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UAE has a hot climate and the temperatures are high not only in the summer season, but all around the year. Cold rooms are a necessity in such places. These storage units preserve temperature-sensitive items and maintain their efficiency. The cold rooms have strong, durable and well-insulated cold store panels in UAE to ensure an airtight compartment. However, people have progressed from the cold rooms and are now looking for insulated freezer trucks to transport temperature-sensitive commodities. TSSC manufacturers have the finest engineers to provide you with functional and durable refrigerated trucks in UAE. Here are a few reasons why you should invest in freezer trucks to ramp up your business.

Insulation is necessary 

Although the refrigerated truck in the UAE would have an air cooler attached to maintain the ideal cold temperature, but heat insulation is an added advantage. TSSC manufacturers use six cold store panels in UAE to build well-insulated trucks. The panels have strong thermal insulation characteristics that ensure that the cold air does not escape. TSSC freezer trucks have a powerful and automated condenser system that regulates the temperatures from -40 degrees Celsius to +15 degrees Celsius. However, at times if the condenser system fails, the insulation ensures to maintain the specific temperature for at least 10 hours. Such a freezer truck is ideal for transporting temperature-sensitive items across long distances.

Opt for reefer trucks built by TSSC manufacturers – Energy-efficient and durable 

We design the finest quality reefer trucks that are well-insulated with an effective cooling system. Our trucks are strong and durable to carry goods and commodities that are prone to spoilage during freight. These trucks are large vehicles used in transporting goods to far-off places and thus the need for a good quality condenser system with optimal thermal insulation. TSSC engineers build these trucks with high-quality cold store panels in UAE to ensure enhanced durability and long-lasting insulation, even if there’s a breakdown or an untoward event. The reefer trucks are energy-efficient and can help you lower the utility bills. The insulation lessens the load on the air coolers, which in turn helps in conserving the energy. The energy-saving aspect, in turn, reflects on the reduced utility bills. If you want to make savings in the long run, then these energy-efficient trucks are a great investment.

Customize your needs

Not all refrigerated trucks in UAE are the same. Some trucks are good at maintaining freezing temperatures and are ideal for the transportation of medicines, vaccines and chemicals. However, some trucks are large enough with adequate insulation to transport food and beverages, which does not need extremely cold and freezing temperatures. However, most contractors and businesses look for trucks with a temperature control system to adjust the thermal reading depending on the requirements. TSSC engineers can customize your refrigerated truck as per project specifications.


TSSC Group is one of the leading manufacturers in the construction and building industry. With almost 50 years of expertise, experienced engineers and skilled manufacturers get you high-performing refrigerated trucks that are resistant to fire, harsh weather and ensure complete safety of the items throughout the journey. The trucks are manufactured under the brand name Celsius, which is a part of TSSC Group. Request a quote today. Visit us for a free consultation.

Installing functional cold store panels in UAE from TSSC Group – Celsius is our brand

Statistics say that warehouses make up about a $20 billion industry in the United States. The perishable and temperature-sensitive items cannot endure the standard storage conditions. Items like medicines, food, flower, candle, cosmetics, cologne and others require cold store warehouses. New technologies have made it genuinely possible to get fresh perishable items without fearing the integrity of the food or other items. Cold storage is the art of storing items at a temperature-controlled substance that prevents them from decaying. 

Tourism and hospitality flourishing in the UAE – growing demand for cold storages

The tourism and hospitality industry is expanding in the UAE and the demand for cold storage is increasing. The climate in the UAE is extremely hot and not having an insulated interior can disrupt and delay the cooling process. Studies have shown that refrigerated warehouses and cold storage facilities can be inefficient if they do not have adequate insulation and are facilitated with airtight doors. Cold storage is equipped with high-quality cold store panels in UAE that offer excellent insulation. This helps to keep the temperature stagnant for an extended period. TSSC Group manufactures cold store panels in the UAE that offer high insulation and save energy bills. The cold storage interiors take a shorter time to cool down to the fullest limit. This conserves your energy bills which is a long-term saving.

Refrigerated truck boxes for transportation

Transportation of perishable items is something you cannot overlook. TSSC manufactures state-of-the-art temperature-controlled trailers and containers. Our refrigerated truck boxes are a great choice for transporting edible items, frozen items and pharmaceuticals. Invest in refrigerated trucks in the UAE that are durable, weatherproof and robust. TSSC chilled truck boxes are lightweight and functional. We manufacture premium refrigerated truck boxes under the Celsius brand name. In addition, you can customize the trucks according to your requirements so that transportation is easier from one place to another. 

Invest in an insulated truck 

The refrigerated truck can maintain temperatures ranging from +15 degrees to -40 degrees centigrade. The trucks are airtight and restrict heat flow from one place to another. The airtight compartments ensure to hold the temperature for at least 10 hours or more even if the cooler is switched off. Are you looking for energy-efficient refrigerated trucks in UAE? When you invest in a well-insulated truck, you do not need to put on the air coolers for an extended period. This naturally helps to save your energy/utility bills. 

Choose TSSC cold store panels and refrigerated trucks

Refrigerated warehouses are a little more expensive, which is why a lot of manufacturers choose to outsource the cold storage requirements. Instead, choose TSSC cold store panels in the UAE for an affordable wall paneling solution. In addition, TSSC is an expert in offering roofing, cladding solutions, and we manufacture premium insulated panels. 

Customize your cold store panels 

 We have more than 50 years of experience in the construction and building industry. If you have a project in mind, then reach out to us. We offer customized cold store panels in UAE and plan your project. Many companies have complex cold storage requirements based on the type and nature of the products and choices of their customers. Book a free consultation. Get connected today. Request a quote.

Knowing about refrigeration on wheels – TSSC designs refrigerated trucks in the Middle East

The UAE is a tropical region where the temperature can soar high during the summers and most of the days of the year. In this country, cold storages are crucial for running the agriculture, food processing and hospitality industry. Also, other goods require storage in cold storage, which includes medicines, flowers, cosmetics, and more. 

We all talk about cold storage and cooling units, but what about refrigeration facilities on wheels? When goods are taken out of cold storage for transportation, the quality suffers due to the temperature difference. So, now there are refrigerated trucks in the UAE. A chiller lorry or a refrigerated truck is a van that is designed to transport perishable goods. There is a cooling system inside these articulated trucks for efficient cooling during transportation. 

The primary role of insulation – cold store panels  

These are well ventilated and insulated and have a high-quality cooling apparatus inside. Nothing works well without adequate insulation, so these vehicles, like the cold storage, are coated with cold store panels in the UAE. The vans or trucks have a heat-generating engine mostly in the front. This is the reason why TSSC refrigerated trucks have premium quality and thick insulating layers. We manufacture high-density PIR cold storage panels in the UAE and customize them according to your requirements. This foam arrests the heat and prevents it from entering the vehicle. We use thick insulation and a powerful condenser system so that the temperature inside the truck can be taken down to freezing or lower than that. 

Reefer trucks from TSSC

TSSC also designs reefer trucks that are insulated containers facilitated with an efficient cooling unit built on the frame. Reefer trucks carry goods that are temperature sensitive and are prone to spoiling during freight. It is a large vehicle used for long-distance transportation. Retailers, logistic companies and factories use these. 

These trucks can be chilled as they are facilitated with a mechanical cooling system powered by diesel engines. They use carbon dioxide either in liquid form or as dry ice. These trucks have vent doors at the front and rear, which are kept open during hauling cargo. These doors are also useful in letting air out when needed. It is a boon that the items inside stay super fresh for long hours. 

Cooling and supply chain logistics

Cooling systems are a very important part of supply chain logistics. The companies equip cooling trucks, cargo ships, train cars and vans to keep the goods cool during long-distance transportation. There are different types of vans used according to the shipment requirements. Some of the types are insulated trucks, chiller conversion vans, full-freezer trucks and semi-freezer vans. 

Knowing TSSC Group better 

TSSC is an ISO 9001 certified company in the UAE, and we are the leaders in offering insulated and building solutions for commercial and residential properties. We believe that change is the only constant thing, so we educate our engineers about the most advanced and changing technologies. As a result, our systems and solutions are modern, affordable and customizable. As a result, we are now the biggest manufacturers of insulated panels in the Middle East. 

Discuss with the TSSC experts

Please discuss your project requirements with our team. Trust TSSC solutions for cold storage that offer world-class cooling and insulation. Please visit our website to view the products and know the specification in detail—request for a quote.

Transportation of Covid-19 vaccines have led to a rise in demand for refrigerated trucks in UAE

People all around the world are getting vaccinated to fight against the Novel Coronavirus. The Covid-19 vaccines have arrived in town. Hospitals, laboratories, and diagnostic centers store the vaccines in cold rooms amidst cold store panels in UAE to maintain its efficiency. However, the transportation of vaccines, medicines and other temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals is becoming a huge challenge. Nevertheless, the worries get addressed as TSSC Group provides well-insulated refrigerated trucks in UAE that offer excellent insulation while ensuring the items stay safe and secure for the longest time. TSSC manufacturers have almost 50 years of experience and offer custom-made refrigeration choices. Here are some key features of the refrigerated truck.

Protection against heat

The vaccines and medications need a perfectly dry and cold environment to avoid any kind of spoilage. The temperature-sensitive commodities stay at an optimal condition due to consistent cooling. The transportation of these items from one place to another via refrigerated trucks in UAE offers efficient protection against heat to avoid damage or spoilage, leading to further complications.                                                                                      

Controlling the humidity levels

Manufacturing of the refrigerated truck gets completed with only six cold store panels in UAE. The cold store panels are water-resistant and help to control the humidity levels inside the trucks. The panels are also resistant to heat, fire and sound. The fire and sound resistivity of the panels depends on the insulated core and the thickness of the cladding material.

Excellent insulation with an attached cooling system 

TSSC manufactured refrigerated trucks in UAE are different from the rest. The truck offers good insulation and comes with an attached cooling system to maintain a specific temperature throughout the journey. However, if the cooling system fails, the thermal insulation inside the trucks makes up for it. The refrigerated truck can maintain temperatures ranging from -40 degrees Celsius to +15 degrees Celsius. The freezer trucks can also sustain the temperature without the cooling system’s efficiency for 10 hours or even more. TSSC Group manufacturers use advanced technologies and premium quality aluminum profiles to ensure the corners and edges of the truck bodies are protected, secure and well-insulated.

Lightweight and weather-resistant 

The truck bodies are lightweight and come with insulated GRP flooring ensuring high durability and strength. The lightweight trucks are strong and resistant to extreme weather conditions. The corrosion-free trucks can withstand the intense heat from the sun, heavy rainfall and strong winds. The trucks are durable and high-functional.


Refrigerated trucks are cost-effective in the long run. The trucks offer good insulation, but at the same time, they are energy-efficient as well. The thermal insulation reduces the pressure on the attached air coolers, thereby reducing the energy consumption to a large extent. The energy efficiency lowers the utility bills and you end up making savings in the long run. The trucks are highly durable and easy to maintain, making them a one-time investment. TSSC Group provides custom-made refrigerated trucks in UAE that are functional, visually appealing and well-designed, keeping in mind the project specifications.

Celsius Refrigerated Trucks – TSSC Specialty

If you are looking for a high-performance and weather-resistant refrigerated truck that provides optimal protection and security on the road, then opt for Celsius (TSSC Brand). Celsius trucks are custom-made by the most experienced engineers in the manufacturing industry. Book a free consultation. Request a quote today!

The hotel and food processing industry is flourishing in the UAE

The Middle East has experienced an increase in the hotel and the food processing industry. Due to the tourism industry’s growth, many hotels are operating and many new ones are opening up. So, storing perishable items is challenging in this extreme climate—countries in the Middle East experience harsh weather conditions. To maintain the growth of industries, it is very important to take care of the storage of raw food items. This is one reason why the cold storage solution is demanding. Many cold storages have been set up already and so many new ones are yet to come up. 

Cold storages require a lot of investment because it is a commercial refrigeration system working behind the constant cooling. Efficient cooling is the most important factor that keeps cold storage functioning. Here insulation plays a key role in ensuring that you save energy in achieving the optimum temperature inside the cold storage.

Cold store panels for insulation

Insulated cold store panels in the UAE ensure that no cold air escapes from the cold room and no warm air enters the storage. In all, there would be no efficiency until the insulation is achieved. Insulated panels are used for this purpose and they are called sandwich panels. The panels have two metal sheets on both sides, covering a core in the center. Industrial refrigeration is used in industries, including medicine, food processing, vegetable wholesalers, brewing…etc. Insulation is a one-time investment that is worth it. 

Why do you need to invest in refrigerated trucks? 

Only storing in cold storage is not enough but transportation of those is equally important. Items that are being transported to or from the cold storage can perish due to change in temperature. Some trucks are facilitated with refrigeration facilities known as refrigerated truck boxes. This is a portable refrigeration solution that works almost similar to traditional commercial refrigeration. You can order refrigerated trucks in the UAE. The trucks are well insulated, and they are moisture-proof refrigeration systems on wheels. According to client feedback, these are unimaginably convenient. 

TSSC offers customized solution

TSSC insulated cold store panels in the UAE are environment-friendly and have higher redundancy. The insulated panels are durable and offer stability. They can offer thermal insulation, grease and humidity control, which keeps away dust and bacteria. TSSC engineers manufacture panels that have a minimum R-value of up to 40 for sufficient thermal efficiency.

Invest once and generate more ROI

TSSC offers you different types of cold rooms for every storage requirement, catering to all industries. We can modify and customize as per your storage requirements. These panels help in maintaining a low temperature inside the unit to keep items fresh. 

We try to design solutions that are easy to install and would help in generating more ROI for industries. The TSSC Group is engaged in manufacturing insulated panels and construction supplies. Please book a consultation with the TSSC team to discuss your project. Request for a quote.

Insulate your cold storage unit to save energy – TSSC designs efficient solutions

Industrial refrigeration is about implementing a cooling force of process coolers. Cold storages, the food processing industry, medicine industry, and other sectors depend on commercial refrigeration. Why is refrigeration so important? When perishable goods are stored at a very low temperature, it ensures there is no spoilage. Many perishable objects are stored inside warehouses and cold storage to ensure there is no shortage of supply according to the demands. Refrigeration aims to slow down the process of bacteria formation so that the time taken to spoil the food or any other perishable items gets delayed. 

Install cold store panels to save more on your energy bills

The Middle East or UAE is now a business hub with so many industries thriving. This area experiences extreme weather conditions where days are very hot and nights are comparatively cooler. So, much cold storage is running and requires adequate maintenance. A cold store unit consumes a lot of energy, but you can save on your bills if you think of energy efficiency. Insulating a cold store is of no less importance to arrest the cold air for maximum duration. The external weather condition should not interfere with the low temperature inside. Installing cold store panels in the UAE is a sound investment. 

TSSC sandwich panels arrest thermal drift

Sandwich panels are used for insulating cold storage units. These panels are in the form of a sandwich with an insulating core and two metal sheets covering both sides. These panels are made from different types of core. Each core material has a different thermo-insulating capability. TSSC is one of the biggest and the oldest manufacturers of premium quality sandwich cold store panels in the UAE. Our expert team of engineers manufactures energy-efficient panels to lower your cooling costs. TSSC panels consume the least energy and take very little time to stabilize the interior. The panels make sure there is no thermal drift which can lower the energy consumption and help you save in the long run. TSSC cold room panels are also waterproof, and the inside wall, floor, and roof are water impermeable. The core is very tightly bound, which offers excellent resistivity. 

We implement the most modern technologies

SSC designs cooling units based on your business requirements. Our engineers follow the essential steps and meet the required parameters. TSSC units can store items at freezing temperatures for an extended time. TSSC engineers are certified; they implement the most advanced technologies related to commercial refrigeration. 

TSSC designs portable solutions

Cold storages are essential for storage, but what about transportation? When the items require transporting, it is very important to ensure no perishing due to temperature differences. TSSC has manufactured portable refrigerated trucks in the UAE for the transportation of the items. 

Get in touch with the TSSC team

Rely on TSSC when you are looking for the best-insulated panel manufacturers in the UAE. We have a solution for every type of business and within every budget. We are one of the most renowned manufacturers designing insulated panels and building supplies for almost 50 years. If you have a project to discuss, get in touch with our team to request a quote. 
Please discuss your project with us and request a quote. 


There is only one feasible way to insulate your cold storage interior – Install TSSC cold store panels in UAE

Cold stores are very popular in the UAE mainly due to the growing perishable goods industry. Also, there is an extreme climatic condition in the country where insulation is the most important factor. Cold storage should be equipped with insulated walls and ceilings to ensure the smooth functioning of a business.

Cold rooms have been a very important part of our life for a very long time. Humans have adopted the art of storing food and other perishable goods from nature itself. It has been seen that most of the items remain fresh in cold weather. Cold storage is a storage facility and the capacity depends on your requirement. Ample modifications and customizations are possible inside a cold room facility.

Did you hear of cold store panels in UAE? 

These are sandwich panels for cold storage interiors that have a 2mm profile for excellent resistance to forces, impacts and thermal insulation. These sandwich panels are designed by injecting polyurethane foam (the core). It is sandwiched between two metal cladding which is pressed at a very high density. These panels are ideal for monolithic construction. The panels can be used to insulate by installing floors, rooftops, and walls. 

Customize and modify accordingly

Adding insulating cold store panels in UAE is one very essential customization. You would not want the heat to get inside or cold air to flee out of the facility. You are spending a lot on the cooling facility so insulation can save your energy bills as well. TSSC cold store panels in the UAE help maintain the optimum temperature inside, add strength to the structure, and prevent air leakage. The panels ensure that the indoor temperature or the environment is not affected by any external conditions. Insulated panels are used for thermal insulation; these panels are popularly used in cold rooms and refrigerated vehicles. 

TSSC cares for the environment

Most of the construction and building supply companies are manufacturing recyclable goods. TSSC in the UAE is no exception. The panels are eco-friendly which shows that we care for the environment. The panels are transported to your site safely by our team. The panels not only offer insulation but also controls bacteria, dust and grease. Choose panels that have a minimum R-value of up to 40. Connect with our team for advice when you are planning to invest in TSSC solutions. We have a team of experts who can steer you in the right direction. 

TSSC designs refrigerated trucks

Do you know that perishable goods like food, raw edible items, medicine, flowers and many other items can get spoilt on the move? The items are loaded on trucks from the main storage to reach various destinations. Now there is no need to worry because TSSC brings refrigerated trucks in the UAE. The interior of these trucks is made of insulating sheets. These trucks have the same temperature that is there inside a big-size cold room. 

We have a solution  for you

TSSC has been the leader in manufacturing insulating panels for almost 50 years. We have rich experience in designing construction supplies. Discuss with the TSSC professionals for a consultation. Request for a quote. 

Please discuss your project with us and request a quote. 

TSSC is the leader in offering industrial refrigeration solutions to the clients in the UAE

In the 19th century, the first industrial refrigeration was developed for the food industry, but now commercial refrigeration is heavily used across most sectors. TSSC manufactures systems that can supply the right kind of cooling capacity very efficiently.


TSSC understands modern cooling requirements:

There are issues related to the catastrophes of security in industrial refrigeration systems. This usually happens due to a lack of knowledge related to designing, using equipment, or installing. TSSC engineers are certified and have immense knowledge about modern-day commercial refrigeration requirements, and this helps us design systems according to your needs. We do not miss out on any essential steps and keep in mind the essential parameters that need to be taken into account. 

Commercial refrigerator explained:

A commercial refrigerator is a remote-condensing unit that functions with a vapor-compression refrigeration system. Some of the sections are uniquely designed for storing items at freezing temperatures. Selecting the refrigerant is of no less importance. It’s a fluid capable of functioning in the conditions projected by the refrigeration cycle. The choice of coolant, for every instance, would depend on the specific circumstances with minimal environmental impact. The refrigerants are chosen based on two scales, the Global Warming Potential or Ozone Depletion Potential. 


The Refrigeration Compression Cycle – a must know:

The Refrigeration Compression Cycle considers four essential components: the evaporator, compressor, expansion valve, and condenser. The compressor is the most active part of the refrigeration system. This element adds energy, which goes along with the law of thermodynamics. Our engineers also use various effective heat exchangers so that the refrigerant is capable of transferring energy along with other systems. The evaporator produces the cooling energy; here, the refrigerant evaporates by absorbing heat from the medium. The compressor increases the pressure of the refrigerant, and it reaches the condenser pressure, and the coolant can exchange heat along with ambient air. The expansion of refrigerant occurs in the expansion valve to reduce the pressure, and the cycle ends. 


We use environment-friendly gas:

Cooling systems function based on the second law of Thermodynamics. The law states that gases get cooler when expanded and heated upon compression. When two varying temperature items are kept near one another, the heat travels from the hotter to the colder object. We do not use Freon gas; we use all environment-friendly gases for ideal refrigeration and a healthy environment. 


TSSC – manufacturing cooling units and refrigerated trucks:

TSSC cooling units come in various shapes and sizes; we also customize refrigerated trucks in the UAE. The company supplies portable, as well as non-portable commercial refrigeration. TSSC in the Middle East offers the right kind of insulation. We are dedicated to designing and manufacturing construction supplies and building materials. We have designed so many cooling systems and have earned so many positive reviews. Food and medicine businesses in UAE have a massive demand for large-sized cooling units. 

Final words:

It’s been more than four decades that we are offering insulation solutions, and each day, we are trying to implement newer techniques through our research. Get in touch with us for a consultation related to your next project – request for a quote.

Are you running an industry related to perishable items? Order a commercial refrigerator

A commercial refrigerator is an efficient cooling system that is being widely used in food processing and catering. An industrial refrigerator makes sure the safe storage of various food items, both cooked and uncooked; this retains the freshness, adds to the quality, and reduces waste. Food businesses, including the top hotels and restaurants, find it difficult to maintain food’s freshness. These businesses need to acquire raw materials and a huge amount of cooked food as well. 



The solution is to invest in industrial refrigeration; it’s a remote-condensing solution that is made to work with a vapor-compression refrigeration system. Some sections are designed differently for storing items like food, beverages, raw vegetables, fruits, and flowers at a freezing temperature. A high-quality and environment-friendly refrigerant is used to store items in these refrigeration units. 

If you want to understand a bit more about cooling systems, you must know that these systems work based on the second law of Thermodynamics. The law says gases get cooler when expanded and heated upon compression. When two different temperature items are kept close to one another, the heat starts traveling from the hotter to the colder object. The refrigerant inside is passed through various changes in pressure, which give more efficiency and speed. Thus, heat is removed from there, and items remain fresher. TSSC does not use Freon gas because we care for the environment; we contribute to a greener world. Instead, we use gases like tetrafluroethane for promoting environment-friendly refrigeration. 

At TSSC, we are known for offering the most efficient insulation and refrigeration systems in the UAE. We have so far catered to plenty of clients and their requirements from different businesses. We have clients who consult us before initiating their cold storage units, new hotels, flower businesses, etc. There is an increased demand for big-sized and extensive refrigerated units for storing food and liquor in huge amounts. 

Our refrigeration units come in different shapes and sizes; the systems are compact, helping to save a lot of space. You can choose units according to your requirements; it could be bigger walk-in refrigerators to small units. These are custom cold storage solutions for various industries. Our industrial refrigerators have high-quality insulation, energy-efficient, and have other benefits. 

TSSC specializes in manufacturing and supplying portable and non-portable commercial refrigeration. We have a specialized team in manufacturing refrigerated trucks useful for storing perishable items, including medicines and other medical items. Our vehicles are well-known for offering consistent refrigeration, a useful portable solution.          

We can also share stories of clients who wanted to convert their yard or garages into refrigerated units. They probably wanted to start their restaurant or a mini-bar, they needed to invest in beverage coolers. We also get calls from renowned catering agencies for advanced refrigeration systems. 

 TSSC is a renowned name in the UAE; we offer specialized solutions. It’s been over four decades that we are providing insulation solutions all over the Middle East. We are here for you, discuss your requirements with us—request for a quote