Why you should install insulated warehouse sandwich panels in East Africa

Sandwich panels in East Africa are used to clad the roof and walls of buildings. Every panel consists of a core that is made of thermo-insulating material. The panels are covered with metal sheets on both sides. The core layer offers adequate support to the outer layers. Sandwich panels are non-structural materials but they are certain materials. These panels have insulation properties mainly due to their insulation qualities. They are installed to keep the room temperature under control. The excess heat is radiated off that comes from outside. This helps to save costs on monthly energy bills. These panels are cost-effective. Sandwich panels are composite materials that form the essential part of a prefabricated building. 

Warehouse insulation is of utmost importance 

Warehouse sandwich panels in East Africa have solid insulation properties. Thermal conductivity is different from thermal insulation. This depends on the type and thickness of the material used. Sandwich panels are used on building and construction due to the strong insulation properties. These panels keep the room temperature under control. Sandwich panels reduce the risk of bacteria and mold formation from condensation and thermal movement. The thickness of the panels depends on the thermal and load-bearing needs, the climatic conditions and the type of building. TSSC sandwich panels in East Africa have a better weight to strength ratio compared to conventional laminates. The panels are lightweight but they can bear heavy loads. This is a benefit as it requires a lesser quantity of materials for the specific capacity. 

Fire resistance and sound insulation

Sandwich panels that have used mineral wool core prevent fire from spreading. This is useful when you desire a fire-proof building. Using fire-resistant panels, the designers and contractors ensure safety for the workers and make the warehouse secure. Some of the factors like the height and area of the building should be determined in advance for the feasibility of the installation. Sandwich panels offer sound insulation so they are used in areas with a high level of sound and noise. 

Sandwich panels are affordable 

TSSC’s warehouse sandwich panels in East Africa are economical because the core material is not very expensive. Sandwich panels are durable and reusable. They are long-lasting and make good value for money. 

TSSC Group – The leaders in insulated panels

TSSC Group is a renowned ISO 9001 certified company in East Africa. We are one of the leaders in manufacturing warehouse sandwich panels in East Africa. TSSC engineers design customized panels implementing modern technology. TSSC Group caters to customized cold store solutions for logistics, food, pharmaceuticals, distribution, etc. Cold storages and warehouses use sandwich panels to offer a perfect solution for massive storage. The panels are lightweight and durable. We have over four decades of experience designing insulated panels and construction materials. 

Final words

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