The importance of installing standing seam roof in Oman

The roof of a building is exposed to sun, rain, wind, snow and other climatic conditions. Why not safeguard the structure using seam roof panels? Do not keep the roof uncovered, instead insulate the structure using a standing seam roof in Oman.

The advantages of seam panels discussed

TSSC’s seam roof panels are made of a three-layer structure and a stiff metal system is fixed to the ribs. They are extremely long-lasting; they have a shelf-life of almost close to 60 years. The seam roof panels have more R-value which is an advantage. Some advantages of standing seam roof are:


  •   Flexible design and consumes low energy
  •   Concealed fixing offer weathertight roof
  •   Roof panels available in curved or tapered sheets
  •   It can be rolled on-site
  •   Offers heat and sound insulation
  •   Different roof designs
  •   There is an in-built thermal bridge for movement due to expansion
  •   You can install different accessories along with standing seam roofs.


Standing seam metal roof panels offer insulation

Do you wish to add effective insulation to your interiors? Loft or attic insulation effectively brings down heat loss. A lot depends on the size of the heating system, the energy usage and carbon emissions. A standing seam panel offers thermal insulation which results in low energy bills and less carbon footprint. A standing seam roof in Oman is also known as ‘cool metal roof’. TSSC’s paint has cooling pigments that increase the reflecting capability of the sun’s rays. We use bright colors that do not fade away. They are resistant to all climatic conditions and have an airtight nature.

TSSC Group – Manufacturing standing seam panels

TSSC Group is one of the premium companies in the UAE that offers building and construction solutions. We are an ISO 9001 organization that has been offering affordable solutions for more than 50 years. We are one of the pioneers in offering roofing and cladding solutions. TSSC manufactures and design standing seam roof in Oman under the brand Harwal BASECO. Our standing seam system is a structural roof that is field seamed in a mechanical way. This is to offer extreme weather durability and wind resistance.  The seam roof sheets are available in curved and tapered style to cater to various construction needs. Get a customized roofing solution within your budget. The insulated roof panels are available in various colors, sizes and they adhere to other specifications.

Final words

You can replace the old damaged roof by a new one and then insulate by installing a standing seam roof in Oman. If your roof is not much damaged, get a repair done and then install the insulated panels. The Autumn is a good season to get a roof job done so that your property is protected in the winters. You can handle the installation in an economical way by using exposed fasteners. It is important to have an experienced contractor do the job for a long-lasting solution. Our team handles every Create an effective solution for your next project. Call us for a consultation: (+ 971) 48850474 and request a quote.