Everything you need to know about cold store panels in East Africa

A cold storeroom is a large spacious facility that stores many perishable items. Cold rooms come in different sizes and the one you choose would depend on the storage requirement. These units are customizable and can be modified as per requirements. Insulating the cold store units add efficiency, helping your business run without hindrances. The insulating materials have lower thermal conductivity. A layer of insulation prevents heat entry through the floor, ceiling and walls. Expert engineering is required to plan and set up cold storage. Sandwich panels for cold storage in East Africa are used to insulate the interiors. Cold storages store items like raw edibles, processed food items, medicines, perfumes, etc.

The types of cold storage units

The climate in East Africa is tropical and the weather remains very hot almost around the year. Businesses have leaped and have grown in the country. The real estate and hospitality sector is witnessing a steady escalation. These have led to the demand for cold storage. Cold store units are categorized into three types:

  • Temporary storages
  • Frozen storages
  • Long-term storages


TSSC cold store panels in East Africa are ideally suitable for commercial refrigeration. We manufacture premium sandwich panels that contain two metal sheets on both the sides and a core material in the middle. The panels look totally like a sandwich. They are available in various shapes, colors, sizes and materials. They are non-porous, water-resistant and have a Class A fire rating. 

Portable cooling units from TSSC

Apart from cold storage, moving cooling units are of no less importance. TSSC designs portable units that have superior cooling capacity. Explore our refrigerated truck boxes that make transportation of perishable goods easier. Our skid-mounted units are ideal for small spaces and can be transported easily. The skilled engineers at TSSC use aluminum or steel sheets for strength and ease of portability. Refrigerated trucks are large size vehicles that are used for distant transportation. The retailers, logistic firms and goods manufacturing units use these trucks to prevent spoilage of items during transportation. These trucks are facilitated with a mechanical cooling system that runs on diesel units. 

High-performing insulated panels 

TSSC Group is renowned for manufacturing insulated panels, building and construction supplies. We have been in this business for 50 years or more and now we are the leaders in the market. We are ISO 9001 and a renowned company in East Africa. We have a huge client base that relies on TSSC solutions. Trained experts can install TSSC sandwich panels for cold storage in East Africa. Installing sandwich panels involves a single step. The panels offer high performance and low-maintenance that help to save costs. 

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TSSC sandwich panels do not allow thermal drift and consume a lower energy level. As a result, operational costs are lowered by almost 50%. The industrial refrigeration market has experienced steady growth in the country. Get cold store panels in East Africa that are long-lasting and require once-a-year maintenance. Discuss your project with our team. Get dedicated after-sales support from the TSSC team—request for a quote.