Insulated cold storages and refrigerated trucks – An ideal way to store and transport perishable goods

When it comes to medicine, food and other perishable and temperature-sensitive items, storing in bulk requires cold storing. Cold storage is an essential part of the logistics chain. The right kind of storing and transportation ensures the quality and integrity of the items. Cold storage facilities should have insulated walls, floors and roofs by installing cold store panels UAE for adequate insulation.

TSSC is one of the leaders in manufacturing cold storage solutions. We use premium quality, rigid insulation that keeps the desired temperature inside the cold store. Cold store insulation should have higher-quantity materials as they are designed for all climates. This is important in the UAE as it has a hotter climate. Thick layered insulation is capable of stabilizing the air-conditioned inside.

Cold storage with thicker walls

Cold storage buildings require thicker wall insulation because it will have greater R-value required to store the products and keep a constant low temperature inside. A good insulation product has the ability to prevent the transfer of heat. TSSC insulated cold store panels in UAE panels offer higher insulation and the long-term R-value protects the construction. Our insulated walls, ceiling and floors limit the outdoor exposure and optimize the chilling process.

Refrigerated trucks are a boon

Simply having insulated cold storages is not enough. TSSC Group designs refrigerated trucks in the UAE. These cooling vehicles act as a savior while transferring perishable items long distances. The trucks have airtight doors and an efficient cooling process inside. Refrigerated vehicles have made the process of transporting temperature-sensitive items simple. The refrigerated truck bodies have sizes up to 7 meters in length and the width is 3 meters. The truck bodies are built using only 6 panels on each side of the vehicle body. Some of the features include:

  •   Lightweight
  •   Low repair costs
  •   No joints and seamless
  •   Rigid flooring
  •   You can choose truck bed flooring finishes
  •   Accessories


Customized insulated solutions

Are you planning to set up a cold storage facility or renovate the existing one? TSSC Group also offers functional refrigerated trucks for transporting the perishable goods. Install TSSC’s cold store panels in UAE. We offer solutions for commercial and residential building projects. TSSC Group has over 50 years of experience in designing insulated solutions in the UAE. We have a team of expert engineers for modern design, implementation and consultation. Reach us for customized solutions related to insulation, roofing and cladding. We implement project management software for tracking progress and on-time delivery of your project. 

Final words 

Refrigerated trucks in UAE are making transportation of perishable goods simple and easier. It is important that you have an insulated cold store and refrigerated truck for uninterrupted business. Discuss your project requirement with us, and we will solve your queries. Book a free consultation with the TSSC team and request a quote.