TSSC in the Middle East is an expert in offering prefab modular building structures

The building industry has just picked pre-assembled development and off-site development is picking up noticeable quality consistently. Modular structures are savvy, quicker to assemble, and more secure to utilize, and it’s an option in contrast to regular development. A prefab structure could be the ideal alternative for your next custom modular home or office space. 

These prefab structures are built inside a controlled production line premise and each module is set up separately. A mechanical production system methodology is utilized, which starts with building the casing, and it closes with setting up the interiors and exteriors. When the cycle is finished, the modules are moved to the site and are assembled to set up a structure. 

The foundation assumes a fundamental part in a perpetual prefab particular development. There are two sorts of foundations, the evaluation and the raised. The on-grade establishment is far and wide and it’s finished by setting up a framework divider around the border of the structure. It’s ideal for making a cellar for structures. To utilize an on-grade foundation, you need to set each module with a crane during the last gathering measure. 

The raised type of foundation is appropriate for a brief or lasting secluded development. It helps in setting the modules on solid concrete squares. It is a lot of value for temporary secluded structures because it can be taken off quickly with no turmoil. You needn’t bother with a crane to keep the finished modules set up when applying this foundation. A crane is utilized to put the modules on the foundation, and the structure parts are joined. We likewise work on utility interfaces during this time; the outside and inside completions are completed.

By picking particular structures, you can save half of your investment and time. TSSC is the pioneer in assembling protected boards; we have practical experience planning and providing prefab structures for convenience camps and site workplaces in the UAE. 

Till now, we have constructed numerous prefab homes and we have a rundown of numerous upbeat clients. If you are searching for work convenience units, kitchen and eating regions, office units, or extra rooms, you can arrange our Portacabins. We likewise have changed over compartments that are easy to ship and ideal to develop multi-story structures. 

Our prefab structures are energy-effective, phenomenally light-weight, and have strong steel outlines for development. They look rich and have a quicker erection time, climate-safe, and better termite safety. We likewise assemble prefab structures with light measure steel and offer nearby establishments. Aside from this, we have particular asylums for electrical hardware and media communications, changed over compartments for site stockpiling, and FlatPack Modular units for simple transportation. 

It is safe to say that you intend to choose a prefab office building? Clients have the advantage of browsing an entire scope of alluring completions and materials for protection. These structures can bear unforgiving climatic conditions. The construction process, if performed accurately, prefab development can be valuable to a venture’s timetable, work necessities, and financial plan.

Do you need a prefab modular building? Discuss your requirements with us; we would love to offer you a consultation.

Why Is Prefab Modular Building Gaining More Popularity?

Prefab modular building in the UAE includes when a construction involves the creation of the structure in sections off-site and its imposition after its installation. 

Many of the new generation builders are beginning to adopt this modular type of construction. New methods and techniques are coming up in the market almost every day. The world is becoming cautious and careful towards the environment, and the people are becoming more competitive. Hence, prefab modular building and prefab office building in the UAE is growing in popularity, to such an extent that too many high profile businesses are adopting this system for their upcoming projects.


Technical Supplies and Services Company was established in 1975. TSSC is a primary and important member of the Harwal Group. The company has great excellence in engineering and design. This company is certified with ISO 9001 and manufactures a varied range of products and offers a range of various services. The company’s business has spread across various countries and cities, including Sharjah, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi.



Technical Supplies and Services Company is the largest producer of insulated panels, used for roofing and cladding. The company is much popular in the Middle East. Some of the most manufactured products by TSSC that are used by the construction industry include:

  • Cladding sheets
  • Seamless roofing systems
  • Unitised glass systems
  • Doors and windows
  • Cold rooms
  • Prefabricated shelters
  • Portacabins
  • Factory manufactured houses
  • Stainless steel kitchen equipments
  • Merchandise refrigerators
  • Cable trays
  • Metal sheds


TSSC also provides galvanizing services to its customers in and around its region. The building materials that are manufactured by TSSC are fire-resistant, and every product manufactured by them carries certification for the same.


Reasons for Popularity:

  • Prefab modular building system lets clients customize and modify their requirements.
  • Prefab modular system is noticeably cheaper than traditional methods of construction.
  • Prefab modular system has great innovation and could be designed as per one’s own needs.
  • Prefab modular system is cost-effective and hence reduces the budget and expense. 
  • A contractor offers a custom modular structure.
  • Any construction could be built quickly, and this method occupies less space. 
  • Making and innovating new ideas and applications is easily accessible.
  • Prefab modular construction ensures the safety of the employees when compared to traditional methods of building.  
  • Prefab modular offices are way more innovative and creative than the other ones. This increases the popularity and market competition of the company or office.
  • This kind of construction has a lower investment and maintenance cost.
  • All the products used during construction are scalable and flexible.



Due to this new technique in the construction industry, there are various innovations and savings, about which nobody had thought about! With such new constructions, we could be able to build a better tomorrow, better constructions, and provide a better life setting good examples to the upcoming generations.

Prefab modular building from TSSC – Quality, and trust helps creating a great foundation

Prefabricated structures can save a lot of money, effort, and time. Prefabricated structures are easy to assemble and this makes the process faster. Recently, prefab modular buildings are gaining immense popularity because people can enjoy a lot of savings. The construction industry has well-accepted the concept of prefab modular building. Offsite construction is also gaining popularity day by day. 

Super-controlled construction process:

Modular homes are now a part of the housing industry; these make a lot of sense. Once you assemble, it looks so perfect that it’s hard to identify that you have erected a modular structure. A modular home building is initiated in an advanced manufacturing unit that allows the manufacturer to oversee a super-controlled construction process. These structures operate 15% more efficiently compared to a conventional home. When the structure is delivered onsite, the building is almost 80-90% complete. You require putting the pieces together and connecting everything so perfectly. Modular construction allows you to do flooring, drywall, plumbing, cabinetry, and electrical work inside a regulated environment. 


The advantages of modular construction:

A modular home is an affordable option; it’s quicker to build and comes with safety features. The modules are set up one by one; the assembly-line process starts with frame construction and then sets up the interior and exterior. After completing the process, the modules are transported to the building site and put together for construction. Modular construction has its benefits; it overlaps the offsite and onsite construction processes. 


Factory construction offers cost-saving options; the modular process is advantageous, especially when it reaches the final assembling process. Once the modules are transported safely, you need to hire a few expert subcontractors for the assembling. Modular construction is beneficial to customers, the community, and the environment. 


TSSC offering energy-efficient and light-weight solution:

TSSC designs modular structures that help in saving 50% of time and occupancy. We are leading in the UAE when it comes to manufacturing insulated panels. We have a huge customer base; we have so many happy clients as we are in the business for more than four decades. Our modular structures are energy-efficient and light-weight. The insulated panels are weather-resistant and free from termite infestation. Prefabricated homes are incredibly efficient, quality-controlled, and are technologically advanced. Get the designs approved by a local builder and make sure you have all the requirements ready; only then can you start the building process. 


Modular homes not mobile homes: 

Modular homes are not mobile homes, so do not be confused. Modular homes are like traditional construction, except they are available in pre-built sections. Modular structures are a smart choice; there are several advantages. It offers flexibility in design and customization options. If you wish to make the right choice, go modular. 

Choose TSSC in the UAE:

Are you planning to erect a prefab office building in the Middle East? TSSC is the answer; we offer you the best solution within your budget. We ensure quality solutions in the Middle East. TSSC has a quality team that monitors at every stage of construction ensuring quality assurance.


The rising popularity of prefabricated modular buildings – TSSC solutions in the UAE

Do you know that prefabricated buildings offer a lot of savings instantly and in the long run? Now that savings have become a very important factor, modular buildings’ popularity has risen beyond limits. Any idea that customized solutions are highly-priced, but if you research a modular home price, it is very affordable. Also, we offer seasonal discounts so that you save while you build. 

Do you know what a prefabricated construction is?

It’s a procedure that involves a lot of off-site building procedures. There is a spacious factory unit where the whole structure is pre-assembled and then shipped to your construction site. Prefab structures offer more savings and a better ROI because the total time taken for construction is least.


Easy to assemble prefab structures: 

TSSC prefab structures are easy to assemble; therefore, you do not need to worry about hiring unreliable contractors. While assembling our prefab structures, you do not need to hire an excessive workforce. Modular buildings are compact and easy to set up with one or two experts. There is one thumb rule; if the total time taken for construction is decreased, you can save more money. These days the construction field is pretty expensive, so savings is worth it. We also give out lucrative discounts if you buy in bulk. 


FlatPack modular units from TSSC – incredible prefabricated structure:

TSSC is an eminent name in the Middle East; we are the top manufacturer of building and construction supplies. Our prefab structures are extremely durable and are incredibly lightweight; we use steel frames. If you plan a space for your business, it would be wise to invest in a prefab office building. Some of the benefits include professional looks, least assembling time, and having a class of its own. TSSC prefabricated structures are resistant against weather conditions, prevent termites, make lightweight steel, and are very efficient in design and functionality. We have designed FlatPack modular units available in an array of finishes, materials, and insulation. Also, the panels can be transported to your site easily.


Serving the Middle East for more than four decades:

TSSC’s prefabricated structures are extremely spacious, just right for your interiors. Our panels can also stand strong in all climatic conditions. TSSC operates in the Middle East; we are the leaders in manufacturing insulated panels and modular construction. TSSC has been serving clients, manufacturing class-apart products for more than four decades. We have a base of reliable clients, those who have trusted us for years. 

Budget and premium solutions from TSSC: 

Do you know that a prefabrication procedure involves off-site constriction as well? The whole structure is pre-installed in a unit, and the shipping is done to the client’s construction site for a faster and effortless installation. Prefabricated construction is now immensely popular; more and more building experts are now investing in prefab structures. Now TSSC solutions are available within your budget, but we also have our premium line of products. 


Final words: 

TSSC, UAE is your destination if you are looking for a prefab modular building. Reach us for customized construction solutions. Have a project in mind? Looking for the most affordable modular home or office? Please discuss your project with our experts. Get in touch with TSSC for construction solutions. 

Choose TSSC Prefab office building and make your dream come true within the budget

Anything that is prefabricated saves a lot of effort and time. We have heard of hospitals installing plenty of wards in just a few days and warehouses having more provisions in a few days. You might be wondering how could these take place so fast? A prefabricated modular building is widespread, as the real estate industry was well accepted. Offsite construction has gained a lot of prominences each day. 



A modular home is a cost-effective option because it is faster to build, safe to use, and serves as an alternative to traditional constructions. A modular building is excellent if you plan for your next venture; it could be an office space. The prefabricated buildings are made inside a manufacturing unit that has a controlled environment. All the modules are set up individually one by one. The manufacturers use the assembly line process that initiates with frame construction and sets up the interior and exterior. Once the procedure is completed, the modules are then transported to the construction site and are gathered together to construct a building. Modular construction taking place onsite has its advantages; it overlaps the offsite and onsite building procedures.  


The foundation is of utmost importance; it plays a very important role in a long-term prefabricated modular construction. There are two types of foundation, the raised and the grade. The on-grade foundation is extremely popular, prepared by laying a foundation wall around the entire perimeter of the building. It is very useful for creating basement areas for buildings. For using an on-grade foundation, you require setting every module with a crane’s help while the final assembling is done. 


The raised foundation is appropriate for a permanent or temporary modular construction. A raised foundation aids in placing the modules on the concrete blocks. It is very much useful for temporary modular construction because the structure can be dismantled without any hassle. There is also no need for a crane to place the modules in position while using this foundation. 


Once all onsite preparations are done, our experts do the installation. We follow a particular order of delivering and staging the modules for a smoother and efficient assembling process. The modules can be placed on the foundation with the help of a crane. It also helps in attaching the building components. TSSC also adds utility, the interior finishes, and the exterior is done entirely. 


TSSC designs innovative modular structures that help you to save 50% of the occupancy and time. We are the leaders in manufacturing insulated panels and offering prefabricated structures for offices, businesses, and camps in the Middle East. TSSC boasts of too many happy customers; it has been over four decades into this business. 


TSSC prefab modular buildings are light-weight and energy-efficient. But they also possess sturdy and light steel frames for construction. The panels are weather-resistant and also free from termite infestation. Also, we have specialized shelters for electrical equipment and telecommunications, converted containers for site storage, and FlatPack Modular units for quicker transportation. 

Are you looking for insulated panels in the UAE for erecting a prefab office building? Look no further than TSSC in the Middle East.

TSSC caters to all your modular needs – Invest in a prefab modular building

Prefabricated construction means a process that also involves off-site building. The entire product is pre-assembled inside the factory and shipped to the client site for a faster and hassle-free installation process. The popularity of prefab construction is on the rise as more and more builders swear by this solution. These buildings are very affordable and can easily suit your budget, though there are a few expensive ones. Read the blog if you are on the lookout for a modular home or office. 

How can you save money with a prefab construction? 

One of the most significant advantages of prefabricated construction is financial savings. Sometimes you might feel that customized solutions are always on the expensive side, but modular buildings are extremely affordable. Also, the top manufacturers allow huge discounts if purchased in bulk. TSSC offers good discounts, and you can save pretty much. Are you tired of unreliable contractors and excessive staff? Now get rid of such pain because you do not require a lot of man-power when you have opted for modular solutions. You must also remember that if the total construction time taken is less, there are more savings. 

Prefab buildings have two types of foundation

In a prefab modular building, the foundation plays a very significant role. We use two types of foundation: one the on-grade foundation and the raised foundation. The on-grade is a very popular type and is used in most construction. It is prepared by erecting a solid foundation wall around the construction, which is very important for making the basement. If you opt for a raised foundation, it will help fill the modules on the concrete blocks. You do not have to be in much haste while bringing down the structures. 

Easy transportation of modular buildings to your site

 Modular buildings can be built in the least time; it is faster to make because there are no hassles involved and affordable. These days a lot of contractors prefer using prefab structures for various building projects. The transportation is generally done by flatbed trucks; you do not require spending a lot of money on hiring skilled laborers or any special equipment for installation. Also, foundation requirements are not very high.  

TSSC offers classy customized units

TSSC offers prefabricated structures with durable frames designed from steel, yet they are incredibly light-weight. You can opt for a prefab office building that takes the least time to assemble, looks extremely professional and classy. Our structures are weather and termite resistant, mainly built from light-weight gauge steel and designed for efficiency. TSSC designs FlatPack modular units that offer effortless transportation. We have a wide range of finishes, insulation, and materials to choose from. Our prefab structures are spacious that can offer serene interiors; they can also withstand various harsh climatic conditions. 

TSSC operates in the Middle East; we are the leaders in manufacturing insulated units and modular construction. It has been over four decades we are into the business catering to clients. Please discuss your project with our experts.


TSSC designs the beneficial prefabricated modular buildings in the UAE

Prefabricated modular buildings are very popular in the construction industry. These buildings come with ample advantages which include safe use, cost-effectiveness, faster to build. Thus, it can be said that prefab structures are becoming more and more accepted compared to traditional construction. Also, these modular buildings help you to save a lot of time, cost, and occupancy. If you have a custom-construction project in mind, we would suggest you choose prefab modular construction. 


The various uses of prefab buildings – Flatpack modular units:

If you are looking for industry leaders, choose TSSC as we have been designing prefab buildings for residential and commercial use for more than four decades. We have our operations in the Middle East, across UAE, and by now, we have made a base of too many satisfied clients. We have manufactured and designed various types of prefabricated structures where we implemented advanced techniques. Our team has been building portable cabins, storage spaces, office units, labor accommodations, camps, dining areas, and more. Are you looking for a modular unit, and it would reach your site without any hassle? TSSC has come up with the very modern and extremely useful Flatpack modular units known for easy transportation to the construction site. 


Our prefab structures are easily transported:

Save 50% of the occupancy and time by choosing to install modular buildings. The prefab buildings are designed and assembled inside the factory within a controlled environment. Then the modules are attached one by one in a format. Our engineers use the assembly line process; it starts with setting up the building frame. Finally, inner space and exterior space is set up. After all these, the modules are transported to the building site. There is a specific advantage of modular buildings that is worth mentioning. The on-site and off-site construction process overlaps with one another. 


Light-weight and energy-efficient structures:

TSSC prefabricated structures are extremely light-weight; there are strong steel frames and possess energy efficiency. The buildings also take the least time to be installed; those are weather-resistant, anti-termite, and look incredibly aesthetic. Light gauge steel is used for the construction. We have a trained team of experts for the installation service. Are you from the electrical department or telecommunication? We have advanced shelter for you so that you can safely store electrical equipment. 


TSSC – offering high-quality prefab solutions:

TSSC is reputed and has been praised by many clients for setting up pre-manufactured homes in the UAE. We have so many customers who are satisfied with the service we offer. We are the leaders in manufacturing and installing high-quality insulated panels, construction, and building materials, mainly commercial use. For all those looking for prefab homes, choose from an array of attractive finishes and different insulating materials. We do not believe in “one solution fits all”; therefore, we allow customization. 

Get in touch with our customer service team; we would connect you to the team and discuss the requirements. We are dedicated to helping you experience low building costs and higher ROI. Call us now. 

Flexible prefabricated modular buildings from TSSC – The neutral aesthetics can blend with any building type

What do you understand by the term, “prefabricated”? It is a procedure that involves a few elements of the construction to be built off-site. The complete product is shipped to the client site for a quick and effort-free installation. Prefabricated construction is becoming immensely popular, and it is available in different budgets. This type of construction is proving to be beneficial for both businesses and customers. 


Easy transportation of modular buildings to your site:

Modular buildings can be built in the least time; it is faster to build because there are no hassles involved and affordable. These days a lot of contractors prefer using prefab structures for various building projects. The transportation is generally done by flatbed trucks; you do not require spending a lot of money on hiring skilled laborers or any special equipment for installation. Also, foundation requirements are not very high.  


The two common types of foundation discussed:

But, in prefabricated modular buildings, the foundation is of much significance. We generally use two types of foundation: the on-grade and the raised foundation. The on-grade foundation is extremely popular, widely used, and done by erecting a foundation wall around the building, also very essential for preparing a basement. A raised foundation is mainly used for temporary as well as permanent modular construction. When you choose a raised foundation, it will help fill in the modules onto the blocks of concrete. The structures can also be brought down without much hassle. 

Financial savings – ideal for all budgets and get discounts:

When you choose to invest in prefab construction, the most significant advantage is financial savings. Many believe that custom-made pieces are a bit on the expensive side, but the truth is that modular buildings are for all budgets. Manufacturers of prefab structures get discounts in bulk from the material suppliers. Also, you do not have the risk of hiring unreliable contractors and unnecessary staff. Also, lesser construction time means a lot of cost savings. 


TSSC’s modular units are customizable:

TSSC prefabricated structures are incredibly light-weight, have durable frames made of steel, and are energy-efficient. These look very classy and take faster erection time; the material is weather and termite resistant. Our structures are mostly built using light gauge steel, designed efficiently for onsite installation. TSSC has FlatPack modular units that allow effortless transportation. You can choose from various finishes, materials, and insulation. Our prefabricated structures are designed with spacious and tranquil interiors and can endure all climatic conditions, including the harshest. 


TSSC customer-centric approach – creating endless opportunities:

TSSC designs expandable, movable, and reusable pre manufactured homes. Our panel systems are flexible that allow pre-assembling at the manufacturing unit. This is the main reason why our buildings can be relocated and be reused. This slows down the demand for raw materials, lowers the expended energy, and reduces the time. Our modular structures are flexible and offer endless opportunities. 

TSSC, in the UAE, is dedicated to catering customer requirements in building and construction for over four decades. We are committed to client requirements; you can reach our customer service for all assistance.


TSSC in the Middle East is the leader in offering modular construction systems. Please discuss your project with our experts; we assist from initiation to completion.

Prefab modular building from TSSC – from costs to sustainability to financing

A modular home is constructed indoors, in a factory-like setting. Then the final products are transported to the respective locations for assembling by the builder. Remember that a modular home is constructed off-site. These homes are known as system-built or prefabricated homes.


It takes a few weeks to complete a modular home, but the traditional home could take months. Any weather changes do not delay the construction process. These homes are built conforming to specific rules, building codes, and guidelines. All companies do not make the same kind of factory-built homes, so it’s important to shop around in the type you are looking for. When looking for a prefab modular building in UAE, TSSC has the biggest building materials and construction supplies.


Are you aware of the place of prefab modular homes in the property market? A lot of clients are interested in knowing this. So modular homes are appraised, and anyone can invest. These structures are low-maintenance and very compact, just right for permanent residences or holiday homes. Like conventional homes, these modular structures also fall under the same kind of permit and planning requirements.


Our modular homes have a standard design but can also be personalized. The designs are oriented to match the site to get the suitable optimal energy ratings and lessen the artificial heating and cooling needs. TSSC modular homes are customizable, and we work very closely with our clients. You can also add our modules as an extension to your existing property. 

Do you know the most significant benefit of prefab homes? It reduces building time. The prefabricated building process reduces any delay. We let the clients know all the progress and updates we make. Modular homes can be built to suit all climates, including alpine, desert, and cyclone-prone zones. We first consider the weather condition during the insulation process and while adding other features. 


Do you feel all modular homes look alike? A lot of people used to believe this. In reality, the design options are plenty, and you can create your style. Adding any architectural details is up to you; basically, all plans can be converted into modular homes. This means your dream home is not far away. 


Modular homes cannot be moved after placing on foundations. Now, if you are designing your own home, ask your questions to us. It’s important because every manufacturer has a set of specific guidelines. We offer an array of personalization, including solid surface countertops, ceramic floors, wood species, cabinet styles, plumbing fixtures, external finishes, and more. 

Thus, modular homes are affordable, energy-efficient, environment-friendly, and sometimes you also get financing options. 


So, are you already planning your project? Our solutions are unique, and we offer the best insulation. TSSC in the UAE is reputed for providing building solutions for more than four decades. TSSC supplies prefab buildings, and we have so many happy customers. Please discuss your project requirements with us.

The advantages of prefabricated modular buildings – TSSC offers custom solutions

The construction industry well accepts prefabricated modular buildings. They come with many benefits, including cost-effectiveness, safe to use, faster to build, and the most significant alternative to traditional construction. When you opt for modular buildings, you can save almost half of your occupancy and time. So, if you are already planning a custom-building project, it could be a prefab modular construction. 


By choosing modular buildings, you can save 50% of your occupancy and time. These buildings are manufactured and assembled inside the factory premises with a controlled environment; then, every module is set up one by one correctly. The assembly line process is used, and it all initiates with building the frame then the process ends with building the inner space and exterior. The modules are then transported to the construction site; the transportation process is simpler. Once it reaches the construction site, they are assembled to form a building. Modular buildings have a particular benefit, the overlapping of onsite and off-site construction process overlaps. 

TSSC are the leaders in manufacturing and designing prefabricated buildings for commercial and residential purposes. We function in the Middle East, in the UAE, and we have successfully delivered so many prefab buildings for various uses. We have an expert team and implement modern techniques. We build office units, camps, labor accommodation spaces, storage spaces, dining areas, and portable cabins. We convert containers that allow hassle-free transportation and are useful in constructing high-rises. TSSC’s Flatpack modular units enable easy transportation. 

Our prefab structures are incredibly light-weight, energy-efficient, and use sturdy steel frames; they take the least time to erect, weather-resistant, anti-termite treated, and have an elegant look. We use light gauge steel for building prefab buildings; we also have a team that offers installation service. TSSC also has advanced shelters for telecommunications and for storing electrical equipment. 

There is something special about the foundation of prefab modular buildings. The foundation plays a significant role; there are two types: the grade and raised foundation. The raised foundation is ideal for permanent and temporary modular buildings. Here, the modules are placed on the concrete blocks. The structure can be disassembled without much effort, and there is no need for a crane to put the completed modules in the ultimate assembling process. 

Now, the grade foundation is the most common, and it is done by placing a foundation wall surrounding the perimeter of the building. This type of foundation is suitable for constructing the basement for buildings. The experts need to set all the modules using a crane in the final assembling step for using an on-grade foundation. 

Once the onsite procedures and preparations are complete, our experts install the building. There is a particular kind of order to deliver and stage the modules to maintain the assembling process’s efficiency and smoothness. We use a crane to put the foundation; also, the building components are attached. During this time, the interior and exterior are completed, we also connect the utility. 

TSSC has set up any prefab homes successfully in the UAE, and we have a list of so many satisfied customers. We are the pioneers in offering insulated panels, building materials, and construction supplies. If you plan to invest in a prefab home, we give you options to choose from many attractive finishes and insulating materials. 

Please discuss your project requirements with us; we ensure lower cost and higher ROI. Call us today.