Transportation of Covid-19 vaccines have led to a rise in demand for refrigerated trucks in UAE

People all around the world are getting vaccinated to fight against the Novel Coronavirus. The Covid-19 vaccines have arrived in town. Hospitals, laboratories, and diagnostic centers store the vaccines in cold rooms amidst cold store panels in UAE to maintain its efficiency. However, the transportation of vaccines, medicines and other temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals is becoming a huge challenge. Nevertheless, the worries get addressed as TSSC Group provides well-insulated refrigerated trucks in UAE that offer excellent insulation while ensuring the items stay safe and secure for the longest time. TSSC manufacturers have almost 50 years of experience and offer custom-made refrigeration choices. Here are some key features of the refrigerated truck.

Protection against heat

The vaccines and medications need a perfectly dry and cold environment to avoid any kind of spoilage. The temperature-sensitive commodities stay at an optimal condition due to consistent cooling. The transportation of these items from one place to another via refrigerated trucks in UAE offers efficient protection against heat to avoid damage or spoilage, leading to further complications.                                                                                      

Controlling the humidity levels

Manufacturing of the refrigerated truck gets completed with only six cold store panels in UAE. The cold store panels are water-resistant and help to control the humidity levels inside the trucks. The panels are also resistant to heat, fire and sound. The fire and sound resistivity of the panels depends on the insulated core and the thickness of the cladding material.

Excellent insulation with an attached cooling system 

TSSC manufactured refrigerated trucks in UAE are different from the rest. The truck offers good insulation and comes with an attached cooling system to maintain a specific temperature throughout the journey. However, if the cooling system fails, the thermal insulation inside the trucks makes up for it. The refrigerated truck can maintain temperatures ranging from -40 degrees Celsius to +15 degrees Celsius. The freezer trucks can also sustain the temperature without the cooling system’s efficiency for 10 hours or even more. TSSC Group manufacturers use advanced technologies and premium quality aluminum profiles to ensure the corners and edges of the truck bodies are protected, secure and well-insulated.

Lightweight and weather-resistant 

The truck bodies are lightweight and come with insulated GRP flooring ensuring high durability and strength. The lightweight trucks are strong and resistant to extreme weather conditions. The corrosion-free trucks can withstand the intense heat from the sun, heavy rainfall and strong winds. The trucks are durable and high-functional.


Refrigerated trucks are cost-effective in the long run. The trucks offer good insulation, but at the same time, they are energy-efficient as well. The thermal insulation reduces the pressure on the attached air coolers, thereby reducing the energy consumption to a large extent. The energy efficiency lowers the utility bills and you end up making savings in the long run. The trucks are highly durable and easy to maintain, making them a one-time investment. TSSC Group provides custom-made refrigerated trucks in UAE that are functional, visually appealing and well-designed, keeping in mind the project specifications.

Celsius Refrigerated Trucks – TSSC Specialty

If you are looking for a high-performance and weather-resistant refrigerated truck that provides optimal protection and security on the road, then opt for Celsius (TSSC Brand). Celsius trucks are custom-made by the most experienced engineers in the manufacturing industry. Book a free consultation. Request a quote today!

There is only one feasible way to insulate your cold storage interior – Install TSSC cold store panels in UAE

Cold stores are very popular in the UAE mainly due to the growing perishable goods industry. Also, there is an extreme climatic condition in the country where insulation is the most important factor. Cold storage should be equipped with insulated walls and ceilings to ensure the smooth functioning of a business.

Cold rooms have been a very important part of our life for a very long time. Humans have adopted the art of storing food and other perishable goods from nature itself. It has been seen that most of the items remain fresh in cold weather. Cold storage is a storage facility and the capacity depends on your requirement. Ample modifications and customizations are possible inside a cold room facility.

Did you hear of cold store panels in UAE? 

These are sandwich panels for cold storage interiors that have a 2mm profile for excellent resistance to forces, impacts and thermal insulation. These sandwich panels are designed by injecting polyurethane foam (the core). It is sandwiched between two metal cladding which is pressed at a very high density. These panels are ideal for monolithic construction. The panels can be used to insulate by installing floors, rooftops, and walls. 

Customize and modify accordingly

Adding insulating cold store panels in UAE is one very essential customization. You would not want the heat to get inside or cold air to flee out of the facility. You are spending a lot on the cooling facility so insulation can save your energy bills as well. TSSC cold store panels in the UAE help maintain the optimum temperature inside, add strength to the structure, and prevent air leakage. The panels ensure that the indoor temperature or the environment is not affected by any external conditions. Insulated panels are used for thermal insulation; these panels are popularly used in cold rooms and refrigerated vehicles. 

TSSC cares for the environment

Most of the construction and building supply companies are manufacturing recyclable goods. TSSC in the UAE is no exception. The panels are eco-friendly which shows that we care for the environment. The panels are transported to your site safely by our team. The panels not only offer insulation but also controls bacteria, dust and grease. Choose panels that have a minimum R-value of up to 40. Connect with our team for advice when you are planning to invest in TSSC solutions. We have a team of experts who can steer you in the right direction. 

TSSC designs refrigerated trucks

Do you know that perishable goods like food, raw edible items, medicine, flowers and many other items can get spoilt on the move? The items are loaded on trucks from the main storage to reach various destinations. Now there is no need to worry because TSSC brings refrigerated trucks in the UAE. The interior of these trucks is made of insulating sheets. These trucks have the same temperature that is there inside a big-size cold room. 

We have a solution  for you

TSSC has been the leader in manufacturing insulating panels for almost 50 years. We have rich experience in designing construction supplies. Discuss with the TSSC professionals for a consultation. Request for a quote. 

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