The massive use of sandwich panels in Oman – get in touch with TSSC Group

Sandwich panels in Oman are made of several layers that consist of two sheets of metal and an insulating layer of insulated core in the middle. These panels are effectively used for roofing, walling and cladding. The core is polyurethane foam, fiberglass, expanded polystyrene or polyurethane foam. Sandwich panels in Oman are used for setting up warehouses, logistic buildings, sports facilities, office buildings, shopping malls, freezers, sports facilities, office buildings, manufacturing buildings, etc. Recently sandwich panels are tremendously used for building and construction purposes. 

Durable and robust sandwich panels

Sandwich panels in Oman are extremely durable and remain unaffected by dampness. The panels are made of waterproofing foam which is not affected by mildew, mold and other biological factors. Glass fiber sandwich panels are efficient, non-flammable, sound-absorbing and easy to transport. TSSC uses the lightweight Styrofoam that is available in a honeycomb form. Such panels can be mounted and dismounted within a short period. This is a recyclable material used in commercial construction.

Simple installation of sandwich panels

The core is insulated and soft, which remains pressed between the two layers. It is so light that it does not add to the weight of the panel. The sandwich panels in Oman are composite cladding and come in the shape of a façade, obtained by applying polyurethane injection in different thicknesses between aluminum plates and galvanized sheets. Installing insulated panels over your roof could take about 7-8 hours.

Knowing the materials that form the outer layer

The external covering determines the color of the insulated sandwich panels. Premium quality zinc coats the outer layer of the metal. The single layer of zinc applied on the surface directly increases the sandwich panels’ shelf life. The external layer can be coated with drywall, plastisol, polyester, Aluzinc, and Puranas. Polyester can withstand temperature fluctuations. Plastisol is durable and can endure mechanical actions; it is used indoors and outdoors. Aluzinc can reflect ultraviolet light. Drywall is very commonly used in construction projects. 

TSSC Group – the leaders in Oman

TSSC Group is the leader in manufacturing affordable sandwich panels in Oman. The total cost is determined by the thickness of the panel which includes the core. PIR core gives the finest performance but EPS core is reliable. TSSC Group has been the manufacturer of insulated panels for more than four decades. In these years we have created an excellent client base. We suggest ordering panels directly from the manufacturer for discounts and offers. Discuss a project or visit us for a consultation. TSSC sandwich panels are available with accessories. The TSSC Group store in the Middle East offers all building and construction supplies under one roof. We have our representatives who would visit your site if needed. TSSC in Oman is an ISO 9001 organization renowned for being the top sandwich panel manufacturers in Oman. The company is specialized in offering building and construction supplies. Reach us for a solution, request a quote.