Install sandwich panel roofing from TSSC and protect the roofs from corrosion and UV rays

Sandwich roof panels are insulated with two layers of thin sheets covering the two sides of a core that sits in the middle. These panels are very long-lasting, and the layers are connected. They are also called composite panels, available in a variety of designs. The outer covering is made of stainless steel; it could also be sheets of galvanized steel or glass-FRP (fiber reinforced plastic).


The core material renders the insulation having been made of rock wool, mineral wool, polyurethane, PIR, and PUR. The core is spongy, but the tough layers protect it from external influences. There are various insulated panels, namely the roof panels, wall panels, Eco room panels, and cold room panels. 


Insulated panels are implemented across different industries, including construction, automotive, aerospace, and more. The sandwich panels save time, reduces the weight, and lowers the cost. TSSC manufactures insulated panels that are of superior quality; our panels come directly for our manufacturing unit. We have a vast stock of sandwich panel roofing solutions designed by our experts.


Once it is transported to the site, the panels are ready to use. These panels can be attached to a supportable structure, and it can be used for stable walls or roofs that possess a higher amount of insulation. These panels are also useful for constructing halls and building roofs. For instance, a roof panel system is very advantageous for commercial use. Our sandwich panels have a core that is fire and weather resistant. 


If you are looking for a company offering sandwich roof panels in the Middle East, get in touch with TSSC. We bring to you EASY WALL panels, a product of TSSC. These panels are made of cement boards on the outer side and can be used instead of block walls. It is used for efficient wall construction. Our Easywall panels are frequently used in the construction sector. TSSC brings you a stock of insulated panels; we are dedicated to constructing high-quality products that cater to international standards. We have an excellent customer service team that helps you discuss and resolve your issues and ensures the timely delivery. 


TSSC is an ISO 9001 certified company that manufactures and designs an array of industrial products. We offer all types of materials for the construction industry. Since we operate in the Middle East, we provide businesses in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Dubai. Now, we are the biggest manufacturer of insulated panels used in roofing and cladding. We have a reliable client base now; we have been in this business for more than four decades and we have catered thousands of clients. 

Please discuss with our team about your project; we would have the perfect solution for you.


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