Knowing about refrigerated trucks and trailers from TSSC Group

The temperature of West Africa soars high during the daytime almost round the year. Businesses that deal with solid/liquid perishable goods rely on cold storage. Cold storage can function efficiently only if there is adequate insulation. Cold storeroom walls and ceilings should never be uncovered. Tiles, painting, drywall, plywood, or FRP panels are not suitable solutions. Install sandwich panels for cold storage. 

Celsius refrigerated trucks

TSSC Group is an experienced truck body manufacturer in West Africa. We manufacture innovative truck-mounted chillers and portable freezers under Celsius’s brand name. The edges and corners of the truck body are safeguarded using extruded aluminum profiles. The insulated vehicle body is designed to arrest temperatures ranging from +15°C to -40°C. The truck bodies are manufactured up to almost 7 meters in length and 3 meters in width. TSSC Group is proud to offer insulated truck bodies built using 6 panels. Some of the features include:

  • Lightweight panels
  • Low repair cost
  • No joints and seamless
  • GRP flooring
  • Heavy-duty flooring
  • Low ‘K’ value factor
  • No Joints and seamless
  • You can choose truck bed flooring finish
  • Accessories


Refrigerated trucks are designed for transporting perishable goods like vegetables, fruits, meat, seafood and pharmaceutical products. These products are frozen or chilled for preservation during the shipment. 

Refrigerated transport is a way of transporting shipments with temperature-controlled trucks. These vehicles have a built-in refrigeration system that cools the shipments at a regulated temperature. 

Solar-powered trucks

TSSC Group manufactures innovative solar panels to add power to refrigerated units. This application is ideal for refrigerated trucks and trailers designed to maintain the units’ cooling conditions. They operate in both refrigerated and freezer conditions. TSSC solar panels are easily installed on the roofs of truck bodies and trailers. The units do not consume much fuel and reduce the downtime lost to dead batteries. Some of the features are:

  • Less energy consumption
  • Low maintenance 
  • Long battery life
  • Less noise pollution
  • Green technology
  • Cost-saving on fuel

Refrigerated semi-trailer

TSSC Group is the market leader in offering cold chain logistics to clients. TSSC builds cold storage systems on reefer trailers used for primary distribution. The reefer trailers are built according to international standards that operate with the top brands of refrigerated units. 

TSSC Group – the leaders

TSSC has been manufacturing cooling systems, insulated panels and construction supplies for more than 50 years. We have a reputation and expertise in designing long-lasting solutions. We are the leaders in East Africa for offering roofing, cladding and all construction solutions. We supply premium products and have interactive 24/7 customer service. Our team of dedicated engineers has many years of experience in the refrigeration industry. We can customize display chillers within your budget. 

TSSC Group designs various commercial refrigeration systems that include cold rooms, cold storage, and cooling trucks. We are a renowned truck body manufacturer in West Africa. 

Final words

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