The rising popularity of standing seam roof East Africa – Explore TSSC Group

Many years ago stan seam metal roofs in East Africa were mostly seen on agricultural and commercial buildings. However, they have become immensely popular on residential buildings in the last few years. People are worried about the environment and want to cut maintenance costs by making the roof durable. Standing seam panels run from the ridge of the roof vertically to the eaves and are interlocked with overlapping and raised seams that are present above the flat surface. The legs are interlocked in different configurations. The benefit of this system is the locking mechanism that is protected from humidity, harsh elements and other weather conditions. 

The metal used in standing seam roof panels 

Standing seam roofs are available in different colors, widths, materials, thicknesses, shapes and connections. The standing seam roof panels can be pre-formed inside the factory or shaped on-site. Steel is the most commonly used metal for a standing seam roof in East Africa. Steel is durable and cost-effective. In case it is a coastal area, then aluminum is preferred as it is less prone to corrode or rust. Metals like zinc and copper can last for many years but they are pretty expensive. Metal is recycled, whereas asphalt lands in landfills. Metal requires minimum maintenance and can last more than 50 years. You choose the metal according to your requirements or an expert could suggest. 

How would you protect your house from fire to some extent? 

Having a metal roof can help in creating the first line of defense. Standing seam roofs made from certified metal are fire-resistant. Standing seam roofs from TSSC Group have the Class A fire rating. This means the highest parameter of fire resistivity according to ASTM E-108. This indicates that the roof can endure the highest fire exposure even if the fire’s origin is outside the building. Of course, a fireproof property is a hoax but you can take certain precautions. Fire rating systems allow architects and builders to choose materials that reduce the chances of fire hazards.

Easy to install with no debris

They are installed over the existing roof that reduce the debris that goes into the landfills. These are coated with a tough zinc and aluminum alloy for corrosion resistance. Very reflective paints are applied to the surface to reflect the sunlight, reducing the heat transmission into the property. The advantage of metal roofing is the heat-reflective coating that effectively reduces the attic temperature. This keeps the air conditioning load low inside the living/ office space. Steel roofs weigh less compared to shingles, asphalt. The former does not warp, rot or crack under any conditions. Metal roofs are hassle-free to install and require once-a-year maintenance. 

Final words

TSSC is one of the leading insulated panel manufacturers in East Africa. TSSC Group is an ISO 9001 company that manufactures construction and building materials. Discuss your project with our experts for a solution. Request for a quote.