Knowing about refrigeration on wheels – TSSC designs refrigerated trucks in the Middle East

The UAE is a tropical region where the temperature can soar high during the summers and most of the days of the year. In this country, cold storages are crucial for running the agriculture, food processing and hospitality industry. Also, other goods require storage in cold storage, which includes medicines, flowers, cosmetics, and more. 

We all talk about cold storage and cooling units, but what about refrigeration facilities on wheels? When goods are taken out of cold storage for transportation, the quality suffers due to the temperature difference. So, now there are refrigerated trucks in the UAE. A chiller lorry or a refrigerated truck is a van that is designed to transport perishable goods. There is a cooling system inside these articulated trucks for efficient cooling during transportation. 

The primary role of insulation – cold store panels  

These are well ventilated and insulated and have a high-quality cooling apparatus inside. Nothing works well without adequate insulation, so these vehicles, like the cold storage, are coated with cold store panels in the UAE. The vans or trucks have a heat-generating engine mostly in the front. This is the reason why TSSC refrigerated trucks have premium quality and thick insulating layers. We manufacture high-density PIR cold storage panels in the UAE and customize them according to your requirements. This foam arrests the heat and prevents it from entering the vehicle. We use thick insulation and a powerful condenser system so that the temperature inside the truck can be taken down to freezing or lower than that. 

Reefer trucks from TSSC

TSSC also designs reefer trucks that are insulated containers facilitated with an efficient cooling unit built on the frame. Reefer trucks carry goods that are temperature sensitive and are prone to spoiling during freight. It is a large vehicle used for long-distance transportation. Retailers, logistic companies and factories use these. 

These trucks can be chilled as they are facilitated with a mechanical cooling system powered by diesel engines. They use carbon dioxide either in liquid form or as dry ice. These trucks have vent doors at the front and rear, which are kept open during hauling cargo. These doors are also useful in letting air out when needed. It is a boon that the items inside stay super fresh for long hours. 

Cooling and supply chain logistics

Cooling systems are a very important part of supply chain logistics. The companies equip cooling trucks, cargo ships, train cars and vans to keep the goods cool during long-distance transportation. There are different types of vans used according to the shipment requirements. Some of the types are insulated trucks, chiller conversion vans, full-freezer trucks and semi-freezer vans. 

Knowing TSSC Group better 

TSSC is an ISO 9001 certified company in the UAE, and we are the leaders in offering insulated and building solutions for commercial and residential properties. We believe that change is the only constant thing, so we educate our engineers about the most advanced and changing technologies. As a result, our systems and solutions are modern, affordable and customizable. As a result, we are now the biggest manufacturers of insulated panels in the Middle East. 

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