The purpose of insulation inside your cold room facility in the UAE

A cold room is a warehouse used to store perishable items at a low temperature that is artificially generated. A cold room is designed to maintain an optimum low temperature so that the items do not perish. The internal temperature depends on the product or material that will be stored. Insulation is the most important factor that makes up an efficient cold store. The cold storage is insulated with cold store panels in the UAE. They are sandwich panels made of two metal sheets and an insulated core in the middle. Polyurethane foam is generally used, it is an efficient material used in almost 90% of cold rooms. There are other types of core material so the selection depends on your requirements. 

The purpose of commercial refrigeration

Industrial refrigeration is efficient in slowing down chemical and biological processes in food and preventing the items’ perishing. Commercial refrigeration is extremely popular in the UAE as businesses are flourishing. This process involves the use of advanced technology and machines. A cold storeroom in the UAE stores fruits, vegetables, medicines, flowers, cosmetics, certain beverages, and more. Is moisture harming your cold store interior? Excessive moisture can cause mold growth inside the cold storage. The ideal solution would be to install cold store panels in UAE from TSSC Group. Cold room insulation is considered effective only if it is used correctly. Attaching cold room panels prevents air leakage which prevents escaping of cold air. Keeping the cold room doors closed and maintaining them regularly is also important to prevent air escape.

Celsius – the cold store panel brand

There was a time when transporting items from the cold stores to the distribution hubs was a challenge. TSSC manufactures affordable and functional refrigerated trucks UAE that make transportation simpler. These vehicles are equipped with cooling facilities so that the items remain fresh during long hours of transportation. TSSC Group designs efficient refrigerated trucks under the brand name Celsius. TSSC cold store panels are efficient in saving energy while delivering rapid cooling. You can decide the size of your unit which depends on your storage requirements. The cold store panels have monolithic construction that can maintain the temperature and humidity inside the units. 

TSSC Group – having more than 50 years of experience

You can now install cold store panels in UAE inside your warehouse facility.TSSC Group designs premium building solutions in Saudi Arabia for various industries and companies. TSSC Group has more than 50 years of experience designing insulated solutions in the UAE. We have a team of expert and trained engineers who suggest customized. The company uses efficient project management software to track project progress and ensure timely delivery. We have a reputation for delivering customized insulated cold storage solutions. 

Final words

Are you looking for energy-efficient refrigerated trucks or planning to invest in cold storage solutions? Discuss your project requirement with us, and we will solve your queries. Book a free consultation with the TSSC team and request a quote.