Why is the construction industry trying to shift to prefabrication?

Prefabrication must have some advantages compared to traditional building techniques. Cost is a big and the most important factor and prefabrication can help builders cut down the costs to a great extent. A prefabricated building is already assembled inside the factory. So, almost all the work is done. So, you do not require hiring plumbers, electricians or carpenters. So, due to several other advantages, the popularity of prefab structures is increasing tremendously. The construction market in the Gulf area is booming with a lot of apartments, bungalows and hotels coming up. With so much advancement, traditional construction has taken a back seat. 

Prefabrication reduces risks and costs 

Prefab construction is suitable for projects having a high redundancy. Some of the construction areas where prefabrication is preferred include hotels, schools, colleges, hospitals, hostels, malls, and more. Are you aware of the climatic conditions in the Gulf area? Oman is no exception where days are extremely hot and the workers struggle under the sun to erect a construction. Also, the present construction industry has a shortage of skilled workers. The traditional method requires many workers to complete the project, which takes a lot of time. The traditional construction is also dependent on weather conditions. The process is halted if the weather is bad or due to natural calamities which causes delay. But there are no such challenges in prefabricated construction. A small group of workers can complete the construction work inside the factory. 

Prefabrication is eco-friendly 

Penalization is also an activity that is included in prefabrication. It involves floors, walls, and roofs constructed in the factory before being transported to the site. Electricals, plumbing, and other infrastructure are installed later on. Prefabricated construction is eco-friendly and happens without extremities and complications. The whole process is streamlined and takes place inside a controlled environment. As a result, very little raw material is wasted, which does not create pollution. 

Why choose TSSC in Oman?

TSSC Group is operating successfully in the Gulf Area and we are the leaders in manufacturing prefab insulated panels. The prefab structures are sustainable and energy-efficient. Our engineers are experts in implementing the most advanced technology to design building solutions. TSSC is the leader in designing roofing and cladding solutions. We have a lot of clients from various industries who are taking an interest in prefabricated structures. Our engineers implement lean technology to assemble the modules and inter-module structures. 

TSSC Group has been offering prefab buildings in Oman for more than 50 years. We have clients from various industries who have chosen TSSC solutions and are satisfied. Now, many modern techniques are implemented to take the construction industry forward and meet customer demands. As a result, the housing and building market is highly competitive and now Oman is experiencing a lot of development.

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