Why is the construction industry trying to shift to prefabrication?

Prefabrication must have some advantages compared to traditional building techniques. Cost is a big and the most important factor and prefabrication can help builders cut down the costs to a great extent. A prefabricated building is already assembled inside the factory. So, almost all the work is done. So, you do not require hiring plumbers, electricians or carpenters. So, due to several other advantages, the popularity of prefab structures is increasing tremendously. The construction market in the Gulf area is booming with a lot of apartments, bungalows and hotels coming up. With so much advancement, traditional construction has taken a back seat. 

Prefabrication reduces risks and costs 

Prefab construction is suitable for projects having a high redundancy. Some of the construction areas where prefabrication is preferred include hotels, schools, colleges, hospitals, hostels, malls, and more. Are you aware of the climatic conditions in the Gulf area? Oman is no exception where days are extremely hot and the workers struggle under the sun to erect a construction. Also, the present construction industry has a shortage of skilled workers. The traditional method requires many workers to complete the project, which takes a lot of time. The traditional construction is also dependent on weather conditions. The process is halted if the weather is bad or due to natural calamities which causes delay. But there are no such challenges in prefabricated construction. A small group of workers can complete the construction work inside the factory. 

Prefabrication is eco-friendly 

Penalization is also an activity that is included in prefabrication. It involves floors, walls, and roofs constructed in the factory before being transported to the site. Electricals, plumbing, and other infrastructure are installed later on. Prefabricated construction is eco-friendly and happens without extremities and complications. The whole process is streamlined and takes place inside a controlled environment. As a result, very little raw material is wasted, which does not create pollution. 

Why choose TSSC in Oman?

TSSC Group is operating successfully in the Gulf Area and we are the leaders in manufacturing prefab insulated panels. The prefab structures are sustainable and energy-efficient. Our engineers are experts in implementing the most advanced technology to design building solutions. TSSC is the leader in designing roofing and cladding solutions. We have a lot of clients from various industries who are taking an interest in prefabricated structures. Our engineers implement lean technology to assemble the modules and inter-module structures. 

TSSC Group has been offering prefab buildings in Oman for more than 50 years. We have clients from various industries who have chosen TSSC solutions and are satisfied. Now, many modern techniques are implemented to take the construction industry forward and meet customer demands. As a result, the housing and building market is highly competitive and now Oman is experiencing a lot of development.

Talk to the TSSC experts

Are you interested in knowing more about prefab buildings in Oman? Then, book a free consultation with the TSSC experts to discuss your projects with us. We design customized solutions to suit your specific requirements, keeping in mind the climate, budget, location, and other factors. 

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The growth of prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia can reduce the scarcity of housing

Despite the widespread use of traditional construction methods, the popularity of prefab construction is on the rise. Affordable housing is scarce in Saudi Arabia. Prefab homes are capable of saving costs and catering to the growing population. Compared to traditional building methods, the prefab construction process speeds up the entire process. More than half of the task is managed within the factory. The ready structures are shipped to the building site. 

Prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia are supporting the recent construction market. Hopefully, it is to grow bigger in recent years. The biggest advantage is that it takes a few months to complete the project when prefab building parts are used. These are eco-friendly structures as no waste material is produced. 

The weather in Saudi Arabia is extreme and harsh. Some workers spend hours under the sun to complete construction. The traditional building method includes various processes which do not allow rapid completion. A chunk of the market has already shifted towards accepting prefab construction. 

Prefabricated structures are made inside the factory

The real estate market looks expensive worldwide, and Saudi Arabia is no exception. The developers are innovating ways to design and construct prefab structures. Prefabricated construction is reasonable. The cost factor depends on the scale of the project and the use of building materials. Prefab structures are made inside the factory, so external weather conditions do not hamper the manufacturing process. The assembling is done under the open sky which takes the least time. Overall, the project schedule is not delayed by any factor. 

The construction industry is now undergoing rapid development due to urbanization. The government is launching various training opportunities related to prefabricated construction. Recently, the modular construction procedure us helping the developers do away with onsite hitches.

TSSC modular construction is sustainable

Are you taking an interest in prefab modular homes in Saudi Arabia? TSSC is a leader and takes the building industry ahead by designing prominent solutions. Our prefabricated solutions are customizable and cater to your prerequisites. We utilize resources to deliver greener and recyclable solutions. TSSC is a pioneer in offering insulated panels for roofing and cladding. We are catering to a wide number of industries in Saudi Arabia that require insulation. Modular construction is sustainable and energy-efficient. TSSC uses up-to-date manufacturing techniques, including the lean process for assembling the modules. This building process is completed onsite by implementing inter-module networks. TSSC is offering solutions for the past 48 years, and we have happy clients. 

The fate of the Saudi Arabia’s real estate

Saudi Arabia’s construction industry is moving in the right direction. The country is now concentrating on the 2030 Vision. So, this is all about generating more opportunities and creating sustainable building solutions. The country is focusing on affordable building and eco-friendly solutions. The modular construction techniques and their popularity can reduce the shortage of housing. 

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TSSC builds energy-efficient prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia and reduces costs

Prefabricated modular buildings in Saudi Arabia are now a very popular mode of construction. The construction scenario has changed over the years. The traditional method is well accepted, but prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia save time and cost. These are tiny structures that are now extremely preferred in the building industry. These structures are easier to assemble as compared to other building processes.    

Gaining the idea of prefab modular buildings

First of all, it is important to have a clear idea about prefab modular buildings. These units come in sections that are joined together to construct a complete structure. These units are manufactured inside a controlled factory environment. The number of units needed varies according to the size and style of the project. Prefabricated structures are designed in parts away from the building site and then set to your location. The best part is more than half the work is done, and a contractor can manage the assembling. Modern manufacturing processes are used, which includes lean manufacturing techniques to set up the modules. The contractors stack up the modules for designing different configurations. This construction process is completed onsite by utilizing inter-module networks. 

Prefab modular homes are preferred when the construction is based on a complicated design for onsite construction. A prefabricated structure is ideal when the construction site is remote or located in a densely populated urban area. You can also opt for prefab if the site has a shorter build season due to various circumstances that include climate conditions. 

No wastage of materials and energy

A lot of material goes wasted in traditional construction methods. This is not the case in prefab buildings. Prefab modular homes in Saudi Arabia ensure energy efficiency. The joints are tighter; there is better air filtration, which mulls over solid wall insulation and energy efficiency. Prefab construction is cost-effective as it does not require additional materials. Modular construction offers ample sustainability. This construction method is eco-friendly, which reduces wastage of materials and manpower. 

TSSC prefab modular homes and offices 

TSSC Group is a renowned manufacturer of building and construction supplies in Saudi Arabia. Our prefab modular structures are used across various commercial sectors. There is a huge demand for these modular structures. If you are looking for prefabricated options in Saudi Arabia, rely on TSSC. We design units of varying budgets using different quality raw materials. The prefabricated structures have enough storage capacity, which is a boon for the building site. There is sufficient room for customization. These units could be tiny elements or entire site-assembled huge units. 

TSSC Group in Saudi Arabia

Prefab structures meet various prerequisites. This is just one reason why TSSC structures are becoming extremely popular. Our inventory is full of various construction and building supplies or constructing superior prefab structures. We have expanded in Saudi Arabia and other countries too. We are the pioneers in assembling construction structures. We also manufacture structures like portacabins, safe houses, level pack units, and other prefab structures. 

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TSSC has been catering to client requirements for more than 40 years. TSSC boasts of an experience which is over four decades in building prefab modular homes in Saudi Arabia. Get more information on the TSSC website. 

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Why should you consider a prefab modular building in the UAE?

Despite the popularity of traditional construction methods, the popularity of prefab modular buildings is rapidly increasing. The real advantage is that modular buildings are built in a factory setting before being transported to your site for assembling. 

A prefab modular building in the UAE is manufactured in segments away from the construction sites before it is delivered to the location. 60%-90% of the work is already done inside the factory environment, sometimes as an entire structure or modular subassembly for bigger projects. 

 Modern manufacturing techniques

Lean manufacturing techniques are used for offsite construction to construct prefab modules. The modules can be stacked up to design various configurations. This building process is accomplished onsite by using inter-module networks to organize the units.

The different materials used in modular construction

Prefab homes are constructed to standards that are equal or even higher than the traditionally built properties. TSSC in the UAE ensures a high level of quality control. Modular construction is carried out with different building materials like steel, concrete, wood, and provisions like doors and windows, water, sewage systems, air conditioning, telecommunications, power supplies, etc. Most of these additional features can be installed before it is taken to the site, saving the cost and time of construction. TSSC also specializes in erecting permanent modular construction built-in one location, and you can include as many stories as permitted by building regulations. 

Lesser cost of construction 

The cost differs depending on the scale of the project and the material used. There are some other factors involved, which include internal/external fixtures and fitting. According to various case studies, the total cost of prefab construction is lesser than traditional structures. Also, external environmental factors, including the weather, do not delay project schedules. Most builders are now relying on prefab construction procedures. 

Easily transportable option

Prefabricated construction can be dismantled from one location to another effortlessly. The parts can be easily transported, and the installation process is very simple. TSSC prefab construction offers the possibility of plan and design. 

Less wastage and energy-efficient

When traditional building methods are implemented, ample material goes to waste.

The prefab modular buildings are constructed to ensure that it is energy-efficient. The joints are tighter; there is better air filtration, which mulls over better wall insulation and energy efficiency development.  

Prefab construction is cost-effective as it does not require additional materials. Modular construction offers energy-efficiency and sustainability. This construction method is eco-friendly as it can bring down costs and reduce wastage. 

TSSC – the specialist in prefab construction

Prefab buildings cater to the various prerequisites and this is why TSSC modular structures are gaining popularity. TSSC offers its clients an assortment of construction and building materials for making a protected and high-quality prefab-measured structure. TSSC is the prefab structure material specialist in the UAE. We are successfully operating for more than forty years, catering to various clients. Talk to us if you have a project to complete. 

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What is the condition when a prefab modular building is considered ideal?

Why are pre-assembled buildings so preferred for the construction? These are small-size structures that are heavily used in various construction sites. These are easier to assemble when compared to traditional building processes. What is a prefab modular building? TSSC structures satisfy various prerequisites. We are among the most popular manufacturers in the UAE and the entire Middle East. These prefabricated structures are used to set up accommodation for the construction workers on a site or build an office unit. You can also use it to assemble an outdoor kitchen or any other facility. 

Modular units are sections that are joined to construct prefab modular buildings. The number of units required varies based on the style and size of the project. TSSC prefab modular structures are very demanding; we offer our clients a whole range of building materials to set up secure and high-quality structures. 

TSSC modular structures

Are you looking for a prefab measured structure for your trade? TSSC offers the best solution for your requirements. Our structures are available in varying budgets, which again depends on the quality of the materials. These prefab structures have ideal storage capacity, which gives enough utility space for a construction site. The construction elements and modules are manufactured off-site in an industry-setting, then transported to the site and assembled there. The prefab units could be small elements in the façade or whole site-assembled bathrooms. 

The term prefab and modular

Prefabrication and modular building are sometimes interchangeable terms. Prefabrication is the manufacturing construction elements away from the construction site and does the assembling on-site. The prefab elements are customizable for the specific projects. Modular construction defines cases of prefabrication where all elements are in the form of standard modules. 

TSSC has a group of experts to help you go in the right direction. We have a huge range of prefab structures, and you can choose the ideal one according to your requirements; we also offer customized solutions. 

When you should opt for prefab construction?

Prefab structures are ideal if the building has many similar units or a complicated design that is not easy to construct on-site. If the construction site is remote or located in a densely populated urban setup, then a prefab structure is the best. You can choose prefabricated if there is access to a fabulous production site that is located off-site. You can also opt for prefab if the site has a shorter build season due to various conditions that include climate. 

TSSC – the leader in the Middle East

The design phase is mostly affected as the modules could restrict the total number of designs. The building phase will become more efficient as more of these processes would occur in a factory setup. TSSC specializes in prefab modular building in the Middle East. We are the pioneers in assembling construction structures. We also manufacture structures like portacabins, safe houses, level pack units, and other prefab structures. 

Final words

Are you ready to get to hire the TSSC experts for your project or discuss with our experts before you dive into assembling a prefab office building? Request for a quote.

Know the advantages of investing in TSSC’s prefab modular building structures

Pre-assembled buildings are small-size structures that are now seen in different site offices and accommodation camps. These are frequently used for arranging accommodation facilities for workers working in a building site or an office unit. It can likewise be utilized as an outdoor kitchen service or for facilitating other necessities. 

A prefab modular building satisfies different prerequisites, and this makes TSSC modular structures extremely demanding. TSSC offers its clients an assortment of construction and building materials for making a protected and high-quality prefab measured structure. 

Go for the best prefab measured structure for your business from TSSC. Accessible in different budgets and quality materials, prefab modular structures offer decent storage and utility space for any business or building site. TSSC offers its clients various kinds of prefab structure items that help its clients select the best ones for their business. Be it your office or for your clients, you can aimlessly depend on the unlimited advantages of TSSC modular office building structures. 

So, take a look at the advantages of prefab modular buildings:

Financial planning: One of the best advantages of introducing a prefab modular structure is saving a considerable amount of money. Even though the idea of a prefab home may appear to be somewhat costly, it is budget-friendly and comes in different reasonable alternatives. TSSC offers seasonal discounts to its clients, dependent on the various kinds of insulating materials they buy. Also, the construction time is reduced in total. 

Eco-friendly: The traditional construction methods incur a huge wastage of extra materials. That is the reason why modular home construction is highly recommended, only because of its sustainability and energy efficiency. However, the prefab modular building doesn’t require extra material, and the parts are readily constructed in the factory itself. This kind of construction is eco-friendly as it can cause a lower amount of wastage with no environmental harm.

When the traditional construction method is used, a lot of material goes to waste. Prefabricated construction is affordable because it does not require any additional materials, and the development process takes place faster. 

Energy-efficiency: The prefab modular buildings are constructed to ensure that it is energy-efficient. The joints are tighter; there is better air filtration, which mulls over better wall insulation and energy efficiency development.  

Adaptability: Prefab construction can be effectively moved and dismantled from one location to another. Its parts are easily transportable and simple to install. This makes it adaptable and flexible for utilization and transport. Likewise, TSSC offers a great scope of plan, design, and type of material, which offers uncountable options. A prefab structure is that it can be installed in all kinds of environments. 

TSSC is the prefab structure material specialist in the UAE. TSSC has consistently remained a pioneer in giving protected materials to your pre-assembled homes. Likewise, TSSC gives simple to stack and transport containers like portacabins, specific safe houses, changed over holders, level pack particular units, and prefab structures. 

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TSSC in the Middle East is an expert in offering prefab modular building structures

The building industry has just picked pre-assembled development and off-site development is picking up noticeable quality consistently. Modular structures are savvy, quicker to assemble, and more secure to utilize, and it’s an option in contrast to regular development. A prefab structure could be the ideal alternative for your next custom modular home or office space. 

These prefab structures are built inside a controlled production line premise and each module is set up separately. A mechanical production system methodology is utilized, which starts with building the casing, and it closes with setting up the interiors and exteriors. When the cycle is finished, the modules are moved to the site and are assembled to set up a structure. 

The foundation assumes a fundamental part in a perpetual prefab particular development. There are two sorts of foundations, the evaluation and the raised. The on-grade establishment is far and wide and it’s finished by setting up a framework divider around the border of the structure. It’s ideal for making a cellar for structures. To utilize an on-grade foundation, you need to set each module with a crane during the last gathering measure. 

The raised type of foundation is appropriate for a brief or lasting secluded development. It helps in setting the modules on solid concrete squares. It is a lot of value for temporary secluded structures because it can be taken off quickly with no turmoil. You needn’t bother with a crane to keep the finished modules set up when applying this foundation. A crane is utilized to put the modules on the foundation, and the structure parts are joined. We likewise work on utility interfaces during this time; the outside and inside completions are completed.

By picking particular structures, you can save half of your investment and time. TSSC is the pioneer in assembling protected boards; we have practical experience planning and providing prefab structures for convenience camps and site workplaces in the UAE. 

Till now, we have constructed numerous prefab homes and we have a rundown of numerous upbeat clients. If you are searching for work convenience units, kitchen and eating regions, office units, or extra rooms, you can arrange our Portacabins. We likewise have changed over compartments that are easy to ship and ideal to develop multi-story structures. 

Our prefab structures are energy-effective, phenomenally light-weight, and have strong steel outlines for development. They look rich and have a quicker erection time, climate-safe, and better termite safety. We likewise assemble prefab structures with light measure steel and offer nearby establishments. Aside from this, we have particular asylums for electrical hardware and media communications, changed over compartments for site stockpiling, and FlatPack Modular units for simple transportation. 

It is safe to say that you intend to choose a prefab office building? Clients have the advantage of browsing an entire scope of alluring completions and materials for protection. These structures can bear unforgiving climatic conditions. The construction process, if performed accurately, prefab development can be valuable to a venture’s timetable, work necessities, and financial plan.

Do you need a prefab modular building? Discuss your requirements with us; we would love to offer you a consultation.

Why Is Prefab Modular Building Gaining More Popularity?

Prefab modular building in the UAE includes when a construction involves the creation of the structure in sections off-site and its imposition after its installation. 

Many of the new generation builders are beginning to adopt this modular type of construction. New methods and techniques are coming up in the market almost every day. The world is becoming cautious and careful towards the environment, and the people are becoming more competitive. Hence, prefab modular building and prefab office building in the UAE is growing in popularity, to such an extent that too many high profile businesses are adopting this system for their upcoming projects.


Technical Supplies and Services Company was established in 1975. TSSC is a primary and important member of the Harwal Group. The company has great excellence in engineering and design. This company is certified with ISO 9001 and manufactures a varied range of products and offers a range of various services. The company’s business has spread across various countries and cities, including Sharjah, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi.



Technical Supplies and Services Company is the largest producer of insulated panels, used for roofing and cladding. The company is much popular in the Middle East. Some of the most manufactured products by TSSC that are used by the construction industry include:

  • Cladding sheets
  • Seamless roofing systems
  • Unitised glass systems
  • Doors and windows
  • Cold rooms
  • Prefabricated shelters
  • Portacabins
  • Factory manufactured houses
  • Stainless steel kitchen equipments
  • Merchandise refrigerators
  • Cable trays
  • Metal sheds


TSSC also provides galvanizing services to its customers in and around its region. The building materials that are manufactured by TSSC are fire-resistant, and every product manufactured by them carries certification for the same.


Reasons for Popularity:

  • Prefab modular building system lets clients customize and modify their requirements.
  • Prefab modular system is noticeably cheaper than traditional methods of construction.
  • Prefab modular system has great innovation and could be designed as per one’s own needs.
  • Prefab modular system is cost-effective and hence reduces the budget and expense. 
  • A contractor offers a custom modular structure.
  • Any construction could be built quickly, and this method occupies less space. 
  • Making and innovating new ideas and applications is easily accessible.
  • Prefab modular construction ensures the safety of the employees when compared to traditional methods of building.  
  • Prefab modular offices are way more innovative and creative than the other ones. This increases the popularity and market competition of the company or office.
  • This kind of construction has a lower investment and maintenance cost.
  • All the products used during construction are scalable and flexible.



Due to this new technique in the construction industry, there are various innovations and savings, about which nobody had thought about! With such new constructions, we could be able to build a better tomorrow, better constructions, and provide a better life setting good examples to the upcoming generations.

Prefab modular building from TSSC – Quality, and trust helps creating a great foundation

Prefabricated structures can save a lot of money, effort, and time. Prefabricated structures are easy to assemble and this makes the process faster. Recently, prefab modular buildings are gaining immense popularity because people can enjoy a lot of savings. The construction industry has well-accepted the concept of prefab modular building. Offsite construction is also gaining popularity day by day. 

Super-controlled construction process:

Modular homes are now a part of the housing industry; these make a lot of sense. Once you assemble, it looks so perfect that it’s hard to identify that you have erected a modular structure. A modular home building is initiated in an advanced manufacturing unit that allows the manufacturer to oversee a super-controlled construction process. These structures operate 15% more efficiently compared to a conventional home. When the structure is delivered onsite, the building is almost 80-90% complete. You require putting the pieces together and connecting everything so perfectly. Modular construction allows you to do flooring, drywall, plumbing, cabinetry, and electrical work inside a regulated environment. 


The advantages of modular construction:

A modular home is an affordable option; it’s quicker to build and comes with safety features. The modules are set up one by one; the assembly-line process starts with frame construction and then sets up the interior and exterior. After completing the process, the modules are transported to the building site and put together for construction. Modular construction has its benefits; it overlaps the offsite and onsite construction processes. 


Factory construction offers cost-saving options; the modular process is advantageous, especially when it reaches the final assembling process. Once the modules are transported safely, you need to hire a few expert subcontractors for the assembling. Modular construction is beneficial to customers, the community, and the environment. 


TSSC offering energy-efficient and light-weight solution:

TSSC designs modular structures that help in saving 50% of time and occupancy. We are leading in the UAE when it comes to manufacturing insulated panels. We have a huge customer base; we have so many happy clients as we are in the business for more than four decades. Our modular structures are energy-efficient and light-weight. The insulated panels are weather-resistant and free from termite infestation. Prefabricated homes are incredibly efficient, quality-controlled, and are technologically advanced. Get the designs approved by a local builder and make sure you have all the requirements ready; only then can you start the building process. 


Modular homes not mobile homes: 

Modular homes are not mobile homes, so do not be confused. Modular homes are like traditional construction, except they are available in pre-built sections. Modular structures are a smart choice; there are several advantages. It offers flexibility in design and customization options. If you wish to make the right choice, go modular. 

Choose TSSC in the UAE:

Are you planning to erect a prefab office building in the Middle East? TSSC is the answer; we offer you the best solution within your budget. We ensure quality solutions in the Middle East. TSSC has a quality team that monitors at every stage of construction ensuring quality assurance.


The rising popularity of prefabricated modular buildings – TSSC solutions in the UAE

Do you know that prefabricated buildings offer a lot of savings instantly and in the long run? Now that savings have become a very important factor, modular buildings’ popularity has risen beyond limits. Any idea that customized solutions are highly-priced, but if you research a modular home price, it is very affordable. Also, we offer seasonal discounts so that you save while you build. 

Do you know what a prefabricated construction is?

It’s a procedure that involves a lot of off-site building procedures. There is a spacious factory unit where the whole structure is pre-assembled and then shipped to your construction site. Prefab structures offer more savings and a better ROI because the total time taken for construction is least.


Easy to assemble prefab structures: 

TSSC prefab structures are easy to assemble; therefore, you do not need to worry about hiring unreliable contractors. While assembling our prefab structures, you do not need to hire an excessive workforce. Modular buildings are compact and easy to set up with one or two experts. There is one thumb rule; if the total time taken for construction is decreased, you can save more money. These days the construction field is pretty expensive, so savings is worth it. We also give out lucrative discounts if you buy in bulk. 


FlatPack modular units from TSSC – incredible prefabricated structure:

TSSC is an eminent name in the Middle East; we are the top manufacturer of building and construction supplies. Our prefab structures are extremely durable and are incredibly lightweight; we use steel frames. If you plan a space for your business, it would be wise to invest in a prefab office building. Some of the benefits include professional looks, least assembling time, and having a class of its own. TSSC prefabricated structures are resistant against weather conditions, prevent termites, make lightweight steel, and are very efficient in design and functionality. We have designed FlatPack modular units available in an array of finishes, materials, and insulation. Also, the panels can be transported to your site easily.


Serving the Middle East for more than four decades:

TSSC’s prefabricated structures are extremely spacious, just right for your interiors. Our panels can also stand strong in all climatic conditions. TSSC operates in the Middle East; we are the leaders in manufacturing insulated panels and modular construction. TSSC has been serving clients, manufacturing class-apart products for more than four decades. We have a base of reliable clients, those who have trusted us for years. 

Budget and premium solutions from TSSC: 

Do you know that a prefabrication procedure involves off-site constriction as well? The whole structure is pre-installed in a unit, and the shipping is done to the client’s construction site for a faster and effortless installation. Prefabricated construction is now immensely popular; more and more building experts are now investing in prefab structures. Now TSSC solutions are available within your budget, but we also have our premium line of products. 


Final words: 

TSSC, UAE is your destination if you are looking for a prefab modular building. Reach us for customized construction solutions. Have a project in mind? Looking for the most affordable modular home or office? Please discuss your project with our experts. Get in touch with TSSC for construction solutions.