The benefits of curtain walls – -TSSC manufacturing class-part wall panel systems

Curtain walls are structural essentials of construction; it acts as a divider between the interior and exterior setting of the building. It renders structural stability; thus, it plays an active role in load transmission. It transmits a load that is induced by the wind to the fundamental structure. 


Types of curtain walls:

There are two types of curtain walls

Stick wall systems:

In this system, the fundamentals are installed piece by piece on the building structure. This wall system is popularly used for low-rise buildings. This system has a lot of flexibility and allows much space for onsite alterations. 

Unitized wall systems:

In this kind of system, the parts are pre-assembled inside the manufacturing unit. The size of the walls is directly proportional to the floor size and height. These systems are used in high rises and do not require external supports. During transportation, these wall systems need better and more extensive protection; thus, the shipping charges are higher. 

Advantages of curtain walls:

Curtain walls are common wall panel structures that are very commonly used in modern buildings. These can be made of glass, stone, or metal and have a whole lot of advantages. Take a look:

Keeping water and air out:

 These wall panel systems are efficient in preventing air and water infiltration, acting as insulators, and a buffer. The construction that uses curtain walls would be easier to maintain and will have more longevity due to the extra protective shield. 

Thermal efficiency:

Curtain walls enhance the thermal efficiency of construction when it is rightly glazed and treated. These panels can stabilize the inside temperature cutting down the operational costs of the construction. The extra glazing can reduce the UV rays, and this prevents the buildings from degrading. 

Fire resistivity:

Curtain walls are fire-resistant, these panels can slow down the spread of fire. It acts as a barrier and helps them to control the fire so that the fire is not spread across the building surface. 

A curtain wall looks sophisticated, clean, and has a unique appearance. These panels reflect contemporary design and are now used very popularly. 

Reduces the sway of a building: 

A curtain wall is not installed to render structural ability, but its effective in reducing the building’s sway. This gives more stability to the structure; the curtain wall can even pressure the architecture by emitting the kinetic force. This technology is beneficial for taller buildings. 

Final words:

The expense of a curtain wall installation depends on the kind of curtain wall you choose. We design the most useful, modern, and very affordable curtain wall systems. At TSSC, we are the experts in offering high-quality insulated wall systems in UAE. Our products are known for faster and easier installation. Contact us to learn more, discuss your next project with us. Request us for a free estimate.