Prefab modular building from TSSC – Quality, and trust helps creating a great foundation

Prefabricated structures can save a lot of money, effort, and time. Prefabricated structures are easy to assemble and this makes the process faster. Recently, prefab modular buildings are gaining immense popularity because people can enjoy a lot of savings. The construction industry has well-accepted the concept of prefab modular building. Offsite construction is also gaining popularity day by day. 

Super-controlled construction process:

Modular homes are now a part of the housing industry; these make a lot of sense. Once you assemble, it looks so perfect that it’s hard to identify that you have erected a modular structure. A modular home building is initiated in an advanced manufacturing unit that allows the manufacturer to oversee a super-controlled construction process. These structures operate 15% more efficiently compared to a conventional home. When the structure is delivered onsite, the building is almost 80-90% complete. You require putting the pieces together and connecting everything so perfectly. Modular construction allows you to do flooring, drywall, plumbing, cabinetry, and electrical work inside a regulated environment. 


The advantages of modular construction:

A modular home is an affordable option; it’s quicker to build and comes with safety features. The modules are set up one by one; the assembly-line process starts with frame construction and then sets up the interior and exterior. After completing the process, the modules are transported to the building site and put together for construction. Modular construction has its benefits; it overlaps the offsite and onsite construction processes. 


Factory construction offers cost-saving options; the modular process is advantageous, especially when it reaches the final assembling process. Once the modules are transported safely, you need to hire a few expert subcontractors for the assembling. Modular construction is beneficial to customers, the community, and the environment. 


TSSC offering energy-efficient and light-weight solution:

TSSC designs modular structures that help in saving 50% of time and occupancy. We are leading in the UAE when it comes to manufacturing insulated panels. We have a huge customer base; we have so many happy clients as we are in the business for more than four decades. Our modular structures are energy-efficient and light-weight. The insulated panels are weather-resistant and free from termite infestation. Prefabricated homes are incredibly efficient, quality-controlled, and are technologically advanced. Get the designs approved by a local builder and make sure you have all the requirements ready; only then can you start the building process. 


Modular homes not mobile homes: 

Modular homes are not mobile homes, so do not be confused. Modular homes are like traditional construction, except they are available in pre-built sections. Modular structures are a smart choice; there are several advantages. It offers flexibility in design and customization options. If you wish to make the right choice, go modular. 

Choose TSSC in the UAE:

Are you planning to erect a prefab office building in the Middle East? TSSC is the answer; we offer you the best solution within your budget. We ensure quality solutions in the Middle East. TSSC has a quality team that monitors at every stage of construction ensuring quality assurance.