Why should you invest in cold store panels and refrigerated trucks in the UAE?

The UAE experiences tropical climate where the temperature soars during the daytime and the nights are hot as well. The hospitality industry and other businesses are flourishing in the country. Hence, there is a demand for cold storage solutions. It is extremely useful for those businesses that deal with perishable goods. Cold storages are helping businesses overcome the hurdles related to storing the goods for longer duration. Cold storages are functional mainly due to the insulation factor. Sandwich cold store panels in the UAE helps to add insulation to the commercial interior. Tiles, painting, drywall, plywood, or FRP panels are not suitable solutions.

The rack power system is an advanced system that is implemented by the TSSC Group. Here the refrigeration units are well connected in a rack-like arrangement. This helps in developing energy-efficient solutions. TSSC utilizes blast-freezers and blast-chillers where the cold room temperature drops to as low as -400C in a few hours. TSSC Group is a pioneer in designing, supplying and installing the modules for ultimate freezing. TSSC Group designs cold stores of different capacity; our cold store panels are customized to suit client specifications. Our engineers manufacture and install premium insulated ceiling, wall and floor panels.

A refrigerated truck box in the UAE is important for the transportation of perishable items. These refrigerated transports are manufactured under the brand name Celsius which is a part of TSSC Group. TSSC manufacturers provide you with functional and durable refrigerated truck boxes. A refrigerated truck box in UAE is a vehicle that is facilitated with a refrigerated system that is capable of maintaining a low temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. These trucks are air-tight that can hold the low temperature for almost 10 hours. 

TSSC insulated panels have a monolithic sandwich structure that is formed from injecting a tough polyurethane foam at a very high density in between the metal claddings. Cold storages can be classified into warehouse storage and walk-in cold rooms depending upon the size. Cold storages manufactured by TSSC help to maintain a temperature that ranges from 15°C to –40°C. The walk-in cold rooms are smaller in size compared to large warehouses. The small-sized cold rooms are used in supermarkets, restaurants and hotels. 

TSSC Group is one of the leading manufacturers of insulated panels in the construction and building industry. With almost 50 years of industry expertise, we manufacture high-performing cold store panels and refrigerated trucks that are resistant to fire and harsh weather conditions that ensure safe, stored items. We are an ISO 9001 company and the leaders in building solutions. TSSC caters to customized cold storage solutions for industries that include food, retail, pharmaceuticals, logistics, distribution and more.

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