The hotel and food processing industry is flourishing in the UAE

The Middle East has experienced an increase in the hotel and the food processing industry. Due to the tourism industry’s growth, many hotels are operating and many new ones are opening up. So, storing perishable items is challenging in this extreme climate—countries in the Middle East experience harsh weather conditions. To maintain the growth of industries, it is very important to take care of the storage of raw food items. This is one reason why the cold storage solution is demanding. Many cold storages have been set up already and so many new ones are yet to come up. 

Cold storages require a lot of investment because it is a commercial refrigeration system working behind the constant cooling. Efficient cooling is the most important factor that keeps cold storage functioning. Here insulation plays a key role in ensuring that you save energy in achieving the optimum temperature inside the cold storage.

Cold store panels for insulation

Insulated cold store panels in the UAE ensure that no cold air escapes from the cold room and no warm air enters the storage. In all, there would be no efficiency until the insulation is achieved. Insulated panels are used for this purpose and they are called sandwich panels. The panels have two metal sheets on both sides, covering a core in the center. Industrial refrigeration is used in industries, including medicine, food processing, vegetable wholesalers, brewing…etc. Insulation is a one-time investment that is worth it. 

Why do you need to invest in refrigerated trucks? 

Only storing in cold storage is not enough but transportation of those is equally important. Items that are being transported to or from the cold storage can perish due to change in temperature. Some trucks are facilitated with refrigeration facilities known as refrigerated truck boxes. This is a portable refrigeration solution that works almost similar to traditional commercial refrigeration. You can order refrigerated trucks in the UAE. The trucks are well insulated, and they are moisture-proof refrigeration systems on wheels. According to client feedback, these are unimaginably convenient. 

TSSC offers customized solution

TSSC insulated cold store panels in the UAE are environment-friendly and have higher redundancy. The insulated panels are durable and offer stability. They can offer thermal insulation, grease and humidity control, which keeps away dust and bacteria. TSSC engineers manufacture panels that have a minimum R-value of up to 40 for sufficient thermal efficiency.

Invest once and generate more ROI

TSSC offers you different types of cold rooms for every storage requirement, catering to all industries. We can modify and customize as per your storage requirements. These panels help in maintaining a low temperature inside the unit to keep items fresh. 

We try to design solutions that are easy to install and would help in generating more ROI for industries. The TSSC Group is engaged in manufacturing insulated panels and construction supplies. Please book a consultation with the TSSC team to discuss your project. Request for a quote.