Why Is Prefab Modular Building Gaining More Popularity?

Prefab modular building in the UAE includes when a construction involves the creation of the structure in sections off-site and its imposition after its installation. 

Many of the new generation builders are beginning to adopt this modular type of construction. New methods and techniques are coming up in the market almost every day. The world is becoming cautious and careful towards the environment, and the people are becoming more competitive. Hence, prefab modular building and prefab office building in the UAE is growing in popularity, to such an extent that too many high profile businesses are adopting this system for their upcoming projects.


Technical Supplies and Services Company was established in 1975. TSSC is a primary and important member of the Harwal Group. The company has great excellence in engineering and design. This company is certified with ISO 9001 and manufactures a varied range of products and offers a range of various services. The company’s business has spread across various countries and cities, including Sharjah, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi.



Technical Supplies and Services Company is the largest producer of insulated panels, used for roofing and cladding. The company is much popular in the Middle East. Some of the most manufactured products by TSSC that are used by the construction industry include:

  • Cladding sheets
  • Seamless roofing systems
  • Unitised glass systems
  • Doors and windows
  • Cold rooms
  • Prefabricated shelters
  • Portacabins
  • Factory manufactured houses
  • Stainless steel kitchen equipments
  • Merchandise refrigerators
  • Cable trays
  • Metal sheds


TSSC also provides galvanizing services to its customers in and around its region. The building materials that are manufactured by TSSC are fire-resistant, and every product manufactured by them carries certification for the same.


Reasons for Popularity:

  • Prefab modular building system lets clients customize and modify their requirements.
  • Prefab modular system is noticeably cheaper than traditional methods of construction.
  • Prefab modular system has great innovation and could be designed as per one’s own needs.
  • Prefab modular system is cost-effective and hence reduces the budget and expense. 
  • A contractor offers a custom modular structure.
  • Any construction could be built quickly, and this method occupies less space. 
  • Making and innovating new ideas and applications is easily accessible.
  • Prefab modular construction ensures the safety of the employees when compared to traditional methods of building.  
  • Prefab modular offices are way more innovative and creative than the other ones. This increases the popularity and market competition of the company or office.
  • This kind of construction has a lower investment and maintenance cost.
  • All the products used during construction are scalable and flexible.



Due to this new technique in the construction industry, there are various innovations and savings, about which nobody had thought about! With such new constructions, we could be able to build a better tomorrow, better constructions, and provide a better life setting good examples to the upcoming generations.