The cold storage industry is based on high-quality insulation – TSSC designs insulated panels in Qatar

The demand for insulated panels is rising due to the harsh weather conditions of the Gulf region. The days are very hot while the nights are cooler. It is very difficult to store perishable items in huge quantities which hinders trade. So, cold storages are gaining such popularity. 

Cold storages and walk-in freezers

Cold storage should be well insulated to maintain a uniform chilled temperature inside. Warehouse cold storages are built with reinforced insulated flooring. In Qatar, insulated cold store panels have a monolithic sandwich structure formed as a result of injecting tough polyurethane foam at a very high density. Metal claddings on both sides cover the foam. 

Walk-in freezers look similar to cold rooms, but the former can operate at a very low temperature. These freezers can offer temperature control and can store items for many months. TSSC Group in Qatar has experience in installing many cold rooms for hypermarkets, restaurants, catering, and pharmaceutical businesses across the region.

Refrigerated trucks from TSSC

Keeping goods cold continuously has always been a challenge. How would you transport perishable items once you take them out of the freezer or cold store? Ice melts fast and Styrofoam can keep items cold for a certain time. Are you aware of portable refrigeration systems? Yes, we are talking about refrigerated trucks that operate like any other cold storage. 

A refrigerated truck box is a container that is completely insulated and has a refrigerator attached. A refrigerated truck box in Qatar can maintain temperatures between 55 degrees Fahrenheit to -20 degrees Fahrenheit. These trucks can carry a variety of cargo that requires cold temperature. These containers are used to haul medicines, perfumes, food products, honey, flowers, penguins, electronics, and more. These refrigerated vehicles have rear doors that are airtight, allow easy opening and closing. 

Ask for customized solutions

The advent of cooling trucks has brought advancement in logistics. Refrigerated trucks are the game-changer in the commercial transportation industry. It has made transportation of perishable items easier preventing spoilage. It all started years back with the concept of loading trucks with ice to transport perishable goods, and now it is a much-sophisticated concept. TSSC is now one of the top transportation companies in Qatar. TSSC Group has a team of experts and the necessary equipment to implement modern technology. TSSC believes in customization because every business requirement is different. We suggest not ordering a pre-fab but ask for a customized solution. We can suggest the right measurements according to your requirements. Oversized length, height, and width can be problematic. 

TSSC has years of experience

TSSC Group has rich experience in offering construction supplies and insulation solutions. We are into implementing technology for the past 48 years. We have many clients from various industrial sectors who are satisfied with us. We deliver quality, faster construction methods and design flexibility for your residential and commercial projects. 

Quality-assured insulated panels

TSSC products maintain international quality standards, and we cater to customer requirements. Our team ensures exceptional service and timely delivery. We are the largest manufacturer of insulated panels for roofing and cladding in Qatar. 

Are you planning to set up a cold storeroom in Qatar? Plan your project with the TSSC team.