TSSC sandwich panel roofing can make building and construction process efficient roof panel system

A sandwich panel is formed by combining three structures; two layers sandwich a core in between that on both sides. Recently sandwich panels are heavily used in the building and construction sector. 


What is a sandwich panel made of? 

The core is soft inside, which is wrapped by a firm commodity to protect the interior. So, the sandwich panels are layered; it has a core in the middle which is not very thick and two very thin layers on the two sides. The metal attached in the outer surface of the panels is usually used for decorative purposes and to protect the interior. 


Why are the panels used?

Insulation is the primary purpose; the core is made of thermo-insulating material that arrests moisture, heat, fire, excess cold, and other weather conditions. The core has excellent strength, but it has a lighter weight. The components that make up the external layers protect the core from all conditions. TSSC sandwich roof panels are used for building walls, roofing, and cladding. 


The various core of sandwich panels:

Our sandwich panels are used for constructing warehouses, office buildings, sports complexes, logistics, freezers, cold stores, shopping malls, and buildings. Sometimes non-structural materials are used, but the forces are made sure by a steel framework that holds the panels. Our panels are available in various cores, including the EPS (expanded polystyrene), PIR (polyurethane or polyisocyanurate), PUR, and mineral wool. 


Easy transportation and installation:

When you compare different core materials, there is a difference in thermal insulation, sound insulation, and fire resistivity and weight. Sandwich panels are now very popular in the UAE. Our sandwich panel roofing panels come in a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes. Installation is very easy; it would take just 8 hours for an expert contractor to perform the task. Also, the installation process is not very complicated. Transporting sandwich panels is hassle-free; we ensure it reaches the site. The materials include panels, subframes, screws, and fasteners. All materials are available at our store; the number of screws depends on your project’s layout and spacing. 


The cost depends on the core:

If you are thinking about the cost, it’s based on the entire panel’s entire thickness and the core that is thermo-insulated. Are you looking for an inexpensive option? It is ideal to use the ESP core, but if you care about the performance, PIR panels are the most effective due to the high thermal conductivity. 


Our experts can help you:

Are you looking to install a new roof panel system? TSSC recommends ordering and purchasing sandwich panels directly from the manufacturers; you can also use our distributor chain. We also have our regional sales representatives who can visit your site upon request. Our experts can offer consultation if required.  


TSSC – a trusted brand in the UAE:

For our clients in the Middle East, you have only one choice, TSSC. We are a prestigious company offering building and construction supplies. Our solutions are very reliable, and we are in this business for over four decades. Many contractors and architects swear by the TSSC solution; it is specially designed to bring down costs and create an effective insulating barrier.