Insulating your cold storage facility and cooling truck interiors with cold store panels in UAE

Is your cold storage facility or cooling truck functioning efficiently? A cold room is designed to maintain constant very low temperatures so that the goods do not perish. But you might have to pay hefty bills if there is no insulation.

Functional warehouse cold store panels 

Lightweight prefabrication has various issues. TSSC’s insulated panels offer a solution to such issues. Our panels are used for building cold rooms and truck bodies. The insulated panels are capable of offering maximum insulation. TSSC Group has been catering to a large customer base from various industries. The extreme UAE weather conditions have been a driving force for the escalating demand for insulated panels. Cold storage in the UAE is becoming popular for storing perishables like fruits, vegetables, medicines, flowers, cosmetics, certain beverages, etc. Industrial refrigeration is expanding with the flourishing of businesses in the UAE. Cold room insulation should be implemented to ensure it is functioning. Installing cold store panels in UAE prevents air leakage which prevents escaping the chilled air. Keeping the cold room doors closed and maintaining them regularly prevents air from escaping.

Getting introduced to walk-in cold rooms

TSSC Group’s walk-in cold rooms are transported to the customer site in a knock-down condition and assembled on-site. These cold rooms can be used for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, dairy, food, and beverage applications. Some of our walk-in freezers look similar to the walk-in cold rooms but they can operate at extremely low temperatures than cold rooms. 

Brand Celsius 

TSSC Group has extensive experience in executing complex projects in the GCC region. TSSC Group offers a full line of commercial and industrial refrigeration products for cold storage warehouses and food processing. TSSC Group in the UAE designs functionally refrigerated trucks under the brand name Celsius. TSSC cold store panels in UAE offer energy efficiency and reliable cooling. We customize the size of the unit depending on the storage requirements. TSSC’s cold storage panels have monolithic construction to regulate temperature and humidity levels. TSSC Group manufactures an innovative range of refrigerated trucks in UAE, truck-mounted chillers and freezers under Celsius’s brand name. The edges and corners of the vehicle body are covered using extruded aluminum profiles. The insulated body can hold temperatures from +15°C to -40°C. These trucks have made the transportation of perishable goods easier. 

TSSC Group – Final words

Install TSSC’s cold store panels in UAE inside your commercial storage facility. We offer a comprehensive range of construction and building solutions for commercial purposes. TSSC Group has over 50 years of experience designing insulated solutions in the UAE. We have a team of expert engineers with whom you can have a consultation. Reach us for specific customized solutions related to insulation, roofing and cladding. We implement advanced project management software for tracking progress and on-time delivery. We are experts in offering static and mobile commercial refrigeration. TSSC Group offers energy-efficient refrigerated trucks for transporting perishable goods. 

Discuss your project requirement with us, and we will solve your queries. Book a free consultation with the TSSC team and request a quote.