Earn better ROI in the construction project by investing in installing lightweight concrete panels

Lightweight concrete panels are used in prefab constructions in erecting various structures. These panels’ most significant advantage is its light-weightness. Thus, many builders prefer these panels. When you compare these to traditional panels, the former has lesser density. In 1917, the lightweight panels were first used, and the American Fleet Corporation also built ships with the help of these blocks. The ships are known for immense strength and durability. Now, most construction sites prefer using these panels.



The benefits of lightweight concrete panels:

Are you wondering how beneficial are these lightweight blocks? Take a look at the benefits of these concrete blocks:

  •   It is very easy to install lightweight concrete panels.
  •   The tools needed for installation are very simple.
  •   The panels offer better thermal insulation.
  •   Affordable and environment-friendly solutions.
  •   The surface finishing is very flexible.
  •   Cutting and shaping can be done very easily and quickly.
  •   These lightweight panels can be disassembled very easily and reassembled faster.
  •   Indirect and direct cost savings.
  •   These concrete blocks are very durable; therefore, they can last for years.
  •   These panels have an excellent quality finish.
  •   Concrete panels are MEP friendly.
  •   They are resistant to fire, all weather conditions, sound, and other environmental factors.


TSSC insulated panels proving beneficial to the construction sector:

Are you looking for efficient Lightweight partition wall panels in the Middle East? TSSC is a very renowned manufacturer of lightweight blocks and Easywall is our brand. This is a partition system that is not able to bear any load. It’s the perfect alternative to block works, AAC, hollow blocks, and drywall. TSSC has come up with an innovative insulated wall system that offers immense value to the building sector.

The construction developers, builders, and consultants have embraced this solution. It makes the construction process easier and ideal for modern-day construction. Our panels are suitable for apartment buildings, homes, hotels, clinics, schools, offices, retail facilities, commercial facilities, and more. 


Incredibly lightweight panels:

These panels are made of calcium silicates, which include sandwich cement, ceramide, or polystyrene beads. The panels are incredibly lightweight, composite in nature, and are non-load bearing apt for flooring, roofing, and walling. These panels are so lightweight that a lot of clients do ask us about the reason. Yes, it depends on the right kind of mixture. This abrasive aggregate is light and usually made of roasted slate, shale, or expandable clay. These panels are made from a reinforcing steel grid, and this renders safety to the panels. The panels are suitable for ceilings, walls, houses, floors, and more. The total time taken for construction is very less, clients are impressed. The panels are also ideally used in warehouses, hospitals, industrial buildings, schools, and other building projects.


TSSC -manufacturing modern panels in UAE:

When you look for insulated panels in the Middle East, get in touch with TSSC. It has been more than four decades that we are manufacturing panels. Our modern panels are made from superior quality material, offering the best value to construction projects, proving to be beneficial to contractors, builders, developers, and consultants.


Best value for construction

Our panels offer a lot of value in the construction sector, helping contractors, builders, developers, and consultants to meet the requirements. Our concrete blocks help investors save a lot of money; this helps to generate profits. The project is completed before time, and it helps to keep costs. The foundation cost is reduced, and this helps to generate a better ROI.


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Architects prefer Lightweight concrete blocks for faster construction

Various materials are used in constructing the exterior walls, which include brick, concrete, and wood. But recently, lightweight blocks are quite popular due to many reasons. These are usually made using lightweight expanded clay aggregate. This material has an immense load-bearing capacity and thermal insulation. Lightweight panels are mainly used in prefab structures; they have very low density compared to traditional panels. 

The advantages of lightweight blocks: 

TSSC operates in the Middle East, and we manufacture lightweight concrete blocks under the brand name Easywall. Our blocks are non-load-bearing systems that are perfectly designed for partition, an alternative to AAC, block works, Drywall, and hollow blocks. Our partition system offers true value to the building sector. 


Take a look at the advantages of a lightweight partition wall panel:


  • Adequate thermal insulation.
  • The installation process is very easy and simple; not many tools are required for insulation.
  • Affordable and eco-friendly solutions.
  • Lightweight panels, ideal for easy assembling.
  • Cutting and shaping can be done very quickly. 
  • These blocks have an immensely flexible surface; the finishing is also quite flexible.
  • These concrete panels are long-lasting and durable.
  • TSSC concrete panels have a high-quality finish. 
  • The panels are MEP friendly.
  • Direct and indirect cost savings.
  • The lightweight panels are durable and long-lasting. 
  • The panels have immense resistance; they are resistant to sound, fire, and other climatic conditions.
  • Rapid re-assembling is possible. 
  • The lightweight nature is due to the mixture TSSC applies; our abrasive aggregate seems to have practically had no weight. These aggregates are composed of roasted slate, shale, or expandable clay. 


Non load bearing panels from TSSC:

Do you know how we manufacture these concrete blocks? The concrete panels are manufactured by attaching the panels. These are manufactured from calcium silicates like ceramide, sandwich, cement, or polystyrene beads. Our panels do not possess any load, suitable for projects including flooring, roofing, and walling. Concrete blocks are preferred by architects, mainly due to cost-effectiveness and environment friendliness. Our panels are perfect for constructing a basement, ceilings, floors, walls, and internal partitions. 

TSSC is the leading insulated panel and building materials manufacturer in the UAE. Our panels are very efficient and lightweight. It’s been more than four decades that we have been manufacturing panels. Our panels are superior and insulated, most suitable for modern-day construction. TSSC panels are manufactured by reinforcing steel grids, which adds more safety to the panels. Our lightweight blocks are most suited for the ceiling, walls, houses, offices, floors, and more. These are mainly used in warehouses, hospitals, commercial zones, and other building projects. 

Better ROI with TSSC:

Looking for value, better ROI? TSSC panels offer value to the building sector, including contractors, builders, developers, and consultants. Investors can save a lot when lightweight concrete blocks are used. The main reason is the project gets completed before its stipulated time. This helps in cost saving because the foundation expenses are reduced, and you can generate better ROI. 

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TSSC Easy wall panel systems – We are the leaders in manufacturing lightweight cement wall panels

Concrete is a very heavy building material, and there have been many experiments performed regarding this throughout the 20th century so that the weight could be decreased. But, in trial and error methods, its properties were being affected. But finally, during the 1920s and 1930s lightweight concrete was developed. 

How are lightweight panels made?

Do you know how lightweight concrete is manufactured? These concrete panels are made by attaching two panels made of calcium silicates that look similar to a sandwich. These panels also contain cement, ceramsite, polystyrene beads. These panels are composite and are lightweight, non-load bearing panels mainly used for roofing, flooring, and walling. 

Lightweight panels about 80% less dense:

Prefabricated walls are manufactured using lightweight cement wall panels. These lightweight panels are used for different types of construction. A lot of contractors are showing interest in using these panels for modern-day building and construction. These panels are very much lightweight and made of concrete and about 80% less dense than usual concrete. 


Why is it ‘lightweight’?

Do you think why these are called ‘lightweight’ concrete panels? The mixture that is used is made of abrasive aggregate that is exceptionally lightweight. These aggregates are used primarily in structural concrete, mostly formed of shale, expandable clay, or slate (fire-roasted in a kiln). 

Lightweight cement wall panels have a number of benefits that are associated with its intrinsic properties and characteristics. Lightweight panels have an extremely low density, and the result of the low density is low conduction of heat. The material is excellent, water, and fire-resistant, also very simple to handle at the construction site without any heavy equipment. 

 Salient features of lightweight panels:

 Take a look at why contractors consider TSSC’s panels:

  • Faster construction
  • Low heat conductivity
  • Low density and higher strength
  • Good quality construction
  • Resistance against fire and sound insulation
  • Lower building costs
  • Superior-quality construction

 Easy Wall panels manufactured by TSSC:

TSSC in the UAE are the leaders in manufacturing insulated panels; our lightweight panels are used in the construction. We manufacture Easy Wall panels that have gained ample customer trust and appreciation. Our Easy wall panels are made from a fiber cement board, the composite core of the interior is made from light concrete formed from aggregates, additives, cement, and admixtures. We mix the materials so perfectly that it gives strength and rigidity. 

Certified panels from TSSC:

TSSC offers insulated panels in the form of single panels, cavity wall systems, and twin panels. Our panels are used in residential projects, commercial buildings, apartments, schools, and other construction sites. These panels are tested and internationally accredited by governing bodies. 

TSSC – Request for a quote:

We have been manufacturing panels for more than four decades, and those are perfect for modern construction. Our panels act as an aid to the developers and building contractors in meeting their requirements. Our efficient team designs and manufactures advanced construction supplies in the UAE. You can discuss your needs related to wall panel systems with us, come for a consultation, and request a quote. 

Lightweight concrete panels by TSSC – Easy installation and hassle-free cleaning

The first use of lightweight cement panels dates back in 1917; the American Emergency Fleet Corporation has just built a few ships for the first time using this mixture. It was appreciated for performance and strength. Soon after, lightweight concrete was used in the construction sector to erect load-bearing walls, sewer systems, and bridges. 


Incredibly light-weight concrete panels:

Concrete panels are made from foaming concrete, also having a mix of synthetic fibers and specific additives. These panels are incredibly lightweight, have grooves, and tongue on all four sides for faster and easier installation. During the installation process, very little debris is produced because a small amount of mortar is needed. This ensures that you do not have to spend hours cleaning. 

This saves the cost of hiring additional laborers. TSSC in the UAE are the leaders in manufacturing and lightweight concrete panels with unique physical properties; they are insulated, sound-proof, fireproof, and resists too much light. Our panels are manufactured using steel grid reinforcement; this makes our panels safe to use. Our lightweight panels are the right choice for ceilings, walls, houses, floors, offices, and the total time taken for the construction is also minimal.

Mineral wool used in lightweight concrete panels:

Do you know what mineral wool is? It’s a material used for unparalleled insulation manufactured by melting basalt and slag, a recycled product obtained from the steel manufacturing units. Then the material is spun into fibers, and again it is given the formation of batts and boards.


Mineral wool for better insulation:

The mineral wool restricts heat transfer through building envelopes; therefore, the demand for heating and cooling energy is reduced. The interior is very comfortable and the exterior weather of the temperature does not matter anymore. When mineral wool is placed between the concrete panels, the roofs’ insulation, walls, and floors are improved. 


Comparing lightweight concrete to traditional concrete, the former has a higher level of water content. When porous aggregate is used, the time taken to dry is increased. So, to deal with its issue, the aggregates are pre-soaked in water before adding to the cement. Lightweight concrete is very flexible and can be transported easily and needs the least support from materials like new concrete or steel. Therefore, the project is cost-effective. 


Less foundation cost, more ROI:

Using concrete panels, real estate investors can save a considerable amount of money; this helps you make profits. When the project is completed before time, it saves more costs. When the foundation cost is reduced, the ROI is higher. TSSC panels are used for erecting walls that are non-load bearing. The concrete panels have a total thickness of 100mm and are mainly used for the inner side partitions. The ones thicker, measuring about 150/200mm, are used for the exterior walls. Our panels have a high density mainly for load-bearing, used in buildings having 1 or 2 floors. These panels are used in warehouses, hospitals, industrial buildings, schools, high-rise buildings, and budget construction projects. 

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Invest in TSSC’s Easy Wall lightweight cement wall panels for an efficient construction

Lightweight concrete panels are used to manufacture prefabricated walls. These panels are now used in various types of construction. Do you know why contractors use these panels for modern construction? These are incredibly lightweight structures made of concrete, and the density is almost 80% lesser than traditional concrete. 

How is lightweight concrete made?

Concrete panels are manufactured by fixing two panels made of calcium silicates like a sandwich, ceramsite, polystyrene beads, or cement. These panels are very lightweight and are composite panels that do not bear any load used for flooring, roofing, and walling. If you are thinking about why it’s so light, the mixture is made of abrasive aggregate with a very low weight. Lightweight aggregates used in structural concrete are mostly composed of expandable clay, shale, or slate that is roasted on fire in a kiln to give it an acceptable form. 

Features of lightweight concrete panels

Now we are going to discuss some of the essential characteristics of these panels:

  • Lower thermal conductivity
  • High strength and very low density
  • Faster construction
  • Sound insulation and resistance against fire
  • Good quality construction
  • Low building costs

TSSC’s Easy Wall Panel

The Easy Wall panel is manufactured from a fiber cement board. The interior’s composite core material is made of lightweight concrete mix from aggregates, cement and additives, admixtures, and Expandable Polystyrene. The perfect combination of materials gives rigidity and strength. TSSC panels are sound and fire-resistant, also available in varying thicknesses. Some of the options are 75 mm, 100mm, 150 mm, 200 mm, 250 mm, and 300 mm. We offer single panels, cavity wall systems, twin panels, and insulated panels. Our panels are used in homes, apartments, hotels, schools, residential projects, clinics, offices, commercial buildings, retail facilities, and clinics. Our panels are approved by the Municipality of Dubai and also tested by bodies that are accredited internationally. 

The benefits of concrete wall panels

Here are the advantages of concrete wall panels, take a look:

  • Lightweight panels allow easy installation; a contractor needs simple tools for
  • installation.
  • Concrete panels are extremely durable and are long-lasting. 
  • Easy assembling due to lightweight nature
  • You can also reassemble it fast at any other location. 
  • The panels have excellent resistivity,its fireproof, soundproof, and can withstand all weather conditions. 
  • The surface is super flexible. 
  • Affordable and environment-friendly
  • The surface finishing is very flexible.
  • Shaping and cutting can be done easily
  •  The panels are very consistent and have a superior quality finish. 
  •  Offers excellent thermal insulation
  •  MEP friendly
  •  You can save cost (directly and indirectly)       


TSSC – The leader in the UAE

TSSC designs lightweight cement wall panels, and Easy Wall is our brand that customers have trusted for more than four decades. We manufacture high-quality insulated panels in the The Middle East, ideal for modern construction. Our panels offer unparalleled value to the building sector, aiding the contractors, developers, builders, and consultants to meet their requirements. We are dedicated to manufacturing building and construction supplies in the UAE. Please discuss your requirements with us, request a quote.

The high amount of insulation and cost-reduction offered by lightweight concrete panels

TSSC lightweight concrete panels are formed from foaming concrete, with synthetic fibers and additives. The panels have tongues and grooves on the four sides for easier and faster installation. There is very little amount of mortar needed, so debris and dust would be minimized during the installation process. This is why you do not need to conduct lengthy cleaning, thus saving the cost of construction due to minimal requirement of laborers. Our panels have brilliant physical properties, sound insulation, and high heat. The concrete panels are also waterproof, lightweight, and fireproof with high weight. The panels are produced using steel grid reinforcement, which gives a lot of safety and mechanical properties. TSSC concrete panels are an excellent choice for walls, ceilings, floors, houses, offices and reduce the time of construction.


Features of lightweight concrete panels

Speedy construction and savings in labor costs – You can imagine how fast the process can be when we tell you that 3 of our workers can construct a 15m square wall in just an hour almost. 

Easy installation – Communication cables and electric pipelines can be installed faster, cheaper, and more accessible. 

Saving of mortar – The amount of mortar required for work is only 20-25% compared to bricks and almost 50% when compared to ACC and CLC blocks. 

Energy savings – TSSC wall panels are used in high-rise buildings. It helps in saving energy bills by reducing the heating and air-conditioning costs due to excellent insulation. 

Environment friendly – Our product is environmentally friendly and an initiative to protect the environment. This process eliminates the CO2 that is emitted from clay brick production, which brings climate change. 

You can also call it a mineral wool panel since mineral wool is used for insulation. Mineral wool is made by melting basalt stone and slag that is recycled from steel mills; it is then spun into the fiber, again formed into boards and batts.

Mineral wool is known for excellent thermal insulation, which helps in restricting the heat transfer via the building envelopes. This reduces the demand for heating and cooling energy. The result is there is a year-long comfort inside. This mineral wool in-between the concrete panels improves the floors, walls, and roofs’ acoustic insulation. This material is non-combustible, so it offers in-built fire protection and contributes to fire safety. Mineral wool was here for decades, but now it’s making a comeback in improved versions. 

When you use concrete panels, the investor can save a lot and enormous can-do profits. There are more cost savings due to the early completion of the project and savings in foundation cost. 

TSSC concrete panels are mainly used for constructing walls that do not bear any load. Concrete panels having a thickness of 100mm are used for inner partitions, and those that are 150/200mm thick are for the outer walls. We have high-density panels for load-bearing, used for houses having 1-2 floors. The panels are also used in hospitals, warehouses, schools, industrial buildings, high-rise buildings, and moderate to low budget housing projects.


EASYWALL lightweight concrete panels from TSSC for a successful construction

Lightweight concrete panels are made by attaching two calcium silicate panels in the form of a sandwich with polystyrene beads and ceramsite or cement. These are lightweight, non-load-bearing composite panels used in roofing, walling, and flooring. The mixture is made of a lighter weight abrasive aggregate, but sometimes a part or entire finer aggregate could be lightweight. Lighter aggregates used in structural concrete are generally expandable shale, clay, or slate that have been set on fire inside a revolving kiln to make it porous. 

Lightweight concrete is used to manufacture prefab wall, to make it one unit. It’s been used in various constructions very successfully. The biggest reason to use these is to lessen the weight of the concrete structures. The density of lightweight concrete is almost 80% that of the usual concrete. Some of the characteristics of these panels are:

  • Low density and high strength
  • Lower thermal conductivity
  • Fire-resistance and sound insulation
  • Gives speedy construction
  • Better quality construction
  • Save construction costs

TSSC Group manufactures lightweight cement wall panels under the brand name Easywall, a non-load carrying partition wall system. It is used to replace block works, Drywall, AAC, hollow blocks, and externally. We are dedicated to manufacturing quality panels in the UAE, which are suitable for efficient and innovative construction. These panels offer unbelievable value to the construction sector, helping builders, developers, and consultants meet the demands of the present-day construction requirements.  


Advantages of concrete wall panels: 

  • The panel is lightweight which allows easy installation and simple tools are needed for the construction
  • The panels have an extended lifespan and are very durable
  • These are soundproof, fireproof, and soundproof. The panels have 4 hours of fire-resistant
  • Due to the lightweight nature, the panels can be assembled very quickly, and you can reassemble it again in any other location.
  • It’s an economical and very environmentally-friendly solution. 
  • The surface finishing is very flexible.
  • The panels have a high-quality finish and are consistent.
  • A solid thermal insulation
  • Ease of shaping and cutting
  • Indirect and direct cost saving
  • MEP friendly


The EASY WALL is a wall panel made using fiber cement board for panel facings. An interior composite core material of lightweight concrete mixture is made from Portland cement, aggregates, additives, and Expanded Polystyrene and admixtures. The right combination of materials offers strength and rigidity. Our panels are fire-rated and suit all the acoustic applications. The available thicknesses are 75mm, 100 mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, and 300mm. The products include single panels, twin panels, cavity wall system, and insulated panels. These panels are used in:

  • Apartment buildings
  • Homes
  • Large-scale residential projects
  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Offices
  • Clinics
  • Retail facilities
  • Commercial buildings

TSSC panels are approved by the Dubai Municipality, ADCD, and Dubai Civil Defence and are tested by internationally accredited testing bodies. 

We design the most exquisite insulated panels, and it has been more than four decades into manufacturing insulated panels. Quality is our priority; we do not compromise with the quality at all. Discuss your next project with us, request us for a quote.