Cold rolled steel buildings from TSSC – Everything you must know

A building’s function reflects the outer appearance, and this is what modernism demands. Steel is being used in various forms in the building sector. So, in this blog, we shall discuss cold rolled steel buildings.



Cold rolled steel is widely used in the construction of buildings, be it industrial or residential. There is an alteration in the mechanical properties of steel that is press-braked or cold-rolled. A steel section that is cold-rolled from a flat strip, the yield, and the ultimate strength is more due to the cold working mainly in the bends. 

Cold-rolled steel can be used for whole buildings, for the roof, floor, and wall systems. These can also be used as single framing members like studs, truss members, and joists. It is ideal for primary and secondary structures. There are two types of structural steel products – structural shapes and panels. There are different types of structural shapes in the market used in building components. 

Steel panels that are cold rolled are used for insulating the building to keep the weather out. TSSC offers ready cold-formed steel panels with insulation combined in the construction of the panel. Few configurations use sandwich panels while you can use other types of insulation as well. In metal buildings, the wall panel looks the same as the ribbed roof with narrow or wider ribs; it could be aluminum coated or painted for extended life. 

Do you know how cold rolling is done? The procedure is carried out at room temperature; thus, no cooling is required. The tolerance of steel does not alter, and it is not easily breakable. Cold rolled steel is versatile, and it has been quite many years since it is used in the construction sector. 

Cold rolled steel is mainly suited for prefabricated buildings that spread up to 24 meters. The foundations of cold-rolled buildings are shallow. Therefore it is cost-effective. The frames are pre-galvanized, making sure a longer life of the new building this way ensures your investment is protected. 

Advantages of cold-rolled steel buildings:

  • Easy to assemble 
  • Reduction in foundation costs 
  • These buildings are incredibly durable
  • Environment-friendly 
  • The modular design adds to the flexibility

Cold rolled steel is common in building envelopes. The building envelope is a very familiar term in the construction industry. This concept relates to the design and construction process of the exterior of the property. TSSC manufactures high-quality building envelopes that use exterior wall designs and materials suitable for the climate, structurally stable and look very aesthetically pleasing. The building envelope includes exterior walls, exterior doors, roof, and sub-floor. 

The building envelope is usually constructed of cold-rolled steel and a type of cladding. This envelope also meets the thermal insulation requirements and fire performance. The importance of building envelopes:

  • Offers structural support
  • Controls moisture and humidity 
  • Air management

TSSC has more than 40 years of experience in supplying construction and building essentials. We have an expert team to manage client requirements. We are a certified ISO 9001 company, the leaders of insulated systems in the UAE. We have a long list of satisfied clients. TSSC can erect a cold-rolled building, discuss your next project with us.