panels, available in a variety of designs. The outer covering is made of stainless steel; it could also be sheets of galvanized steel or glass-FRP (fiber reinforced plastic).


The core material renders the insulation having been made of rock wool, mineral wool, polyurethane, PIR, and PUR. The core is spongy, but the tough layers protect it from external influences. There are various insulated panels, namely the roof panels, wall panels, Eco room panels, and cold room panels. 


Insulated panels are implemented across different industries, including construction, automotive, aerospace, and more. The sandwich panels save time, reduces the weight, and lowers the cost. TSSC manufactures insulated panels that are of superior quality; our panels come directly for our manufacturing unit. We have a vast stock of sandwich panel roofing solutions designed by our experts.


Once it is transported to the site, the panels are ready to use. These panels can be attached to a supportable structure, and it can be used for stable walls or roofs that possess a higher amount of insulation. These panels are also useful for constructing halls and building roofs. For instance, a roof panel system is very advantageous for commercial use. Our sandwich panels have a core that is fire and weather resistant. 


If you are looking for a company offering sandwich roof panels in the Middle East, get in touch with TSSC. We bring to you EASY WALL panels, a product of TSSC. These panels are made of cement boards on the outer side and can be used instead of block walls. It is used for efficient wall construction. Our Easywall panels are frequently used in the construction sector. TSSC brings you a stock of insulated panels; we are dedicated to constructing high-quality products that cater to international standards. We have an excellent customer service team that helps you discuss and resolve your issues and ensures the timely delivery. 


TSSC is an ISO 9001 certified company that manufactures and designs an array of industrial products. We offer all types of materials for the construction industry. Since we operate in the Middle East, we provide businesses in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Dubai. Now, we are the biggest manufacturer of insulated panels used in roofing and cladding. We have a reliable client base now; we have been in this business for more than four decades and we have catered thousands of clients. 

Please discuss with our team about your project; we would have the perfect solution for you.


If you are looking for vinyl wall panels for commercial use, invest in Duramax PVC panels if residential fencing is your priority and in touch with Duramax fences.

Lightweight concrete panels by TSSC – Easy installation and hassle-free cleaning

The first use of lightweight cement panels dates back in 1917; the American Emergency Fleet Corporation has just built a few ships for the first time using this mixture. It was appreciated for performance and strength. Soon after, lightweight concrete was used in the construction sector to erect load-bearing walls, sewer systems, and bridges. 


Incredibly light-weight concrete panels:

Concrete panels are made from foaming concrete, also having a mix of synthetic fibers and specific additives. These panels are incredibly lightweight, have grooves, and tongue on all four sides for faster and easier installation. During the installation process, very little debris is produced because a small amount of mortar is needed. This ensures that you do not have to spend hours cleaning. 

This saves the cost of hiring additional laborers. TSSC in the UAE are the leaders in manufacturing and lightweight concrete panels with unique physical properties; they are insulated, sound-proof, fireproof, and resists too much light. Our panels are manufactured using steel grid reinforcement; this makes our panels safe to use. Our lightweight panels are the right choice for ceilings, walls, houses, floors, offices, and the total time taken for the construction is also minimal.

Mineral wool used in lightweight concrete panels:

Do you know what mineral wool is? It’s a material used for unparalleled insulation manufactured by melting basalt and slag, a recycled product obtained from the steel manufacturing units. Then the material is spun into fibers, and again it is given the formation of batts and boards.


Mineral wool for better insulation:

The mineral wool restricts heat transfer through building envelopes; therefore, the demand for heating and cooling energy is reduced. The interior is very comfortable and the exterior weather of the temperature does not matter anymore. When mineral wool is placed between the concrete panels, the roofs’ insulation, walls, and floors are improved. 


Comparing lightweight concrete to traditional concrete, the former has a higher level of water content. When porous aggregate is used, the time taken to dry is increased. So, to deal with its issue, the aggregates are pre-soaked in water before adding to the cement. Lightweight concrete is very flexible and can be transported easily and needs the least support from materials like new concrete or steel. Therefore, the project is cost-effective. 


Less foundation cost, more ROI:

Using concrete panels, real estate investors can save a considerable amount of money; this helps you make profits. When the project is completed before time, it saves more costs. When the foundation cost is reduced, the ROI is higher. TSSC panels are used for erecting walls that are non-load bearing. The concrete panels have a total thickness of 100mm and are mainly used for the inner side partitions. The ones thicker, measuring about 150/200mm, are used for the exterior walls. Our panels have a high density mainly for load-bearing, used in buildings having 1 or 2 floors. These panels are used in warehouses, hospitals, industrial buildings, schools, high-rise buildings, and budget construction projects. 

Talk to our experts about your project, request for a quote. 

TSSC designs the beneficial prefabricated modular buildings in the UAE

Prefabricated modular buildings are very popular in the construction industry. These buildings come with ample advantages which include safe use, cost-effectiveness, faster to build. Thus, it can be said that prefab structures are becoming more and more accepted compared to traditional construction. Also, these modular buildings help you to save a lot of time, cost, and occupancy. If you have a custom-construction project in mind, we would suggest you choose prefab modular construction. 


The various uses of prefab buildings – Flatpack modular units:

If you are looking for industry leaders, choose TSSC as we have been designing prefab buildings for residential and commercial use for more than four decades. We have our operations in the Middle East, across UAE, and by now, we have made a base of too many satisfied clients. We have manufactured and designed various types of prefabricated structures where we implemented advanced techniques. Our team has been building portable cabins, storage spaces, office units, labor accommodations, camps, dining areas, and more. Are you looking for a modular unit, and it would reach your site without any hassle? TSSC has come up with the very modern and extremely useful Flatpack modular units known for easy transportation to the construction site. 


Our prefab structures are easily transported:

Save 50% of the occupancy and time by choosing to install modular buildings. The prefab buildings are designed and assembled inside the factory within a controlled environment. Then the modules are attached one by one in a format. Our engineers use the assembly line process; it starts with setting up the building frame. Finally, inner space and exterior space is set up. After all these, the modules are transported to the building site. There is a specific advantage of modular buildings that is worth mentioning. The on-site and off-site construction process overlaps with one another. 


Light-weight and energy-efficient structures:

TSSC prefabricated structures are extremely light-weight; there are strong steel frames and possess energy efficiency. The buildings also take the least time to be installed; those are weather-resistant, anti-termite, and look incredibly aesthetic. Light gauge steel is used for the construction. We have a trained team of experts for the installation service. Are you from the electrical department or telecommunication? We have advanced shelter for you so that you can safely store electrical equipment. 


TSSC – offering high-quality prefab solutions:

TSSC is reputed and has been praised by many clients for setting up pre-manufactured homes in the UAE. We have so many customers who are satisfied with the service we offer. We are the leaders in manufacturing and installing high-quality insulated panels, construction, and building materials, mainly commercial use. For all those looking for prefab homes, choose from an array of attractive finishes and different insulating materials. We do not believe in “one solution fits all”; therefore, we allow customization. 

Get in touch with our customer service team; we would connect you to the team and discuss the requirements. We are dedicated to helping you experience low building costs and higher ROI. Call us now. 

Need panels for your warehouse or cold storage? TSSC is the leaders in thermal insulation in the Middle East

UAE is a tropical country; there is a huge demand for cold storage solutions. These cold storages need solid insulation; therefore, you need to use panels. The panels have two layers and a core in the middle, which is made of polyurethane. This gives more insulation to the interior. The name cold-storage suggests a storage space with a shallow temperature mainly used for storing perishable goods in large quantities. Insulated panels are used to keep the interior cold so that the outside environment cannot affect the inner temperature. 


Portable solutions at your doorstep:

Already planning to install warehouse sandwich panels around your cold-storage or warehouse? TSSC brings you a smart, sleek, and portable solution, the walk-in-freezer. The freezers are functional at a shallow temperature, between -18C to -22C. The units are capable of maintaining a uniform and consistent temperature, thus storing items is easy. The interior

remains in healthy and hygienic conditions. 


Cold storage panels from TSSC – insulation is a priority:

Are you looking for insulated panels in the Middle East? TSSC has a solution for you; we are the experts in manufacturing insulated panels and construction materials. We specialize in designing sandwich panels for cold storage; those are very suitable for installing in warehouses. We have a team of customer service experts ready to offer customized solutions according to client requirements. We understand the importance of storage and care for your business. Every warehouse is different, so we do not provide on-solution-fits all solutions; we have experts for customization.


TSSC’s skid-mounted freezers – a unique solution:

Did you hear of skid-mounted freezers? Those are portable solutions and installed in moving units. Some warehouses also purchase mobile refrigerating systems. These structures are easily portable and can be lifted with the help of a crane or a truck that has a flatbed. The base of this unit is made of steel; this gives added mobility and durability. Our engineers use the PIR and PUR materials for insulation; the external layers are made of durable aluminum sheets. TSSC brings you a variety of warehouse solutions implementing the most innovative and modern technology.  


Our sandwich panels are constructed, maintaining a consistent style; a sturdy foam is used, which is treated at a very high density; this happens to be located in the middle. The two outer layers have a solid cladding of galvanized steel. The air-tightness prevents any heat from entering and cold from escaping. In all, TSSC warehouse and cold storage panels are a worthy investment. 


Invest in insulated panels:

Our clients are a priority; we have a strong customer base that we built for so many years. TSSC has records of satisfying ideal solutions and the range of products we offer within your budget. We have been operating for more than four decades; we are still the leaders in manufacturing building supplies and insulated panels in the UAE. Do you own a warehouse or cold storage where you plan to install insulated panels? We would offer a solution for you; our experts also visit your site if necessary. Also, our delivery process is exceptionally flawless. Have a consultation on your project, send us your requirements, and we would have a solution for you.

TSSC sandwich panel roofing can make building and construction process efficient roof panel system

A sandwich panel is formed by combining three structures; two layers sandwich a core in between that on both sides. Recently sandwich panels are heavily used in the building and construction sector. 


What is a sandwich panel made of? 

The core is soft inside, which is wrapped by a firm commodity to protect the interior. So, the sandwich panels are layered; it has a core in the middle which is not very thick and two very thin layers on the two sides. The metal attached in the outer surface of the panels is usually used for decorative purposes and to protect the interior. 


Why are the panels used?

Insulation is the primary purpose; the core is made of thermo-insulating material that arrests moisture, heat, fire, excess cold, and other weather conditions. The core has excellent strength, but it has a lighter weight. The components that make up the external layers protect the core from all conditions. TSSC sandwich roof panels are used for building walls, roofing, and cladding. 


The various core of sandwich panels:

Our sandwich panels are used for constructing warehouses, office buildings, sports complexes, logistics, freezers, cold stores, shopping malls, and buildings. Sometimes non-structural materials are used, but the forces are made sure by a steel framework that holds the panels. Our panels are available in various cores, including the EPS (expanded polystyrene), PIR (polyurethane or polyisocyanurate), PUR, and mineral wool. 


Easy transportation and installation:

When you compare different core materials, there is a difference in thermal insulation, sound insulation, and fire resistivity and weight. Sandwich panels are now very popular in the UAE. Our sandwich panel roofing panels come in a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes. Installation is very easy; it would take just 8 hours for an expert contractor to perform the task. Also, the installation process is not very complicated. Transporting sandwich panels is hassle-free; we ensure it reaches the site. The materials include panels, subframes, screws, and fasteners. All materials are available at our store; the number of screws depends on your project’s layout and spacing. 


The cost depends on the core:

If you are thinking about the cost, it’s based on the entire panel’s entire thickness and the core that is thermo-insulated. Are you looking for an inexpensive option? It is ideal to use the ESP core, but if you care about the performance, PIR panels are the most effective due to the high thermal conductivity. 


Our experts can help you:

Are you looking to install a new roof panel system? TSSC recommends ordering and purchasing sandwich panels directly from the manufacturers; you can also use our distributor chain. We also have our regional sales representatives who can visit your site upon request. Our experts can offer consultation if required.  


TSSC – a trusted brand in the UAE:

For our clients in the Middle East, you have only one choice, TSSC. We are a prestigious company offering building and construction supplies. Our solutions are very reliable, and we are in this business for over four decades. Many contractors and architects swear by the TSSC solution; it is specially designed to bring down costs and create an effective insulating barrier.

TSSC is the leader in offering industrial refrigeration solutions to the clients in the UAE

In the 19th century, the first industrial refrigeration was developed for the food industry, but now commercial refrigeration is heavily used across most sectors. TSSC manufactures systems that can supply the right kind of cooling capacity very efficiently.


TSSC understands modern cooling requirements:

There are issues related to the catastrophes of security in industrial refrigeration systems. This usually happens due to a lack of knowledge related to designing, using equipment, or installing. TSSC engineers are certified and have immense knowledge about modern-day commercial refrigeration requirements, and this helps us design systems according to your needs. We do not miss out on any essential steps and keep in mind the essential parameters that need to be taken into account. 

Commercial refrigerator explained:

A commercial refrigerator is a remote-condensing unit that functions with a vapor-compression refrigeration system. Some of the sections are uniquely designed for storing items at freezing temperatures. Selecting the refrigerant is of no less importance. It’s a fluid capable of functioning in the conditions projected by the refrigeration cycle. The choice of coolant, for every instance, would depend on the specific circumstances with minimal environmental impact. The refrigerants are chosen based on two scales, the Global Warming Potential or Ozone Depletion Potential. 


The Refrigeration Compression Cycle – a must know:

The Refrigeration Compression Cycle considers four essential components: the evaporator, compressor, expansion valve, and condenser. The compressor is the most active part of the refrigeration system. This element adds energy, which goes along with the law of thermodynamics. Our engineers also use various effective heat exchangers so that the refrigerant is capable of transferring energy along with other systems. The evaporator produces the cooling energy; here, the refrigerant evaporates by absorbing heat from the medium. The compressor increases the pressure of the refrigerant, and it reaches the condenser pressure, and the coolant can exchange heat along with ambient air. The expansion of refrigerant occurs in the expansion valve to reduce the pressure, and the cycle ends. 


We use environment-friendly gas:

Cooling systems function based on the second law of Thermodynamics. The law states that gases get cooler when expanded and heated upon compression. When two varying temperature items are kept near one another, the heat travels from the hotter to the colder object. We do not use Freon gas; we use all environment-friendly gases for ideal refrigeration and a healthy environment. 


TSSC – manufacturing cooling units and refrigerated trucks:

TSSC cooling units come in various shapes and sizes; we also customize refrigerated trucks in the UAE. The company supplies portable, as well as non-portable commercial refrigeration. TSSC in the Middle East offers the right kind of insulation. We are dedicated to designing and manufacturing construction supplies and building materials. We have designed so many cooling systems and have earned so many positive reviews. Food and medicine businesses in UAE have a massive demand for large-sized cooling units. 

Final words:

It’s been more than four decades that we are offering insulation solutions, and each day, we are trying to implement newer techniques through our research. Get in touch with us for a consultation related to your next project – request for a quote.

Building envelopes offer the right kind of insulation – Cold rolled steel buildings efficient in weather-proofing

Weatherproofing is the ultimate requirement that is implemented after a close examination of all the exterior components of a building to keep away air infiltration and moisture. 

What are building envelopes?

Building envelopes are the physical barrier that stands between the interior and exterior of the construction. This envelope maintains the climatic control inside the building. Now, it is essential to understand the term climate control. It is the cooling and heating of a building, which is necessary to keep the interior free from excess moisture, light, and sound. Building envelope structures include the roof, foundation, walls, doors, and windows. 

Better insulation, improved design aims to keep climate out

Building materials are formed from various components for longer-lasting, better insulation, sound blocking, water-repelling, light filtration, and more. The material highly depends on the resources available, climate, and culture. Similar to the materials, the design of the building envelope is also dependent on the same factors. The basic design must offer structural support, functionality, weather control, and aesthetics. When we say “design”, it combines all: engineering, architectural and technical applications. While designing the envelopes, the climate is the primary factor to be considered. 

A building envelope is the most integral and complicated part of a building; thus, it should never go neglected. It should be designed to perfection, rightly constructed, and regularly maintained to prevent seepage of water and infiltration of air through the envelope. This would prevent any moisture condensation inside the system. 

Steel commonly used in the construction sector

Steel is a very widely used construction material, so we shall talk about using cold-rolled steel buildings. Building envelopes are made of cold-rolled steel and a distinctive cladding. Steel is used for commercial and residential construction. Also, when it is cold-rolled, it means there have been changes in its mechanical properties. This kind of steel is more durable and bears more strength because the bends are specially taken care of during manufacturing.  

How cold rolling is done and its advantages

While discussing cold rolled steel, it is also essential to know how the cold rolling is performed. This process is performed at room temperature, so no artificial cooling is required. Once the steel is cold rolled, it becomes even more sturdy and durable. There is ample versatility among cold rolled steel and is used in the building process. 

Some of the common benefits of cold-rolled steel buildings include:

  • Cost reduction while laying the foundation
  • Ease of assembling
  • Adds durability to the construction
  • Modular design makes it more flexible
  • Environment-friendly


If you desire proper insulation, invest in high-quality TSSC panels. We offer ready steel panels that come with insulation combined. The steel panels are ideally suitable for prefab buildings spreading up to 24 meters. Cold rolled steel is ideal for primary and secondary building parts.

Talk to the TSSC experts 

TSSC, a certified ISO 9001 company, has more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing insulated panels and building supplies in the UAE. Talk to us about your next project.

Flexible prefabricated modular buildings from TSSC – The neutral aesthetics can blend with any building type

What do you understand by the term, “prefabricated”? It is a procedure that involves a few elements of the construction to be built off-site. The complete product is shipped to the client site for a quick and effort-free installation. Prefabricated construction is becoming immensely popular, and it is available in different budgets. This type of construction is proving to be beneficial for both businesses and customers. 


Easy transportation of modular buildings to your site:

Modular buildings can be built in the least time; it is faster to build because there are no hassles involved and affordable. These days a lot of contractors prefer using prefab structures for various building projects. The transportation is generally done by flatbed trucks; you do not require spending a lot of money on hiring skilled laborers or any special equipment for installation. Also, foundation requirements are not very high.  


The two common types of foundation discussed:

But, in prefabricated modular buildings, the foundation is of much significance. We generally use two types of foundation: the on-grade and the raised foundation. The on-grade foundation is extremely popular, widely used, and done by erecting a foundation wall around the building, also very essential for preparing a basement. A raised foundation is mainly used for temporary as well as permanent modular construction. When you choose a raised foundation, it will help fill in the modules onto the blocks of concrete. The structures can also be brought down without much hassle. 

Financial savings – ideal for all budgets and get discounts:

When you choose to invest in prefab construction, the most significant advantage is financial savings. Many believe that custom-made pieces are a bit on the expensive side, but the truth is that modular buildings are for all budgets. Manufacturers of prefab structures get discounts in bulk from the material suppliers. Also, you do not have the risk of hiring unreliable contractors and unnecessary staff. Also, lesser construction time means a lot of cost savings. 


TSSC’s modular units are customizable:

TSSC prefabricated structures are incredibly light-weight, have durable frames made of steel, and are energy-efficient. These look very classy and take faster erection time; the material is weather and termite resistant. Our structures are mostly built using light gauge steel, designed efficiently for onsite installation. TSSC has FlatPack modular units that allow effortless transportation. You can choose from various finishes, materials, and insulation. Our prefabricated structures are designed with spacious and tranquil interiors and can endure all climatic conditions, including the harshest. 


TSSC customer-centric approach – creating endless opportunities:

TSSC designs expandable, movable, and reusable pre manufactured homes. Our panel systems are flexible that allow pre-assembling at the manufacturing unit. This is the main reason why our buildings can be relocated and be reused. This slows down the demand for raw materials, lowers the expended energy, and reduces the time. Our modular structures are flexible and offer endless opportunities. 

TSSC, in the UAE, is dedicated to catering customer requirements in building and construction for over four decades. We are committed to client requirements; you can reach our customer service for all assistance.


TSSC in the Middle East is the leader in offering modular construction systems. Please discuss your project with our experts; we assist from initiation to completion.

Invest in TSSC’s Easy Wall lightweight cement wall panels for an efficient construction

Lightweight concrete panels are used to manufacture prefabricated walls. These panels are now used in various types of construction. Do you know why contractors use these panels for modern construction? These are incredibly lightweight structures made of concrete, and the density is almost 80% lesser than traditional concrete. 

How is lightweight concrete made?

Concrete panels are manufactured by fixing two panels made of calcium silicates like a sandwich, ceramsite, polystyrene beads, or cement. These panels are very lightweight and are composite panels that do not bear any load used for flooring, roofing, and walling. If you are thinking about why it’s so light, the mixture is made of abrasive aggregate with a very low weight. Lightweight aggregates used in structural concrete are mostly composed of expandable clay, shale, or slate that is roasted on fire in a kiln to give it an acceptable form. 

Features of lightweight concrete panels

Now we are going to discuss some of the essential characteristics of these panels:

  • Lower thermal conductivity
  • High strength and very low density
  • Faster construction
  • Sound insulation and resistance against fire
  • Good quality construction
  • Low building costs

TSSC’s Easy Wall Panel

The Easy Wall panel is manufactured from a fiber cement board. The interior’s composite core material is made of lightweight concrete mix from aggregates, cement and additives, admixtures, and Expandable Polystyrene. The perfect combination of materials gives rigidity and strength. TSSC panels are sound and fire-resistant, also available in varying thicknesses. Some of the options are 75 mm, 100mm, 150 mm, 200 mm, 250 mm, and 300 mm. We offer single panels, cavity wall systems, twin panels, and insulated panels. Our panels are used in homes, apartments, hotels, schools, residential projects, clinics, offices, commercial buildings, retail facilities, and clinics. Our panels are approved by the Municipality of Dubai and also tested by bodies that are accredited internationally. 

The benefits of concrete wall panels

Here are the advantages of concrete wall panels, take a look:

  • Lightweight panels allow easy installation; a contractor needs simple tools for
  • installation.
  • Concrete panels are extremely durable and are long-lasting. 
  • Easy assembling due to lightweight nature
  • You can also reassemble it fast at any other location. 
  • The panels have excellent resistivity,its fireproof, soundproof, and can withstand all weather conditions. 
  • The surface is super flexible. 
  • Affordable and environment-friendly
  • The surface finishing is very flexible.
  • Shaping and cutting can be done easily
  •  The panels are very consistent and have a superior quality finish. 
  •  Offers excellent thermal insulation
  •  MEP friendly
  •  You can save cost (directly and indirectly)       


TSSC – The leader in the UAE

TSSC designs lightweight cement wall panels, and Easy Wall is our brand that customers have trusted for more than four decades. We manufacture high-quality insulated panels in the The Middle East, ideal for modern construction. Our panels offer unparalleled value to the building sector, aiding the contractors, developers, builders, and consultants to meet their requirements. We are dedicated to manufacturing building and construction supplies in the UAE. Please discuss your requirements with us, request a quote.

TSSC sandwich insulated roof panels becoming popular and used mainly in construction

Sandwich roof panels are used for walls and roofs, primarily for constructing logistic buildings, warehouses, office buildings, sports facilities, freezers, shopping malls, manufacturing buildings, office buildings, etc. These panels are composed of three materials – a low-density core and a thin layer of metal attached to both sides. The cores are usually made of EPS, PIR, and PUR, also mineral wool. These materials have different thermal and sound insulation levels, reaction to fire, and weight. 

Sandwich panels – its lightweight core and easy installation 

Sandwich panels are façade and composite cladding produced by applying polyurethane injection in different thicknesses in-between galvanized sheets and aluminium plates. The core is usually very soft, and it remains sandwiched between both layers. The stiffness of bending is enhanced by adding the core, and it also does not add to the weight. 

Are you planning to install a sandwich panel on your roof or the walls? To install sandwich panel roofing, it could take almost 7-8 hours for a contractor to install and the process is quick and easy. TSSC panels, including materials like sub-frames, panels, screws, and fasteners, are transported to the construction site.

TSSC sandwich panels are popular and aesthetic  

TSSC sandwich panel roofing is now gaining popularity and is being heavily used for commercial use. Our industrial panels come in various shapes, sizes, and coolers. We are one of the most reputed sandwich panel manufacturers in the Middle East. Our panels are designed to help architects with more options. They can select the panels based on the design of the building.  

Our panels improve the aesthetics, used in constructing manufacturing units, warehouses, car showrooms, shopping malls, etc. Our panels are attractive, modern, and technologically advanced. The panels are non-porous, and this is why it’s very easy to clean. The coating is water-resistant, so cleaning the panels with water won’t be very difficult. 

Choose the core, the one that is high on flexibility

The most common type of thermal insulation material is polyurethane, and the panel gets improved insulation upon attaching the core. This reduces the heating costs; these panels also act as space savers in the construction. The material of the core has a low density that adds flexibility to the installation process. Sandwich panels that have a core made of mineral wool offer fire-resistance and sound-proofing. Panels that have EPS core are very affordable; this is considered to be an age-old material. 

Choose TSSC panels – sticking to one-manufacturer 

TSSC roof panel system is very affordable; the costs are based on the entire thickness of the product and the core material. For very long-lasting performance, the EPS core is good, but the best performance comes from PIR core. While investing in sandwich panels, it is ideal to order sandwich panels directly from the manufacturer. TSSC sandwich panels come with all accessories that include various fitting, fasteners, flashing, etc. You can visit our office for a consultation, and we have our sales representatives who can even visit your site for offering advice. 

On a final note

We are an ISO 9001 company offering roofing and cladding solutions for more than four decades. TSSC is one of the largest manufacturers of insulation materials in the UAE. 

Create a practical solution for your next project.      

Visit our website for more information, request a quote.