Setting up a cold storeroom in the UAE with TSSC cold store panels

The Middle East has fluctuating weather conditions with fierce heat and humidity. Without proper insulation, sometimes it is difficult to set up a business that requires a controlled climate. In general, transitory things lose their newness, and all you need is an all-around protected interior environment. 

Excess of warmth can influence organizations identified with food, wine, blossom, medication, beverages…etc. If you are maintaining a business, you need to load up products, items in enormous sums, and capacity should be done suitably. Choose to set up a cold store using TSSC cold store panels for the best results. 

We produce cold store panels that are protected enough and have a lot of focal points. We have been offering the correct sort of cold storage solutions to our clients for a long time. We plan the most affordable and highest quality panels. Our panels are extremely long-lasting; you invest just a single time and get results for a lifetime.

Setting up a cold store is a significant venture; a reinvestment is almost inconceivable. Our cold store boards are notable for their enduring characteristics and weighty protection. Our producers consolidate the correct sort of material to offer satisfactory protection. 

If it’s not too much trouble, read this blog to find out about our panels if you intend to introduce one. TSSC thinks about your business; customer fulfillment is our priority. 

The correct sort of protection is an absolute necessity, especially in the Middle East. What are cold store boards without appropriate protection? Our panels have a solid protection ideal for commercial use. After attempting to control the temperature of the cold store, thermal conductivity plays a huge role. 

Our cold storages rely a ton upon the panel protection or cell structure, and this, as it were, offers sufficient protection. Customers who have introduced our boards are fulfilled; they have posted surveys, and we additionally ask criticism from our clients concerning an opportunity to get better.  

TSSC specializes in manufacturing adaptable and protected cold storage solutions. These boards are available in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and materials. TSSC protected boards are adept for the dividers (inside and outside) and the rooftops. Our protected boards are staggeringly sturdy, offer a high-class execution, and are very safe to use. Is it true that you are stressed over cleanliness? Indeed, cold storage that stores food things, medicines, etc., should keep up total cleanliness. Our boards are clean and have a Class A fire-rating. TSSC boards are consistent and unrivaled about adaptability and plan. 

TSSC boards can make your cooling frameworks more effective while appreciating low upkeep. The panels are effective and quicker to build. The zero-upkeep cost helps in holding the operational expenses down. Likewise, our panels don’t have any thermal drift, guaranteeing the boards are energy efficient. 

TSSC has recently launched the HVAC pre-insulated ductwork; we have also introduced mobile refrigerating systems, portable skid-mounted systems set up in moving units.

Since you intend to have a cold store room arrangement in the UAE, converse with our specialists for customized solutions. Please discuss your project with us, request a quote.

TSSC manufactures insulated panels for cold storages that have excellent thermal insulation

Cold stores are a very popular solution in the UAE for storing highly perishable items in more significant amounts. But how will you set up a storeroom without proper insulation? How essential do you think insulation is? The UAE has extreme weather conditions, and this is why insulation is a priority. If you are looking for cold storage panels from the top manufacturer, choose TSSC Global. We offer a solution to issues that happen with lightweight prefabrication. 

Insulated panels are heavily used in cold storerooms and in assembling refrigerated transportation. Sandwich panels for cold storage offer excessive thermal insulation, thus ideal for installing in a cold storeroom. It’s almost more than 48 years since we are offering insulation and building solutions. By now, we have satisfied uncountable customers and have built an excellent customer base. 

Know about the two types of cold rooms: 

The cold storage panels from TSSC have a monolithic pattern of construction. The panels are formed by injecting polyurethane foam at an extremely high density between the metal cladding. But the cladding material can change according to your application. Cold rooms are of two types, walk-in cold rooms and cold storage; you can choose the size based on the uses. Our cold rooms maintain a temperature of 15°C to –40°C. Warehouse cold storages are bigger, but walk-in rooms are smaller in comparison. Warehouse cold rooms are huge, mainly used to store a lot of items for a longer time. Walk-in rooms are used in the retail segment to store items having a faster shelf life. The rooms’ size is smaller, so we build the insulated floors built powerfully. Some of the uses are in hotels, super-market, and restaurants…etc. 


Our cold store panel are used across various industries:

TSSC offers cold store rooms of any capacity, and we can customize it for you according to your requirements and the desirable conditions. The TSSC production spreads across Sharjah and Dubai; we have a team of experts who manufacture, design, and install the wall, ceiling, and floor panels. We are experts in installing pre-insulated air duct systems and insulated doors for residential and commercial purposes. If you are planning to install a flooring system, we have a solution for you. TSSC designs custom cold storage for commercial hubs, which include industries, logistics, pharmaceuticals, etc. All Industries need to maintain certain humidity levels and specific temperatures. 


The super-powerful Rack Power system:

TSSC in the Middle East makes use of the Rack Power system; this is an improved and advanced system used by TSSC. The cooling units are connected in a rack style arrangement. TSSC systems offer a higher level of energy than the split units. We are the only organization in the Middle East that provides the installation of modern techniques. We are the leaders in manufacturing, designing, supplying, and installing the modules responsible for the rapid freezing. 


Contact us for cold store solutions: 

TSSC has huge experience managing and handling projects of all sizes in the Middle East and Gulf areas. We offer cold storage solutions for commercial clients and industrial refrigeration systems like cold storage solutions for the food processing industry and warehouses. We have experts to provide you with the right kind of solutions. 

Are you planning for a cold storeroom? Please discuss your project with us; request a quote.

Need Effective Refrigeration Solutions For Your Industry-Based Projects? Try These Options

Most cooling and refrigeration systems/solutions are designed to determine the key requirements as per specific industry characteristics. And the best way to meet those different crucial cooling requirements is to associate with a business partner who specializes in delivering optimal refrigeration solutions for all industry-based projects and requirements. 

In respective industries where bio-processes are frequently done, its products and other processes have to be stored away in ideal industrial refrigeration conditions in the UAE to bring about optimal yield in its reactions and avert any probability of product decay. 

Commercial Refrigerator Solutions:

Celsius Chillers – These quality and energy-efficient Celsius chillers will be perfect for your commercial refrigeration needs. They come equipped with digital thermometers, LED lighting, extra shelves for storage, door locks and even high-res digital-print stickers. 

Celsius Freezers – Another top quality commercial refrigerator in the UAE for storing and preserving foods and beverages are these robust and energy-efficient Celsius freezers. In fact, depending on the type and quantity of foods and beverages you intend to store, you can choose from the wide range of available Celsius freezers. 

Celsius Water Coolers – They are highly popular in so many commercial workplaces as well as industrial warehouse facilities. And that’s because they bring style, functioning efficiency and versatility to wherever they are installed for regular use.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Equipment –Also, for your other projects, including hotels, staff canteen and even restaurants, this stainless steel kitchen equipment will be perfect. 

Industrial Refrigeration Solutions for Your Vivid Requirements

Warehouse Cold Stores – They consist of strongly reinforced insulation flooring and deliver temp-controlled storage along with effective distribution services 

Walk-in Cold Rooms – They can be used both in commercial restaurants, supermarkets, food shops, hotels as well as industrial warehouses to preserve the quality of stored foods

Polyurea Flooring – They prove to be amazing coating floors for industrial basements, cold store floors, trailer linings and other applications. They safeguard against corrosion, abrasion and are even chemically impervious to oil, gas, salt and other such harsh components found in most industrial warehouses and worksites.

Pre-Insulated Ductwork – They are developed to specifically meet the air distribution needs in air-conditioners and heating systems in industrial and commercial HVAC duct systems. They feature low thermal conductivity and prove very easy to handle.

Skid Mounted Cold Rooms – They are of the size of a container and can be customized to be lifted by large forklifts or cranes and deported atop a flat truck place. They are mainly used for applications including high mobility and offshore applications.


A Look into Refrigerated Trucks & Semi-cold Trailers: 

In addition to these above refrigeration and cooling solutions, top service providers deliver quality refrigerated trucks and semi-trailers. Regardless of whether you are in the chemical and petrochemical sector, pharmaceutical industry or food and beverages sector, you will need optimal refrigerated trucks to deliver your products/produce to your customers/clients on a continually scheduled basis. 

Every industry has its own specific refrigeration requirement, which is aptly reflected by several cooling systems and solutions. And to best meet each of those requirements optimally, associating with a top-rated service provider like TSSC. 

So, what are you waiting for? If you need effective cooling solutions, find one such service provider near you. 

Everything you need to know about cold store panels designed by TSSC

TSSC insulated panels offer solutions to many insulation issues that occur in lightweight prefabrication. Building a cold storeroom and setting up refrigerated transport bodies is one of the widespread uses of insulated panels. TSSC insulated panels offer maximum thermal insulation. It’s been more than 48 years since TSSC started leading the industry by designing high-quality panels and a huge customer base.  


Insulation is essential in the UAE:

Because the Middle East has an extreme temperature, insulation is so demanding. Our insulated cold store panels have a monolithic construction. It is formed by injecting a polyurethane foam at a very high-density in-between metal cladding. You can also choose from various cladding materials based on the application. 


Warehouse cold storages and walk-in cold rooms:

Cold rooms can be classified as warehouse cold storages and walk-in cold rooms; it depends on the cold room’s use and size. Our cold rooms maintain a temperature of 15°C to –40°C. Warehouse cold rooms are bigger, but walk-in rooms are comparatively smaller in size. Walk-in rooms are used in the retail segment to store items having a faster shelf life. The rooms’ size is smaller, so we build the insulated floors built in a powerful way. Some of the uses are in hotels, super-market, and restaurants…etc. Warehouse cold storages are more extensive and are used to store goods for a more extended time. Our experts build strong insulated flooring that allows using power gears for loading and unloading goods. Large-size cold storages are fitted with more than one cooling unit. 


The Rack power system by TSSC:

TSSC in the UAE utilizes the Rack power system; it is an advanced system used by TSSC. In this system, the cooling units are interconnected together in a racking arrangement. The TSSC system offers high energy when compared to the use of usual split units. TSSC is the only company in the Gulf region that installs such a modern system. TSSC, operating in the Middle East, is the pioneer in manufacturing, designing, supplying, and installing the modules responsible for the rapid freezing of chicken and fish (both medium-sized). 


Efficient cold stores cold rooms by TSSC:

TSSC installs efficient cold stores cold rooms; it can be any capacity customized to suit your requirements based on cold store conditions. TSSC has its production that spreads across Dubai and Sharjah. Our experts manufacture, design, and install insulated ceiling, wall, and floor panels. We also install insulated doors and pre-insulated air duct systems for residential and commercial applications. TSSC also designs hygienic flooring like polyurea coating, and there are so many other solutions we offer. We also design customized cold stores for industries like food, distribution industries, logistics, pharmaceuticals, etc. These industries require maintaining specific temperature and humidity levels. 


Final words:

We have extensive experience in handling major projects in the Gulf region. We offer a full line of commercial and industrial refrigeration products for cold storage warehouses and food processors. 

Please discuss your project with us; request a quote.

Building envelopes – An essential protective covering used for major construction

Building envelopes can deal with issues like infiltration of air and excess moisture. It’s a very efficient weatherproofing solution. Building envelopes act as a physical barrier; these are placed between the interior and exterior structures. UAE has harsh weather conditions, and the heat is immense; therefore, building envelopes are now popular in the building sector. 


Why are building envelopes so essential?

Building envelopes have the power to control the interior environment of construction. The heating and cooling of a building structure are known as climate control. Conclusion this is all about temperature regulation; it is important to keep the interior atmosphere free from excess moisture, too much light, and loud sound. Building envelopes are an effective covering for the roofs, foundation, walls, doors, windows, and walls. This protective covering is the most complex and the most important part of a construction. You should not ignore the moisture and air infiltration issues. TSSC manufactures the most advanced building envelopes. Once installed, it offers high-functionality; builders in the Middle East prefer our products. 


The importance of steel in construction:

Steel is a durable and very common construction material; this material is popularly used in exterior and interior construction. A lot of people have trusted TSSC and are choosing to invest in cold-rolled steel buildings. Cold-rolled steel and superior-quality cladding is used to design efficient and insulated building envelopes. The steel used has more strength and high durability. Yes, there are indeed some changes in the mechanical properties due to the rolling procedures. The bends are given more priority during the manufacturing process. 


The advantages of cold-rolled steel buildings at a glance:

Cold-rolled steel buildings have a lot of advantages; this is why builders trust us. A look at the benefits of these panels:

  • Easy to assemble. 
  • A durable construction material.
  • Eco-friendly option.
  • Experience in cost-reduction while laying the foundation.
  • The modular design offers flexibility.


Our panels offer the right kind of insulation:

TSSC has designed for superior insulation; these building envelopes can protect the property from varying and harsh climatic conditions, which is very common in the UAE. We offer construction materials made of various other components that provide soundproofing, better insulation, soundproofing properties, and water-resistance. We have a team that delivers innovative designs that depend on several factors. The elementary system offers entire functionality, better aesthetics, climate control, structural support, and looks. The design factor includes solid engineering, flawless architecture, and technical applications. We have expert engineers who consider all the important factors while manufacturing the building envelopes


Final words: 

Suppose you are ultimately looking for the apt insulation, trust TSSC steel panels. Our panels can be installed in prefabricated structures; these panels are rightly insulated. The structures can be well-fitted in prefab structures that spread up to 24 meters. If you are wondering about using cold-rolled steel, these can be used for secondary and primary construction. 


Are you looking for insulated panels in the UAE? 

TSSC is the most reputable manufacturer of high-quality panels; we supply construction and building materials. So many building contractors trust TSSC. We are a certified ISO 9001 company with over 40 years of experience manufacturing insulated panels and building supplies in the UAE. If you want to discuss your project with us, talk to us about your next project.

TSSC offering efficient cold store solutions – Dependable since more than forty years

Due to the Middle East’s varying and harsh tropical climate, it isn’t easy to pursue any trade that requires a controlled environment. Perishable items tend to lose their freshness and all you need is a well-insulated interior. Too much heat can affect businesses related to food, wine, flower, medicine, and beverages etc. If you are running a business, you need to stock up in huge amounts and storage should be done aptly. Consider a cold store room manufactured from TSSC panels for the best results. 

We manufacture cold storage panels that are adequately insulated and have a lot of advantages. For many years, we have been offering the right kind of cold storage solutions to our clients. We design the most updated and highest quality panels so that you invest only once and get results for a lifetime. Setting up a cold store is a considerable investment; a reinvestment is nearly impossible. Our cold store panels are well-known for its long-lasting qualities and heavy insulation. Our manufacturers combine the right kind of material to offer adequate insulation. 

Please read this blog to know more about our cold store panels if you plan to install one. TSSC cares for your business; client satisfaction is our priority. Take a look at the advantages:

The right kind of insulation is a must:

What are cold store panels without proper insulation? Our panels have concrete insulation advantages. Upon trying to control the temperature of the cold store, thermal conductivity plays a huge role. Our cold store panels depend a lot on the board insulation or cell structure, and this, in a way, offers adequate insulation. Clients who have installed our panels are very satisfied, they have posted reviews, and we also ask feedback from our customers regarding any room for improvement. 

Safe and flexible panels from TSSC:

TSSC’s cold storage panels are highly functional and versatile. These panels are available in an array of colors, shapes, sizes, and materials. TSSC insulated panels are apt for the walls (interior and exterior) and the roofs. Our insulated panels are incredibly durable, offer a high-class performance, and the panels have utmost safety. Are you worried about hygiene? Yes, cold storages that store food items, medicines are supposed to maintain absolute hygiene. So, bets rest assured that our panels are hygienic and have a fire-rating. TSSC panels are seamless and unmatched when it comes to flexibility and design. 

Low maintenance and energy-efficient panels: 

TSSC panels can make your cooling systems more efficient while enjoying low maintenance. The panels are efficient and faster to construct; we follow a single-step installation process. Zero-maintenance cost aids in keeping the operational costs down. Also, our panels do not possess any thermal drift, ensuring the panels are energy efficient. 

Trust TSSC insulated panels: 

TSSC has recently launched the HVAC pre-insulated ductwork; we have also introduced mobile refrigerating systems, portable skid-mounted systems set up in moving units. Now that you are already planning to have a cold store solution, talk to our experts, and supply customized panels. Discuss your projects with us; request a quote. 


The use of cold-rolled steel buildings in construction – know the advantages

Air and moisture infiltration are a big issue to deal with, and after everything is checked and examined, the final suggestion is to choose weatherproofing solutions. This is where building envelopes play a significant role. Are you familiar with this term? These are barriers in physical form that are placed in between the exterior and interior structure.

The importance of building envelopes

These are effective in controlling the inside environment of a building. Climate control is the heating and cooling of a construction structure, which is essential in keeping the atmosphere inside devoid of too much moisture, sound, and light. Now building envelopes cover the foundation, roof, doors, walls, and the windows.

This shield is the most essential and the most complex part of a construction structure. Do not neglect air and moisture infiltration issues. TSSC in the Middle East designs so perfectly, ensuring its well-constructed and maintained regularly. Yes, upkeep is very necessary so that the same problem does not start cropping up through the envelopes, and there is no condensation of moisture in the system.

Steel is a very common and durable construction material

Steel is a popular construction material for both interior and exterior construction. This way, more and more customers are choosing cold rolled steel buildings. High-quality cladding and cold-rolled steel are used to manufacture building envelopes. During the rolling process, some mechanical properties are altered. The steel used has better strength and is extremely durable. Some bends are mainly given a lot of importance in the manufacturing process.

The benefits of cold-rolled steel buildings 

Take a look at the advantages of cold-rolled steel buildings:

  • It is very easy to assemble.
  • Laying the foundation reduces the cost.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • More durable construction.
  • Flexibility due to modular design.


Designed for quality and insulation

If you intend to keep the climate out, you need better designs and high-quality insulation. Construction materials are made of different components, making it long-lasting and giving improved insulation, soundproofing, water-repelling properties, soundproofing, etc. The material also depends on available resources and weather conditions. Apart from the materials, the design also depends on a number of factors. The elementary system offers total functionality, structural support, aesthetics, and climate control. When you think of design, it includes architecture, engineering, and technical applications. Our engineers keep in mind all the factors while designing these envelopes.

TSSC offering the right kind of insulation 

Do you need the right type of insulation? TSSC designs steel panels most ideal fort installing in prefab structures. TSSC offers steel panels that come with adequate insulation. These panels are most suitable for prefabricated structures spreading up to 24 meters. Cold rolled steel can be used for primary and secondary construction parts.

Talk to the TSSC experts 

TSSC is reputed for manufacturing insulated panels and building and construction materials. We have been continually supplying solutions to contractors and building experts. TSSC is a certified ISO 9001 company with more than 40 years of experience manufacturing insulated panels and building supplies in the UAE. Talk to us about your next project.

Why must you install cold storage panels from TSSC in the UAE?

In the Middle Eastern region, the weather is very harsh and fluctuating. It gets challenging to run a business without a commercial interior that has controlled temperature. Temperature plays a significant role during the storage of perishable items. The food, flower, wine, beverage, and medicine industry depend a lot on cold storages. When you set up cold storage, controlling the temperature is of utmost importance. If the business is a small one, a big-size fridge or a cellar would be sufficient, but when the business starts expanding, you need a cold store room that is adequately insulated. 

A close look at the benefits of TSSC panels

Invest in cold storage panels from TSSC while constructing the cold store interior. These panels come with too many benefits. So, let’s take a look at the advantages of our cold store panels

Adequate insulation

TSSC cold room panels have concrete insulation properties. When you wish to control the refrigerated room temperature, thermal conductivity plays a significant role. We have panels that rely on cell structure or board insulation, and this could offer immense insulation. 

Flexibility and safety to the core 

TSSC panels used for cold rooms are extremely versatile. Our panels come in an array of shapes, colors, sizes, and materials. Our panels are suitable for interior walls, roofs, exterior walls, etc. TSSC insulated cold storage panels are incredibly durable, offering a lifetime performance; the panels are safe to use, hygienic and have a fire-rating. Our panels are very popular for being flexible in terms of design and flexibility.                                                                     

Low maintenance panels from our house 

Businesses that are gradually expanding and start-ups are generally on a tight budget. They cannot ignore the importance of an active cooling system, but they would be relieved if the maintenance cost is low. These panels help in faster and more efficient construction; the installation is done in only one-step. Zero-maintenance cost helps to keep the operational costs down. 

TSSC manufactures innovative solutions:

TSSC are the leaders in manufacturing and designing insulated panels and building materials in the Middle East. We have a team that is continually researching and trying to come up with innovative solutions. We have more than four decades of experience in manufacturing various building solutions. Discuss your projects with us; call us with your queries regarding cold store panels. 

Energy efficiency

The energy cost is the most critical factor; it is higher in the UAE. Cost-cutting is an essential requirement for most industries. There are specific temperature regulations, and this is why you need to spend a higher amount of money on cooling. Our cold room panels help in keeping the cost minimum, allowing you to save more on bills. Our panels are capable of using the least energy and stabilize the atmosphere of the location. Each TSSC panel ensures that there is absolutely no thermal drift; this also contributes to savings. TSSC panels can reduce the operating costs by 50% approx. 

Final words

TSSC has recently launched the HVAC pre-insulated ductwork; apart from that, we also have mobile refrigerating systems, portable skid-mounted systems set up in moving units. Ready to set up your own cold storage, install TSSC cold storage panels. Discuss your projects with us; request a quote.

Need panels for your warehouse or cold storage? TSSC is the leaders in thermal insulation in the Middle East

UAE is a tropical country; there is a huge demand for cold storage solutions. These cold storages need solid insulation; therefore, you need to use panels. The panels have two layers and a core in the middle, which is made of polyurethane. This gives more insulation to the interior. The name cold-storage suggests a storage space with a shallow temperature mainly used for storing perishable goods in large quantities. Insulated panels are used to keep the interior cold so that the outside environment cannot affect the inner temperature. 


Portable solutions at your doorstep:

Already planning to install warehouse sandwich panels around your cold-storage or warehouse? TSSC brings you a smart, sleek, and portable solution, the walk-in-freezer. The freezers are functional at a shallow temperature, between -18C to -22C. The units are capable of maintaining a uniform and consistent temperature, thus storing items is easy. The interior

remains in healthy and hygienic conditions. 


Cold storage panels from TSSC – insulation is a priority:

Are you looking for insulated panels in the Middle East? TSSC has a solution for you; we are the experts in manufacturing insulated panels and construction materials. We specialize in designing sandwich panels for cold storage; those are very suitable for installing in warehouses. We have a team of customer service experts ready to offer customized solutions according to client requirements. We understand the importance of storage and care for your business. Every warehouse is different, so we do not provide on-solution-fits all solutions; we have experts for customization.


TSSC’s skid-mounted freezers – a unique solution:

Did you hear of skid-mounted freezers? Those are portable solutions and installed in moving units. Some warehouses also purchase mobile refrigerating systems. These structures are easily portable and can be lifted with the help of a crane or a truck that has a flatbed. The base of this unit is made of steel; this gives added mobility and durability. Our engineers use the PIR and PUR materials for insulation; the external layers are made of durable aluminum sheets. TSSC brings you a variety of warehouse solutions implementing the most innovative and modern technology.  


Our sandwich panels are constructed, maintaining a consistent style; a sturdy foam is used, which is treated at a very high density; this happens to be located in the middle. The two outer layers have a solid cladding of galvanized steel. The air-tightness prevents any heat from entering and cold from escaping. In all, TSSC warehouse and cold storage panels are a worthy investment. 


Invest in insulated panels:

Our clients are a priority; we have a strong customer base that we built for so many years. TSSC has records of satisfying ideal solutions and the range of products we offer within your budget. We have been operating for more than four decades; we are still the leaders in manufacturing building supplies and insulated panels in the UAE. Do you own a warehouse or cold storage where you plan to install insulated panels? We would offer a solution for you; our experts also visit your site if necessary. Also, our delivery process is exceptionally flawless. Have a consultation on your project, send us your requirements, and we would have a solution for you.

What you should know about insulated cold storage panels from TSSC

When it comes to setting up cold storages, temperature control is of utmost importance. The temperature plays a significant role in storing perishable items like cooked food, raw vegetables, beverages, medicines, etc. most of the time, a refrigerator or a cellar is enough, but what about storing huge quantity items? You need to set up your cold store installing and cold store panels. 



TSSC manufactures cold store panels, and they have a whole range of benefits:


Our panels are energy-efficient:

High energy cost is a matter of concern, and many companies in the Middle East have to bear high bills. It is because of temperature regulation; you need to spend a significant amount on heating and cooling. TSSC manufactures high-quality and energy-efficient cold storage panels that can manage your cooling costs. Our panels utilize a lesser amount of energy and can stabilize the interior. TSSC panels ensure that there is no thermal drift, and this can consume lower energy and helps to save a considerable amount of money. TSSC cold store panels are capable of reducing the operational costs by 50% approx. 


Efficient insulation:

TSSC cold room insulated panels have the highest insulation properties, and here, thermal conductivity is an essential factor. It is even more critical when you wish to control the cold room. It is wise to select a panel that uses board insulation; this gives a better thermal performance. 

Lithe and safe designed panels: 

TSSC cold store room panels that are used in industrial refrigeration are very versatile. The panels are available in various colors, sizes, shapes, and made of different types of building materials. You can shop for panels used for interior, exterior, and roofs. TSSC panels are hygienic, safe, have a fire rating, and render a high-class performance. TSSC is well known for offering customized solutions, considering the thicknesses and sizes. 

Easy and low maintenance: 

Businesses that have cooling requirements having active cooling equipment is significant. Using efficient cold room panels are very important for higher efficiency. Our panel is low maintenance and has a one-step installation process. This helps in keeping the installation and operational costs low.

Cold store and refrigeration systems from TSSC:

TSSC manufactures portable refrigeration systems; they are movable units and skid mounted. The base of it is constructed of steel, which helps in mobility and durability. We have also invented the latest HVAC pre-insulated ductwork. Our manufacturers use the PIR and PUR during the manufacturing process, and the exterior layers are made of aluminium sheets. These can efficiently store products for many months. 

TSSC – The leaders in the Middle East:

TSSC is an ISO 9001 company in the Middle East; we manufacture, and design insulated cold storage panels for commercial use. It’s been more than four decades; we are manufacturing construction and industrial solutions. If you have a project in mind, we would like to hear from you. Please discuss your requirements with us. Call us for cold store panels.